Evaluation Of Stakeholders Objectives Commerce Essay

This assignment is dependant on understanding and assessing the proper goals and goals along with evaluation of stakeholder's objectives and by identifying and explaining various responsibilities of the Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK). In order to analyzed the proper goals of the GSK it has been identified and explained the mission, eyesight and goals as well as core reason for the GSK and values.

Hence stakeholder's targets has been make clear by taking three stakeholders of the GSK (shareholders, employees and customers) under consideration as well as the scope which company tries to achieve this objectives. Beside responsibilities of the GSK has been evaluated through understanding the many strategies they integrated to meet those obligations. Responsibilities consist of management duties, ethics of business, public and environment duties.

However, the task also has resolved the financial system of the country which GSK manages by assessing the effect of various policies.


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is leading research established pharmaceutical company in UK. Operates in more than 100 countries and used around 100, 000 peoples. Glaxo SmithKline was founded in 2000, by growing of two big pharmaceutical, GlaxoWellcome and Beecham SmithKline. Early 1990's Glaxo and Beecham were two specific pharmacists who were doing business in UK. Glaxo start pharmaceutical business in time 1715 and Smith Kline start he's business year 1830.

The company has two main divisions, pharmaceuticals and consumer professional medical. Glaxo SmithKline has been positioned 64th place in the study conducted by Forbes Newspaper.

(www. gsk. com/about/company) (docstoc. com/docs/15102099/GlaxoSmithKline-company-profile) (gsk-china. com/british/html/aboutus/gsk-. )

Task 01

1. 1Different Types of organization

Organizations are setup in specific ways to accomplish different goals, and the framework of corporation can help or impede its improvement towards accomplishing these goals. Organization large or small can achieve higher sales and other profits by properly needs with the composition that they use to operate.

Organizations can be grouped in to Private and open public sectors

Sole stock traders, partnerships, joint ventures, limited cooperation's, Co-operations, night clubs and societies are located in Private Areas. In public sectors it found Govt. section, Gov. Cooperation's and government companies.

Sole Trader Ship

A one who provides his/her own business or one who is in charge of entire organization is named Sole trader dispatch.

Advantages of single trader ship

Person has potential to enjoy the profits singly

Subscription is not compulsory

Business can be closed down anytime as the wish of owner

Person has capability to take decisions

Easy to start out business

Disadvantages of Sole Trader Ship

Unlimited liability

Absence of perpetual succession

Absence of management skills.

Inability to have correct decisions


Partnership is a relation that existing between two or more persons who joins to carry on a trade or business. Partnerships are highly adaptable in form and fluctuate in intricacy. In partnership each individual shares directly in the organization's gains and shares control of the business operation. Relationship can be minimum 2 and maximum 20 partners.

1. 2Stake holders and their Responsibilities

Stake Holders are group of men and women who's interest in business or industry. You will discover two types of stake holders inner and external. At some point they can be both.

Internal Stakeholders

People who are already committed to offering your organization as board associates, personnel volunteers, and or/or donors. Internal Stakeholders Include


Share Holders

Staff and employees


External Stakeholders

External Shareholders People who have relation with corporation. Exterior Shareholders Include





The responsibility of stake holders

Employees- are the most crucial people in the organization. By effort of employees the business's achieve their objectives.

Shareholders- in some large company 'shareholders buy shares in company.

Managers- are the people who appointed by board of directors. These are responsible for day to day operation. They are approved make the decisions inside the company.

Owners-are folks who own the company. Owner gets the responsibility to provide for the businesses that happen in organization.

Customers- customers are people who buying products firm or company. Firm always focused on give the better and professional service with their customers. If indeed they fail to supply the service they offer to their customers they'll face loss of profits.

Suppliers-are the folks who product the good and they provide it to organizations. Organization should have good communication and relationship with their suppliers.

1. 3Company Mission

Improve the quality of individuals life by permitting visitors to do more, feel better and live much longer.

1. 4Company Vision

"You want to become indisputable innovator in our company"

1. 5Company's Aim

Glaxo Smithkline (GSK) is striving to build up new partnerships and approach different frame of mind that is more impressive, opened minded, adaptable and consultative.

