Production Processes Of Top Glove Company Commerce Essay

One of the successful reasons that TG Company can succeed in their business is because they have a solid and good production process in their latex glove making. They assume that they must have the modern and advanced glove manufacturing machineries if they wished to be carrying on as a world-class cost effective glove manufacturer. They may have invested greatly in the machineries that are had a need to ensure that they can fully adopt the latest manufacturing techniques for all their production lines. Other than that, they to ensure they can regularly produce high quality latex gloves are also using a continuous engineering process.

Competent and experienced personnel also contribute in smooth development line and regularity in quality of the latex gloves even though they may have modern machineries. Furthermore, an on-line quality control actions have been instituted throughout the manufacturing processes to guarantee the highest quality products.

The latex is a white, milky liquid that comes from rubber trees and shrubs, which is either from local or hybrid trees and shrubs. Usually, TG gets its latex from buying through the rubber market as the staying latex is from their own silicone plantation. The latex will be gathered from rubber trees and shrubs when the tree's trunk is swollen and also every day, after the rain has ceased through the rainy season. The latex is a natural product and it'll coagulate easily, so that it must be harvests from the plastic trees immediately and then send to TG manufacturer to be produced.

When the latex is sent to the TG factory, the latex will be manufactured with a standardized method that is set by the business itself. The circulation of the creation procedure for latex glove in TG Company is former cleaning, coagulant dipping, drying, latex dipping, leaching, beading, vulcanizing, post leaching, slurry dipping, stripping, tumbling, and quality control.

Former Cleaning

Before the latex can be process to the coagulant dipping process into hand-shaped, the glove formers have to be cleaned before it can be used to form hand-shaped latex gloves. An excellent development of exam gloves includes the surroundings of latex glove manufacturer is clean. This also means glove formers must be washed to ensure there is absolutely no dirt or dirt anywhere since it will affect the ultimate product to possibly have problems like holes. Firstly, glove previous must be dipping into an acid bathroom and then rinse with clean drinking water. Subsequently, an alkaline bathroom is utilized by dipping the glove formers in these to neutralize the acid and again rinsed in clean water. Finally, an important step that is the glove formers are brushed to ensure the surface of the glove formers is constant and eliminate pinholes on the latex gloves after it form.

TG manufacturer have multiple creation lines that produce batches of disposable gloves. If there is any dirt and grime or dust on the glove previous, it can result in the manufacturer having to trash the entire batch of latex gloves. This reason shows the importance of glove formers that must be regularly inspected and cleaned before the molds are dipped into coagulant tanks.

Coagulant Dipping

After the glove previous is cleaned, it'll be coated with coagulant (eg. calcium nitrate) and become dipped into the coagulant bath tub to help the latex combination stick to the formers and also to help ensure the latex is sent out equally. The glove formers are dipped in to the coagulant container under TG employees' control to remove the protein from the prior glove dipping which dipping is done once for each and every production routine.


Drying is one of the channels in production process of latex gloves developing whereby the coagulant turns the liquid latex film into a wet-gel on the glove formers and will eventually travel through some ovens to dried out the gloves and end the coagulation process. In brief, it is an activity of drying the gloves from damp to readymade gloves.

Latex Dipping

Latex dipping is one of the stations in the production process of latex gloves manufacturing and the tank is filled with compounded latex. A latex level will be made on the glove previous after it undergoes this container. The width of the latex glove is determined at the coagulating and dipping stage. The longer enough time the glove former trips in the coagulant tank, the thicker the latex gloves will be formed. TG Company will ensure that the latex gloves that produce is high quality and safe to be use.


This leaching stage can called as the pre-vulcanization leaching. In addition, it known as "wet gel leaching". Residual chemicals and protein on the surface of the gloves are put into the leaching process to be removed after the drying of latex mixture. A longer leaching lines can wash out latex protein more effectively. Besides that, this inflatable water must be hot and fresh enough to help make the protein dissolve better. This step is a crucial step to reduce the event of latex awareness. The water temps, process duration, and water exchange rate will have an impact on the potency of the process. Good leaching range can result in a good and quality latex glove.


Beading is a process whereby up to dozen chemicals are added to help in next manufacturing procedure for latex gloves. The chemicals added are antioxidant that prevents deterioration of the silicone molecules in the ultimate product by heating, wetness, and ozone. Chemical substance accelerators are also added to help control the next vulcanization process.


