The Background OF THIS Ryanair Business Commerce Essay

In 1985 Cathal and Declan Ryan has founded the company. The airline began with a fifteen (15) seater Embraer Bandeirante turboprop aeroplanes and it was flying between Gatwick London and Waterford. On that time London-Ireland flights kept by Aer Lingus and BA (British isles Airways). The business added a new course between Dublin and London in 1986 and competition started with the AL/BA duopoly. Company was refused by the government of Ireland, however the conservative government of UK has approved this new service. Matching to some analysis Company was generating the loss rather than profit however the mean time number of customers increased frequently. By 1991 company began to considering to make air travel profitable and this job has been directed at the Michael O'Leary. Ryan the creator of company advised and prompted Micheal to review the US airline model 'No Frill/Low Fares), that was using by the Southwest Air travel in US and from then on the model was carried out in the Ryanair. In 1995 at the completion of 10 12 months of the company, the Ryanair was hauling 2. 25 million passengers. Ryanair overtakes air Lingus in the same year and became major passengers flight between Dublin and London and major flight on any option in the Ireland.

Ryanair was founded in 1985 by Cathal and Declan Ryan (after whom the business is named), Liam Lonergan (owner of any Irish tour operator named Team Travel), and noted Irish businessperson Tony Ryan, founder of Guinness Peat Aviation and daddy of Cathal Ryan and Declan. [3] The air travel started out with a 15-couch Embraer Bandeirante turboprop aircraft soaring between Waterford and London Gatwick with the purpose of breaking the duopoly on London-Ireland plane tickets in those days held by Uk Airways and Aer Lingus.

Mission declaration:

Mission of Ryanair is

Provide Low fare Rate going at all the time for all your routes.

Key service commitment


Rynair believes on the next factors

One way booking to make flexible go back for the travellers.

By handling equipment cost, personal production and customer support cost functioning cost keep low.

For peer organizations best customer service

Maintain shor-haul routes frequently point-to-point flights.

Flight verification and reservation system availableness on the internet.

No compromise on safeness and quality maintenance of airplanes

By using ancillary service augmentation of functioning results.

Focusing on the requirements of Development, like more routes and increased occurrence.

External Analysis

Political Analysis

Ryanair manages throughout the Europe and any political changes in any country can be impact the strategy of Ryanair. Ryanair has some dispute on each traveler flew at Newquay Airport terminal with Cornwall Country Council.

Tax plan is another issue for Ryanair which can be create problems for the business.

Another political concern regarding the cash return that European Legislation is to fare go back if any cancellation of the airfare. This isn't a big issue for Ryanair because Ryanair keeps their high quality service.

An announcement by the government of Ireland To break up their state monopoly may be helped bring some questions in European air travel industry. However, if this course of action implemented then Ryanair can be significantly affected It could block Ryanair future extension in the Ireland.

Economic Analysis

Ryanair is Western based company therefore a lot of its operations aren't afflicted by the exchange rate, as solo currency operates several countries.

The only inexpensive issue can the price of Oil, as Essential oil pricing are increasing frequently, this can be effect the low fare strategy of the business.

The taxation insurance policy bring negative impact on the employees of the company as Europen Union has released "EU removed duty-free on intra-EU".

Social Analysis

European Union is and financial union of 27 countries. They developed a single market and sole money for exchange. A large number of folks travel every day in one country to another country so they desire a best answer and cheap fare traveling which is provided by the Ryanair.

The extreme divergence was created in European airline industry. Different price insurance plan was implemented by mainstream and budget flight. Nevertheless, Ryanair can obtain this advantage to develop its business, as the course of Ryanair fixed the market.

Technology Analysis

Ryanair is taking the best advantage of technology by giving solution through the internet. But this trend is growing in the Western Flight Industry and other airlines are establishing their website. Utilizing the technology Ryanair save cost and start revenue like advert income.

Environment Analysis

Greenhouse emission is the top concern which is facing by Ryanair. Ryanair strategy has a good environmental impact. At present, aviation makes up about about 5% of the UK's emissions, but this is expected to grow to 25% by 2030 (Economist 2005:35).

The other main environmental issue is noises, the 737-800 will to lessen this problem.

Legal Analysis

The reiterated guideline against illegal status subsidies hoped to be establish good deal for the air travel industry of European countries. "EU decision was based on non-discrimination legislation stopping airport terminal from offering differential offer to different airline providers. " The pursuits of European flight industry were guarded by non-discrimination legislation. On the contrary, Ryanair may need to repay penalty for breaking rule.

