Strength And Weakness Of Electronic Human Resource Business Essay

In our article discusses about durability and weaknesses of electronic digital Human Source and talks about some implications for future research. e-HR's software brings a high degree of homogeneity and standardization program for smooth employed in an organization. It helps to bring the control and efficiency required by HR. An initial framework the review analyzes HR professionals at organization presented a technology founded management information system (MIS). This technique enabled the employees to be more efficiently given (theoretically) through an impersonal system to bring into conformity with rules for payroll, attendance and punctuality. Hence, e-HR software software in salary decisions yet others linked to people. The e-HR systems are core applications who reduce the over time of Human Resource Management. It has achieved data from an administrative function, which responsible from payroll to help in proper decision making that can add value to an organization. Companies have now noticed. The role e-HR has developed as grow of firm the primarily administrative becomes business spouse. At same time e-HR supply the business have got such as secure, reliable which makes high reputation within the organization.

After implementation e-HR in any organization, company can easily save there cost. Because e-HR use business and internet, effectively connect people such a means if offers all information they want. It also handles relationship, streamlines functions and improves the se of information to make tactical and functional decisions. e-HR about linking people - customers, suppliers, employees - with information. It's about making organizations more efficient and even more profitable


Due to advertise development, the manager roles has changed lately, and partly also scheduled to new technologies being utilized by the organization that they are working in. As a result, organization must verify their own organizational Man Tool role. (Alleyne et al, 2007)

In today global market segments, organizations and companies know that in order to compete, derive from the product quality and performance of their employees to succeed. People Resource professionals today desire a world class Human being Source management system to help them in daily strategic and operational decision.

Over the last recent years, with the progress of Intranet and Internet systems, Human Source of information tools known as electric Human Source of information management (HRM) emerged. (Hooi, 2009)

Recent Development in E HR or HRIS

In the 1990s client/ server systems are the ideal configuration for most companies. However in modern times, companies are starting the responsibilities of migrating their legacy systems to new plans designed with more advance composition. And they are usually what we know today as Human being Resource Information System (HRIS), which is part of the Enterprise Tool Planning (ERP). ERP have the ability to offer companies the advantage in term of functionality, storage space capacity, performance and an opportunity to reengineer their HR processes.

Due to the fast fast development of solutions and changes in the essential of business, the Individuals Resource Department today cannot operate like the old days. It is not enough to truly have a group of people who just need to know about the benefits ideas, salary program, and career opportunity within the organization. The demand for skilled workers, especially "knowledge" staff, also helps to accelerate the necessity for HRIS to assist in strategic role of HR. (Stone et el, 2006)


E HRM Corresponding to several Researcher from Singapore Ministry of Manpower, People Capital Development Section, E-HRM refers as effective use of electronic digital media and participation of employees with technology to helps to lower administration costs, and improve the communication of their employee with quicker usage of information, and reduce time needed in processing. (Hooi, 2009)

Human Source of information Information System (HRIS) quite simply is a individual resource database system which allows you to keep track of all types of Human Learning resource information related to the organization and it's human being capital. However, not all companies that name their system an HRIS - Individuals Source Information System are detailed enough. In case the human Learning resource system, are just able to handles a couple of functions, example such as benefits like supervision or payroll, then we do not consider it as a thorough HRIS. (Bondarouk & Ruel, 2009)

Electronic Human Source of information (EHR) it refers to conducting business purchase in human reference related utilising the web. (LengnickHall & Moritz 2003) Usually refer usually to Employee Management System which are refers to browser based Human being Resource web website. Unlike HRIS, E-HR or Staff Management System can usually manages limited functions or benefits, such as payroll and leave software. The growth of E-HR was because of the quick development of Internet solutions in the 1990s. With point and click simplicity, E- HR are usually very user-friendly and easy to use. Widely utilized by companies especially small and medium venture, who can't find the money for a comprehensive Individuals Source of information System such as HRIS.

Human Reference Management (HRM) it make reference to a kind of support function that services its own inside customers, example worker. (Alleyne et al, 2007)

Critical Examination of Electronic RECRUITING (e-HR)

In recent years, with the advancement of intranet and internet, allow a new wave of human source of information (HR) technology to emerge, with desire to to assist recruiting administrative functions. With these e-HRM functions, HR service is expected to improve by both management and employees. (Hooi, 2009)

As increasingly more Human Resource Departments moving toward Internet or Web-based Technology, we have to evaluate and make comparability between the Online Human Reference Management and Traditional People Learning resource Management System. (Payne et al, 2009)

Background Strategic recruiting and e-HRM


The major useful jobs of E-HR are to aid Human Resource procedures such as are recruiting, training and performance management. (Natural stone el, 2006)

The growing style in E-HR allows the introduction of tools such as

Employee Self applied- Service (ESS)

Employee Personal Service or ESS gives the employee of the business the ability to access, maintaining his / her own personal HR Information online. The staff self-service (ESS) functions allow and permit the employees to create, view, and adjust data anytime and everywhere independently, using multiple solutions. With easy or ease of accessing to the info they have to do their jobs, the employees can also manage duties that were previously handled for these people by staff from HR department, with a worker centric site. ESS also helps to expedite life, and work changes, freeing the HR experts from mundane HR related administrative jobs and allowing them to dedicate more of their own time and resources to a something more tactical initiatives.

Managerial Self-Service (MSS)

Enable the professionals to access a number of HR-related tools and information online. Most director HR-related tasks can be done via MSS applications example like payroll supervision or compensation, staff performance management, hiring, and employee job or training development.