One of the discovery key in manufacturing plastic is the vulcanization process. It really is a curing process in the production procedure for latex gloves whereby the latex allergens are modified with the addition of in accelerator chemicals to it. When all the materials are heated up, sulfur atoms are chained with the rubber molecules to create a cross-link that gives talents and elasticity to the physical properties of the plastic. This process ensures the rubber will not be torn and melt easily.

Post Leaching

This process is similar to the wet-film leaching previously, but it is just a little different whereby it is carried out on the dried out/vulcanized latex film. Therefore, it is also known as "dry-film" leaching. Time and temperatures is the most important aspect to ensure efficiency in the process of water extractives decrease. Latex gloves may be leached up to a day to ensure its effectiveness.

Slurry Dipping

This stage is also called "wet even powdering". The slurry reservoir made up of the cornstarch solution can prevent latex gloves from sticking in the reservoir. The slurry is generally known as damp powder. The benefit for this powder is operating as preservation of the latex gloves also to help out with the latex gloves donning process. TG Company has followed the international method in the specific level whereby the latex gloves will proceed through more ovens for even more drying and extra rinsing cycles where in fact the powder will be removed. The process of removing the powder is to avoid latex allergic attack.


At this stage, the latex gloves are stripping from the glove formers. You can find two types of methods, which are manually or automatically stripping the latex gloves from the glove formers. TG's latex assessment gloves are stripped by totally computerized stripping machine. By using this fully programmed stripping machine, TG can increase the quality and basic safety of the latex gloves they produced. The latex gloves will be delivered to the next phase of the latex glove making process for last drying.


The tumbling process at latex gloves processing process is to eliminate increased powder on the gloves. The latex gloves are adding into the commercial dryers to ensure that the powder is more evenly distributed and excess powder can be removed.

Powder-Free Gloves

Powder-free gloves stage is a technology to avoid stickiness of gloves by steering clear of powder use completely by going right through chlorination or polymer finish process. This is one of quite technology processes in making latex glove nowadays because almost all of the glove designers are producing the latex gloves with powder-free. Top Glove produces latex powder and powder-free gloves. Fundamentally, the powder-free latex gloves are altered from powdered gloves when the powder is removed. Before the latex gloves dried, the powder helps the latex gloves give uniformity as well concerning prevent the latex gloves from molding mutually. The tackiness on the glove surface can be removed by rinsing the latex gloves in drinking water. Then it is put into a chlorine bathroom to convert the powdered latex gloves to powder-free latex gloves. The glove is converted inside away and the procedure is repeated. The powder-free gloves are located back to the dryers when the bathing process is completed.

Quality Control

TG carries out its quality control altogether quality management system. Altogether quality management system, the procedure includes regular screening of recycleables, close monitoring the making process, ongoing improvement on quality control, maintain regular quality control, complying with stringent quality standard, goal for zero defects, good instructional labeling, reliable work standardization, ongoing improvements in packaging and loading, close monitoring of creation process, tensile strength machine, progressive auto-stripping system, visual air mattress pump test, water tight test, physical dimensions test, protein ensure that you powder test in their making process of latex gloves. The visible air mattress pump test, water tight test and physical sizing test will be carried out in this quality control stage as the other test will be carry out during each creation process of the latex gloves. The air pump test serves to check for openings and visual defects in gloves while the watertight test serves to check for pinholes rate on the latex gloves. Each country will have their own acceptable quality level (AQL) in allowing the company to export product with their country. For example, the companies that are looking export their gloves to United States, a 2. 5 AQL in the watertight test or better. The physical aspect test is employed to measure the sizing of the gloves whether to know the measurement does indeed meet the inspection degree of 4. 0 that occur AQL.


Packing is the ultimate stage in the processing process of latex gloves. TG packages their latex gloves in level and productive layer-by-layer to ease the dispensing of gloves to avoid latex gloves difficult to dispense from each gloves later. This type of packing method can reduces waste materials and makes latex gloves simpler to take out from the package. For instance, we can dispense structure from a cells pack easily and the theory is put on the latex gloves' container dispensers. This split technique is often use by all glove manufacturers.