Porter's Five Makes Analysis

Bargaining electricity of suppliers

Ryanair's main suppliers are Boeing. Two possible suppliers of planes for Ryanair in the market are Airbus and Boeing but Ryanair's main dealer is Boeing. Tring to switch distributor would be very costly because pilots would need to trained for the new technicians. Ryanair adjustments aviation gasoline through prevarication Price. Small and local airports can have little bargaining ability as compare to big and commercial airports because they only dependent on one airline. Ryanair avoid big airports and work from regional international airports such as Stainsted and Gatwick.

Bargaining Ability of Customers

Customers are price hypersensitive. It is very easy for customer to switch from one flight to other flight. Because of the increasing style of reservation through internet customer may easily change airline. Ryanair is providing very low fare to customers but customers aren't loyal.

Threat of New Entrants

Rynair are designed for this issue by following these steps

· Put Some barriers and road blocks to newentry

· Option of some restricted slot machines make more challenging to find appropriate international airports for new entrants.

· By Starting price war.

Competitive Rivalry

There is very high competition in the market. Too many service providers are in the rivalry. Ryanair has first mover advantages in the forex market bacuase when they started the service their was no providers but now there are many airlines in the competition with Ryanair.

3. Ryanair's Resources and Capabilities


Ryanair has following threshold resources

1. Financial Resources

2. Hub Set up in Regional Airports

3. Quantity of Aircrafts

Following unique resources make Ryanair identify from their rivals

1. Website

2. Boeing 737 Aircrafts

3. CEO Michael O' Leary

4. Honor of Best monitored Airline

5. Dedicated Team of Management

6. Ryanair Direct Limited

Threshold Competences

Low Fares

Advanced Booking System

Baggage handling

On time service

Operating expanses in Euro Currency

Advertising and ancillary services sales

Core Competences

1. Efficient Personnel - Low costs of personnel training

2. Fast Turnaound time management

3. Free Seats Givaways - No fares

4. Good Quality Service - No1

5. Alternative party service outsourcing

6. Performance related pay structure

7. Labour costs less than rivals.

4. Strategic Situation

SWOT Analysis of Ryanair's Environment

Strengths of the Company

Brand name

Ryanair has perfectly recognised brand in the LCC market.

Low airport charges

Ryanair has benefit of low costs for airport.

First mover

This advantage functions as a barrier to new entry

Bookings on the web:

More than 94% booking on the internet contributes in low cost distribution


Ryanair includes a even fleet for maintenance.

High performance

Punctuality, low baggage reduction.

Utilization of Plane

By keep preserving Ryanair can flies longer and creating more income from investments.

Small head office

Low on overheads

Weaknesses of the Company

Niche market

Restricted extension possibility

Distance of International airports

Many regional international airports are definately not advertised destination.

Changes in-charges frequently


There is a lot of new locations expected to start as EU is going to be enlarge

The market talk about would be doubled as there is still potential in the company to fully capture market talk about.

Recession can help as Ryanair offers low fare cost and can get the new customers as economy is slow down.

Threats for the Company

Increasing price of olive oil is a major danger for company as fuel costs be based upon the essential oil market.

· Low fare competition is increased

· Europena judge dicision can make more challenging to make enlargement.

· Expansion in the South Western european market is limited

· Bargaining vitality increases on regional airports

· Customers are price sensitive


· Ryanair and Easy jet limit one another's growth "rout smart", need for peaceful coexistence, or routes could become battleground (e. g. : London-Rome)

· Face upsurge in air traffic control charges. As more planes journey in the sky.

· Powerless to prevent introduction of work for gasoline or environmental charges: This might reduce its development probable as it relies on price arousal.


5. Tactical choice.


1. Low priced strategies- First Otion is to keep the low cost technique to remain the surface of the Cost Leadership

2. New Investment: New investment can be produced for modernised fleet. Can be more uniformed with only 1 model (737-800) which brings about cheap maintenance. Ryanair would use the next generation plane Boeing 737-800 as an opportunity to rejuvenate the image of the company. Through the use of new quality infrasture and Boeing 737-800 the conception can be produced incorrect which is "Ryanair is los cost service, it is also a low quality service. " Change in standard can increase the confident degree of staff and offer a good change for the customers. It will be inexpensive relatively and can not effect the company's equity in huge range and company's price management strategy will never be destroyed.

