Cultural Ideals Of YOUR BODY Shop

"I simply want YOUR BODY Shop to be the best, most breathlessly fascinating company - and the one which changes just how business is carried out. That's my vision. "

- Anita Roddick, Individuals Privileges Activist & Creator of YOUR BODY Shop

This was the eyesight with which Anita Roddick started off YOUR BODY Shop in The United Kingdom. Anita got stepped into this industry in 1976 when she used Ј4, 000 to funding for a tiny stand-alone shop of natural-ingredient makeup and personal care products. Her idea was encouraged from a stop by at a shop with a similar name in California. Her target, in those days, was to aid herself and her two daughters while her spouse had opted horse-riding for two years. The interior design of her store, presentation, and marketing strategy were all delivered from success instinct to support the livelihood of her family. She used dark green color on the walls to hide cracks (rather than in symbolism of the surroundings!). The clear plastic containers she used then, that received much appreciation were in reality urine sample pots which she's purchased from an area hospital.

She observed success promptly. Her aesthetic store flourished, and she was motivated to open another even prior to the company possessed their first anniversary. When her husband Gordon Roddick came back in 1977, he joined up with hands along with his better half in her growing business. Along they understood that they wanted to franchise the functions of their venture through the company's second time.

By 1984, YOUR BODY Shop already boasted of 138 stores, 87 which were located abroad, i. e. not within the territory of UK. As time passes, franchising soon overran the number of openings of company-owned stores in 1994 franchises comprised 89 percent of Body Shop stores.

Over the years of success Anita made a decision to support and donate to communal and environmental change through her enterprise. Originally she associated YOUR BODY Shop with reputable groups, such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and Friends of the Earth. Later she launched her own promotions, specifically on ones that centered generally on recycling and abolishing creature testing in the makeup products industry. Body Shops put up posters and made petition bed linens for the clients. Half way through the 1990s, the franchises were also asked to support many of these campaigns a year for such triggers as Products education, voter subscription, and opposition to canine testing in the cosmetic makeup products industry.

The Body Shop, now has 2, 400 stores in 61 countries, which is the second major cosmetic franchise in the world, following O' Boticario, a Brazilian company. YOUR BODY Shop is headquartered in Little Hampton, Western world Sussex, England, is currently area of the L'Oral corporate and business group.

Cultural principles of The Body Shop

The Body Shop uses the mission declaration: "To dedicate our business to the pursuit of social and environmental change. " Dame Anita assumed that businesses have the energy to do good, contrasting with the traditional view of profit-driven businesses. In 1999, couple of days before third ministerial meeting of the World Trade Corporation (WTO), she campaigned against WTO's 'profit-obsessed' system that overlooked public and ecological aspects of businesses. These criteria transcend to personal ideals and motivating factors for exterior stakeholders, employees and consumers to do best for the culture and at the same time, act as tactical marketing tools to gain reputation and reputation for the business. Every product in The Body Shop has a story to share with; each communicates ideas on business ethics, real human rights and environmental issues. From natural material extraction to product packaging, every process is inseparable from the firm's beliefs. The five central values include activating self-esteem, protecting our planet, against animal tests, promoting community trade and defending human rights.

Activate Self-Esteem

Dame Anita thought that being comfortable in appearance and feeling good about self are crucial in growing one's self-esteem and self confidence. AS THE Body Shop uses people to portray vigor, energy and attitude that embrace one's style and self-worth, it does not use very slender and young models to avoid giving the impression that size and get older defines beauty, unlike a great many other beauty products out there on the market nowadays. They look for pink and fresh faces that are full and blossomed.

Treating women with esteem and empowering them enhances self-assurance and self-esteem. This notion ties in with the value 'support community trade' as the company outsources its natural ingredients to marginal areas, using trade to empower women and giving them employment, improving the lives of the family in more than one ways.

Volunteerism is intertwined with The Body Shop's viewpoint of looking good, sensing good and successful. The global volunteering plan was put in place in 2008, offering all employees at least 3 paid volunteering times yearly and maximum to 6 different locations. An 'Anita Week' was also presented to encourage employees to undertake additional volunteering activities.

Individual self-development is highly embraced as the firm provides management training and management development programs because of its employees worldwide, providing opportunities for learning, self-improvement and skills updating. In addition, it rolled out a 'Learning is Of Value to Everyone' (LOVE) program which funds employees for training, happenings, training and health treatment, pushing them to learn new skills, and stay healthy.