Lastly, when all creation functions are completely taken, the latex gloves will be keep in TG warehouse for labeling and then send with their particular customers. In addition, the latex gloves are also being exported abroad. The production operations of Top Glove are repeated for all the production lines and to ensure the latex gloves that are produced are in high quality and safe for use.

Strength of the Creation Process:

The machine systems that TG used to make their creation operations of latex gloves are bring about superior quality which is safe to use by all consumers. The creation process in TG adopts the latest processing techniques utilizing the modern machineries. Besides that, the production techniques in TG helps their company to increase detail and output in their latex gloves development. This is because of the advanced and modern tools that applied in the creation processes. Furthermore, the production techniques also increase the versatility in producing latex gloves. The production processes will also increase the process stability through the manufacturing process of latex gloves. It is because the production operations are carried under a systematic production processes. The products will be produced steadily by pursuing specific production techniques also to ensure the product is high quality produced.

The efficient production processes can help TG in conserving a whole lot of development cost. It is because the efficient production techniques can ensure that they can produce latex gloves effectively and effectively. Then, the creation techniques also helps TG in lowering the amount of workers. That is due to most of production procedures are fully run by the machine technology. This helps TG to save cost in the workers.

Weakness of the Development Process:

TG needs to invest closely in purchasing the modern machineries and need to hire more experienced employees in their development process. TG uses modern tools in undertaking their production functions to make latex gloves. The machineries that bought were extremely expensive. Thus, the maintenance of the machineries is expensive and when there experienced any slight or major accessories spoiled; it'll be costly to the business to repair it back. For the reason that the accessories that are used in the machines are not for common use by other manufacturers within the same field area or other field areas which is difficult to consider substitutes for this specific accessories. TG always checks and maintains the effectiveness of their machineries to avoid it from being spoiled.

In addition, TG must also hire more experienced and skilled employees with higher salary to use the precise machineries and carry researches. Some equipment needs special skilled and experienced staff to take demand and TG will not simply hire a worker to operate the manufacturing machineries. Professionals for such businesses in the latex industry are much fewer in other fields. Thus, TG needs to spend more money to employ those experts that operate their functions.

Facility Layout:

The layout of any company is very important since it establishes an organization's competitive priorities in regard to capacity, process, versatility, cost, as well as quality of work life, customer contact, and image. An effective layout can help an organization achieve a strategy that facilitates differentiation, low cost, or response. The objective of structure strategy is to build up an effective and efficient design that will meet the firm's competitive requirements. Layout design gets the following goal:-

Higher utilization of space, equipment, and people

Improved move of information, materials, or people

Improved employees morale and safer working conditions

Improved customer/ customer interaction

Flexibility (layout have to be differ from time to time)

TG is a company which used work cell design to produce its products. Work cell design means an agreement of machines and workers that focuses on making an individual product or category of related products. A work cell reorganizes people and machines that could typically be dispersed in a variety of departments into an organization in order to give attention to making a single product or a group of related products. After the work cell has the appropriate equipment positioned in proper sequence, another task will be staff and balance the cell. Normally it entails two steps. First, determine the takt time, which is the speed (rate of recurrence) of development units essential to meet customer orders

Takt time = Total work time available/ Items required

Second, determine the amount of operators required

Workers required = Total operation time required/ Takt time

By doing so, the business can increased equipment and machinery utilization due to better arranging and faster materials stream. Diagram below shows the structure of Top Glove company and the information of the components inside the design:-

The space of the structure is 80m (duration) x 50m (width) x 8m (height) which is often categorize as a large company.

Waste water- All of the unwanted or wastewater will stored in this area.

Latex safe-keeping- This is actually the place to store latex that use to produce latex gloves. It place near the dipping brand and chemical dispensing compounding ball mills since it easy for blending work which need to combine other raw materials and chemical substances with latex to produce the latex gloves.

WC- This is the place for personnel to refresh themselves.

Tools/Maintenance- Places that put or keep the tools and tools that used to produce the glove and then for maintenance purpose. All the tools and accessories will be keeping in a particular place that simple the staff to find it.

Chemical safe-keeping- All of the chemical substances, that are dangerous, could keep here to avoid any mishap happen and make sure the work place is protection. This room is just close by of the substance dispensing compounding ball mills to make sure that the compounding work can be carry out smoothly.