3. Determine new marketplaces: Search for the new places in the Europe to expand the business.

Michael Porter's Common Strategies

For Ryanair to obtain a sustainable competitive gain, Michael Porter shows that any company/company can follow each one of three general strategies.

· Strategy 1: Cost Authority.

· Strategy 2: Differentiation

· Strategy 3: Area of interest strategies

· Are you 'Stuck in the centre?'

Opt. #1

Cost Control Strategy

To enhance expansion of the company Ryanair should pursue Cost management strategy which is provided by the Porter's Common Strategy.

Cost Management could be done in the following ways

· Increasing revenue by reducing the expenses, while charging industry-average prices.

Increasing market talk about through charging lower prices, while still making an acceptable income on each sale anticipated to reduced costs.

Bowman's Strategy Clock

The 'Strategy Clock' is situated upon the task of Cliff Bowman (see C. Bowman and D. Faulkner 'Competitive and Commercial Strategy - Irwin - 1996). This is a proper way to analyze a company's competitive position in comparison to the offerings of competition.

Ansoff Matrix

Ansoff's Product/Market Matrix

Opt. #1 Opt. #2

Opt. #3

Market Penetration

Option 1

Market penetration strategy can found in the existing market with current brand or product.

By repositioning the brand and or promoting the products Ryanair can increase its earnings.

Product Development

Option 2 Product development means providing a new product in the prevailing market. This is where Ryanair will market their newest investment. Ryanair would lounge a new product to the prevailing market this will help to increase the success of the business and awareness of new brand may bring more customers to the organisation.

Market Development

Here, Ryanair would make an effort to start new market segments possibly some where in the Europe and can provide current service or product compared to that market.

Implementation Ways of Options

The Pursuing is a table showing the three options chosen above and the execution method chosen for every single option.


Implementation Method Proposed

Continuation of low cost strategies

Organic Growth

2- 2-Investment in modernised fleet, which leads to less expensive maintenance

Organic Growth

Try to expand the European markets to support more European countries and also available new markets servicing parts of North America, South America and the Caribbean

Organic Growth

Figure 4: Stand exhibiting Options and the Execution method proposed

Organic expansion is the speed of business enlargement through increasing productivity and sales instead of mergers, acquisitions and take-over. Organic and natural growth simply identifies the growth attained by internal investments of the firm. This could be the day-to-day business of the firm or a division of the organization starting a fresh business from scrape. This is recognized from development by acquisition or merger, that involves an outside company. The technique of organic progress seems to be the most suited method of execution for the options stated above. The benefits of this technique are

- Cost Spread

- Choice of Location

- Latest Technology

- No Inappropriate Cultural History

In order to successfully implement the proper options chosen in above, they must first be assessed for suitability, acceptability and feasibility.

1. Suitability is concerned with whether a technique addresses the circumstances in which an organisation is working- the tactical position. In addition, whether the options chosen are in line with the mission and targets of the organisation. The next must be completed in order to test suitability

- An examination of the resources of the organisation to determine whether the organisation possess the main element resources (critical success factors) to pursue the option

- Analysis of the external environment of the company to determine if the option is fitted to the organisation

- Persistence of whether a competitive edge would be obtained and if the choice would lead to a good financial performance.

2. Acceptability is concerned with the expected performance final result of the strategy. A financial risk evaluation is performed here and the effectiveness of the impact on the next

- Stakeholders

- Shareholders

- Employees

- Bankers

- Customers

- Suppliers

3. Feasibility examines the following

- Internal constraints which would limit the implementation of the option as well as the weakness that could constrict the option

- Would the option improve performance level within the resources?

- What resources are possessed and extra requirements to go after the options

- Determination from managers and human learning resource and the physical constraints e. g. industry-rights and air-space legislation.

Suitability -

Life Pattern Analysis

Figure 5: An Illustration of the life span Cycle Analysis demonstrating Ryanair's position

Source: www. marketingteacher. com

Due to the amount of years of lifestyle, servicing of a number of Europe, the acquisition of increasing market talk about and good brand image, Ryanair is reported to be at its Maturity Level based on the life span cycle research above.

Ryanair being in the positioning of maturity which it currently is, with the continuation of low cost strategies, could serve as a booster to increased sales and therefore success in the future. Although Ryanair gets the lowest cost bottom of any of its competitors, the Company can continue to lower its cost foundation as it matures.

