Management A Common Phenomenon Business Essay

Management is a general phenomenon it's very famous and mainly used term everywhere. All company either they can be political cultural or social involved with management. Because its only a management which directs actions into success. Matching to Harold Koontz

''Management can be an art to getting things done through and with the people in formally organized group. It really is an art of fabricating such a environment where people is capable of doing and co operate towards obtaining the goals. ''

according to FW Taylor

'' Management can be an skill of of knowledge what to do when to do and find out that it is done in best and cheap way. ''

Management is such a purposive activity which leads the whole communities effort into success and pre identified goals attainment. Its a process of working with others as a team and effectively achieve the goals of organisation by making use of limited resources. These goals may vary from one firm to another company.

Management also involve creating an internal environment it is just a management which put many factors of development. That is why its the duty of management to produce such a situation that are conducive to maximum work so that users of management is capable of doing their task that is installing the square pegs in rectangular holes and circular pegs in circular hole.

Success factors:

for any organisation certain factors will be critical to the success of that organisation in the sense that if aims associated with the factors aren't achieved the organisation will fail perhaps catastrophically so.

Following a good example of generic critical success factors.

New Product Development

Good Distribution and

Effective advertising

Following are the types of critical success factors.

Industry critical success factors caused by specific industry characteristics.

Strategy critical success factors caused by the chosen competitive strategy of the business enterprise.

Environmental critical success factors caused by technological or economic

Temporal critical success factor caused by internal organizational needs.

Each of the success factors should be measurable and associated with achieving the purpose of organization. You haven't any need to exact solution to control. Basic solution also will include the critical success level like numbers of transition per month or in the event where specific measurements are more difficult main goal should be given.

Critical Success factors

an element of organisational activity which is key aspect to its future success. Critical success factors can be differ from time to time. And may include item such as product quality worker behaviour manufacturing versatility and brand recognition.

Any of the aspects of a business which are recognized as a vital of successful goals to be come to and taken care of. Critical success factors are normally discovered in such areas as creation process, employee and company skills functions techniques and technology.

Employee Motivation

employee motivation is one of the key success factor. Because worker play an important role in the success of complete organisation. With out employee administrator or organisation cant achieve their goals. Employees are backbone of any company. Some time its very difficult to get goals and employees need some motivation so you can get that goals that is why employees motivation is vital factor. Its improve their determination level with the organisation and make them more strong and boast their moral. Only those organisation can achieve success in the firms who motivates their workers. Its an integral of getting good result also to achieve its focuses on.

As its declaring that you can horses to water but you cant induce it to drink it'll drink only it is thirsty.

Similarly employees can do what they would like to do. Weather it is to stand out on the place of work or in the ivory tower they need to want desire or powered to do it. Either by themselves or through others.

Managers can stimulate its work force by different ways like

Job Enrichment

It gives opportunity to employees to maximise usage of their skills by assigning them projects. By the job enrichment you can expand the tasks established that employee must perform. You provide more interesting work that enhance the variety and challenge to work force day to day routine. By this it brings about the work drive more control on the work.

By this factors you can design the work that may be helpful in motivation

Skill variety

Identification of task

significance of task



There is also availability of option in job enrichment like

Rotate Jobs

It gives option to the work drive to get the different sort of skills and show their performance in different sort of woks. This is actually the easiest way to get this by the assistance of rotation of job.

Combine Tasks

By employed in a team its offers more challenging and complicated work assignment. This may significantly improve the identification of job because employees can easily see job from starting to end, this can be cause of maximum utilization of skills which will make employees or employees more meaningful,

others factors also include

Identify project focused work force

Develop autonomous work team

Participative Management

Redistribute Power

Increase Feedback

Pygmolian Motivation

by this management can established a higher standard of targets can relise their labor force that this is exactly what we wish from you and you are calibre of this

Motivation is a required skill which must be learned. This is very needed for the success of business.

Those organisation implementing the coverage of continuously determination of its employees can simply get

their goals so its demonstrates motivation of work force is also successful factor of business.

Risk Management:

Risk management is an other important factor for the success of business company. Those businesses who carry out risk and forecast for unseen future problems.

Its an integral part of controlling business. Companies face different types of risk. Some may be exterior in nature which are not under the direct of the management. Like politics environment the changes in trade rates or fluctuation in interest. Some may be internal hazard as well like in nature that your management can control to great level for example risk is linked with the non conformity in financial reporting or non conformity with the laws and regulations of labour.