1. 6Company's Goal

GSK goals includes develop new ground breaking new medicine securely and efficiency. Worker health and safeness initiatives focus on the factors that enable employees to perform at the highest level by sustaining energy and proposal and drive towards zero damage at work.

(GSK Annual Report 2011)

1. 7Company's Value

Values of GSK are pivotal to the way they operate and their employees are people who have high integrity who make good, genuine decisions with patients in mind.

1. 8Company's Market Share

GSK Market Talk about prices in the USA ended at about the same point as they started out the year, but there have been falls in European countries. GlaxoSmithKline has a talk about of around 5% of the worlds pharmaceutical market.

1. 9Company's Growth

In the modern times GSK has developed their pharmaceutical Business and make available medicine to take care of range of serious and chronic diseases. There Operating income fell 6%, reflecting the loss of sales of pandemic products. In past years Pharmaceutical Products Sales grew to 8% to 1. 7billion. (GSK Total annual Report 2011)

Task 02

1. 1Different Types of Economic System

Four types of financial system are;

Markets Economy System- Is the process how is country produce their products and how they distribute into market and control by people of the country. The three questions ask in marketing is what things to produce? To whom producing? How to produce? Example=USA is a country where market Market System is adopted.

Mixed Economy System- is the economies where almost all of decisions are created by individuals but government authorities also play some tasks. Sri Lanka is a mixed current economic climate country.

Traditional Current economic climate System-is the economy based how community or people use to trade within their local areas, by direct trade and exchanging one good to one another. In mixed market almost all of the resources are inherited. In the majority of African countries they are really following these.

Command Economic System-the government control the current economic climate and they make decisions and effect the organization or organization. Inside the command financial system government control the costs and other activities that are in businesses. Cuba is a good example of command economical system used.

Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Policy is the country's administration policy which administration influences the country's economy and displays that how the economy of country going on by adjusting fees or public resources. In fiscal insurance plan federal take all the decisions. The main tools of fiscal insurance plan include taxation and expenditure

Monetary Policy

Monetary coverage is the action that government effect economies of country by maintain money insurance policies and interest levels. Monetary plan is conducted by central loan provider of country. Central standard bank increases the increase rate and availability of money. Start market procedure, discount rate and reserve need are three main tools of economic policy.

1. 2How Fiscal and monetary policy affect

When federal increase tax clearly the federal government income will increases up, By increasing duty GSK must pay more for fees, so the earnings they get will be lowers, because the taxes increasing amount attributable to equity (e. g. : Dividends drop ) & also theRetained Earnings of the business decreases, because of the reinvestment abilities falls. Eventually GSK' competitiveness cut down. Because of this consumer's demand will be low and the people living standard will be low sooner or later their employee's income may also be low. But in one other way when the government decreases the tax and increase spending then consumers demand will be high and the business's profit will increase definitely. By increasing duty rates to products and when government cut prices of pharmaceuticals item then the GSK faces task in their business.

Task 03

1. 1 Four Types of Market Modules

Market Modules




Perfect Competition



Faces market demand curve

One product

No close substitutes


Few Sellers

High Access Barriers

Economic income possible in long run

Profit maximiser

Identical product

Very small talk about of the market


Industry dominated by two large firms

Possibility of price innovator rising - rival will follow price leaders costing decisions

High obstacles to entry

1. 2 Marketing Condition

GSK is a company which is working in the pharmaceutical industry. After going through the annual report I identified that GSK is a monopolistically competitive company since there a wide range of competitors in the pharmaceutical industry. Such rivals include major companies like Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly.

1. 3 Market Demand and Market Supply

Market Demand and Market Supply Gsk can be an inelastic demand. its inelastic because whenever the remedies price change also people will demand for that in the ratio change in volume demanded is significantly less than the ratio change in the purchase price. Medicine is the thing that everyone needs. Wheneveranyone is sick and tired they need drugs or medicine to survive. Regardless of whether the price tag on remedies or lifesaving drugs price go record high also people will demand it clearly at this time demand will be in same. if treatments price change also you will see no impact in supply.

