HR Strategies That Yahoo Has Implemented

Management of recruiting has become one of the most important business functions for any company in today's active business environment. With the high level of competition and a variety of options available to the employees, attrition rates have grown greatly. Companies are struggling to appeal to and wthhold the best skill. Companies have started out discovering many innovative ways of entice the best ability and keep them happy at the place of work. Google is one particular company that has carried out non-conventional HR strategies and believes in providing maximum value to its employees.

This report talks about the HR strategies that Google has executed and what their ramifications have been. Also the reasons behind implementation of these strategies and the how they might help the company achieve its permanent goals. This statement also studies the initial working environment common at Yahoo and what keeps the employees determined and focused on innovation. Also the important role of hiring and keeping the best expertise available in the market, performed by the HR machinery has also been mentioned in this report.


Google has a highly energetic and powerful working environment. The employees, known as "Googlers" in popular jargon learn how to work hard and at exactly the same time have a great time at the task place. The entire campus in Mountain view, CA exudes a whole lot of creative energy and dynamism. The office has a peaceful environment of an college campus with no compulsory dress code or daily formal meetings of any kind. The campus has the facilities for the employees that can be played game titles like beach volleyball, foosball, table tennis and many more. The employees are instilled with the belief that they are more advanced than the competition not just in terms of the amount of money they earn but also in conditions of these lifestyle and culture. They are taught to trust in values of teamwork and satisfaction through creative accomplishments. Because of this culture, the employees also feel proud to be always a part of the Google brand. Yahoo has detailed HR procedures that help employees expand both privately as well as appropriately. People of many neighborhoods and ethnicities work in Yahoo, who are all made to feel part of one big Google family. Also the employees have a firm belief they are doing work for the best company in the world and the work they are simply doing whether it be either managing information or creating advertisements is made for the betterment of the modern culture. The motto of the business is "Don't be Bad" and induces the employees to totally abide by the honest norms of the company.

Google HR Insurance policies: Critical and Theoretical Analysis

Success of Google: Employee Determination Theory Perspective

Google stimulates its employees to focus on 70-20-10 guideline where in the employees have to spend 70 percent70 % of their own time to center search and advertising work, 20% on the project of the choice and 10 %10 % on working on far-out ideas. The product innovations of Google Discussion and Gmail have been a result of this type of initiative. The business enterprise benefits of the 20 % off time are extremely limited so far as their primary search and advertising businesses are concerned. However the HR office and the executives still continue steadily to encourage the employees to go for these work to remain motivated and focused on innovation and novelty.

The compensation insurance policy of Google is highly satisfying with the employees getting wages, bonus deals and stock awards at regular time intervals. Google also stimulates and rewards spectacular performance achievements among the employees. The Google premise has a large collegiate environment with many wearing facilities and other benefits that the employees can avail. The whole idea behind creating such an environment is usually that the employees feel very comfortable and easy working in any office and can be as creative as possible. For the employees to keep work life balance, Google offers the employees adaptable working hour options, work from home service, telecommuting and a large vacation policy. This combined with TGIIF sessions that are kept every Friday evening which really is a gather within the company itself. The business has a solid code of conduct and promotes its employees to survey any violation of plans and feel safe doing the same.

The HR guidelines are all aimed towards improving employee productivity. The offices are designed in such a way so as to provide color, lighting and a distributed room to the employees. The employees are seated very near to one another and made to share offices, thus making knowledge writing an essential area of the every day culture at Google. On an average, each employee generates more than 1 million in income each year. Thus giving leverage to the Yahoo employees and supervisor to test new things, make blunders and study from their failures, which is again a great motivating factor for the employees to test new stuff. So as a result any worker in the company has an opportunity to create a new product or an attribute.

Hiring & Job Design Techniques: The Organizational Perspective

Google is considered by many employees to be the best place to work. The core strength of the company is its employees. All of the benefits provided by the company help it in recruiting the very best employees who are willing to spend their whole day at the task place itself. The entire HR insurance policy of Google is based around hiring the best ability; make them work hard and long and have the ability to keep them at Yahoo for a long time. Google also carries out various people programs to be able to aid the growing growth of the Yahoo workforce across different countries on earth. These programs are set you back explain the countless virtues of Yahoo as an workplace and also to offer with the cultural diversities of the labor force across the nations.

Google has an ground breaking hiring strategy and hiring the right people is one of the main pillars of the HR insurance policy of the company. The business has a centralized hiring team, comprising of specialists whose main undertaking is to recognize the best expertise on the market and retain them. The branding team of Yahoo also plays a very important role in appealing to the best of the professionals to help Google.

