Career Aspirations Of Individuals Commerce Essay

Every individual has an aspiration regarding his or her career. However organisation performs an important role in individual career aspiration. Recruitment plays a vital role in profession aspirations because organisation need to be a learning company so that whenever they recruit employees, they have got the drive factor and the employees would have a feeling that they can develop and find out new techniques could be good for their career expansion. An individual leaves the business when there is absolutely no learning and inspiration and she or he gets bored with the culture and environment of the organisation.

Companies should mainly concentrate on the high performance of the employees. Cases for this can the company "Accenture". Accenture always focus on their responsibility of organisational change and transformational work. They entail ability and organisational performance to make employees more fruitful even under sophisticated changes occurring in the working environment. Job transitions are result of improper work place and stagnant learning behavior of the company. The engagement of ability and organisational consulting helps the business enterprise operations even under pressure. Accenture also involves the customer romance management. The recruitment treatment of Accenture is clear as they look for applicant that offers broad knowledge of the business. People who have received multi skills are recruited who are then nurtured by mature leaders of the organisation. Training and development program are one of the better way of retaining staff (John wiley and sons). Accenture provides on job training which helps the employees to learn and reach the very best level and help them top grow continuously. (---------) Mentoring is the key process which helps the recruitment because Accenture provides the support to their employees. Along with this they provide sensible and competitive environment to cultivate mentoring relationship among the co-workers. They also entail the reviews and revising of their product in order to update them regarding to their flavour and demand of the clients. The leaders are always working to use the new ways because of their employees to learn(-------). They also provide online training so that their employees always undergo the learning process. People from different culture works in Accenture that automatically creates the competitive and learning environment which is the essential requirement of the visitors to learn and develop their job goals. (www. accenture. com/careers)

Organisation generally appears for people that can become team staff. Knowledge augmentation and writing can be another way of learning because this contributes to the introduction of views from different individuals having different perspective (John Hall and Peter Oppenheim). Organisations search for individuals using a directed and focused target.

Talent management is another essential requirement that should be kept in mind during the process of the recruitment(----------). Accenture process on long-term outcomes because company's regret when their decisions prove to be wrong and the employees start departing the organisation. Implementation of progressive and effective approach to talent management can confirm beneficial to increase the condition of the business even in the bad time. Accenture is convinced that if an company response quickly to talent management it can solve problem in much less time. Accenture has source based strategies. It evaluates the talented workers as their property and not the price (www. accenture. com). Utilizing the workers analytical skill, organisations can expand their analytical capabilities which can boost the KSA of the employees. (---------)

New career forms have lot of importance on organisational activities. Recruitment should be done remember the overall flexibility for the employees so that employees believe that organisation cares for them. Availability of part time and regular options allows the employees to work more effectively. Job showing can be a reason for personnel retention. Job writing is increasingly utilized by companies as broader views can be came across because this may not be an individual person's view. Hence, view from differing people can be beneficial for the business. Accenture can be a good example that favours for the flexible working. They believe that part time workers are definitely more enthusiastic and dynamic as they help lesser time than a full time employee. In your free time working is beneficial for Accenture because it helps to maintain people who have great potential. Flexi time really helps to use the employees more effectively rather than making the employees to work long shifts every day as it reduces their efficiency. Job writing can be another possible adaptable working style. Accenture's working style is such that the work load is divided among different people because it eventually involves more external views that can result in the better productivity. Job sharing is helpful in keeping people in profession keep track of(---------). Accenture does not discriminate based on sex, shade or ethnic origin, in fact the sole requirements is performance and certification. Career transition can be another method of flexible working because in this case the firms send people outside the organisation around different locations of the world to be able to get international experience of diversified culture which is often helpful in getting the excess factor for the success of the organisation.

