Personnel Management And Individuals Resource Management Business Essay

As per the older managements comment in the getting together with: Our Company is troubled in the marketplace, as we take a personal management way rather than HRM methodology.

Report to answer Manager's query: This statement has been designed to be able to allow the line director to address the problem increased in the management assembly. Everything we understand from the management's remarks is that our new store of TESCO Company is facing lot of issues and competition at the new market place.

Similarities and variations between HRM and personal management?

Why senior management of TESCO feels that our new store should take a HRM approach rather than a personal management strategy?

Personnel management expands into human being resource management. Generally terms, Workers management is known as to be an administrative function of a business. Personnel management is meant to be arranged so that any changes in the organisation stimulate response from employees management.

In an company, a person or a team of individuals are believed to be engaged in the process of Staff management, when they become in charge of considering programs and making sure setting insurance policies are appropriately set such that it can impact on every specific associated with the company and its own performance.

Objective of staff Management: By this we mean that the concentrate point by which personnel management is supporting in development of the folks in the organisation. These targets can be divided in 4 types





What is a great employees management: Characteristics of staff management when it is regarded as excellent has been the following

Personnel management is likely to bring stability

Personnel management should be versatile and capable to face any issue

Employee relation management

Should have a place aim for the section or the organization

Functions of Workers Management: Following are some of the functions of Employees Management

Assessing employee's requirement

Hiring employees

Screening of the applicants

Selecting the applicants

Orientation of the new hired employees towards business

1. 1 Definition of Human Source of information Management (HRM)?

As per Individual reference management, employees are the most valuable belongings of an organisation. HRM is considered as a development function of a business.

Objectives of People source of information management: Management of the manpower in any company or company is human resource management. The primary target of HRM is to boost the efficiency and performance of the employees, staff and other team by identifying the work requirements and employing the appropriate prospect for the post. It has both development and implementation of strategy.

What is good man resource management: HRM is known as to be resource centered. The primary functions of HRM are listed below,

Recruiting employees

Development of training programs

Implementation of trustworthy appraisal system

Provide expansion opportunity in organisation

Performance management

HR planning

Employee retention

Implementation of new resources to increase efficiency of employee etc

1. 3 Similarities and differences between HRM and employees management

In this part we will cover a few of the similarities and variations between Workers management and Individual tool management.

Similarity between HRM and Employees Management: Even though most of the individuals try to measure the difference between HRM and Workers management, there are several the similarities between both of these management systems

Both focus on business based mostly strategies

Both HRM and Personnel management understands the duty of your manager

Both believe is getting right candidate for right job

Both recognize that relationship with employees is the main element for the success of management

Differences between HRM and personnel management: Stephen and Keith in their works point out Storey J's (1992 twenty seven points of difference between Workers management and HRM, which some key differences are

27 tips of difference



Strategic aspects

Key relations

Labor management



Speed of excision


Line Management



Key managers

Personnel/ IR specialists



Key levers


Separate, marginal task


Job evaluation


Restricted flow

Conflict handling

Reach temporary truces

HRM is more proactive when compared to personnel management

Personnel management is generally speaking operational whereas HRM is strategy based

Personnel management focuses in workforce whereas Human source on reference.

As per workers management employee is supposed to be used for company's benefits but in human learning resource management, not only the business but also the staff, their family should get the benefits.

In staff management, employee is known as to be the price middle, whereas in real human resource management, they are considered as revenue centers


Personnel Management






Targets the existing needs

Targets the trainability and retention


Need based

Skill based

Performance Review

Supervisor oriented

Pre defined focuses on and goals. Seeks for transparency


Based on performance and need

Pre developed career path

1. 4 Why Senior management TESCO seems that our new store should take a HRM approach instead of a personal management strategy?

Comments say: "that our company is enduring in the marketplace, as we take a personal management strategy rather than HRM procedure. "

At first when we go through the senior management's feedback, we don't see any details regarding the reason which includes provoked the management to go away this comment. Even though we can clear understand that there is a serious issue our new store or company is facing in the marketplace.

As mentioned prior reason for the indegent performance has not been highlighted in the comment. Predicated on our assumption we can consider the problems related to staff turnover, customer handling, job satisfaction, etc. The other reason can be that the clients coming to the store are getting poor service and minimal focus on their needs. So predicated on this we can consider the problem to be the employee management.

