Pso Company Hrm Term Report Commerce Essay

PSO is the marketplace head in Pakistan's energy sector. It's a public sector company with the federal government stocks of 25%. The company has the greatest network of shops to provide the motor vehicle sector which is the major fuel provider to aviation, railways, electricity projects, armed forces and agriculture sector. PSO also provides Jet Gasoline to Refueling Facilities at 9 airports in Pakistan and dispatch energy at 3 jacks. The company will take pride in carrying on the custom of excellence which is fully focused on meet up with the energy needs of today and rising challenges of tomorrow.

Pakistan State Olive oil is currently involved in storage, circulation and marketing of varied POL products. The business's current market talk about of 82. 3% in the dark-colored oil market and 59. 4% show in the white oil market, by itself speak volumes about its success.

From 1999 to 2008, PSO have undergone radical changes, both inner and external and has surfaced as market innovator with a long term vision. The company is really the only general public sector entity in Pakistan that has been contending effectively with three multinationals (shell, Caltex and Total) that are supported officially by their parent or guardian organizations.

PSO employ a organized HR team. They have developed it as their competitive advantages. They employ a large HR team, which is divided into following sub departments.

Training and development

Recruitment and placement

Salary administration

HR mother board for succession planning

Employee relation

Talent management


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To excel in delivering value to customers as an impressive and strong energy company that reaches the near future first.


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We are committed to authority in energy market through competitive advantage in providing the highest quality petroleum products and services to your customers, based on

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Professionally trained, high quality, motivated labor force, working as a team within an environment, which identifies and rewards performance, innovation and creativity, and provides for personal expansion and development

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Lowest cost businesses and assured usage of long-term and affordable supply sources

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Sustained development in revenue in real terms

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Highly ethical, safe environment friendly and socially in charge business practices


We think that excellence in our key activities emerges from a interest for gratifying our customers' needs in conditions of total quality management. Our most important goal is to maintain our corporate leadership. We endeavor to achieve higher collective and specific goals through team. This is inculcated in the organization through effective communication. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer bringing in and recruiting the finest folks from around the country. We value contribution of people and teams. Individual contributions are regarded through our reward and popularity program. We uphold our principles and Business Ethics guidelines atlanta divorce attorneys action and decision. Professional and personal honesty, dedication and commitment will be the landmarks of our own success. Open up and transparent business practices are based on ethical beliefs and respect for employees, communities and the surroundings. We live committed to continuous improvement, both in New Product and Functions as well as those existing already. We encourage STRATEGIES from all stakeholders. We promote Health, Security and Environment Culture both internally and externally. We point out on Community Development and aspire to make society a better place to live in.



As considerably as corporate strategy is concerned so PSO is having the strategy of diversification and vertical integration. PSO has the highest market show which is the leading olive oil marketing company in Pakistan. PSO caters a wide variety of different types of customers. A PSO customer ranges from retail consumers, different industrial items, aviation and sea sector of the united states. PSO has a network of 3612 shops in order to satisfy the demand of their customers. PSO has a talk about of over 80% in furnace essential oil sector and it entirely serve to unbiased power jobs along with offering KESC and WAPDA.

PSO supplies gas to all professional sector of Pakistan such as industrial, textile, cement, move and agriculture sector. PSO provide plane fuels and it has refueling facilities in more than 9 airports. PSO provide fuel to numerous shipping plug-ins of the country amounts from Karachi slot, korangi angling and harbor & slot Qasim.

PSO manages different businesses which receive the following

Retail fuels

Gasoline fuels

Alternate fuels




Non petrol retail



PSO business unit strategy is "MARKET Authority". PSO is commonly market leader in energy sector of Pakistan. PSO happens to be operating circulation marketing and storage area of different products of PAKISTAN Essential oil petroleum. PSO current market share is 82. 3% in dark market of petrol and 59. 4% in white market of olive oil.

PSO has an enormous network of retail outlets and it will serve the automotive sector

Huge pipeline network

Their cash flows are in million and in Brillion conditions.

PSO is a major supplier of gasoline to railways, aviation and agriculture sector

PSO is preparing to meet the problems of tomorrow also to meet the energy needs of today.

PSO employees are around 4000

Innovation is the biggest factor and engine unit of PSO that drives PSO forward. It strengthened beliefs of customer by starting different impressive non-fuel initiatives at its retail store. Like car car rinse service to create WASH Exhibit and convenience stores named "SHOP STOPS".


Supply chain

Oil logistics and distribution


Oil storage

Oil trading

Oil marketing


PSO believes that human source of information is the most valuable resource for their organization then they have very employee friendly policies. The main theme of their individuals resource is as follows

Consider human source as the one source of information which appreciates the duration of time.

Employee right person at the right position.

Align organization with all the current contemporary business tactics.

Make the HR more flexible and more responsive.

Handle human source of information with the utmost care and fairness.