Protect our planet

The Body Shop dedicates large numbers of efforts in its useful environmental system and remains to review their high, yet attainable targets arranged through the voluntary European Union Eco Management and Audit Regulation, ensuring constant progress in protecting our world. The firm compensates focus on fine details of supply chain operations. Even though sourcing for natural recycleables, the Body Shop obtains source only from those sustainable plantations and rainforests, ensuring no deforestation or destruction of fragile ecosystems associated. Since the start of 2008, all soaps have been sourced from suppliers effectively audited resistant to the Roundtable on ecological palm engine oil (RSPO) criteria. Along with the improvement of obtaining its 63% of solid wood from sources maintained by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in 2008, The Body Shop aspires to source 100% of its real wood products by the finish of 2010.

In 2001, the Body Shop partnered with Greenpeace International in a joint campaign, raising recognition on alternative energy to beat global warming. In learning to be a Carbon Neutral Shop the firm actively seeks renewable options, achieved 30% reduced amount of store carbon emissions and reduced emissions from vehicles of products by using 93% hybrid cars and offsetting all air travel.

Even by the end of life of every product, environmental concerns are taken into account. While only a small amount packaging is used for all those products, recycled used plastic known as Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR) is utilized to make containers of the products that are sold are retailed. Also, the 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable newspaper bags found in all stores are strong enough to be re-used several times after being extracted from the stores. They even investigated fragile details such as use of water-based ink that contain no harmful solvents. The careful nature of the kind is extraordinary.

The Body Shop carefully chooses chemicals, ensuring the product quality, safety and effectiveness of products to keep up a good environmental record. It resorts to make use of of synthetic chemicals only when there are no other appropriate natural alternatives available. With regular reviews, pursuing up posts on environmental research on chemicals and constantly refining rules for product production, the Body Shop phases out and bans chemicals that are harmful, i. e. polycylic musk that contributes to the fragrance aspect.

Against Pet Testing

The Body Shop is well known for its work in advancing Beauty products Directive efficiently in March 2009 to ban pet evaluation on all plastic products in EUROPE. It is one of the few firms that stick to the "Human Cosmetics Standards"(HCS), an internationally-recognized scheme that allows consumers to identify and buy cruelty free products. While the Body Shop collaborates with suppliers endorsing non-animal trials ingredients only, it includes regular audits both internally and externally to ensure adherence to HCS. The Body Shop invests seriously in developing options for animal lab-based assessments. Lately, it bought Loreal's non-animal epidermis irritancy test technology which builds up artificially grown human being skin for all Body Shop's product tests.

Even where animal-derived elements are used, your body Shop commits that these ingredients do not cause or derived from the loss of life of animals and they're ideal for vegetarians' use. Common animal-derived elements include bees wax, honey, wool wax (lanolin) and shellac (resin secreted by lac insect).

Community Trade

Community trade is another aspect that YOUR BODY Shop has been actively rehearsing. Being the pioneer of the program, the company works a good trading relationship using its suppliers which involve income fairness, community development, and predicable source. Good values, the organization has been trading with communities from under-developed countries in relation to ingredients used, items and accessories. This approach is employed so that these communities can take advantage of the trade and use the money to develop the area around them and for education of the young ones.

To begin with, natural ingredients are from marginalized neighborhoods from Brazil to Samoa. Honest concerns are resolved by ensuring staff' human rights are in accordance to international criteria. Most of all, child labor and increased time are prohibited as suppliers adhere to YOUR BODY Shop Code of Conduct. Moreover, to tackle the issue of deforestation, palm engine oil for Body shop's products is sourced reliably to prevent deterioration of this global phenomenon. Within the last years, new trade associations have been forged with areas such as Kenya Organic and natural Oil Farmers' Association and CADO from the mountains of Ecuador. The business have also exchanged with Teddy Exports, a producer located in Tamil Nadu with desire to to solve social problems in your community by exporting timber and textile related products to both local and international market. In all, over 25, 000 people in more than 20 countries have benefitted out of this approach.

Defending Human being Rights

Not all cultural issues can be fixed due to insufficient consciousness and low coverage by the advertising. Thus, the company decided to concentrate on areas of sociable conditions that are usually overlooked so that they can overturn the situation.

