Effectiveness Of The E Recruitment Process Business Essay

The rapid improvements in technology have significantly changed the way business is conducted which increasing use of and reliance on technology is clearly demonstrated by the number of organisations and those who utilise the Internet and electronic mail (e-mail). The impact of technology on business is further mirrored by the ongoing surge in amount of literature exploring the effects of new technology development and execution on the efficiency of business, including the impacts on individual resource techniques (Cullen, 2001; Dessler, 2002; Dineen, Noe, & Wang, 2004; Smith et al. , 2004). In particular, the adoption of the net as a medium by organisations has been faster than every other medium in history (Bush et al. , 2002). This is demonstrated by the actual fact that although it had taken more than 30 years for radio as a medium to reach 50 million listeners, the Internet come to 50 million users within five years (Kerschbaumer, 2000).

The importance of effective human learning resource management routines for organisations has been highlighted by the increasing amount of research published within the press. Recruitment is an integral element of real human learning resource management; this function produces the real human capital that forms the building blocks of companies. The success of the company is dependant on the success of individuals resource efforts, which evolves through recognition and attraction of quality new employees made from the recruitment process (Barber, 1998).

1. 1 Statement of the Problem

The range of study is private sector which is Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas). Private sector such as Petronas is welcoming people round the world to become listed on them. E-recruitment system is a dependence on them to adopt and implement. Most organization involve some degree of online recruitment process. Thus, it certainly creates competition within the industry. E-recruitment is damaged by a great deal of inner and external factors. Organizations have to constantly alert to the changes and develop appropriates strategies to be able to seriously gain efficiency of the e-Recruitment process. Petronas will benefit from the study.

1. 2 Research Objectives

The objectives of the study are to

To identify why e-recruitment attract employees better.

To identify the reasons recruiter in large corporation uses e-recruitment.

To identify the effectiveness of using e-recruitment to recruit.

1. 3 Research Question

The research questions used in this research are

What are the reasons that e-recruitment attracts employees better?

What will be the reasons recruiters in large company uses e-recruitment?

How effective is e-recruitment to recruit employees in large group?

1. 4 Need for the Study

This research is very important, because the finding of the study will enhance the body of knowledge. This research talks about the relationship of implemented e-recruitment and the potency of the lead to attracting employees.

The research will benefit Petronas. E-Recruitment system is essential for organization to look at and implement. Majority of organization involve some amount of online recruitment process. This research provides statistical analysis collected from the study.

1. 5 Restriction of the Study

The sample of this research is 100 staff in the Administration Department who is working at the private sector at Petronas to be able to examine the factors and efficiency of e-recruitment in a huge organization.

1. 6 Definitions of Terms




Refer to people who work in office business environment


The utilisation of the internet for prospect sourcing, selection, communication, and management throughout the recruitment process

High Framework Communication

Most of the info is either in the physical context or initialized in the person

HR professional

person who practice or do human resources related job in the company


It can be an idea, an assumption, or a theory about the behaviour of one or even more variables in one or more population

Low Framework Communication

The mass of information is vested in the explicit code message

Qualified Candidate

person who applied to jobs and has met the qualification of the job


Recruitment is the procedure of searching the individuals for employment and stimulating them to apply for careers in the organisation

Recruitment Cycle

is the period of time of company's recruitment process

Social Networking Sites

websites offering common cyber space for the new users to meet or touch upon others



As the technology and internet advanced, organizations take up to utilize web-based tools as an everyday management function. For example, recruitment does not have any much longer constrained by distance and time. The increase of e-Recruitment has bought attention to majority of corporation. More and more employers used the style of using e-Recruitment process to seek the best trained candidates.

The trend of workplace using e-recruitment process has result a decrease using traditional paper based recruitment process. The tendency of recruitment process has propensity of use web-based methods, such as job planks, employer web sites, and professional sites (Ghosh n. pag. ). E-Recruitment strategies slowly but surely occur global-wide. More and more countries are implementing the trend. For instance, Ireland's recent practice of online recruitment has significant influence to organizations. The Irish workplace specifically integrated online recruiting for 4 factors: Cost lowering, increase the efficiency of the process, time useful, and accessibility to broader pool (Reilly and Barber n. pag. ).

In order to effectively deliver the precise information to the target market, the communication and information flow play a crucial part in online recruitment process. Relating to analyze, the since the advancement of internet, there is an overflow of information (Savoy and Salvendy13). The overflow of information business lead to 60% of folks cannot find relevant information (qtd. in Montero et al. 2003). The research workers suggested that the information needs of the consumers should be centred and good for the consumers (Savoy and Salvendy14). In e-Recruiting, both employers and employees be prepared to find valuable information of one another on the net, so an outcome, the info that either the employers or the employees publish to the web should be carefully analyzed. Both company and employee be prepared to learn from each other. Another analysis done in UK implies that the standard e-Recruiting tools that employer uses are Websites, Receiving e-mail contains job application and cover letter, and examining personal sites (Williams and Verhoeven 7).