Dipping series- This is actually the place where machine is design for exam and surgical latex gloves, such as the process of auto cleaning, coagulants real estate agents dipping, latex dipping, drying, and beading, fore leaching, vulcanizing, post-leaching, wet powdering, air conditioning, and stripping.

Chemical Dispensing Compounding Ball Mills- The place that carry out the task of compounding or mixing up of the recycleables, chemical substances, latex and a great many other to create the gloves.

Chlorination- A process of producing powder free gloves by dealing with these gloves with chlorine. In addition, it gets rid of the first part of protein to a satisfactory level.

Tumbler Dryer- It is a machine that attempts to dry up the gloves after all the compound mixed collectively.

Sterilization- The place that sterilizes the gloves using Gamma irradiation to eliminate all microbial life, including highly resistant bacterias spores.

Worker Canteen- Places for employees to obtain their foods.

Plant Official- This is actually the office for flower official who supervise the creation work of the business.

Q. C Room- All the finished gloves will send to this room for looking at before send to customer. The personnel will inspected the gloves one by one to see whether there are any turned down glove that not meet up with the quality standard of the company.

Lap Testing- Lap for chemist to check for new solution or element that can enhance the existing glove or assessment for new products. This is good for the company to fight with his opponents however; some cost may be incurred for the study and development work.

Packaging Area/Material- All of the gloves which may have proceed through Q. C checking will send here for product packaging before sell to the customers. There are sufficient machine and materials prepared for packaging work so the glove will be pack nicely and retain in a good condition.

Show Room- Room to display the merchandise of the business. Customers who considering the products of the business can take a peek on the sample that show in this room.

Company Office- Main office of the business where all the admin work of the business will carry out here.

Finished Product Storage- The finished products will be stored here and hanging around to send to the clients by the trucks.

Strength of the Center Layout:

Top Glove used work cell design as their technique to produce their products to work with the capacity of the company, which may bring a whole lot of advantages to the company. First, it can reduced work-in- process inventory this means there is less inventories or accessories needed to link up the task that is in different process because the work cell is established to provide one piece stream from machine to machine. Second, less floor space required because less space is needed between machines to support work-in-process inventory. For instance, the tumbler dryer is place meticulously with the process of sterilization that uses to sterilize the glove's bacteria. Thus, it helps you to save a whole lot of space between these two procedures. Next, when the employees work in this type of layout, it'll heightened the sense of employees involvement in the business and the product which will encourage them to add responsibility toward the merchandise quality because they immediately from the products in their own work cell. For instance, the employees who work as an operator in dipping range will feel motivated and carry out his work carefully when the director empowered him to provide for the machine or take part in any work that related to the dipping process. Finally, increased equipment and machinery utilization is also one of the advantages because of better scheduling and faster materials flow. Once the glove is being chlorinate immediately it'll proceed to the process of drying and after this it will go through the procedure for sterilization immediately as well. The fast material flow show that it utilize the machinery and equipment effectively.

Weaknesses of the Center Layout:

However, you may still find some weaknesses in this design, which is the straight-line work cell structure as we can see in the dipping lines. The employees in the dipping brand are arrange in such way that sometime they'll find that it is hard to divided their work equally and more staff member is needed compare to the U-shape work cell layout. This might cause cultural loafing at work, which means some worker may work less as compare to his colleague. This isn't good to occur in the workplace since it will reduce the morale of other staff member who works hard but he just has got the same pay as his colleague who is lazy. Next, from the design of the business, we also notice that there is merely one main gate for exist and entry but no other crisis or back again door in the design. This is also a weakness of the company because there is no other disaster door for workers to escape if any accident happens.

