Roles And Characteristics Of Ceo Business Essay

This paper goals is to identify the roles and characteristics of CEO and their creative imagination in managing a business in order to create and creating a productive company.

The result found in the paper discussing on the role and characteristics of CEO including their contribution to the business which can be making the transformational meaningful, role modelling desire frame of mind and behaviour, building a strong and committed top team, relentlessly going after impact, working environment, in a position to take risk, motivation, encourage and enable collaboration, take care of the commercialization handoff, provide intellectual problem, provide the setting for good work etc. The study shows the role and creativity of CEO in order to influence the employee effects and organizational specifications.


The aim of the newspaper is to present and show on the creativity and the role of Chief Executive Officers (CEO). This newspaper will give attention to the roles of your CEO, and their creativity about how a CEO creating and growing an organization predicated on their potential, speciality and making strategy on creating different things in comparison to others. More specifically the paper will describe briefly on the critical success factors and showcase the major difficulties encountered by CEO in conducting their jobs as CEO to generate an effective business by giving all what they have, and what forms of creativity have been used to keep preserving and growing earnings for their business. Then, about how the CEO will act on do their functions effectively and proficiently and suggest multi-layered understanding into strategic command of the organization in the foreseeable future.


Nowadays, in today's world with the advanced technology where everyone can create changes to themselves, same also like in an organization where the leader can lead their employees to improve. There are particular types of control, such as "charismatic" (House, 1977), "transformational" (Shed 1978, Bass 1985), "visionary" (Bennis and Nanus, 1985), or "value founded" (House et all, 1998) leadership. These types of leader are participating in big role in term with their control styles because only they may have the extraordinary power to influence and motivating their employees in carrying out work and foster a solid relationship between head and employees.

The world today has grown more technical and issues with the advanced technology and much more skill and ability found in people on creating something new and unique and able to make changes. To have the ability to develop these types of changes, market leaders play a large role in creating and adding prices in themselves, their organizations and their fans. Their creativity is their heart and soul of the business, where it was a component from their successful and achievements. The imagination of leader will determine the continuing future of an organization predicated on the growth profitability and result of outcomes that they will gain after performing all the creative responsibilities and keep maintaining the development in future.

Chief Executive Officers (CEO) functions as chief custom made to make strategy process which is customized to the strategy framework of an organization (De Wit & Meyer, 2004). The exact mother nature of the CEO's role will be influence by the magnitude, urgency, and mother nature of the transformation; the functions and failings of the organization; and the non-public style of the leader. The role of CEO's is unique in the position they stand at the top of the pyramid of firm chart and all the other members of the business need to take cues from them. Only the employer of all bosses can ensure that the right people spend the right timeframe at the right position to drive business during necessary changes. (Aiken, Carolyn B, Keller Scott P, 2007).


ART Creativeness OF CEO AND THEIR Jobs IN


First of most, leader is someone who should start to drive and control the changes in the business framework, culture and process on transforming into effective and effective corporation. So, to pull the organization, innovator has to work with the right people, at the right times and put at the right places or diplomas in the creative work, to encourage employees' imagination and initiatives as a contribution to the business. Then, the leader need to act as the catalyst that provide direction, eyesight, momentum and creating strategies that will bring success to the organization when they are able to manage environmentally friendly changing. The first choice must have strong eye-sight of their own to able to influence their fans on creating successful organization.

Power and authority are one of important elements on expanding and measuring organizational strategies which able to help the first choice to understand opportunity on making renewal, and show proactive attitudes and actions in order to respond to the environmental changes in company and also to lead the business. Their potential to encourage, empower and exert extensive influence in the business shown that about how their leadership style could ask disruptive creativity, encourage others to think more creatively and widely and in a position to take balanced dangers on sketching successful organization predicated on their vision, these kind of innovator who are inspiring to have risk and problems able to lead corporation and their workers and be role model to their followers.