As we know that commercial environment and culture is considered to be the personality of the organization so to the PSO offers extra importance with their working environment. The tools for making the environment more competitive company uses various tools which receive as follows

Employee recognition

Motivation Survey


Cafeteria/fitness centers/ recreational activities


Leadership skills are the main skills which each employee should possess which enables these to work in the most competitive environment. In PSO those employees who will be ready to contribute in a maximum way are discovered for the profession development.

Performance Standard

System of genuine performance evaluation and feed back again is put in place at PSO and can be an integral part of our appraisal management

Individual performance is aligned with the business's goal and objective

Reward system has been introduced on every year basis.

Bell curve covers all management employees gross annual appraisal through a population spread



Before recruitment for any post PSO bank checks when there is any replacement or not. They always like their current employees for important managerial jobs because they feel that the current employees know the company better as compare to someone else. Another reason for this inner hiring is to construct the morale of their workers as seeing the reward for their loyalty and effort. When there is no alternative PSO bank checks the approved strength of office. It always takes fresh absorption of individuals. The applicants are interviewed. PSO can take preview based mostly interviews. The individuals are asked questions which can be related with their CV and some other regular set up questions.


The competencies of the prospects are matched with the required standards. A tuned panel interviews the call backs. In order to understand the staff behavior more tightly that how has reacted in some certain situations behavioral founded and job founded interviews are considered. The selected candidates are then given formal visit letter. He is made to hint the joining contract. He is kept on probation period for 12 months after which he is given a everlasting job. During this probation period he is trained for the work.

PSO have outsourced the choices assessments to IBA. IBA makes the test papers. It's kind of aptitude test. It includes arithmetic, English and standard knowledge necessarily. These tests are checked by IBA as well and the email address details are given to PSO. They then select the applicants.

These days administration has frozen the external recruitment so PSO is doing job rotation and job enrichment for the posts. PSO is taking the advantage of this and is also reengineering the HR team. They have planned to get the job done evaluation of each job in the future time. The very best positions have been completely evaluated.


The PSO have a team called "Talent management". This team gets the 3 main PSO's business units mind in it.

HR and services

Finance information and technology

Ones with Direct reporting to MD ( SECP )

This team makes decisions for the succession planning. Training orders are given by them as well. They decide who they intend to sustain and promote to major jobs.


Training and development improve the knowledge and skills of employees. It does increase the quality of work life. This improvement train and put together new workers to execute and achieve its goals. It can raise the skill of decision making and problem fixing. Organizations gain synergy effect through training and development. Training and development makes employees more cost effective and task focused.


Training and development is vital for PSO. Training and development programs provides with their employees to be at competitive edge and develops its potential employee to enrich their knowledge. PSO also desires to enhance their skills by training them with business related courses available in the corporate sector.

At PSO certain types of training are still left up to the staff. The employee assesses his strengths and weaknesses and applies to the required training. For example if he believes he can't manage time then he'll go for the training for time management. An exercise calendar is given and employees choose which areas they need to improve and go for the training. Training related to business has to be taken by all the employees who are worried with it.


At PSO Training usually starts off from orientation programs to management training. At PSO certain types of training receive to employees to improve their skills, potential and knowledge to execute the task such as off the work training, face to face training and instruction programs.


Off the job training is formal training method. PSO sends their staff because of this training. The employees are also dispatched overseas for specialized training. Although mailing employees abroad can be costly monetary decision but PSO wants their employee to really have the overseas exposure that can be very beneficial for the company in the long run.


This training is only given to PSO employees. This training is conducted at PSO house. At PSO individuals are selected for this training after getting endorsement from company. Some are compulsory for all the employees like training related to health insurance and safety etc while others are optional for example training on management, time management etc.


Training and development also organise coaching programs for their employee. It offers workshops and training seminars. Different instruction programs are placed for different levels of job. But the coaching regarding health protection and environment are essential for each and every worker. Most of these workshops and workshops are conducted by the very best and experienced managers of the business. Among the reason of these workshops and workshops are that PSO believes in open door insurance plan so with these sessions employees got the opportunity to easily communicate and have the knowledge of the top hierarchy of the company.

Such as ICAP seminars are established for finance office. The entire employee in finance section has to show up at these seminars. Penalty is directed at those employees who do not attend this seminar.


Employee's power and weaknesses are evaluated through performance appraisal and formal training is directed at employees predicated on their skills and knowledge. Training can be varying from worker to employee.

At PSO employees are determined through job rotation because it enables employee to learn more skills and apply their own skill and talents in other process in this way employee won't get bore using their current job.


health and safe practices environment

computer training for integrated resource planning

technical and operational focused inputs

management development


presentation skills

computer based mostly finance

human source management

team building

labor and commercial laws

supply chain management


Oil marketing industry is one of the most competitive industry in Pakistan which means this 's the reason that PSO always looks for measuring and producing the performance of team and individual and aligning them with business objectives. Performance management charm process at PSO is an important source of performance management system. In this process issues regarding conflicts between worker and supervisor, making of judgments s, disagree with decisions related to performance review decisions. The purpose of this technique is to solve issues and conflicts between supervisor and employees and also includes matters related to performance evaluation.