So its easier to undertake the chance management because if unfortunately organisation has to face any problem in future there would be some replacement option for just about any problem. By this business organisation can avoid to have problems with heavy reduction in future and this can company or organisation can get benefit on its those rivals those do not choose this. Which means this is vital factor in today business environment.

Risk management is a proactive process its not really a reactive process. We are able to make clear it with the exemplory case of Shell Oil that includes a lot of office buildings in the brand new Orleans region but package with Katrina and Hurricane weather well do to the chance management so it has set up.

Risk can be transferred but it can not be eliminated, business company can deal with those companies who are prepared to take risk like buying an insurance policy risk can be transferred.

Or it could be reduced by taking some extra steps for control.

Committed and Centered Leadership:

leadership and electric power is linked with one another very strongly. Its nature that folks have a tendency to follow those who are in electric power. And because of others follow the individual who posses the power he be become innovator.

Leaders have electricity because the are experienced in their field or they will be the participants of the admin.

And leadership is vital for the success of any business organisation. Because market leaders leads the work force and employees business lead to organisation's success. Good leader is who package from leading. And offer with the problems very smartly. Leaders give guidelines and street map to its work force who utilize their skills and play a dynamic role in the achievements of the goals. So those organisations who have good market leaders they are getting their focuses on easily. As much leaders are dedicated as they are going perfectly running a business and management. Employees or individual can not lead organisation to success until unless they may have committed leader in them. Its the one head who take the company on peak by making use of its or head who is able to cause in the inability of the company. So market leaders role is very important role in organisation.

Leader must indulge all team in work and keep encouraged to its team because by making use of drive. He should collaborate and keep employees on process.

The attribution theory in command show that individuals characterize that a leader who may have such attributes as brains he possess the outgoing personality he also needs to have strong communication skills. So a leader who have these skills he'd be a secured asset of the company and can play his role in the achievement of the organisational goals.

Now organisations want for the transformational authority qualities in leaders. They want such a head who gets the strong eyesight. And obviously a true leader is merely that one who shows a good behavior at the right time. And effective management more recently must develop trusting relationship ship with those they are looking for they are going to lead in future.

Main Obstacle to effective company :

There will vary obstacles in the current management which result the performance and create hurdles in the success of the organisation. So before this company must must identify what exactly are those obstacle and they can find out means to fix it. So its very important to determine the obstacle in the company.

Powers and Politics

Power make reference to a capacity that somebody has influence the behaviour of somebody so that he can action in accordance with the wishes of the leader.

Power may be exist but its possible might not be used. So that it is capacity and potential that someone have but don't utilize.

There are different basis of power like

Formal power

coercive power

Reward power

Legitimate Power

Personal Power

Expert power

Referent Ability.

These can impact organisation performance if its pass up used.

Organisational Politics

There has been scarcity in the definition of organisational politics. Its about some one use of capacity to effect the decision making in any organisation or it can be used on the behavior of members those are self portion organisationally non sanctioned. We are able to specify by others message some one make an effort to impact in decision which is not needed as part of any ones formal role in the company but its affect.

Legitimate Political behavior.

Its normal tedious day politics like complaining to the supervisors by passing the chain of command producing the coalition, not following organisation policies associates from the organisation.

Illegitimate Political Behaviour.

Its about the violation of implied guideline of the overall game. Its about someone pursue such extreme activities as its explained some individual play hard ball.

The main part of politics action based on legitimate variety. The main reason of pragmatic.

Reality of Politics.

Organisation is made of individual and group with different type of values targets goals and interest as well. Resources in the organisation are limited which often lead potential issues into real conflicts. If resources are were abundant then all different then all the office with in the organisation can be satisfied however in simple fact its limited so no person interest provided for. And in addition true are not gains by anybody or group tend to be regarded as being as the trouble of others with in the organisation.

Conflict management:

conflict is an all natural occurrence all organizations and organisation because it is unavoidable the human relationship school advocated approval of turmoil. It cant be eradicated from the company even some time its best for the organisational group work. Because scheduled to conflict there's a whole lot of point lifted in discussion and people knowledge increase about the issues and various angels comes out for the solo issue. However, many time it can cause to slow down the procedure of organisation and can also caught up the task. Its occur a while anticipated to misunderstanding and perceptions.

Different of thoughts and opinions in same organization

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