One example of social issue encountered by the earth is domestic assault. To put a stop to the rampage of this human right maltreatment, YOUR BODY shop aided by elevating awareness of people, generating funds for the victims and their own families as well as work alongside with governmental body to prevent at-risk and affected individuals. Increasingly over time, there has been a growth in markets undertaking the campaign of "Stop violence in the home". BECAUSE THE Body Shop is not expert in working on the issue, money were increased and contributed to non-governmental organizations that concentrate on them. Training programs were also administered to employees globally enabling them to become active campaigners alternatively than passively promoting the problem. In total, more than 375 million of children are afflicted favorably and the marketplaces participating in the campaign increase both cash and awareness to safeguard the kids from further harm.

Another social concern faced is the prevalence of HIV and Assists, where The Body Shop has been partnering with MTV international to improve the awareness amongst young people and raise funds for the fight against the issue. Elevating awareness of how the disease is sent is one of the better ways to prevent the pass on of the epidemic, as reduction is always better than cure. Amounts are also granted to entrepreneurial assignments to attain out to youths vulnerable advertising keep them safe from HIV. More marketplaces round the world also have joined directly into reach out to millions of young people worldwide.

Till date, the Body Shop has made some distinctive achievements about the world:

Organized street march in Seoul, contacting for the federal government to provide better treatment services, more financial assistance and increased coverage for victims of domestic violence

Sponsorship for the website to link in with "Stop violence in the home" marketing campaign in Switzerland and had taken the concept in classrooms.

Long term partnership with The Country wide Coalition Against Household Violence to help create consciousness in US. Programs such as Face-to-Face reconstructive surgeries for victims to rectify fatal incidents caused by home assault benefitted from the funds that were increased.

Charitable Organization

Last but not least, the organization set up a charitable trust known as YOUR BODY Shop Basis that annually donates to more than 3000 projects throughout the world. To generate social and environmental changes, progressive assignments are funded to assist in promoting the normal good. Currently, the foundation is working on environmental conservation in Romania, education in Zambia as well as local violence initiatives across European countries and child trafficking in Asia.


Authenticity of Claims

In reinstating its position as an organization that cares because of its environment, Body Shop boasts to be a lot of things:

To use natural products

To be involved with environmental protection

Trade not aid

Anti-animal testing

Natural Products

Despite its claims, lots of the ingredients used are not being disclosed correctly and are dubious with regards to origins. That is unlike industry norm wherein companies marketing the same products would in their product packaging state the initial resources of their ingredients.

Any discerning consumer should remember that the seemingly superiority mounted on the term "natural" over "man-made" is not necessarily guaranteed. In actuality, many 100 % natural ingredients can conjure allergies and are thus less safe than the well-tested synthetics. In addition, the marketing counterparts of consumer companies are quick to exploit the loophole credited to deficit in universal interpretation accrued to the word, "natural". The general public at large may gullibly presume something that reads 100% natural to get rid any synthetics, when in reality; they may equally well be produced from petrochemicals.

Although man-made chemicals were said to be introduced only to extend shelf-life of its products, it has been shown that they were used for other reasons as well. In fact, the Body Shop has used synthetic colourings and fragrances generally in their type of products. Actually, these cheerfully-coloured perfumes and creams became part of the company's trademark. In place, this seems a case of exploitation the term "natural".

Environmental Protection

Given its comprehensive greening efforts, which range from sourcing of materials to materials for presentation, your body Shop serves as a Green Model for other companies. However, there are present some environmental contradictions and setbacks.

Long gone are the days when the Body Shop offered the choice of refills for customers within its impressive take at reducing packaging and waste. However, it is because of the heightened safety-regulatory issues that this service has been terminated. To overcome this setback, the Body Shop uses recycled materials in creation of the packaging. This allows for significant reduced amount of resources, bypassing the need for customers to transport them again.

Also, position in contention with the 100% recyclable paper carrier, in 1993, the Body Shop turned to printing their pamphlets on ReComm Matte newspaper from Georgia Pacific, infamous for rainforest logging.