The other factors can also significantly affect the effectiveness of communication. One of them is the website design and its own articles (Usunier and Roulin 3). The authors researched the high and low context communication on websites. The different civilizations have different choices to the content. In High Context communication, the information is more complex and complicated, while in Low Framework communication is very simple and clarify (4). Despite the communication preferences, increasingly more employers use company website, job planks, and interpersonal networking sites to recruit skills. Each one of these tools can reach large candidate pools. Especially sociable networking sites have bought focus on both employers and jobseekers. An easy growing number of folks use social sites to look for jobs such as MySpace or Facebook (Roberts and Clark 35). Inside the jobseekers' view, it is easier to connect people with less pressure since it's not face to face. It is great for passive jobseekers. In the employers' view, it is low cost, shorter recruitment cycle, and it can get well-rounded information of the prospects (Sah n. pag. ). Certain communal sites such as LinkedIn, have observed the recognition of e-Recruit. It includes employers to purchase business accounts with add-on features such as job placing section or private messaging tools (Gunderson 3). Some employers, not only use sociable networking sites as recruitment tool, but also background check the prospects and recommendations. However, because this content in the social sites have less formal official sources, the employers have little ability to ensure the information placed on the websites is factual (Roberts and Clark 36). Instead, many employers use outsourced background check function to validate the prospects (36).

On the other hands, organizations might use their own website for recruitment. Usually the organizational websites tend to be more formal formatted. The items of the organizational website are well-written delivering company's information and job information along with tools essential for applicants such as program process. A well-developed online application process can increase the hiring process and more responsive to the people (Kim and O'Connor 2).

The performance of e-Recruitment can be varied depends on the size of the organization. A study shown that online recruitment had not been as appropriate for small organizations, for blue-collar, lower-level position and very senior positions, online recruitment continue to be more effective in greater organizations and service sectors because bigger organizations possibly have much larger vacancies to cope with larger band of prospects (Parry and Tyson 15). The limitation of this research consequence only valid to commercial internet sites, because commercial job planks had not been related to industry, sector, or corporation size. The effectiveness of online recruitment may also have an effect on by the strategies put in place (15). For organizations, there are some opportunities to increase the effectiveness of online recruiting by adding values to the procedure; For instance, creating a candidate-attraction process, providing screening and response management for the online recruiting process (Wolfe and Hartle n. pag. ). Implementing the appropriate strategies can significantly improve the efficiency of the e-Recruitment.

The benefits and drawbacks of utilizing online recruitment can be shown by the statistical statistics. A survey done by iLogos. com unveils that 92% of Fortune 500 companies have an online site solely for professions and 96% of recruiters reported job placing on their websites (Borstorff, Marker, and Bennett 13). Most organizations use some type of online recruitment due to the fact advantages overwhelm the cons. The common findings of advantages among studies are: reduced costs, faster procedures, wider accessibility, improve reputation and brand (Barber 9), higher quality of applicants, better match of the positioning, 24/7 running potential, and reduced amount of unqualified applicants (Verhoeven and Williams 2). On the other hand, the cons are personal privacy issues, lack of personal touch, user-unfriendly tools, and discrimination issues (2).

To conclude, the books review built in the researcher's study because E-recruitment system is essential for organization to look at and implement. Majority of organization involve some degree of online recruitment process. It really creates competition within the industry. E-recruitment is afflicted by many inside and exterior factors, and it really changes fast. Organizations have to constantly aware of the changes and develop appropriate strategies in order to truly gain performance of the e-Recruitment process.




3. 0 Introduction

This chapter has given the depth methods of obtaining the data and how researchers intend to do it. It hasspecified in detail the research functions and instruments research workers intend to use to address research workers research questions.

3. 1 Research Design

This section clarifies the research design chosen for the study. This research is using descriptive research design which represents the characteristics of a preexisting phenomenon.

3. 2 Sampling Frame

The sampling structure is the source from which an example is drawn. It is a set of all those inside a population who can be sampled, and could include individuals, homes or corporations. So, because of this study the sampling casings employed by the experts are among staff in the Administration Division, Petronas.

3. 3 Population

The society is the collection of men and women or entities to which studies are to be organized.

3. 4 Sampling Technique

This section details the type of sampling strategies used to choose the topic from the population. For this tudy the experts used the simple arbitrary sampling as the method. The analysts use sampling method becaisu it givesthe member of the population the same and independent potential for being decided on to be part of the sample.

3. 5 Sample Size

The size of the group to be surveyed generally decides the size of the sample. For this research the test size is 100 personnel.

3. 6 Unit of Analysis

A product of evaluation is the topic to be included in the study. The experts have chosen randomly 100 staff of Administration Team who is working at the Petronas.

3. 7 Data Collection Procedures

The analysts have collected the data through key and supplementary data such as publications, textbooks and other references. The questionnaires have been created as a strategy to collect the info. A lot of the questions are close finished and it'll make easy to respondents to answer fully the question.

3. 8 Instrument

The kind of questionnaire that is employed in this research is structured questionnaire. The researchers have prepared the questions in several sections which can be about the respondent's demographic factors such as gender and position, the career, factors and obstacles that lead to the effectiveness of e-recruitment, and the importance of the potency of e-recruitment in the organization.

3. 9 Validity of Instrument

The instrument found in this research is content validity. The analysts have desired two supervisors or lecturers who are experts in this area of this research to determine that the dimension measurers; that are the questionnaires, are extended to be measured.

3. 10 Programs for Data Analysis

The research workers have chosen the SPSS strategy to analyze the info that were from the questionnaires which have been coded in several categories.

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