'Top-down' and 'bottom-up' information stream and strategic conversations are encouraged in order to allow important tactical insights from series professionals to bubble to the top and inform persistence of these guidelines (Liedtka, 1998; Markides, 2000). This strategy is important in build determination between both head and their workers in determining organization's future strategic direction through build strong communication on face to face between both get-togethers. Staff training and development in the skill and knowledge, motivating communication between both leader and their workers and creating the important helping organizational culture are essential aspects of practising this approach to the organizational development (Bonn & Christodoulou, 1996).

The fine art of directing creativeness is thus to balance what goes on in the boundary space in the organization between restricting and permitting emerge. The director must have a perspective that is open enough to fully capture novelty as it emerges. To be able to succeed the first choice needs to be adaptable in his methodology, to encourage, to motivate and empathise with the associates throughout the process of growing the organizational process (Goleman 2000). Means that, leader must place a vision that permit to inspire and encourage visitors to work for it. To make sure that the organization will work for it, the leader need to lead people by giving inputs needed to get the greater results of outputs. Regarding to Steve Tomasco in his paper on creativity determined as most critical factor for future success, he explained that, "as CEO in an organization, leader ought to know how to make changes in their business, by first of all, they must began to build their own strategy and realize that the strategy can achieve their expectation in the changes".

In addition, role of CEO in encouraging creativity is through making the business to foster an environment which in a position to build friendly and inclusive working conditions to encourage new ideas, able to think widely and create problems to produce an imaginative work. Treat and embrace mistakes as part of learning process to generate organizational civilizations where people may take risks and lower fear of inability to encourage new development ideas. Fail early on and frequently is not really a blunder but through the inability or problem we can learn whenever you can in the process of learning (Khaire, T. M. 2008) in making use of all the knowledge, skill and ability to meet up with the organizational goal. Being a leader, do not ever to treat people flaws, and take it to humiliate them, since it may discourage visitors to not perform well, and there will have sense dissatisfaction between both head and the enthusiasts.

Work environment link to creativeness and effective of employees as well as head. Therefore, not only responsibility of management to ensure that environment is well suited for employees but head also should disassemble. Leader had a need to design the business to encourage an environment more conducive such as building friendly work environment that will make employees more comfortable to work and connect each others. To encourage creativity, leader can cared for their workers as a living system and also have individual with innovative dynamic and potential which exist within all employees. That's how leader make an effort to solve organization problems. Then, innovator should stop cured employees as machines to check out all the instructions (Agbor, E. 2008).

CEO need to create social structure where folks have sense of belonging, feel sense of worthy of, secure and acceptance in organization especially in your choice making process. When this social framework have been well fostered, it will help to motivate visitors to perform at their maximum, and able to score on top of their performance by using their functions to fulfil the anticipations of business and themselves. Then, to be a creative leader, the way of command must be exercised in a highly ambiguous context, where there is absolutely no clear yardstick and no clear rules how to create effective firm (Khaire, T. M. 2008) and the first choice must feel comfortable with the ambiguity and experiment to create new business model that happen to be creative, unique and acceptable and appropriate with business standard.

The CEO must play their roles very well in leading transformation so that it will useful because of their employees and can also supply the motivation on their behalf. The process of change must be plan perfectly and accurately. For example, sometimes, leaders may use their lives before them successful like their conviction and struggle to be successful. When group create any change or transformation, CEO as a leader need to help employees have confidence in their effort on making the changes and should know what are the effect of transformation towards firm and them. To greatly help employees understand with the new change, leader can show any experiences of their own lives and also suggested any alternatives to defeat the challenges which will be faced in the future as a prep. By sharing experiences and experiences, head can highlight the prior success achievement, which can make employee more confident about the changes and know that the changes actually work.

Therefore, CEO can apply their experiences to help make the transformation and can also manage and get over any obstacle in the business by creating mental strategy among people to be able to face any change so that employees can adjust to every changes like obstacle in work life, stress, discrimination, harassment, and layoff. In addition, reinforcement are needed in order that they transformation may be accomplished successfully. For instance, the leader can give the promotion or awards for each employee who executes well in the business to encourage and stimulate employees to increase their performance in the future and increase their self satisfaction to their contribution to the organization.

