Honda Atlas Vehicles Pakistan Business Essay

As a part of Course Requirement of Total Quality Management, an industrial visit was established by the Management of PIQC. To complete this necessity, 2 industrial trips were arranged for the students of MS/M. Phil in HRM/TQM. Descon Anatomist was the first company to go to and the Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Small was the next company to visit.

The visit of Descon Engineering Limited provided a distinctive opportunity of exceptional learning. This visit opened the new horizon of useful area of the class room learning. The possibility to go through the TQM and HRM systems of your company like Descon was definitely an exclusive chance to create such systems in my company.

The TQM Systems at Honda is no doubt very solid and have backup support of HONDA Japan. Throw away Control can be an important angle to notice in lowering cost. Throw away control is not limited by materials only it is extended to enough time of labor force also. Each activity at production floor is stringently timed which is recognized by each employee at the shop floor. The company's focus on training of every employee takes on an important role to use TQM program at Honda Atlas Automobiles (Pakistan) Small.


Honda Atlas Autos (Pakistan) Small is a General public Limited Company authorized in every 3 Stock Exchanges of Pakistan. That is JV of "Honda Electric motor Company Limited", Japan and Atlas Band of Companies Pakistan. THE BUSINESS was contained in 1992 and CUTTING EDGE happened in 1993. Flower building and erection of equipment was completed in 1994 and First Car was rolled out of Set up Line in-may 1994.

The Company has a wide range of Dealership spread all over Pakistan with 21 Sellers having 3S (Sales, Free Parts and Service) Category, 2 Retailers are having 2S (Service & Extra Parts) category and 6 Sellers are experiencing 1s (Extra Parts) Category in every major metropolitan areas of Pakistan. All Dealership are within the defined guidelines by Honda Worldwide.

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Small conforms to the Policy of Federal government of Pakistan with respect to Local Parts found in Car Creation. Honda Pakistan has quite strong romantic relationship with the suppliers while patronizing the sellers for developing and developing of local parts. The Quality of local produced parts is specifically concentrated to meet the strict International Quality Requirements.

Honda Atlas Autos Pakistan has constant striving focus on Exceptional Service to its customers. The Company conducts the Service Advertising campaign to help in the customers' needs for service in addition to the regular service. The Management at Honda believes that Service factor has significantly contributed towards the absolute self-assurance of customer in to the Honda Cars. To Achieve Customer Satisfaction is a normal effort of Honda Atlas Autos (Pakistan) Limited. Meet Customer Targets and Provide THE BEST VALUE for Money is the Commitment of the Company.

Products / Models [1]

Honda Accord

Incomparable sporty driving a car, Enlarged for luxurious comfort, More powerful and Responsive than ever, the all-new Accord is remarkable in motion. Such vibrant performance can only emerge through process of comprehensive analysis, planning, and refinement of body design, seeking the ideal balance of rigidity, weight, and dynamism. accord. jpg

Honda - CRV

Minds at Honda thought of the new CR-V as a classically orchestrated machine that offers far more. The design of the CR-V is so aesthetically aligned that it makes it a traditional case of love initially view. CRV. jpg

Honda Civic

The Civic is as intuitive as it is seductive. With cutting-edge form and function, it will tempt you in a variety of ways. From its luxurious aerodynamic body to its Intelligent Multi Information Screen (i-MID) and everything among, you'll be hard pressed to withstand it. Honda Civic will come in following variations:Civic. jpg

i-V Tec Manual Transmission

i-V Tec Prosmatic Transmission

VTi Oriel Manual Transmission

VTi Oriel Prosmatic Transmission

Honda City

Striking good looks, cutting-edge design, sharply concentrated tension. The small sedan breakthrough with durability to open a fresh era. Luxurious styling and strong performance, with swift, gutsy reaction to the driver's pedal action. Class-leading spaciousness and calming ride for spectacular comfort. Available in pursuing 2 versions:City. jpg

Manual Transmission

Prosmatic Transmission

Visit Objective:

To understand and comprehend the key techniques and strategies of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Small and Descon Executive Limited

To be Familiar with the Working Environment of both the Companies

To become aware of the role of differing people in Honda Atlas Vehicles (Pakistan) Limited and Descocn Executive Limited

To recognize the need for health insurance and safe practices in the workplace

To focus on the specific areas of TQM/SHRM studied in the class

Quality Management System at Honda Atlas Automobiles (Pakistan) Limited

The Quality Systems at Honda Atlas Automobiles (Pakistan) Small are implemented in every function of the organization. The management's commitment is exhibited from the many Quality initiatives used by the company to attain client satisfaction. Honda thinks in 3 joys therefore of its product and service

Joy of Buying

Joy of Selling

Joy of Producing

Honda is aimed at obtaining 120% Quality. Honda strives and dedicated to provide highest efficiency at realistic price for customer satisfaction. The design viewpoint of Honda looks for maximum space and comfort for individuals while the space for mechanical components is attemptedto keep at minimum level. Honda's important research activities include specific product development worldwide with a special focus on safety of men and women and prevention from pollution.

As a part of TQM program, Honda has adopted

Customer Focused

Increased Efficiency

Reducing Cost


Expediting daily operation

To achieve all of the above, the development lines have been designed in a way where wastage of time and materials has been reduced to minimum amount level. Enough time at each level of assembly brand is clearly identified and communicated thus allowing the company to attain its daily development focus on within the given time.

In order to get maximum advantages from TQM program, Honda is heavily relying after training of its labor force. It's mandatory for each and every person to complete the training of 7 basic tools of TQM. Every new joiner has to go through the training of 7 basic TQM Tools before being involved in the job. To reinforce the learning refresher training are also offered and indications of various TQM concepts and strategies are also hanged in the entire creation area.

Honda has applied PDCA Circuit as a normal management practice. Programs are created and implemented, final result is examined, new problems are identified to enhance the process which is repeated till the target is achieved.

Quality Initiatives at Honda

Aiming at Getting 120% Product Quality

Honda considers it unacceptable; even 1 customer in 10, 000 receives a faulty product, hence, the management of Honda is very focused to accomplish 120% Product Quality. Honda is continually striving to accomplish ever high product quality expectations and constantly taking new initiatives to meet or go over the customer expectation. Honda is set to offer product of high quality to further strengthen the customer's trust.

Implementing Global Honda Quality Standards

In order to ensure that all Honda facilities Internationally, continue to support 120% product Quality, Honda Atlas Automobiles (Pakistan) Small is utilizing Global Quality Confidence standards as an essential part of its Quality Management System. Global Honda Quality Requirements provides a substantive amount of knowledge, collected by HONDA in producing quality product and protecting against the problems form reoccurring.

Quality Cycle

Quality Cycle has been created by Honda to enhance quality at every level i. e. Design, Development, Production, Sales and After Sales Service. Skills in Design, Development and Production is applied to facilitate creation control ways to avoid process variations.

System to Enhance Product Quality

A system has been proven to quickly identify the product quality issues and resolving them as they take place and then reporting these issues and solutions to HONDA JAPAN for a worldwide data of Quality Issues to prevent these issues from reoccurring all Honda Facilities around the world.

Handling Issue

Recall System & Other Measures

When it is made a product concern requires action, the client is contacted through direct mail from the supplier or by mobile phone guiding the customer how he/she can get free repair.

Compliance with Product Safety

As a producer of Consumer Goods, Honda is set to ensure the Safety of the merchandise and Travellers. To enhance this further Honda has presented Airbags in both front chairs of its new VTI models.

Quality Management Training

In order to enhance specific worker's quality control tasks and to improve quality guarantee skills of its Associates, Honda offers a QC basic course to and 7 Basic Tools of Total Quality Management and also other training. These 2 classes are mandatory for each worker and Affiliates. Honda has build internal capabilities and resources to impart understanding of QC basic course and 7 basic tools of TQM.