Job Analysis

Before recruiting a prospect it is necessary to decide the nature of the work. It's important to overview what could be the possible outcome and whether it suits into the necessity standards of the organisation and the work profile. Some of the ways of finding information regarding this can be interviews and questionnaire. However job examination should be framed by keeping in mind using the Job/Person specification (CIPD). Job design is a group of motivational work patterns for increasing the efficiency and satisfaction (Daft, 1990:530). Due to industrial revolution it's important for companies to switch to new methods offering job satisfaction for employees which can assist in providing positive benefits (Morgan 1997:15).

Job information and person specification

A job description basically identifies the jobs and obligations of an individual in an organisation. A job information is important since it clearly identifies the prospects of the workplace for a specific vacancy in the business. A part from this an effective job information is also helpful in bringing in the actual and talented candidates because it represents the nature and corporate and business image of the company. A job information could also be used as appraisal system to judge individual's performance.

A person specs describes the abilities and the knowledge required from a applicant to effectively operate a task. It clearly defines the requirement from the job seekers and also provides the overall view of the objectives of the knowledge required to complete the task. A person specs is also helpful for the company in recruiting the applicants through the recruitment process.

Person Environment Fit

Person environment fit is the matching or positioning among the company culture and environment with the employee's characteristics. The more is the position, the greater would be the positive the positive consequence (Schneider, Smit &Goldstein, 2002, OStroff, Shin &Feiberg, 2002). When there is mismatch among different ideas, the employees will start to leave the organisation. Sometimes newbies may not be fit he organisational; characteristics and could develop conflicts which might decrease the efficiency of the employees(Chatman &Barsades, 1995). Person environment fit further adds to low staff turnover and establishes communication among different levels of the company.

Organisational brand image takes on an important role in bringing in the potential applicants. It is because it's the organisations brand and recruitment image that increases the probability of people of getting in touch with the company (Gatewood et al, 1993). The mail idea of workplace branding is to draw in the applicant that have the capability and ensure that they identify the organisation's objective and eyesight and then work to create the desired final result (Graeme Martin, 1998)


The reason for E-Recruitment is to draw in the actual employees to use for put up vacancies. The People Resource Management performs an important role in an company because recruitment is done keeping in mind the perspective and mission of the company. The recruitment strategy of any organisation is to first identify the sort of person essential to fulfil a vacancy and then supply them with other training and development programs to obtain KSA which may be necessary to deliver the perspective and mission strategy. The concept aim of recruitment strategy is to get quality and potential applicants.

E-Recruitment is also sometimes known as online recruitment. E- Recruitment is recruitment of potential employees using the most advanced technology to get and then recruit the prospects.

There are several ways of recruitment. Internal recruitment is one in which a company find a replacement within the organisation, that is, someone from the company fills the vacancy whereas external recruitment is the procedure where business works for the best applicant beyond your organisation. There are several advantages of both the type of said recruitment. Some of the advantages of inner recruitment are that since the applicant is chosen from within the organisation, he/she is familiar with the environment and it is quicker and cheaper to recruit. Aside from this company may already know the power and weakness of the candidate. However there are a few cons like no new ideas from outside the organisation is inherited and also it creates another vacancy which anyhow must be loaded in from other resources. The disadvantages of inner recruitment can be get over in exterior recruitment like progressive ideas from outside the organisation can be made. Another downside is poor supply of people from which recruitment needs to be done, however it is an expensive and time consuming process.

Comparisons of e- recruitment with traditional methods

Companies want to use e- recruitment since it is quicker and attractive for candidates. E. g: an employee fills a vacancy program online. Now it is much easier to receive the reviews via emails because it is faster and quicker. On the other end if we entertain applications in the form of resumes and covering characters, the first problem is to gather the hard copies. However, if it's online, it can be accessed from everywhere. Apart from this, to be able to give the reviews, companies may need to post the characters. A number of the issues with these postal characters may cause delay or lack of the copy. Hence, the worker will not get the good impression of the business since he or she could not have the feedback. Another probability is that the organisation may provide the feedback over a mobile phone but telephonic feedback can be more personal and therefore, companies will try to avoid it and utilize it to least extend.