Other than that, innovator needs to involve employees in any planning and decision making for the whole system and value any ideas of employees and allows them to provide their own point of view. Even the ideas aren't accepted, leader had a need to explain why the ideas are rejected to avoid employees feel down and upset. By employ employee in organization process, employee can give any suggestions about how exactly to implement change effectively with creative thinking because worker knows what they want and what exactly are ideal for them. Then it can make employee increase their performance when they have satisfaction to the business. N. R. Narayana Murthy, chairman of the plank and former leader of India's Infosys say that the first responsibility of your leader is to set-up mental and energy among people in order that they enthusiastically adopt the transformation. (Aiken, Carolyn B; Keller Scott P, 2007)

Mahatma Gandhi's explained that "For what to change, first I have to change (Keller, C. B. 2007). Therefore, CEO also would have to be role model within company and also out the organization. This mean, the CEO need to be an example to the employees so that they can follow and make their leader as a guide when they perform their jobs and tasks. Types of behaviour shown always will be seen by others. Then, they had a need to act as a good role model to encourage their workers to also show good behavior. Next, take symbolic action such as provided rewards for encourage employee to contribute high performance. After that, employees will remain competitive among them to execute effectively however they need to understand that compensation will be given predicated on performance with no biases.

The head need to change first if indeed they want make the transformation amongst their employees and their company. It is because the transformation from leaders is the main thing before they change their workers as effective as they want. The leader needs to sacrifice themselves first and they need to encourage their workers to help make the transformation and become a successful person one day. The symbolic action on signalling to the employees to act and always perform their jobs and responsibilities in a great way is one of the actions taken. The change of leader may also lead their fans to make changes, when both celebrations in a position to make changes, the organization able to achieve their standard or beyond that.

The role of CEO also to created a solid and devoted team in order to make the change in the business. This is because co-operation on work and team pays to to help make the changes and can access the ability that might be produce and share by everyone. For example, if one of the team members has the strong and good capacity, it can inspire to the other members in their team. The CEO need to take time for determine the abilities of employees that gives powerful toward work and also high dedication when they will ask to work in group. Any responsibilities that are given must have the dateline to complete for ensuring that the duty will complete promptly and in clear path mentioned by the CEO.

The innovator can implement skill and ability together with the team member to ensure that they in a position to work toward organizational goal. That is important because from the team building, it can improve and all the abilities and knowledge needed can be achieved through the task with the associates. The nice and valuable groups can provide the success and transformation in the business, when they able to communicate and interact with each others to ensure that the vision set up can be achieved based on what have been arranged to avoid any discord or misunderstanding occurs during the discussion on focus on attaining organizational goal. When there may be difference in thoughts and opinions on renewing the organizational eye-sight, new skill and knowledge needed, and on how to conform with the changes in economical environment, the CEO need to control the complexity to cope with the organization success (Tomasco, S. 2010).

Moreover, relentless pursuing impact also one of the jobs of CEO's that can result in organizational success. The leader needs to battle to change and make the change of these company and also the behavior among employees. In case the CEO can achieve their work in leading change, the issues can be fixed and everything the obstacle can be manage very well. So, the first choice as well as the employees need have responsibility to manage the business in a good way so that can achieve the goals and benchmarks that the company perceives for the long-term. Sometime, as a leader they had a need to roll up their sleeves through determination to leave their high level position and come to helps fix difficult issues and problems with employees.

The imagination of the first choice is very important to ensure that the business improvement well and creative because creative imagination has always been at the heart of business atlanta divorce attorneys company by stimulating and builds cooperation in the company which can provide the best impact for the business when the first choice can encourage their employees to collaborate between one another like make the duty in the group and so forth. Then, leaders can also enhance diversity by looking outside the organization for sources of creativity. The leaders can also looking out at the other market leaders or other company and gain the knowledge to make some improvement with their company. The collaboration of CEO and their teams that happen to be courageous and visionary is necessary in order to make decisions that adjust the status quo between both CEO and their workers to decrease the sensation of differentiation between 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' level to be able to work together.