We know that if the staff performance is not up to the mark, it has a primary impact on the position of the TESCO Company and their other stores as well. The older management might having the opinion that since this a fresh store with a lot of challenging situation, it required development work. As per the management's comment, we can understand that if we wish our store to be successful available on the market, we need to start working predicated on Human tool management.

Task 2. Recruitment, selection and retention (L01)

We all know that TESCO has both food and non-food store across UK, and they keep on recruiting workers on regular basis for these stores according to the requirement. Use of appropriate hiring and selection process not only will save you valuable timeframe as well as cash of the business. Any job position becomes available in a firm

Opening of new stores


Sudden requirement at some store

2. 1. 1 Recruitment and Selection Procedures

Usually we will see people getting perplexed with the terms recruitment and selection. On this section we will plainly make clear the difference between Recruitment and Selection process. The HR process has two stages
Recruitment: The procedure of finding the correct applicants and pushing them to use for careers vacancies in the company is called Recruitment process. Recruitment process involves seven steps

Job vacancies identification

Preparing and consolidating specific job requirement

Job advertisement

Managing the reactions received through the advertisement

Short-listing the candidates

Arranging interviews for the short-listed candidates

Conducting interview and choosing the right applicant

There are two methods by which recruitment of an employee can be done

Internal recruitment: Internal recruitment is nothing but Transfers, campaigns and Re-employment of ex-employee. That is performed internally in a company

External recruitment: Within this people are invited to fill in the job software and show up at interview. This is beyond your company means all the appropriate candidates can apply for the job publishing.

Recruitment mainly helps company in 4 various ways

Opting for highly licensed people for the job

Making sure applicant stick for long time with the company

Creating ethnic mixture

Expense and earnings equalizing

Selection: Selection is the process of selecting the right candidate out of all the picked candidates. This process involves lot of phases through which an applicant goes through before selection. That is a critical step just as this process the right candidates is selected as per the job opening available in the business.

There are four likely out comes of Selection process

Selection of the right applicant (positive for company)

Rejection of unsuitable candidate (positive for company)

Selection of reject-able applicant (negative for company)

Rejection of appropriate applicant (negative for company)

Selection process takes place in the next order

Initial interview

Application filling

Verbal and written test

Interview with HR manager

Handover of Appointment letter

2. 1. 2 Tesco's Recruitment and selection process

TESCO- The largest private sector company in United Kingdom

There are lot of people who are part of the stores and they're Checkout staffs, Stock handlers, Supervisors and specialist like bakers, pharmacist etc.

The Recruitment process in TESCO can be summarized the following

As Tesco recruitment is mainly done through there website or through job ad regarding the vacancies offered by the store.

This site is made up of all the information about the business and certain requirements for this job vacancy.

Usually TESCO site is uploaded with all the job vacancies and the prospects just need to search the correct job by using search option.

One the application form is filled up, the candidate is called for interview predicated on screening.

Any company first bank checks on the list of the current employees at different stores and there earlier work experience at store.

As per qualification, education and prior job experiences, in the beginning the candidates will be filtered.

Line manager will make sure suitable applicant is preferred for our new store.

2. 2. 3 Test interview questionnaire: Here are some of the questions asked in interviews;

Why do you want to sign up for TESCO?

What are reasons for you to leave your past job?

Tell us something about your advantages?

What do you take into account as your weakness?

Are you good at controlling work related pressure and stress?

What salary expectation you have?

Tell us something about yourself?

What is your qualification?

Tell us something about your prior experiences?

What are your prospects from Managers and Team leaders?

2. 2 Retention

Employees or the staff members are like the trunk bone for company. No company can work without staff competent staff members. Commonly worker dissatisfaction contributes to resignation, hence so far as employee satisfaction is concerned; being administrator of a fresh store, the duty is to achieve not only customer satisfaction but also as employee's satisfaction.

Employee Retention is created by Effective Managers. As recruiting a competent staff member is difficult same way retaining them is lot more challenging. Employesses in virtually any company expect payment, good working environment, job growth and good working romantic relationship. Employees tend to leave professionals who can't

Clarify issues

Assist in job growth

Give regular performance based mostly feedback

One way of maintaining your cost low will be to ensure that staff turnover is low.

2. 2. 1 Why Staff leaves the job?

In this section we will look into some of the reason why that provoke an employee to leave their current job

New job: Everyone looks out for better opportunity if they are not finding one their current job.