Trade not Aid

Whilst the Body Shop claims that it "ethically sources" its products and takes prides in its Trade Not Help policy, which gives first world prices to under-developed staff. The impact of this program is queried by many industry observers and critics. For example, regarding to renowned journalist, Jon Entine, the company failed to match to its says and determination on emphasizing trade with other under-developed countries. In fact, in 1993, these products made up significantly less than 1% of Body Shop's overall buys.

In particular, the controversy focused its sourcing of Brazilian nut products. Broken offers to previous face of this promotion, Kayapo Key, Pykati-Re, got in a efficiently lawsuit against Body Shop International (BSL) for exploitation of the natives' image. In words of Dr Turner, "Body Shop provides the aid in the form of local images and in return, natives get almost no trade"in exchange. " Currently, the word has been replaced by "Fair Trade".

Nevertheless, Roddick has facilitated the idea that trade was more advanced than aid, over time; the indegent were better off with businesses of their own, somewhat than with dependency on handouts.

Animal Testing

What immediately conjures in your thoughts when we think of your body Shop? The term "Against Animal Testing" is bound to be between the first. It is pivotal that we note that this is a reasonably recent sensation, with BSI revision (in1996) that they can cease to utilize an animal-tested ingredient for the aesthetic industry after Dec 31, 1990. Their initiatives today are noticeable in clearance of the standard audits which ensures adherence to People Cosmetics Requirements (HCS). However, an interior memo exposed in 1992 shows that almost 50% of the company's products are linked with animal testing. Relating to Hoffman LaRoche, vice president of cosmetic makeup products specialties, Dave Djerrasi, purchased animal-tested Supplement E acetate in 1991 from Hoffman LaRoche for use in sunscreen.

Franchising and IPO

According to Paul Melts away an observer of the company, 'Body Shop brand is inexorably linked with its culture, which in turn is based firmly in its moral and environmental values and worth'. However, with its extensive franchising and extension to seperate location throughout the world, there is apparently a dilution of its corporate and business culture. For instance, corresponding to Paul Uses up, in Body Shop, employees are given time off to focus on local social tasks, however, it might be very difficult to enforce this on each and every Body Shop wall socket across different countries, even if indeed they were to convey it in a clause, enforcement itself would be difficult too. In relation to their massive development and foray in to the equity market, as any money and behavioral management would postulate, a reduction in possession stake would designed less incentive for the owners to be involve in the business which also comes from smaller control over their company. For the situation of Body Shop, after a failed look at at re-privatization and voluntarily restricting their engagement in the business, the Roddick's eventually resign from the company in 2000. This is especially damaging to Body Shop's image as Anita is often regarded to be the human face of Body Shop and the heart of its many humanitarian initiatives. Hence, Body Shop's authenticity as an activist for the surroundings is ever more challenged as Body Shop expands.

The Loreal Takeover

The company's authenticity as an activist for the environment is further challenged after takeover by Loreal -a large MNC with an opposite business culture as Body Shop: ruthless earnings maximization versus earnings with a conscience. So that they can lessen the bond between Loreal (an MNC) and Body Shop, Loreal's CEO reassures that Body Shop will be run as an independent subsidiary from Loreal. Roddick justified your choice to combine with L'oreal using the "Trojan Horse" Theory, which means that to enact any change, The Body Shop must enter the business. However, it remains questionable concerning whether full autonomy is very possible given the strong capitalistic prospect of Loreal if two distinct corporate and business culture remained self-employed from the other person even after merger.


At its heart, Body Shop is a profit-generating company, the very fact that it is a placed company meant that its main obligations stems from its guarantee to its traders to generate earnings that matches with their expected return on this investment. The question remains as to whether Body Shop is able to accomplish its dual responsibility: someone to its investors and the other to the surroundings; and whether these two obligations are inherently contradictory with one another.

When Dame Anita Roddick started out her campaigning ways, social marketing was a radical position in the organization world. Now, every section of the company were going green. Probably, many of these "socially in charge" initiatives have their origins in special offers embraced. This increases an important question: What is Anita Roddick's real legacy? Do The Body Shop "walk its talk" as Anita and her hubby, Gordon used to boast?

However, the fact still remained that the Body Shop acquired a good record of environmental audit and disclosure. The Body Shop was a signatory of the CERES guidelines, an environmental code of do that was created by environmentalists and public investors. Apart from that, the Body Shop was mostly of the companies with an reliable environment management system and environment audit which followed the voluntary EU Eco Management and Audit Regulat


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