Suppose if staff has an concern he will post an appeal by doing the PERFORMANCE Analysis APPEAL FORM and also provide evidence regarding to the issue. Then the charm will onward to HR Office OF PSO And then HR dept: will further forward it to Mind OF DEPT: the appeal must be posted within 15 days after signing the performance review.

PSO come with an open door insurance plan for grievance handling; aggrieved worker can walk in virtually any time to discuss the problem with mind of HR.


Employee recognition insurance policy is accompanied by PSO during last few years. The aim of employee reputation is to increase morale of employees. each year two best employees are preferred for this activity based on their performance. That is a good program for creating an active competition among employees.



In the past many years, because of selecting freezes and a more substantial supply of accounting prospects, PSO didn't have to raise wages much to recruit and keep top talent. Now that the market and job market are increasing steam, however, PSO is once again assessing their compensation and benefits packages more often to avoid losing current and possible employees to other opportunities.

An effective staff incentive program is obligatory for every business in these days of high attrition rates and a significant dearth of skill. Companies spend sizable amounts on the retention strategies, which might concentrate on a blend of ways to inculcate commitment among employees - reimbursement, training and profession growth being truly a few.



PSO offers competitive starting wages and bonus items. pso offer attractive salaries to its employees and offer increment in salary and rewards on the basis of their job performance


The company approved and finance pension system for both management and non management employees. The scheme provides pension predicated on the employees previous drawn incomes. Pension are payable for life. The company also performs unfunded gratuity system for all its employees.


The company also provides post pension medical benefits to its employees. PSO's medical regulations are considered to be the best in the united states. Medical is free for the employees and their families.

Vaccination program for employees: in popularity of the value of human tool and its health. PSO comes with an organization a 'vaccination program' for its employees. PSO inaugurated this program under which the employees were vaccinates against diseases like cholera, typhoid, hepatitis B at the PSO properties dispensary.


The company also works an approved provident account scheme for those its employees. Similar contributions are made to the finance by the business and the employees in accordance with fund rules.


Loans are awarded for house development repair or for the purchase of land. Employees can also avail the automobile loan center.


Rewards receive based on performance of the worker on every month and every week basis. Included in these are the financial rewards as well as the Points for campaign.


The million-liter award ceremony was held at the PSO house. These accolades received to the traders who crossed the million-liter physique in selling the merchandise of the company. The award had been initiated to identify and encourage promoting the business and services with their customer.

HAJ-DRAW 2002:

The hajj sketch was also organised at the PSO house auditorium. Seventeen members were sent to perform hajj.


PSO has a balanced relationship with employees because they treat all employees according to policy. Employee connection is dependant on Employees' Performance. Employees with good characteristics, useful employees, deserving and hard working employees who give more output and good performance always enjoy good and healthy relationship, benefits and rewards with PSO. On the other hand inefficient employees, inactive and with bad characteristics and attributes have to experience problems, unhealthy and bad relationship with PSO. Insurance policy plays a key role.

There needs to be a consistent insurance policies, proper regulations and strong plans.

Policies should be a cosmetic documents

Policies should not be taken as stationary document

It has to be dynamic, concerning be constantly researched in terms of what's happening in market and what modern day's requirements are.

Forcefully execute all regulations.

PSO always develop soft connections with employees giving them equal opportunities and benefits.

Always advice managers on ER issues.

Negotiate with unions.


PSO have a diverse work force, in terms of gender, personality, characteristics, and communication skills. M Rana Idrees, Senior Exec at PSO said ". . . But we have to face discrimination factor because it's natural. We can not ignore it. It's natural! But the point is the fact that how do we overcome this issue? So the way to triumph over this disease is that" It is the following

Employees should focus on performance, do their finest and give more result.

Put the objectivity factor in the task instead of subject.

To follow all the firms policies.

Then the management will never be able to discriminate employees.

PSO treat evenly to all or any employees. Deserving applicants get





Power of Decision making

Performance based mostly rewards are offered to all employees on the yearly basis. Boosts in incomes of deserving candidates are given. PSO give equal opportunity to all employees to do justice by demonstrating yourself. "The deserving applicants" gets all the "deserving things" so that is clearly a reasonable treatment, which PSO always share with all employees.


PSO says that ""THEY ALWAYS LOOK AFTER EMPLOYEES' HEALTH INSURANCE AND Safeness" and which is their first priority that's starts from the working environment. It is always guaranteed at PSO that they offer the following facilities with their employees

healthy working environment

Employees' privacy privileges.

Security of employees record

Work place safety


In words of PSO mature professional, M Rana Idrees, said that this is their first responsibility to ensure that employees are in good health and condition "physically" by providing healthy food choices and hygienic food.


Employees can also avail gymnasium service t in PSO. It'll provide convenience by working out in private gymnasium to get fresh.

PSO Membership

PSO provides different activities and system for their health and also provide public activities. Different website organized sports and different activities which encourage employees to participate in it.


Recent Example

A new worker of PSO achieved an accident when he was arriving to work and broke his leg. PSO bearded all his hospital expenses plus offered him a suffering leave rather than firing him. This shows that they worry.

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