Higher Wages: That is most common reason behind any staff member to leave the job

Poor management

Human Resources office reaction to employees


Work environment

Job satisfaction

No growth


2. 2. 2 Solution to retain the Staff members

Following are a few of the suggestion to increase Staff retention

Recruit people who have talent, potential and prepared to work in virtually any position

Provide benefits like life insurance, permanent or short-term impairment insurance and versatile hours.

Regular feedback procedure predicated on performance

Growth opportunity

Celebration at workplace

Proper appraisal system

Regular appreciation

Good work environment

Should provide work and life balance opportunity

Regularly address is personnel issues

2. 3 Legal and Moral Issues in Recruitment

Recruitment process is not simple as it sounds. Lot of legal and moral issues needs to be considered in this process. To meet legal need company needs to make certain that Job postings, inspecting sources, interview questionnaire, and job offers all need to be done in appropriate way. As per BC Human Protection under the law Code (Discrimination in career advertisements), a job shouldn't be published if it gives preference to the next




Place of origin

Religious conviction

Marital category

Belief including politics

Family status


Psychological disability


Religious conviction

Any applicant can take legal action against the business if the question is in appropriate. In order to keep the workers alert to the legal and ethical issue regarding company, the store manager can offer a handbook after the candidate is preferred.

An employer should be ready with the appropriate documents assisting that the work requirements are legal rather than up against the ethics of the company.

3. Disciplinary Procedures

3. 1 Introduction

The main concentration of implementation of disciplinary process is to draw out improvement in an employee or staff member.

Implementation of Disciplinary process is very important in any workplace. An employee member must be aware that if ever there is something heading wrong, it was a finish consequence. Whenever any staff breaks regulations of the company or fails with their expectation, disciplinary strategies is given. Usually disciplinary method is applied whenever a workers performance is below expectation or not sufficient. Before an appropriate action can be taken disciplinary procedure needs an explanation of the problem from both the sides. There are two ways of handling these situations Casual and formal. A casual step involves talking to the staff in person and internally but a formal step entails other departments like HRM. There are different methods in software of self-discipline like Warning (verbal or written), Probation, Suspension system/ transfer, Demotion, Discharge

Below mentioned the issues that contain been observed recently in the Store gives a definite understanding about disciplinary treatment

3. 2 Paul Wilkinson - Coming late and going out of early

Issue: Paul Wilkinson a 44 yr old supervisor has been coming to work late and leaving early. You have already spoken to him concerning this, but unfortunately the problem hasn't upgraded.

In this case,

Supervisor is likely to be extremely punctual as they become role models for the new personnel.

As this is a repeated offence from Paul's part, initially he was given verbal warning but as the problem has not improved upon, he will get a written alert.

Try to talk with him and offer him some other shift in which he could work with commitment without diminishing on enough time.

Putting him on probation can also a an option.

Transferring him another store is just waste of time and cash. It'll only hamper other store's performance and reputation as well.

Depending on seriousness of the offense, next time may lead in his demotion or removal from the job.

To better understand Paul's recent activity, we need to know if

He is facing any family or personal concern regarding time of work.

Is he no more happy working at the store

Reason for his dissatisfaction if any

3. 3 Sheena Johnson - Stealing in the Store

Issue: Sheena Johnson is 28 and a machine operator in the department. You might have been informed that security found her stealing some done and part-finished items from the section. She's been informed to are accountable to you at 9 a. m. tomorrow morning hours.

In this circumstance;

In Sheena's circumstance, legal action is essential to be studied to handle this problem.

In any industry or organization stealing is against the ethics of the store and legal action can be studied depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Being a director, I need to ensure that this offence is not repeated either by Sheena or other people.

If these details becomes general public, customer won't come into the store as they don't find their articles safe.

Before taking legal actions, immediate terminate Sheena from her post and clear the accounts. Order her to return again all the articles taken from the shop or pay payment.

Other information had a need to understand Sheena's activity is

From when she has started stealing

Possible cause of this act

4. Summary

Management gets all different varieties of people together and are a team. We know that the management of staff and human learning resource has been changing occasionally. Stability in business is important and individual source of information management and employees management comes with an important role to try out.

Through the above task we've got a clear knowledge of how employees management varies from human resource management as well as similar to each other. Through the survey development, we will help the line manager to address the issue pertaining to the new store at the market place. We've discussed how Tesco has been of selecting right applicant through appropriate recruitment and selection process. We mentioned about the reasons for the staff members to leave the job and the retention methods that are applied to wthhold the competent employees.

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