The candidates have to go through a tough verification process. Google uses an innovative recruiting tool that relies on algorithms to identify the talent alternatively than traditional ways of hiring like those predicated on academic levels, SAT scores, level from well-known universities, preceding industry experience, interviews and subjective test outcomes. This gives Google the power to identify and select the individuals on a more data driven methodology. The complete idea behind this testing procedure is to evaluate the candidates on the innovative and strong skill also to check their capability to work in a set organizational composition with small groups as present in Yahoo, which is also referred to as "Googleyness".

This recruiting team is also well funded with 1 recruiter being provided for every 14 employees, which again makes it the best funded recruiting functions among the product structured organizations in the united states. Google has HR Business lovers who perform the duty of producing and implementing impressive programs and technology in location to identify and resolve person issues over the company anywhere in the world. They collect and keep maintaining important individual data gathered over an employee's life circuit which is then used to determine important characteristics and styles of employee behaviors and identify the potentials problems. Yahoo has quarterly hand holding sessions with the older executives to remember the achievements of the prior quarter and place the agenda for another quarter. However for those who are not comfortable of speaking up in a general population forum, the company conducts regular studies which are placed anonymous to comprehend the tendencies and identify the challenge areas if there are any. Google's Learning and Leadership Development (LLD) team progressive learning programs to recognize and groom the business's existing talent. The managers perform the task to be life mentors and recommend the young employees over a great deal of aspects apart from work also.

Google HR Guidelines: Functional Implications

Employee Inspiration Factors

Google has got huge financial durability at its disposal. It spends big money on providing its employees with a great deal of benefits which are not comparable to other company on the globe. This helps it be a highly motivating workplace for any worker. Google has a very flat organizational framework where in the employees can go and speak to the professionals and other associates and show their ideas and thoughts. Google has pushed very hard to remove the bureaucratic boundaries that normally exist in such a major company. This is also explains the fact as to why there is no dress code of the business and also no formal reaching composition that the employees need to follow. The young work force that the business has also proliferates such an environment. That is also one of the major explanations why so many proficient young people want to utilize Google. Yahoo has been successful in building a brand over the years that has made it the most profitable company to work, for the employees, not only in conditions of payment but also in conditions of attaining one's creative pursuits. It's been constantly cited as among the best companies to work with on the globe in many studies over a period. So for any other company to emulate the same feat will be a huge activity both in conditions of financial functionality and also in conditions of brand value.

Hiring & Job Design Practices

The selecting process that Google uses is also very ground breaking and non-conventional. In a normal conventional company the process would require interviews, academic backdrop check, work experience in the industry and so forth, however, not in Google. Google has come up with a very impressive hiring procedure predicated on algorithms making the entire process of selecting very technological and data influenced. However there are criticisms because of this kind of process also as it goes on for months and is also very inconvenient for the job seekers, but it has been very successful to Google from an enterprise perspective as it has been able to hire the best of the expertise from the industry. Such a long hiring pattern again is probably not feasible for other company in the current day and time. Also the job seekers will be ready to wait for a few months despite the inconvenience because dealing with Google is such a lucrative proposition alone. However it's difficult to imagine that the applicants would be ready to go through such an extended and a tedious hiring cycle for any other company. Moreover it isn't only the HR section that is mixed up in hiring process regarding Google; it's the entire company that gets engaged as the application form first must be approved by the team that gets the opening. So it's the entire machinery of the business that is mixed up in hiring process. Google can do that because of its flat organizational composition. Others however would have to take away the bureaucracy in their system and create small team constructions in order to put into action something on similar lines.


Google is one particular companies that puts its employees at the central with their strategy and talks about the long-term benefits that they would bring to the shareholders and their peers. Actually, in 2008 when Google began cutting its employee perks, its employee productivity and stock prices both fell. This shows a direct relationship between gaining and keeping excellent employees with ground breaking ideas and the overall company growth. The business's success has been based on the fact they have been innovative, adaptable and dynamic in their functions. Handling progress by keeping the same collegiate environment in the future will be essential to company's success. As Yahoo grows in condition and size, the task for the business will be to keep up with the same level creative activism and sense of empowerment among its employees. Yahoo is having troubles finding the right ability in its other offices worldwide especially in its South Asia functions. The employees must be motivated to work in a more entrepreneurial manner and they must be provided satisfactory resources and money for the same. Google is mostly of the companies where in the employees know that they will be paid for their innovative initiatives irrespective of the truth whether the product that they are working on, may or might not come out right. That is an extremely motivational factor for the employees to stay committed to development. That is also an example what sort of HR strategy of the company is directly linked to its business strategy.

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