Cadbury's Business Functions

Within every company there are organisational functions. I will investigate the primary functions of the famous chocolate company Cadbury. Cadbury is an extremely successful business and have over 70, 000 employees working for them. For Cadbury to stay a successful business it must maintain some composition and business functions to have the ability to meet their aims and targets. Throughout my results of Cadbury the key activities of the following areas are what help and keep maintaining the objectives that have been set by the business and allow Cadbury to keep to have a success an reach their goals.

The production department is the division that produce the merchandise. The department has to be in control of the turnaround of the development. When producing a product, materials and labour ideals are added so that the products can meet customer's needs. The development team have to have a high kept system to have the ability to provide, produce and reduce the amount of food misuse within Cadbury.

You would realize that the creation team in Cadbury would get worried with the following issues
  • Cost of production
  • The condition of the means of production
  • Keeping production going
  • Health and safety
  • Keeping employees motivated
  • Keeping up to date with technology
  • Satisfying the requirements of customers
  • Maximising the utilization of plant
  • Minimising the waste materials of materials


The finance division is the department that adjustments and handles the money. The finance division are accountable for keeping all financial details and documentations of money that comes in and from the business. The financing team are accountable for submitting tax reports and company enrollment. Once HR have arranged the wages and bonus items that the staff at Cadbury have entitlement to they then would issue all pay and preform the relevant tax reductions or countrywide insurance efforts. The finance section control all offering finances to each team, this is defined set up so each department can perform their objectives and don't waste money. Professionals see these costs and compare the sales and focuses on that had been achieved and the fund office then make strategies for future years that will help the business to attain its targets.

Human Resources

One of the main element roles of the department is the capability to keep everyone happy; they are worried with the welfare of the staff, people whom are exposed to the business and welfare of the business by following employment laws and guaranteeing health and protection. When you have happy personnel you have encouraged staff which helps to achieve the targets. HR is also accountable for all training that should be taken to ensure the business are current with the way the company functions and that health and safeness is being found. HR department employ and deploy personnel as they might be fully trained in honest issues and again the career regulations and ensure the equal opportunity steps are set up and being used, this avoids any laws suits and trade union issues.

Administration and IT

The administration team within Cadbury are the department that provide support to all other departments within the organisation, they create a working order, which provides daily habit and functions smoothly. This support could be invoicing, photocopying, letter writing, posting the email, collecting the post and distributing it effectively throughout the departments, joining conferences and taking minutes and then keying in them up, keeping records of relevant information on the business, maintaining the computer systems, software, the security of the systems and the building and security and cleaning.

Marketing and sales

Marketing is the division that recognizes the customers' needs by undertaking marketing research alongside the study and development department, they develop the right products and promotions that need to be focused on within the needs and requirements of products requested by the company's customers which really helps to increase revenue and keep the sales teams attaining their goals and targets.

To achieve the company's aims the marketing team must get 4 main areas right

Products - they need to identify what is suitable for the target market, what brings total satisfaction to the clients, what customers would like them to produce, what is offering the most or what could do with some extra support credited to low sales.

Price- They must investigate the going rates or other suppliers to assure they don't overprice or under-price a product.

Place- To recognize where and what areas are selling certain product this would benefit the development team as they can work something out to avoid waste products and additional losses.

Promotion-To identify where so when to promote a product, for example in case a Christmas limited addition product became available, it would be irrelevant to advertise or promote this product in February.

The above 4 areas help Cadbury to accomplish at least 2 of their objectives

"to be the number one product in a given market"

"maximising earnings"

Research and development

Within the research and development section is where in fact the personnel at Cadbury investigates services and try to increase the sales of existing products, this might involve venturing out and using different research mythologies, the personnel in this field would perform studies, experimental research and even observational research. They might examining competition and try and find a space in the market for any new product. The research and development section have to work very strongly to marketing and productions to have the ability to achieve the right results to turn the findings of the study into useful products that will help Cadbury to accomplish their goals.

