Comparison Of Bureaucratic And Non Bureaucratic Organisations Business Essay

The Style of bureaucratic company has completely different framework as compare to the non bureaucratic organizations. The bureaucratic style is preferred because of its technical design of administration but also for the new and small and medium size organizations no bureaucratic style is most popular.

Here are comparisons between these two


Bureaucratic style is more suitable for large organization but for new small and medium size organization the non bureaucratic style is more suitable

Utilization of Human resources :

In the non bureaucratic the recruiting are more effectively and efficiently utilized by the organization as compare to the other style.

Creativity and Invention:

As the non bureaucratic organizations is more versatile environment therefore the more chances o creativeness and innovation is within non bureaucratic as compare to bureaucratic organizations. (Stamm V B: 2008),

Operational control:

In the bureaucratic organizations the control command for operations are distributed while in non bureaucratic there's a centralised command line of control for the operations of the organization.

Time Keeping:

In bureaucratic organizations there is very long chain of command so when the order is given by the higher expert from top to down level it takes more time to communicate within the non bureaucratic immediate orders receive from the bigger expert to the subordinates to be able to obtain the spontaneous response. It requires less time and more time to work is dedicated.

Motivational level:

The degree of motivation is high in non bureaucratic style because the immediate orders are given from the very best level and much more rewards and appreciation is given by more impressive range to the subordinates immediately while in bureaucratic style the most notable level has hardly ever communicate directly to the subordinates. (Sapru R. K: 2006)


Non bureaucratic structure is more volatile as compare to the bureaucratic framework.

Communication and insurance policies and methods:

In bureaucratic there is poor level of communication while in non bureaucratic the amount of communication and passing information from top to down is much quicker and faster. However, In bureaucratic style there are written documents of plans and procedures and if any issue comes they can fix it by using that plans and procedures although it is absent in non bureaucratic firm.

As in bureaucratic organizations there are more policies and steps which are accompanied by the employees plus they feel no independence and less determined environment as compare to on bureaucratic organizations where people are definitely more motivated and more efficient to help make the organization more lucrative.

Preferred Company:

As discuss previously that the non bureaucratic business style is more suited to small and mid-sized business while for higher or big organizations the bureaucratic style is more desirable. While I have seen that in non bureaucratic style the versatility of work, communication from top to down and motivational degree of the employees are high so they run after easily chase the goal of the business. However every organization has its own style and composition which is not easy to decide for a specific organization whatever structure is most beneficial for the coffee lover.

After critical evaluation I'll choose non bureaucratic style because the motivational factor involved with it is the primary point for my firm and as desire brings innovation and imagination in the organization.

As in 1995 Herzberg says

During work the several factors which motivate people and various from those that create dissatisfaction"

**"The factors that happen to be usually involved in doing the job related to job satisfier while the factors which explain the job framework usually relates the job dissatisfies". **

Advantages and Negatives:

Every corporation has its own style and every style has its advantages and disadvantages. So these are as follows

Advantages of Non-Bureaucratic Group:

Non bureaucratic group style is more flexible and easy to look at the changes in virtually any business. As the authority has direct communication to the subordinates therefore the fast communication makes the response quicker and efficient. There is no long chain of order which saves the time and useful use of recruiting at its potential.

Employees are more encouraged by rewards and understanding by the higher authorities straight which bring the innovation and creativity in virtually any organization as your choice and working environmental are definitely more versatile so more quicker to look at the global changes which will keep the employees more reactive and accountable to chase the organizational targets.

As there is absolutely no long hierarchy so any worker can get work with no time period limit and position burden. So the employees may take their own initiatives and make decision to be able to complete the task without waiting the bigger authority permission.

Disadvantages of non-Bureaucratic Organization:

The main downside is that the framework is very casual there are not any hard and fast rules, insurance policies and techniques in the written form. There is certainly insufficient standardisation so the problems arise in the business on a single issues cannot be solved therefore the workforce are involved to put their input to resolve the challenge.

As the centralisation of command of control make the employees to depend only at the top authority or one person to fulfil the businesses or duties of the business. However every new small and medium business will look forwards to be growing in the foreseeable future so this non-bureaucratic style should be changed into the bureaucratic style in order to take care of the responsibilities and operations of the organization in more effective and successful way. Due to the lack of proper types of procedures and plans in the written form sometimes it is rather hard for the organization to fulfil certain requirements.


According to me the non bureaucratic style has some border over the original bureaucratic style as it is more versatile and easy to look at changes in this modern design of age. Although every corporation has aits own composition relating to its requirements and size. Although the non bureaucratic has some down sides like insufficient standardisation and lack of written policies and procedures but still it is suitable for the small and medium size organizations.

However while choosing the style of an organization it's all depend on the type and size and the key operations which is completed by the business. By the end every non bureaucratic is become bureaucratic as it increases and get more market stocks. So in the start of any home based business the non bureaucratic style is adopted while it grow than there must be written rules, regulations and procedures which should be followed by the employees to be able to solve the issues and to attain the major objectives and goals of any business.

This is an environment of changes and future is uncertain so there must be some kind of development and creativeness in the organization and its labor force should be happy with their work level and responsibilities. Thus the key purpose is to purse the organization's goals and goals whether it's bureaucratic or non bureaucratic in style because both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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