Enterprise Rent AN AUTOMOBILE Commerce Essay

Client service is the way to obtain service to customers before, throughout and after an acquisition. In step with Turban et al. Customer support is some activities made to boost the amount of client satisfaction - that's, the feeling that a product or service has met the client expectation. "

The need for consumer service might differ by service or product, trade and client. The belief of success of such connections will be thinking about workers "who can transform themselves to the personality of the guest consistent with Micah Solomon. From the point of view of an overall sales process engineering effort, consumer service plays an vital role in a corporation's capacity to create income and income. From that point of view, customer service should be included as 50 % of an overall approach to systematic improvement. A customer service expertise will amendment the complete perception a customer has of the business. .


In an outstanding store the personnel are being trained to give their complete attention and wonderful customer service to everyone who pop in. they are advised to greet client per the positioning and essentially in their local language. Therefore if we tend to enter in they start requesting us that if we have a tendency to desires assist in with something and that they tries to be out there on spot to answer questions and help them for the required item they needed. Many stores even provide their customer on phone and online conjointly for taking order and delivered them at the area they needed to. In case there is clinic the management will try to give full comport to the patient even before examining by providing them some appropriate destination to sit and asking if indeed they have any support in walking or preparing. They make an effort to administer everything to the individual on time and on right place which means patient doesn't are affected.


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Question 2: Explain why Enterprise Rent-A-Car tries to locate branches close to its customers. (25 marks, 300 words)

Although there is no commonplace method for selecting the simplest venture location but there are numerous factors that can effect organizing selections for locating new branch. So it the work of managers to prepare best location to be able to achieve the targets of the enterprise for that they are working.

First the question is why the business need to have the new location with regards to business. Following are the few reasons

The enterprise could be wish to increase their business therefore it can start branches in towns where the company don't have branches to provide their customers.

The corporation could want to start their branch and amendment their destination to stimulate more customers

The organization may decide to restructure or modernize their procedures with better location and progress technology to be implemented there.

The organization may need to bringing together their all branches in one location.

The organization might want tidy up their less profitable branches and open new branches in locations that provide a whole lot of profit

As part of this strategy, Enterprise tries to find its branches as close as attainable to its customers. A lot of people (over 75percent of the country's population) live within five mls of an Enterprise branch. You can find many reasons why a firm may invest in open up new branches or relocate its existing businesses. It could want to expand the business, thus it can start branches in cities where the organization failed to previously have a occurrence. A company might conjointly need to restructure or modernize its businesses. It may try out this by combining some existing departments into new purpose engineered premises. It could try to shut its less profitable operations and open branches in locations that supply additional business probable. Enterprise makes it as easy as possible for patrons to make use of its services.

Rent-A-Car tries to locate branches near to its customers to draw in the customer. Business needs its branch sites to obtain good access for his or her customers they wanted to provide their customer with easy to get to at all times whenever they need car for few hour or few days is available. Because the people who want a hire a imply that they don't have their own convince or if they have its unavailable at time so they can not go so far o take the car service and after using the services they have to return the car back again so every customer want to be mindful near to them and Rent-A-Car attempts provide them with convenience to come easily and look after their own wish and this way in addition they get able to make good relation with customer that may be loyal to them for long time period for that services because of trust and location.


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Question 3: Examine the many factors that impact organizations decisions such as Venture about where you can find a new branch (25 marks, 400 words)

A business must think about several factors when identifying how to locate a brand new branch or procedure. Usually, it can need to balance many factors in making a decision. Sometimes one factor could sway the decision

It could choose a niche site with the most affordable land or buildings.

It may choose a spot that's convenient for key employees. A business desires to take a posture to recruit employees with the right skills bottom part.

It may select for an online site that has simple usage of raw materials. For instance, many frozen food factories can be found near fishing ports to cut back transport time used and also to stay fish contemporary.

The key concern may be the carry and service infrastructure. Several businesses require quick access to sensible highway and railway links and fashionable telecommunication services.

These guarantee they can meet service or delivery deadlines.

Each business proprietor have to take into account and analyze many factors once they are going to take your choice how to locate an upgraded branch for his or her business. There are several factors that can have an effect on their decision creating good place and the type of the business they're dealing. Following are the few factors that will have influence on organizations options once they Venture is deciding regarding where you can locate a new.


The most essential issue that results the decision regarding the location of recent branch is cost because of this of its on owner pocket that he need site with the least expensive land or buildings.

Convenience for worker and client

Before choosing any location the convenience factor is considered that location should be convenient for key employees and client both.

Access for the Natural material

While choosing location the home owners keep this matter in mind that they should have straightforward usage of raw materials that's needed is for their business. For example pharmacies are principally near hospitals; stationary shops are near university, cosmetic stores are next to beauty parlors.

Simple procedure for transport

While selecting any location for business every owner think about the carry and repair factors and their infrastructure. Because each businesses need proper and easy access to all or any smart road that will facilitate those to provide their customers each where they want their services.


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Question 4: Assess the benefits and drawbacks of the investment appraisal methods stated in the event (25 marks, 400 words)

There are several ways in which in that Venture assesses whether a fresh branch or relocation can generate sufficient seriously the needed investment. The starting place for any strategy of

investment appraisal is to forecast how abundant additional income the new operation will generate. However, this must also be thought-about against what sort of lot of this business may remove from different Organization locations nearby. This income forecast can

then be utilized to get a profit forecast. Following are the investment appraisal methods that are generally employed by different organizations for investment appraisal.


Accounting rate of return

Net present value

Internal rate of return


Investment appraisals methods facilitate keep an eye on the investment done on different comes. Opportunities. Appraisals of the investment cut back the possibility of risks which is return in near future. Investment appraisal method can provide us the forecasting that weather the task goes in profit or lose. Investment appraisal strategy can help to increases the firm value and the ratio of come back. If we are doing completely different project these procedures facilitate us that which project is additional beneficial because it tells the income share. these calculation conjointly assist in us to find the best opportunity of investment for the business. So investment appraisal is employed to forecast how considerable more revenue our business can build and it can also says that how considerable that business might take away. This income forecast can then be used to secure a profit forecast for coming back period of time for this business. The payback actions the amount of time the project may take to get income to therefore it's use to examine totally different project options and shortest payback period is selected. Seriously capital used shows the quantity of profit made in confirmed period as a talk about of the prices of the task. Break-even analysis is actually a way of assessing how long it can take analysis to create sales revenue to total prices. The break-even point is achieved when the income equals the expenses incurred whereas trading on that particular project


Investment appraisal strategies are time-consuming method and needs a business to think about many factors because of this from it have difficult computation that may only be solved by experts financials by using different pc spreadsheet or be manual. Such as these ways we use percentage and chose probability some this strategy give wrong selections.

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