Customer services

The customer services office is to assure the clients are 100% happy with the products and services that Cadbury provide; within in this division they deal with customer's questions and concerns. This team will gain a customer's trust back if an unlucky error has occurred. Having un-happy customers make a difference Cadbury aims, and having well trained professional personnel to assist in most regions of customer services can help promote and get back customers trust, to be able to meet the aims.

The managers

This will be the people who wants order, control they love framework and powerful they like everything to be out into its place, unlike the tech who strives from detail and knowledge and exactly how to perform the task, the manager enjoys the order plus they want everything to be done in a fashion that gives reliability.

The Entrepreneur

This would be the individual inside of you that strives for the business enterprise, dreams and targets the business becoming bigger and more known to the world. Sometimes you'll discover that the technicians and the supervisor seem to dominate and overlook the person striving to help make the business more of successful, to provide them with more jobs that can settled or more jobs to organise, venturing out there to advertise the business, to produce a business an extremely great business, you have to allow the dreamer to desire, you need to be able to work on your business not merely in your business.

As you can view from my cases above the administrator and the technician work in the business and the businessperson works for the business enterprise. Each individual has relevant duties so that the targets can be solved so the seeks can be achieved

Business Aims of Cadbury and how they relate to the stakeholders

Cadbury goals and Objectives

Cadbury goals are what they want to achieve in the long run, and objectives are used to high light how those aims will be achieved. Goals can maintain a kind of targets and challenges for the business enterprise to achieve the aims.

Cadbury goals are to
  • Maximise profit
  • To be the main product in a given market
  • To maximise sales
  • To grow
  • To operate in an array of markets
  • Have a good reputation
  • To provide independence for workers expressing themselves and suggest suggestions to help the business
  • Achieve greatest financial go back on capital
  • Boost or maintain talk about market values

Cadbury use seeks and objectives as they are the foundation for decision making within the business. It provides long term considering it's measurable and controlling and it motivates and inspires personnel and employees, its immediate, it targets efforts and unifies the business and most notably it communicates with shareholders and employers regarding the firms future.

Cadbury use the S. M. A. R. T aim method to arranged their short term objectives. These targets have to be set for the business, products or services.

Specific The goals should designate what Cadbury want to attain, for example they could want to accomplish a 3% market talk about in 12 months.

Measurable The objectives should specify the way you will measure whether you are reaching the objective. For Example a 3% market show over twelve months means that every month market talk about focuses on can be measured.

Achievable The Objective must be achievable and attainable. For example Is the 3% purpose for the a year achievable? Does indeed Cadbury hold the resources, man power and finances to attain it?

Realistic Can the objectives realistically be achieved with the resources you have? For example: May be the 3% objective over the 12 month period genuine or does the company need longer? Does indeed the business have the abilities and resources to achieve this over the period of time set.

Timely When would you like to achieve the place objectives? With out a timescale it is difficult to create dates for the achievement of key duties and milestones.

For Example: In our company have arranged themselves an interval of 12 moths to achieve the 3% market show.


A stakeholder is a person or an organisation that needs interest into a company and are there for effected by the way that it can be run; this would be in the regions of success and inability. Stakeholders can be people within the business or outside of the business; different types of stakeholders can take different views and make a difference what sort of owner desires to conduct the business enterprise which make a difference the goals and aims.

I will give a few examples on stakeholders and exactly how they can affect the seeks and targets of Cadbury.


To be able to give the employees/employees a sense of ownership the business must keep them current with what is going on with the business enterprise; this helps to boost performances and motivates the employees. The employees/employees are main stakeholders available because their desire and happiness helps to keep the performance of the business enterprise running soft and relies on them for the business to survive. Employees at Cadbury are called inner stakeholders; Cadbury have conferences to inform colleges about any changes and notice their views on the functioning of the business. Cadbury use research skills to find out if the employees are 100% satisfied or even to enquire that they feel within the company. They offer the employees with notifications and access to forums and account information to keep them enlightened with what is going on. This helps Cadbury to attain their goals and goals as it maintains the staff motivated and satisfied that they know what is happening within the company, if this didn't happen then employees would feel confused and this would influence their skills to execute the responsibilities.

