Performance And Incentive Management Commerce Essay

Performance management means measuring conditions for organizational progress helping to accomplish their set focus on and goals by taking suitable actions for the improvement of the business. Performance management system is designed to achieve the following goal

Enabling each employee to know very well what is really been needed and what should be his role in achieving those targets.

It helps to maintain a genuine relationship between your employees.

Enabling every individual employee to feel motivate at work and make him know about his appreciated contribution in the project.

Enabling firm to reward the employees for his exceptional contribution to the business.

Performance management system is being designed to efficiently achieve the placed goal as well as it also give attention to supporting the employees to understand what's being needed from them and how they could deliver it to the company.

Three the different parts of performance management system

Initially setting up the required purpose which is required to be goal and making the employees to clearly know what should be their contribution towards achieving the required goal.

Distinguishing between the areas where in fact the performance is strong and the region where there is a dependence on improvement therefore recommending ways to improve the service delivery action.

Rewarding the employee with the best performance outcome.

Relation between drive and performance management

Motivation identifies strengthening of inner activities which drives or raise the performance of man. There's a direct romance between shows to desire; if a worker is highly motivated then he/she is likely to perform better at job. Theories suggesting the next implementations are
Reinforcement theory of motivation - this theory describes the result of present habit onto its future effects, concentrating on changing the staff behavior based on the bordering situation through four types of operational conditioning

Positive reinforcement

Motivating employees by the means by increasing income, giving him reward or either promoting him, all this reinforcement is being provided as an incentive to the staff to repeat the desired behavior modified by the staff at the labor force.

Negative reinforcement

Strengthening the worker behavior and increase it up the baseline try out like avoidance or ignorance if the staff is not been working as he/she should be working.


It is similar to not providing the employee neither with the positive encouragement and nor with the negative encouragement, if a worker is working then also he is not getting a thanks or a reward for his work.


It is made for lowering the continuity of tendencies which the staff is being pursuing at the office.

The support theory on the management aspect

Managers should be informing the worker about the things which they are doing incorrect and must not be repeated while directing them to the way that could help them to receive positive support.

Managers also needs to understand it's important to pay back employees for their performance because if the deserving prospect is not getting the reward then he/she may well not be doing to the level previously used to.

Equity theory of inspiration - supposing two employees worked evenly at office but a worker A gets 20% percent increment while staff B gets 10 % increment. Staff B is pleased with his performance because where other employees are receiving only 6 % increment he got 10% but while looking at to A he will be somewhat disappointed therefore people compare their praise to the proportion of the praise what your partner gets to the source applied.

Therefore when this happens managers must be careful while these are rewarding and offer each employee with a specified target to stimulate them and even this gets rid of the indifference frame of mind within the employees about others. (analytictech website)

Four factors that require to be looked at when controlling performance

It is very crucial to review employee's performance level which include their behavior they must be exhibiting in the company. Factors that are had a need to take in thought when controlling performance are


It means setting up the performance goal and expectation which is required to be followed by the employees in-line to achieve the set target, affecting employees in the planning action to make sure they are understand what the organization is focusing on and what should be their contribution in the reaching the prospective.


Projects and assignment are monitored continuously for consistently measuring the performance and then providing them with with responses about their activities which is necessary by them to check out for achieving the mark, this regularly examining method helps to meet the driven standard as pert the organization requirement.


Developing in the conditions means increasing the performance capacity through providing them with assignment, regular work out which helps the employees to present new skills and perform well.


Rewarding employees for his or her talent and contribution to the business procedure result in better influence on to the company performance. (US office for staff management )

The marriage between performance management and reward

Two purposes of reward within the performance management system

In any firm the main purpose behind worthwhile employees is to stimulate them, retaining them to the company and lowering the turnover costing. Employees are the most crucial valuable possession of the company which is very important to continuously encourage them for his or her contribution to the organization. These reward systems are mainly been unveiled into the company's environment to provide a acceptance and encouragement to the devoted employee of the business for his astonishing performance in the company by this Staffs know very well what they are expected to do.

Contribute to effective performance and pay back management in the workplace

Components of a total reward system

Rewarding system has been used as an instrument by company owners to entice the talent they have been looking for his or her company and to retain the skill with company and from finding the employees perspective rewards will be the payback for his or her commitment and commitment towards the business.