Goods and Service Design:

The other tactical of the company is goods and service design. Top Glove's main productions are plastic gloves, fabricated gloves and surgical gloves. Top glove producing more latex glove as compare others glove, since latex gloves is an improved choice of security. The reasons will be the latex is the key material in plastic gloves manufacture where it's the rare metal standard for strength. Where latex is discussing a milky, usually whitish, smooth obtained from over 1, 000 varieties of trees and plants. It is the most crucial raw materials used for the development of latex gloves, natural rubber latex, which produced from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree species found mainly in South East Asia though they originated from Brazil. It demonstrates superior elasticity, power and barrier security. It outperforms vinyl as well as any fabricated rubber in conditions of maintaining hurdle integrity in program and high hazards procedures. Predicated on the studies, the latex gloves provide up to 9 times more protection during normal use than non-latex gloves. The glove size depends upon calculating the circumference of the palm around the hand area with a tape measure. The most common size standard for evaluation gloves are of XS - XL, while medical gloves are of 6. 5 - 8. 5. The gloves thickness assessed by depth safeguarding skin from contact with elements. It had been measured on a single wall by using a micrometer over several parts of the glove, typically at the cuff, the mid-palm and the finger areas. The types of gloves are latex gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, medical gloves, surgical gloves, disposable gloves, clean room gloves, household gloves, general-purpose gloves, and polyethylene gloves (PE glove). For instance, the nitrile glove is one of the man-made gloves that are created from the artificial latex of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Copolymer type, which is resistance to engine oil and exhibiting rubber-like characteristics. Its elasticity is good but less superior when compared with natural rubber. It is generally more costly than natural latex gloves.

Strengths of the products and Service design:

The strengths of by using strategic which is the products and service design are Top Glove's gloves are protect to lives and the price tag on it are low compare to other glove brands. If they produce the gloves, the gloves will test in the elongation or stretches test, to measure the advantages of the gloves. During extended surgeries, the practice of changing to a new couple of gloves prior to a critical procedure has been noted to reduce bacterial contamination.

Weakness of the Goods and Service design:

The weaknesses are poor donning techniques, which is can bring about glove rips and tears. Medical personnel should take the time to don gloves properly and avoid excessive stretches. Thoroughly dry hands before slipping them into gloves.

Quality Management:

Quality is refers to the totality of features and characteristics of something or service that bears on its ability to satisfy explained or implied needs. Every corporation should take care of and control of their product's quality. It's important to help the business to build a well reputation on the market. By doing this, customer will more stability on such product and finally help gain the market share. Top Glove is a supplier company that gives much attention on the product's quality. Top Glove devoted and is convinced in top quality products, these are responsibility to ensure quality regularity and product reliability to all their customers and users.

Before the merchandise go in to the packaging process and sell to the market, Top Glove has executed the quality inspection process to ensure that their products are producing at the expected quality level. Top Glove is strongly strains on Total Quality Management (TQM) and the Quality Control tests are conducted from the point we obtain our raw materials right through the production functions and the completed products items. Compulsory pre-shipment inspections are carried out before the delivery of each order. Top Glove is focus on stringent quality control steps in line with ISO 9001 and in rigid compliance with ASTM and EN 455 specifications.

Top Glove has using the tensile power machine as the dimension of the stretch necessary to break the glove materials. Glove without good vulcanized process generally have higher tensile strength. Top Glove also has using the ground breaking auto-stripping system to removing the gloves from the formers, where they are really turn inside out. Using this method, the production can be increase since it is faster than by using manual stripping. Air mattress pump test has been used to check on for slots and visible defects in gloves. Furthermore, water tight test also using by Top Glove to check on the grade of products which is a test that use to look for the AQL level of an exam gloves by checking on the pinholes of this gloves after filling the gloves with 1000ml water and then check for any leakage in 2 minutes time. To guarantee the quality of products, Top Glove has been conducted the health proteins test of the plastic. All natural plastic latex products contain health proteins. For latex gloves, it is the measurement of total proteins irrespective of allergenic content. The ASTM D5712 standard is using the test method in the Modified Lowry assay for evaluation of aqueous Extractable Health proteins Natural Rubber. Besides, Top Glove has using powder free technology to prevent stickiness of gloves by avoiding powder use completely by going through chlorination or polymer layer process.

Besides, Top Glove is convinced and emphasize strongly in Research & Development (R&D) to be in line with ever-changing business environment also to cater to the increasing high objectives of end-users. To maintain pace with the latest development in the silicone development, Top Glove has been collaborating tightly with the Plastic Research Institute of Malaysia (RRI) and Lembaga Getah Malaysia (LGM) in the latest development on plastic research technology in Malaysia.

Strength of the Quality design:

The company able to fulfill or able to follow the Quality control of the foreign site company needs such as European and American customers.

