Organizational Framework And Function Of Johnson Johnson Commerce Essay

Like other multinational companies, Johnson & Johnson got form functional kind of structure during its first procedure. As the company went into internationally and involved in complex products procedure, Johnson & Johnson developed a divisional business structure for better control and coordination. The structure at Johnson & Johnson involves 180 separate functioning units, including McNeil Consumer Products, producers of Tylenol; Ortho Pharmaceuticals, making Retin-A and birth control pills; and J & J Consumer Product, the business that brings us Johnson's Baby Hair shampoo and Band Helps, each section is a individually chartered and Johnson & Johnson Family Headquarters will oversees all the businesses.

This decentralized structure of group allows the employees to develop themselve in the company. Additionally it is helps in creativity that allows the employees use their skills and knowledge effectively to gather different products and solutions to meet the customer demands. A good strategy also will be constructed as a reviews to customer and market issues arose in each section. Usually, Johnson & Johnson companies surrounding the world are coordinated by local people specifically country because they can understand the needs in those market and utilize themselves in those market.

3. 2 Marketing in Johnson & Johnson

Marketing section in Johnson & Johnson performs an essential role in not only promoting its products but also in maintaining its brand. Johnson & Johnson has emphazised four marketing mixture as the following:


Basically, Johnson & Johnson has three main products categories including Pharmaticeutical, Medical Device & Diagnostic, and Consumer Medical. A number of the products are Female hygiene, Denture care and attention, Medical, Family planning, Nutritionals, Diabetes attention, Allergy cold and flu treatment, and Women's Health.


Johnson & Johson try to keep their net price boosts for professional medical products within the consumer price index in United Stated. Subsequently, the company has cooperated with the goverment to develop differential pricing strategy so that people are helped to gain access to their medical products.


Johnson & Johnson product can be found in low cost companies like Over-the-counter Low cost. com, WUZ Group, and ShopatHome. com. Its products can also be bought in retail outlet.


Johnson & Johnson has involved in promotional initiatives which encourage healthy life styles. For instance: The Campaign for Nursing's Future, Expecting Changes Things, and Because We Good care We Work (China).

Marketing Process

Johnson and Johnson seek in approaching new products development and sometimes whole new businesses. Their goal is to capitalize on medical invention, marketing insight and manufacturing expertise easily over the full-range their businesses.

3. 3 Management and Human being Resource procedures and methods in Johnson & Johnson

Human Reference Management plays a unique role in attracting workers and keeping the employees in a well-manner in the company. Johnson & Johnson has approximately 115 000 employees around the world. Healthy and mental well being employees have become its procedures in the company. Johnson & Johnson has offered flexible work arrangements over time. Johnson & Johnson feels that versatility is important to attract many talented employees to work and being dedicated with the business, so that it will benefited the business as well as the staff member could balance their work and life. Flexible arrangements include flextime time, telecommuting, remote work, occasional flexibility, a compressed work week, summer season hours, and part-time work or job posting. Johnson & Johnson also feels that it is important for the company to be been successful by attracting, producing, and retaining basics of employees that displays the diversity of its customers.

Furthermore, Johnson & Johnson has put into practice its philosophy which is recognized as 'Credo' as a guidance in its business. A Credo (appendix 2) is a couple of values which have provided a tactical and moral range for Johnson & Johnson generation of market leaders and employees. Johnson & Johnson has also providing variety of programs because of its employees such as Employee Associate Program which made to give employees access counseling, assessment, involvement and training.

3. 4 IT and Information System in Johnson & Johnson

IT and information system assists with facilitating the operation of Johnson & Johnson. The development of IT has taken the organization to operate better and effective. Johnson & Johnson was known for having recorded many high profiles site. Johnson & Johnson has generated Corporate Office of Knowledge and Technology (COSAT) which allow people or innovators to talk about their ideas with the business, seeks out scientific breakthroughs and explore the technologies. The ideas then will be identified and the incorporation of those technology will be facilitated into Johnson & Johnson Category of Companies.

4. Conclusion

After through the facts in this article, it can be seen a good framework in corporation is the essential to the well-operates of Johnson & Johnson. The human being resource management and marketing division also contribute to the success of the organization. It is consider how these departments take care of their resources and their methods to attain the organizational goals and targets. Besides that, the use on the recent technology by the business is the added value to enhance the operation and put the organization in the competitive position.

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