Another reason for the firms using e-recruitment is the fact that the firms get the chance to communicate their brand image via website. More attractive is the website greater will be the request of the applicant. Applicant gets the complete information of the company with its back ground and future goals and also the vision and objective assertion to be accomplished. It is simpler to post jobs requirements and practical job previews (RJP) on websites. Companies can stand for themselves and can become more transparent using the e-recruitment methods. Apart from this company's can be more descriptive on the websites.

Another reason for the companies in posting job vacancies on internet site is that it is easier and cheaper to advertise on websites alternatively than magazines or advertising on hoardings because in the second case they have to first do the analysis as to where are their concentrating on customers and then need to make postings. Alternatively, posting on the websites is easier and easy to get at from anywhere. Survey suggests that using e-recruitment has almost cut 80% of the source cost when compared with traditional method.

Another aspect of the e-recruitment is that user can put it to use 24 x 7. However, traditional methods do not provide such versatility. Hence, E-Recruitment can be considered a win - earn situation for the worker as well as the employer. E- Recruitment is beneficial for the workplace because it is simple to check on the position of the candidate during hiring.

However, there are some disadvantages as well of the e-recruitment. Companies need to update their website on regular basis. It is because if there are no new revisions on the site this might deteriorate the brand image of the business. There may be occasions where, there may be technical problem on the site which may prove to be catastrophe because the company could not gain access to any data from the website. Apart from this it could require great cash to get technical assistance. Another problem is that websites cannot provide two way communications. Sometimes opportunity of passive (duplicate) resumes is also another problem being encountered by the firms in e- recruitment and there is absolutely no proper solution to this problem till now.

E-Recruitment can be beneficial for a company and the business can learn a whole lot from it, says the Head of Recruitment of 3's (U. K Mobile Company). The business declares that the basic principle reason for redesigning of these websites is to draw in employee to use for the work since the E-Recruitment has completely changed the attractiveness of the business. Now new employees can complete a form in very less time as compared to other earlier recruitment methods.

3's online E-Recruitment strategy

In time 2002, 3 (mobile company) started to recruit the employees though online recruitment. It is because they thought that online recruitment can offer more positive experience of the company when compared with other methods. It increased their efficiency and swiftness of hiring the employees. It helped them to gain access to loads of software systematically. The head of recruitment division further state governments that not only E-Recruitment has made recruitment easier and quicker but it has also helped the company to improve its brand image which in turn has helped these to attract the actual employees (Rebecca Baker, Brain of recruitment department). She prolonged expressing that now applicants can keep track of the status of these program at any level of the recruitment process. She added expressing that in season 2002, company hired 41% employees from the organizations. However these figures have dropped right down to only 19% in the entire year 2007. This is the reason why they rely more on e E-Recruitment rather than other conventional methods. The business encountered a revenue of 1760 per time. Furthermore it became easier for the company to create job vacancies on websites rather than posing vacancies someplace else which was much more complicated and expensive(www. three. co. uk)

Another company known as Stonefish Software also experienced tremendous advantages and income of using E-Recruitment. Caroline Catmur (HR Administrator) declares that use of E-Recruitment in October 2007 proved to be a benefit for the company. Everything appears to be simple and more streamlined after the engagement of E-Recruitment. She further stated that another advantage of E-Recruitment was conserving on both time and paperwork. She further added expressing that E-Recruitment is a driving push for the introduction of their organisation (www. stonefish. co. uk)


The essay briefly details the career dreams and the impact of recruitment and selection on specific career. It throws light on the company Accenture that delivers overall flexibility and works regularly for retaining their staff. This describes as to how companies should put together the job and person requirements to be able to attract the applicants. The advantages of learning organisation and ability management are explained that helps the company to decide the foundation for recruiting the applicants. The importance of E-Recruitment, its advantages and disadvantages are discussed that helped the companies in recent a chance to overcome the problems of recruitment and selection. Two companies 3(Mobile Company) and Stonefish Software are illustrated showing their remarks on the result of using E-Recruitment in their organisation.

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