Top Glove is a company that very purely in controls their product's quality. Before they sell the merchandise in to the market, they will ensure that all the products are match with the ISO 9001. Because of the high quality control of the products, it could help Top Glove to have significantly more competitive power on the market. In those western countries such as Europe and USA, most of the consumers may have high requirement of a product; they may be more concern toward the quality of products rather than the price. They are prepared to pay higher price that to get a high quality product. Due to the Top Glove is pay more attention on the quality control, therefore, the grade of the products is more constant and reliability. To keep the grade of products, Top Glove is using the impressive technology and always increasing their system. With all the high quality control of the merchandise, the product's quality is more consistent and rarely making substandard products; Top Glove can match those consumer's needs. Those traditional western countries consider as much larger markets on the globe; by fulfill those consumer's needs of the products, it could lead Top Glove to construct their reputation on the market. When they have built a much better reputation in the market, the consumers may tend to repurchase those high quality products; it could help the company to get higher market show. Therefore, the business may have higher profitable.

Weakness of the Quality design:

The company must update their Quality control fulfillment on consistent basis of their Customers wishes such as Western european and American customer. There exists higher cost incur for updating the technology for match the overseas site customer.

Most of the western consumers are emphasis on the grade of the merchandise when they are purchasing; therefore, to keep the market show in the european market, fulfill every one of the european consumer's needs is important. To maintain the profitable of the company, Top Glove should upgrade their quality control of the merchandise that based on the customer's needs and would like. To satisfy those consumer's needs, Top Glove is rolling out a Research & Development (R&D) office. This department is necessary to make sure that the company is using the most efficiency and latest technology in production lines. To develop a R&D department, there is necessary a supplementary capital investment. Besides the machines that's needed is of the section; some professional also needed to hire to assist in the department. When the office had developed the most advanced technology, Top Glove is needed to update the original technology to the latest that can accomplish those consumer's needs. However, it is costly to the business.

Global Makes:

Political Forces

The Malaysian administration was firmly regulating the health and security conditions in the most notable Glove manufacturing office. Besides, under the legislation, the company got to follow the least wage on their workers. Besides, that each region and country was conscious about the environmental issue, similarly happen to Malaysia, it was a compulsory recycling regulation was enforce to the Manufacturers in Malaysia. Due to this recycling laws, it is good to Top Glove Corporation as they can recycle and save their cost on raw materials. Thus, it significantly impacts the operation of the company and there is a dependence on Top Glove to keep good relationship with the ministry and government.

Economical Forces

Top Glove Organization having taxes closely as it taxed at rate that are quite high. Besides, around 10 percent rates of interest prevailing in the Malaysia market that create competitive market places. On the other hand, the economical effects of huge financial costs will have an impact on the very best Glove's budget. This was credited to look at and depends on the external sources such as permanent fee capital (set interest payment) to finance its operation.

Description : Silicone, No. 1 Silicone Smoked Sheet, FOB Malaysian/Singapore, US cents per pound

Unit : US cents per Pound

Furthermore, the currency exposure face by top glove was impacting on their majority sales since most transactions using USD to operate as the USD was weaken sharply. Besides, the fluctuation or speculation of crude engine oil causes inflation and impact on the other raw materials and logistic cost. In the same way, the fluctuation of latex price affects to increase the cost of the productions. While, this is greatly issue Top Glove to create and markets their product with high quality and low in cost by way of using the high operating cost and raw materials in their production. Furthermore, Top Glove face formidable competition with China glove manufacturers as the China glove products was flooded the glove market at a cheaper price and instantly available. Thus, current economic climate force significantly impacts the operation cost of the business.

Social and Cultural Forces

The Malaysian education level increased has turned into a challenge for top level Glove, as Malaysian was mindful about the Health and safe practices issues much like most of the united states around the world. With this, it issues their production and operation to add-in more features that need to comply with the laws. At the same time, they need to ensure the satisfactory of their production. In addition, the rises of understanding on health insurance and safety talk about some issues on the Latex made palm gloves. Thus, education and knowledge information will help in the marketing of the Top Glove and can affect their operation process and creation.

Technological Forces:

Previously, many of Top Glove vegetation machineries have rendered outdated this are because of the advancement of computerization and the great changes on the digital and computerize styles. Nevertheless, these issues experienced solved by acquiring more professional and computerizing programs on the procedure and the version to the E-commerce trends.