Components of satisfying system are

Individual growth

It includes with investing in people, learning opportunities through training programs and career opportunities through new job openings, promoting or managing oversees assignment project.

Compelling future

It is very critical element of the rewarding system including company's growth and success, its reputation and image on the market and in front of the employees, stakeholders, company's eye-sight and worth.

Positive workplace

This category includes management, dedication and thrust towards the company, working attitude towards his colleges and outdoor people, his communication inside the business and participation of the employee.

Total pay

This category includes the performance requirements, recognizing the staff talent and offering him base pay, adjustable pay according to his work, providing the employee with additional benefits and pay for his performance in the company. This recognition gives a special entity of the worker in front of his colleges for his activities and performance in the duty directed at him. (schuster zingheim, 2012)

Sources of data (1 which should be external to the company) required by individuals involved with performance and reward management functions.

Gathering performance information through number or sources helps to ensures that the objective is based on the ongoing employee's habit and company is executing well. Types of information included are employees call record, sales report or the project deadline statement while important info sources include getting responses through others, in person observing the employee, and reviews on the employees. Getting data from opinions process entails with requesting all the subordinate employees, administrator about the staff any given skill and while evaluating that data to the ultimate report posted and based after that judging the performance and satisfying process.

Other data sources that happen to be helpful in determining the performance chart are: earlier performance report, what exactly are the current aims of the organization and a standard documentation associated with the job goal.

To be able to conduct and echo upon a performance review and How to support good practice in performance and praise management

Frequency, purpose and process of performance reviews

Considering performance management review system for an petrol spill company, there can be an annual routine system which combines together with the budgeting process and business planning process. It is a three level process beginning annually in jan and closing in the same over the year cycle.

Stage one:

It is the initial period starting in the month if January consisting of planning of work agreement, setting up occupational standard, assembly to the required competencies and assigning of the non-public development planning good organizational goal.

Stage two:

This second phase is being completed throughout the financial year going in a form of regular ongoing process aiming at keeping the info and work arrangement data up to date based on the changing environment where the company has been operating. Regular meetings are put up to go over on the improvement setup of the company.

Stage three:

At the year ending each individual performance is being evaluated, judging their performance level and comparing the performance to the mandatory degree of performance necessary for the task to get complete.

Once the entire year get started it is mandatory to perform all the three periods serially.

Appropriate interviewing skills to be able to gauge performance

An interview details the employee's intake to the business which can be used as a spot to measure the performance level of the employee whom the company is likely to take in. Below are a few of the questions which display the performance level of the employee

what skills and special characteristics are up likely to bring in with the job

Describe what are your responsibilities and responsibility while doing a task at workforce.

from previous event express your creative work

describe situation which describes you can work in a team

describe what would be your action with time going through powerful pressure and stress

Are you prepared to make personal sacrifice for the sake of work related purpose.

Effective use of feedback

Timely and effective feedback managing system is vital and an essential requirement for guarantying successful performance management, supplying employees with proper opinions helps to improve their performance level and to well-timed correct themselves whenever they are falling apart from the required target, opinions helps to stimulate them in the right sense to check out the proper avenue.

SMART targets for developmental purposes

Following specific aims are established to determine development

Specifically or exactly illustrating what specific action would have to be followed.

Measuring the performance to judge are the activities moving in collection with the identified objective.

The set target must be attainable with the required resources.

Relating if the set objective focus on must get the desired goal.

Setting the time limit in which the given goal must be achieved.

Notes on the covered point

Talking of my job in my day to day activity I am not coping with performance management review but I found the duty to be very challenging and a good performance review can change the company working and uplift its standard but there is merely one requirement staff must put his full effort.

To conduct performance review I've done many researches regarding the subject matter and regarding this I have learned in the process that for a good performance review it is vital to know the person efforts which he's putting for the introduction of the company and being supportive, genuine and reward person for his achievements helps to bring out what is best from him and if after that also person is not putting his effort than if providing positive reviews to them provides motivational sound to them and even they can perform well, from the above experience I can comment performance management isn't just for the past but it is for the future wellbeing of the business.

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