Conclusion & Findings

Quality Management System

Honda has put in place TQM at its production site and also making use of some tools and systems guided by HONDA Japan.

Honda has implemented to a beliefs to rebel the product quality to the Suppliers/Sellers - expecting the merchandise to reach at its service defect free. This philosophy cannot stop Honda from Inspection and Evaluating of raw material at these arrive at Honda.

Honda relies intensely on Inspection of incoming Parts because of the tolerance and difficulty of some of the parts, some suppliers are not able to always ensure to fits quality criteria.

Honda bears 100% inspection for critical components especially the Safe practices Critical Components.

Tour of Honda Facility

Visiting Honda was a very good experience and provided sensible insight for a great TQM System on Floor.

The presentation made by Honda Officers was centered on Company Introduction, Background, Financials and Products. TQM System at Honda had not been contained in the Presentation.

Tour of Creation Facility was a real value addition to the goal of the visit.

Least chance to understand the TQM System at Honda because the complete understanding of TQM is dependant on Place Visit and an extremely brief QA period.

Welcome and entertainment by Honda Representatives is really appreciable.

A brief presentation about TQM System at Honda for future visits will definitely help the people to understand practical procedure of TQM.

PART - 2


HUMAN Source MANAGEMENThttp://www. descon. com/cms_page/14/Establishment1. jpg?R=5cb57cb3f9http://www. descon. com/images/logo. gif

Introduction [1]

Descon Engineering Small is an included anatomist services and creation organization featuring its businesses in Pakistan and Midsection East. The business enterprise of Descon is delivering client-specific solutions for assignments related to Energy, Infrastructure and Process industry. The designed bundle of services includes engineering, procurement, developing, development, commissioning and maintenance.

Descon is a multinational company renowned in the region for its quality, basic safety and on-time delivery of projects and products. All of the faculties required to deliver turnkey assignments, reside within the company. This unique durability permits Descon to provide alternatives as EPCC (Executive, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) services provider to a host of international clients.

Established in 1977 with 4 employees in Lahore (Pakistan) providing executive services to process vegetation, today Descon is a major player in the region serving the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, cement, electric power and infrastructure industries in Pakistan and the Middle East.

Descon's Headquarters is situated in Lahore, Pakistan. The company is well-established in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait with assignments executed in Iraq, Oman and Egypt as well. Joint endeavors include Olayan Descon in Saudi Arabia, and Presson Descon International Limited (PDIL).

Descon Integrated Tasks Limited (DIPL) is a state-of-the-art executive office with 500 design personnel. Descon runs seven developing/fabrication facilities in your community to supply industrial process equipment and bulk stuff like steel framework and piping spools.

General contracting is the key activity with large tasks carried out for owners/providers, major EPC companies and International Engine oil Companies. This strength is vested in Descon's experienced task team and a large inventory of equipment.

All businesses have essential ISO, OHSAS and ASME certifications in addition to Descon's own QA/QC and HSE specifications.

The company is driven by clearly defined eye-sight and strives to add value to its clients' businesses by providing world-class solutions at cost-effective levels.

Vision [1]

To turn into a world-class engineering, creation and construction company operating internationally.

Core Values [1]


Team Work

Open Communication


Continuous Improvement

Human Resources Management at Descon Executive Limited

Descon considers it employees as a biggest advantage as the enthusiasm and determination of employees is the traveling push behind the success of the business. Descon maintains highest degree of professional and personal standards for its employees revolving across the core values identified under the launch.

Human Resource Department is the center point in honoring the determination of the company to enhance the grade of its jobs through capacity and of pros and appropriate Organizational Structure. Being EPCC Company Descon is engaged in Project Management with identified life pattern; hence it is vital to complete all the activities with given time. To achieve this Quality of Services and Rate to Respond becomes Critical Success Indications. The HR systems are based on Trust and Open Stations of Communication participating in a vital role in Employees Drive.