Besides that, the patent infringement on the Equipment and technology is definitely an issue for top level Glove Corporation. As it was a circumstance found prior to the patent infringement on technology on producing on Nitrile glove. Eventually, Top Glove and Tillotson agree to dismiss all promises against each other. It implies that, technology and information movements had significant influence on Top Glove procedure system, resources and equipments selection.


In the creation process, Top Glove must maintain their operation system including of its production process and their quality control. It is important for top level Glove to maintain it as their center competency. Lean production can use in creation process as it align with the business goal and objective. Top Glove is recommend to constantly enhance their flexibility in their development process including diagnose and arrange for better plan in the creation process to save more time, employees initiatives and the business money. Besides that, Top Glove must ensure all businesses from the very best to bottom level must run effectively by adopting programmable logic controller that in a position to the monitoring of the procedure automatically and promote ongoing production that assist in increase production and minimize cost.

For the facility layout, Top Glove was required to plan well and discover its facilities feasibly rely upon it logistic and position design, company capital and its activities, workplace basic safety and health and so on. Trustworthiness centered maintenance and value powered maintenance can use as improvement methods for TG to utilize its capital on investment and maintenance of its functions such as overcome the operation maintenance dangers on learning resource allocation, assets usage, cost control and safety and health environment. Furthermore, the adaptable work cell structure must maintain by Top Glove, as it'll be able boosting the overall flexibility of the procedure, make use of the place used, providing comfortable and safeness workplace for individuals, and minimize the actual accident and incidents. Besides, Top Glove should always update and maintain the lay out that fixed by ISO or other making standard.

For the products and Service Design, Top Glove can concentrate on the merchandise development and extend their products life routine. For instance, develop the glove by increasing its donning techniques that able to reduce the rips and tears when consumers use the Gloves. Utilization and methods of wearing Gloves may provided and show on the presentation. Apart from this, Top Glove can be also focus or fortify more on details product design such as creating impressive glove with functions and amenity features for many type range of gloves use in surgical and scientific practice and operation. Addition, TG products packaging must provide with its product outlook and description that meet up with the preferences of the customer across different countries and ethnicities. Relating to fluctuation price on raw materials, Top Glove must find the resources of it production recycleables to prevent affecting from high cost markup on recycleables. Therefore, TG need is recommend to invest more plastic plantation, by guaranteeing the purchase price for the Glove product without influencing the fluctuated silicone price and ensure the merchandise in a position to sell economically.

For the Quality Design, no matter how difficult to company to obtain the qualification of the quality, the company still needs to be rewarding it. This shows the capacity of the company to growth further and stay survive in the worldwide market. Therefore, Top Glove acquired to keep up and boost it products and procedure quality endlessly. Top Glove always must audit their procedure and the merchandise quality control to ensure low than low defectiveness in their creation predicated on the six sigma and Total Quality Management technique. Alternatively, Top Glove must review international countries' Appropriate Quality Level to boost in their company's quality management system. Perhaps, Top Glove needs to adopt total quality management or done R&D on high quality latex to ensure producing high quality products that meet their customer expectation.


In conclusion, the main element processes of the Top Glove's manufacturing operation are, its production process move, facilities structure plan, its operation strategies on products and service design and quality design. The Strength and Weakness evaluation for every key process analyzed in depth based on Top Glove's interior manufacturing procedure and providing some recommendations predicated on the discussion after the operation and global drive examination. The global makes talked about on global political and more emphasis in Malaysia politics issues; global overall economy on the fresh materials price fluctuation, demand and supply examination of the Glove products; public cultural issues over the global market and technology forces that evolve rapidly on different business aspects including commercial operation. The suggestions given other successful program of theory and theory that help to continuously enhancing the operation of the manufacturer such as low fat manufacturing, total quality management, six sigma, reliability-centered maintenance and value driven maintenance and so on. In short, these key examination and discussion at the top Glove manufacturing operation will help in understanding of each key function from each operation functions and makes improvement to Top Glove's procedures predicated on the studies of latest procedure management system. With this, Top Glove will be able to maintain or fortify each of its manufacture's procedure and its own products positioning on the planet market.


Note 12 to the financial claims

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