Overall, the main strength that an Electronic Human Learning resource System allows:

Employees to improve or maintain job performance

Set criteria for Human Resources work process

Give acceptance to job related accomplishments

Enhance Communication and working romantic relationship between worker and departments

Identify the performance of individual employee

Outline the duty of employee and supervisory.

(Payne et el, 2009)

Developing human resources:

With the help of internet and intranet in development and training is the largely examine aspect of e-HR and without the doubt the main one with existing in possibility in terms of cost and benefits. The web-based software can be used for examination training, and management career of all e-learning activity. For the less paperwork and much more benefit including getting ultimately more information on training, and assessment it provide mail and electronic kinds of intranet or the limited web site. Lower supervision cost, shorter syndication and response time, and higher response rate (McClelland, 1994).

Changes in the role of the HR function:

They all decided that the adoption of e-HR will definitely support HR functions. It can help making administrative duties easier and even more productive. In addition to the administrative functions, other HR functions such as technology, communication, and learning

and profession planning will be upgraded and supported with the use of e-HR. Therefore the effect, e-HR use can support not only the original HR role but also the alignment of HR functions with the organization's proper goals. However, two of the participants commented that HR "has quite a distance to go before results and great things about e-HR adoption, especially for HR development, will be tangible "The huge benefits as show in fig


The list below summarizes the reason why for adopting rather than implementing e-HR for users and non-users respectively.

Companies using e-HR

facilitation of the recruitment process;

benefits for communication; and

Cost efficiency.

Companies not using e-HR

limited effectiveness;

security concerns;

inconsistency with methods used; and

Other useful problems.

Their only disadvantage is to loss of confidentiality. E-learning includes the learning activity recognized by information solutions. It can take local intranet pcs, or full access to internet, drawing after a full range of media, links to other sites and resources, downloadable streaming videos and communication systems (Sambrook, 2003). E-learning offers a remedy to training in remote.

Issues: available on www. emeraldinsight. com/0048-3486. htm

Nowadays, organization extends to capability of existing to perform HR operations better. For more effectively work we need to combined together in one hand because of this gather the info and communication technology. The main issue is swift development of electronic HR systems (Stanton and Coovert, 2004; Fletcher, 2005).

The E-HR supply the facilitate to better and proper way of doing work for HR. since e HR technology runs parallel to the benefits administrative support of the HR. it very difficult to map it. For example Reception and assimilation by employees is considered to be an important factor when implementing E-HRM. The ability to handle changes in the HR function and The current issue and full word archive of this journal is offered by the support that is provided to employees during E-HRM implementation is also regarded essential (Haines and Petit, 1997; Fisher and Howell, 2004; Ruta, 2004; Ruelet al. , 2004). However, you can find little empirical knowledge on concurrent employee

Brief Analysis of whether e-hr is contributing towards HR becoming more strategic

Most of us, I believe will be convinced that using E-HR will significantly help the business to enhance the delivery of the HR services to the business. Higher efficiencies, and higher customer satisfaction, no doubt will lower costs, credited to redesigned functions and eliminate manual work process.

Definitely e-hr has the potential to have the ability contribute towards HR becoming more tactical. But for E-HR to have the ability to play a far more strategic role, there must be a strong business case. Growing tactical e-HRM research tend to fit and give attention to business strategy. (Marler, 2009)

A business case can be mystifying. For the truth of web-based or E-HR business can be used to address all sorts of questions, for example

Do we really desire a Web-Based solution?

Do we need to implement employee or manager do it yourself services?

Can we use our existing intranet for HR transfer?

Are we heading to use the existing legacy human source system as the underlying repository for web solution, or a Venture Tool Planning (ERP) System?

Can we plan and put into practice a shared services group within the Web effort?

Should we go for one-vendor HR portal strategy, or should we choose a "best-of-breed" strategy?

A business circumstance must always, built around goals like type of business, financial, practical, operational, or some mixture. Meaning we have to provide the business management with cost benefit and profits on return data in hard financial terms.

How can E-HR help the business in strategic role? To business, the key purpose is to earn more income. The concern and questions ask by management is how E-HR can help the business to reduce bills or increase in their income strategically?

Questions on your brain of the management like, what can we gain from

Productivity savings

Improve quality and reduced rework

Sourcing Saving

Make services more cheaply and higher quality

Information System Saving

Reduce the maintenance of existing systems

Other Cutting down.

Save the cost of material like paper, computer printout.

But the most important aspect and core functions of E-HR tactical benefits may bring to a group are

Recruitment - What skill do we need?

Sourcing and attracting - Who is the right ability? Where is the right expertise? How to attract the expertise to joins us.

Assessment and evaluation - Identify, assess and select the right people we want.

Hire - What's the right offer that we can offer draws in the candidate to participate the organization?

Deployment - Move people in to the right position in the organization that can utilize their expertise.

Retention- How do we keep the talent spent, and employed in the organization?

In today's globalization competition, the strong demand for skilled individuals, especially "knowledge" personnel, also really helps to accelerate the necessity for HRIS to assist in tactical role of HR. (Rock et al 2006)


The HR takes on a very important role in any Origination, as well as HR creates a bridge between top management and employers. Nowadays there exists a huge competitive market for any organization. So they want to expand their organization up to certain level to meet their requirements. Once the organization grows the task load for HR will increase and they'll struggle to manage all the work personally. So for steering clear of this type of situation in the business they need a built in system in their company. That time e-HR comes in the picture, which suits their needs, Such as

Employee Self applied- Service (ESS)

Managerial Self-Service (MSS)

Management Information system (MIS)

Developing individual resources

Changes in the role of the HR function

The future E-HR can be more sophisticated, and much more individualized tools for both professionals and employees. Improved decision making tools will gain both the organizations and staff. (LengnickHall & Moritz 2003)

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