Descon has implemented Talent Examination Program (Touch) that is very powerful tool to recognize and retain high caliber individual. There is process of 360 level appraisal to identify the individuals for TAP. The immediate supervisor, one subordinate, one peer, one customer and one provider will be the generally contained in the appraising process of 360 level appraisal. However, if HR team is unhappy with these appraisals, it could decide to further opt to have a few more appraisal and this number may go up to 8 or beyond. The further process may include the department where the individual spent some time working previously.

Descon has a formal Committee comprising of Sr. Management Team Members to judge and recommend the campaign of management cadre employees. The Advice of this committee is than submitted to the CEO who approves or disapproves the suggestions of the committee. Within an informal conversation, the visit coordinator described that 90% times the CEO approves the committee tips but 10% times the recommendations are rejected by the CEO.

Human Resources Process

The Human Learning resource Department of Descon Executive Limited is appropriately structured and made to best suite the organizational needs. HR department of Descon Executive Small has a more developed system of Recruitment and Selection where applicant goes by through the described recruitment process that may include test, and a series of interviews. The complete HR process is based on Transparency and open up communication.

Descon has a market competitive and reasonable settlement System and based on Job Evaluation, Salary Standard, and Compensation surveys. The Performance Management system is also part of regular activity at Descon and Reward System including Total annual Increment is linked with Performance. HR regulations support the Performance Rewards and add towards retention of employees.

The HR process at Descon is also focused on Training & Development of its employees. A formal Training Need Diagnosis is carried out each year and based on TNA Training Strategies and Training Calendars are prepared. Training performance is also measured through Responses of trainees. Descon has generated a Management Development Centre that is in charge of are training needs and activities of the Company.

Organization Development & Design function of Descon is responsible for Change Management and HR Interventions. Career Planning and succession planning is also part of its activities and at the same time a continuous work can be an essential element of this function. Descon considers it important to persistently find ways to improve capacity of its employees.

The HR Operations is undertaking day to day affairs of HR process including preserving Personal Data files, Employees Database, Leave Record and Attendance.

Human Resource Section of Descon takes on a vital role in mobilization of its labor force for local and off shore jobs. In time availability of required manpower can be an important element is prosperous completion of task and HR's role is very significant. On completion of a project, demobilization is another important aspect completed by HR office. The awareness in demobilization is to find successful roles for everlasting employees in case there is absolutely no new job is immediately in hand.

There are well designed policies and rules with Human Source Department for posting and transfer of long lasting employees on Off Shoreline task and vice versa. These plans clearly define the compensation at off shore project and settlement on a local task while relocating the person back to Pakistan.

The Human Source of information Process of Descon Engineering Limited is identified in Body 1 below

Figure 1

Conclusion and Findings

The visit of Descon Executive Limited was a great experience and provided functional contact with TQM and HRM systems of the company

The visit was organized in an exceedingly good manner and the business was prepared to impart practical facet of both systems

Presentations on TQM and HRM were organized in the best possible way and offered handful valuable information

Descon Engineering Limited has very well defined and organized Human Resource Systems

The HR Procedure for Descon supports the organizational design and takes on a vital role in attaining the Business Results.

With very sound and robust HR Systems, the company focuses on every center function of RECRUITING.

The Retention strategies of HR division are good support to the business enterprise.

Being a Project Management Company, there is a strong need to have soft mobilization and demobilization of people, Descon's HR team has appropriate focus and policies to aid this activity.

TAP is an extremely powerful tool to maintain high caliber employees but it is noticed that there is a need to further refine the program with more and much more quantitative techniques. The program should be more translucent to employees and HR division will need strong reasons in case further appraisal is necessary. Currently, it appears that satisfaction of HR section is necessary to proceed with the initial 5 appraisal on 360 level feedback.

The Advertising Systems can be an appropriate and transparent way but final decision by the CEO has questions on the transparency of the machine even though only 10% times the CEO converts down the recommendations. Its better if the CEO becomes part of Committee deciding and recommending the Special offers.

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