Furthermore, cognitive choices also help reveal leader on how their work styles and decision-making activities. For instance, take collaboration as opposed to independence. Some individuals prefer to work together on resolving problems or in making decision, whereas others prefer to gather, absorb, and process information independently. These two different conditions may lead to the satisfaction of different types of employees through the way they work. Or consider thinking as opposed to feeling. Some individuals may measure the evidence and make decisions through the structured, logical process or theory, whereas others may rely on their principles including their skill, ability as the data or use their feelings to guide them to the correct action, (Prof. Dora Thompson, P. M. 2012). But, having different skill and potential are extremely helpful in coordinate the changes for the business standard because the employees can add each strategies for the organization quest which can bring to accomplish organizational goal and create differences with others. These tastes, show how people can be self-employed in their work and exactly how they respond to the work based on various ways, when they in a position to think easily and creatively and make a decision on how they want to act on the work.

Besides that, manage the commercialization handoff can make the creativeness in the business. You can find few people having equivalent capacities in idea technology and ideas commercialization and just why large corporation normally separate both of these functions. Motivation may lead employees to perform well; the first choice needs to stimulate their employees to perform at the peak as especially essential in creative work. In addition, leader needs to provide intellectual task for the employees giving them the duty that can struggle their brain or produce a circumstance and monitoring how they can handle the situation. This type situation can help employees more enthusiastic and more independence in the foreseeable future. The leader needs to provide the comfortable agreement in the business so that the employees can feel comfortable and do their jobs well by considering all the roles that in a position to gain loyalty and truthfulness from their workers.

In addition, the imagination in pondering styles, which can principles different kinds of employees in their analytical, intuitive, conceptual, logical, or values driven have by them, can be quite useful approaches to make decisions, problem fixing, assimilate data, and create a romantic relationship with others are essential aspects within an organization structure. Matching to (Prof. Dora Thompson, P. M. 2012), most leaders will come up with an increase of than one great idea and they will combine in the mind to confuse, overwhelm and produce disappointment to ensure that they can think freely and creatively through how their brain can manipulate the info. Make lists of your opinions to get them out of your mind by showing to others, or draft the ideas into creating products or services. Broadening horizons for the sources of inspirations can be considered a tool of the thinking styles, when the ideas can be generated through observation and experiencing on surrounding like travelling to be used in organizational expansion of ingenuity.

Nowadays, most of the market leaders today faced a complex issues in handling their corporation (John Ryan, 2010). Throughout the complex challenges arise, the leader must be psychologically and physically ready on how they would like to react to the environmentally changes of monetary, structure or culture when they would like to lead and growing the organization internationally. Regarding to (Tomasco, S. 2010), the largest obstacle facing by corporations from here on will be the accelerating complexity and the speed of a world that is working as a massively interconnected system. These challenges will be more complex every once in awhile if the leader will not find any image resolution to these changes. The CEO, need to turn out with the perfect solution is which can help the organization to preserve and improving their standard before going internationally by using pilot assessment on their operation, to ensure that their business in a position to stand and keeping their standard for long-term and in a position to compete with international group to increase their development of profitability, and income.


As the conclusion, organizational authority is the important aspect of the organizational imagination and technology dynamics. The first choice must play their important roles in order to control their company and also their employees. If the leader especially CEO's very creative, they can provide the determination and can make their workers more motivate and revel in to do their job and tasks. The creativeness of CEO's can lead their organization more significant and can perform their long-term purpose and also can improve the business standard. So, if the objective and standard was achieved, the organization will be gain more growth profitability on the creation and build their name internationally. Finally, the role and creativeness of CEO is the main aspects, so that the CEO can encourage everyone and encourage people to make the change in the business. The best career development that the first choice have shown, is what they want to do or what they great at and exactly how they will go after that profession development. Once, they in a position to accomplish their job, they'll gain more value and satisfaction in the workforce.

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