For example: if Cadbury was to introduce a fresh machine to make the work more efficient and faster, then the employees will require training immediately to ensure that the creation will run smoothly and effectively. If this is not done you'll discover that the employees would be strains from learning the device themselves, errors could lead to faulty equipment and the business could lose earnings due to the fact the employee was either gradual or made one as he was never given training. This might also make the worker feel very disappointed and could cause them to feel these were not doing their job accurately. In the worse situation the worker could have a major accident on that machine, which could lead to a suit. An employee to a Cadbury would want to achieve the perfect results, to get income and ensure the Cadbury is a success so that it could continue steadily to provide an income, if Cadbury was to collapse then your worker would then be damaged as they would have to seek further job.


A customer who's interested or acquisitions a product that Cadbury provided, also become stakeholders. Customers are exterior stakeholders of Cadbury which does not directly web page link them with the business, but have a major part of helping Cadbury meet their aims and goals, without customers none of the seeks could be found and Cadbury SMART objective method cannot possibly be attained and the business enterprise would just collapse. Cadbury customers are mainly interested in the price of the product and the health of the factories and the equipment.


Managers have a key part in Cadbury as a stakeholder because they are interested the way the business is run and the way the employees are being motivated, to attain the targets establish by the business; they are enthusiastic about the control of the business, salaries and bonus items that may help them to effect the staff to perform the relevant goals. The managers have a concern with loss earnings as they need job security as it would be hard for them to find another job particularly if the company have to re-locate or stop producing.


Owners are also stakeholders and they are the people who are able to control what Cadbury achieve and how they run their business, an area of interest for the owners of Cadbury is to keep a good relationship with the suppliers and keeping financiers happy as Cadbury are always marketing and researching new ideas for chocolates products that using a well-established rather than in debt with suppliers or other financiers ie: finance institutions, taxman or employees, with provide them with bigger opportunities and the flexibility to produce the products when so when they can, so owners of Cadbury must make sure they use their money properly.

Local Community

The local community can play a major part in Cadbury business targets as they are stakeholders, who are in or work in the region where the factories are producing the merchandise, this may have hobbies in the pollution or the traffic that the manufacturing plant is creating, leading to issues. The owners could determine they want to work forever which could influence the residents who want to sleeping but cannot because of the sound that the manufacturer works are making. Yet on the other palm Cadbury could open up a new manufacturing plant in a new area, which could create careers and provide them people with money lower the employability reports in the area of job seekers and improve their quality of life.


The Federal government are also stakeholders and take interest in the regulations and legislation of Cadbury, the government's decisions can have an impact on the goals and aims as the regulations they enforce can in fact shut the business down, they have to ensure the stock is following a health and protection and that the cleanliness levels are met because they are producing a food product. The government likewise have a interest to see Cadbury achieve there seeks and objectives as if the company puts a stop to producing products, staff would then be produced redundant and then the work rates will drop and no contributions will be made to the gross national product. Another interest that the federal government would have is the fact that the company achieve their seeks and aims as they hire a lot of staff and each staff member would need to pay tax that would then be utilized for medical and education.


Suppliers are stakeholder within Cadbury. Cadbury are buying products from over 40, 000 suppliers about the world; Cadbury make an effort to use their suppliers providing them with the chance to give suggestions about how they would improve quality of efficiency, this gives the supplier the capability to be flexible and feel treasured and allows room for an extremely solid business relationship. Cadbury undertakes an analysis on all potential suppliers to ensure they are a good trade company, such as expectations that contain to be fulfilled by the environmental protection and honest labour practices. Suppliers would take interest into Cadbury as they provide the materials to Cadbury to create their products, they would like to see the business do well, so that their purchases don't stop approaching plus they still get a regular income.

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