1. 4 Level of Invention, Technology and Recognition

GSK is acompany that always presents new products to advertise. In every year they unveiling 15 types of new products to advertise. By innovating these products help them to get market for his or her products. GSK technology brings lot benefits to our society. Within the last 18 years, overall survivor rates for malignancy in the UK have increased by 22%. This demonstrates most of peoples in population are remaining alive. Children's with malaria has been protected from the vaccines which launched by GSK. This means that there innovative has been more popular among the individuals.

GSK use lot of new solutions within working environment. They use computer system to store all their Information's. Just lately GSK has released new compensation system to their sales representatives. As well as they has create and presently using new kind of external engine, which helps them to discover and starts new regions of science's also use Nova Min- a technology which really helps to repair the harmed in teeth.

GSK was name 100 best companies in US Companies in yr 2004. in the same time GSK won communication connect award. Brands have been the best recognized brand amongst UKpharmaceutical industry. Therefore they generating the trust and confidence of consumers.

Task 04

1. 1Face issue of international trade

In the international trade, when the country's economical is well working then GSK get a chance to grow their business and deliver more products to international market. When they expose new pharmaceutical products which open to consumers in international trade they gain their individual in the market, and companies get an opportunity to bond connection with the countries, that they supply their products or service. They gain more employees for their products in market and they get a chance to have more and better employees with good skills and personality. Due to international trade company also gets chance to get more suppliers who are willing to distribute their what to other countries. Also get an opportunity to develop their operation in internationally at quicker than they operate business in local organizations.

In another hands when we look at the down sides' of international trade include, increasing Costs, GSK has to increase their operating charge before they start the business enterprise in international countries, including new properties and they have spent more income to get additional staff and to get new transport for the companies. When GSK is getting into international trade they want documents like registering their company in other country, they face complications because most of countries they want all details about the company if the company is international and government have some restriction rules, due to this company have to hold back for more time until prepare these documents.

1. 2 Barriers and Opportunities' UK business Faced

The obstacles that UK business encounters in emerging markets includes, lack of skilled recruiting, culture barriers, terminology barriers, lack of new institution to market new technologies and new more things.

Lack of skilled human resources- it is very difficult to acquire experience individuals in emerging marketplaces. Human Learning resource need to evaluate their recruitment and developed to bring the skilled employees to meet their demand.

Language Barriers- being able to discuss in local words make your visitors to make shared confidence. In the event the individuals or GSK staffs struggles to talk in local terminology, then the company can work with a translator Plus they can presenting training or encourage employees to learn local words is also the best way. by knowing local language will help company to promote their products easily through local market, like advertise also.

In another palm the opportunities that UK business face in Rising Market include, trade opportunities' free trade and middle income. Trade opportunities-in rising markets countries current economic climate will be growing highly continually so there are many possibilities of to extend businesses and trade opportunities to UK business. As due to this can open more new branches. Development of middle class-emerging market is the area that appearing for middle class. Created of new careers, middle class family get a chance to re-locate from poverty and get a chance to live a much better life. As result of this Country's overall economy will increase definitely and the ratio of the indegent will be less.

1. 3 European Union (EU) Current Situation Effect on UK Businesses

Uprising of euro problems, UK's economy has been going down neutral. Because the market situation of United Kingdom is within a decrease, companies have to face difficulties. As Drop of economy the small business and medium business has bankrupted in recent years. Furthermore, most public industries have been under pressure to cut the spending and were therefore less happy to appoint new personnel and lack of financing sector. Thus, unemployment rate decrease as the result of crisis. Some business like car manufacture fell average lower in September that was linked with economy crisis. As a result of this car companies loss their careers and certainly it impacts' to the suppliers. As look at last year UK's most significant stocks FTSE 100 dropped by 9% wiping over 50billions of UK's major companies.


This study implies that company strategic goals and targets are essential for the organization and its own stakeholders to guide the organizations to the mark it want reach. Each of them is mirrored with the other person demonstrating the integration. Thus, from the study it is identifies that GSK have clear equivalent proper goals and specifies targets in order to attain its goals also to achieve its stakeholders as well as community objectives.

Beside, stakeholders' targets are very similar for the GSK to can be found available environment that it operates.

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