Ryanair use the advantages of a new fleet of Boeing 737-800's "next era" airplane as an opportunity to rejuvenate the image of the flight. There's a belief that because Ryanair is a low-cost service, additionally it is a minimal quality service. To improve this perception Ryanair will unveiling an exceptionally extreme marketing campaign (radio, newspapers and television set). They will likewise incorporate a modernising of their staff's 'look' as well as their fleet. A more recent more fashionable standard will be selected. It'll be a cheap exercise in the long term that which would help enormously in bettering the public's notion on Ryanair. It will emphasise that the "upgrade" will never be followed with an increase in fare prices.

Eastern European countries is fast learning to be a hotspot for holidaymakers and business travellers alike because of the continuing growth of the E. U. Ryanair however, will not serve these popular vacation spots. Other low-cost airlines have create there already, such as Sky Europe, but not all routes have been exhausted. There is still lots of of opportunity in this field.

The above options would all donate to Ryanair's maturity and also to the success of greater earnings in future.

Value String Analysis



Techn. Dev.


Inbound Procedures Outbound Marketing Service

Logistics Logistics & Sales

Figure 6: An Illustration of Ryanair's Value Chain

The main center competencies of Ryanair are

- Their unique cost clipping policy

- Robustness

- Culture

The execution of option 1: Continuation of low cost strategies, takes under consideration all of Ryanair's main central competencies. Low cost strategy is absolutely the clipping of costs using Ryanair's unique cost lowering policy. In conditions of robustness, Ryanair's competitors can make an effort to imitate them but if not carried out in the right way, could prove detrimental to Ryanair's rivals.

Option 2: Investment in modernised fleet, which contributes to less costly maintenance: will become more uniformed with only 1 model (737-800), also newer planes will require less maintenance. This option will require plenty of finance (investment) in order to be successful. Ryanair being such a big organisation, with profits in excess of 300 million in 2007 and having a high level of dominance in the Western european market, this option proves to be the most suitable of most three.

Option 3: Try to expand the Western markets to accommodate more European countries (Central European countries) and available new market segments servicing parts of North America, SOUTH USA and the Caribbean. This program will require a big amount of financial assets into the North american and Caribbean Markets. Despite the fact that Ryanair may own the financial functions to finance this option, they could not own the cultural facet of management to project into this drastic change of culture between the Europeans and the Americans and people of the Caribbean. There can also be legislations in these countries, which might impede the success of setting up and success of Ryanair.

The most Suitable strategic option to be put in place is Option 2: Investment in modernised fleet, which leads to less costly maintenance: will become more uniformed with only one model (737-800), also newer planes will demand less maintenance.


Option 2: Investment in modernised fleet, which brings about less expensive maintenance: can be more uniformed with only 1 model (737-800), also newer planes will require less maintenance. . .

The returns out of this option will produce almost one. 5 times the quantity of profit produced from sales in the entire year 2007.

This option falls under the Ansoff Matrix as Product Development. This segment of the Ansoff Matrix bears with it a medium or low risk.

Product development typically is designed to check out changing needs of customers. With the execution of the modernised fleet, customers will be satisfied and know to themselves that Ryanair provides them with a service which is similar to no-other, they'll be assured they are getting the best-quality service there is certainly for a low quality price. They'll also be greeted with fresh new faces (uniforms) of employees and you will be cared for with the best customer services possible.

The shareholder will now benefit from shares valuing much more than its present value. Bankers will also advantage because with the heavy costs incurred with this starting, Ryanair will require some sort of funding means and this is where bankers will advantage.

This option will require Ryanair to get heavily in acquisition costs but this is a tiny price to pay for all the rewards, which it will bring. Not only will this program improve the public's belief of Ryanair, but can also increase success of the Air travel.

All of Ryanair's stakeholders is immediately from the airline's businesses and are a vital area of the expansion and development process of the company


The implementation of Option 2 would be successful because of the fact that Ryanair have all the resources needed for this starting.

It is seen from the diagram below that over the years 2005 - 2008, there is about two times progress in Ryanair's revenue plus more than 50% increase in profits. This proves that Ryanair's profit generation will continue to grow inescapable over the next few years. This financial potential shows to be very crucial in implementation of this option.

Figure 7: Diagram displaying Ryanair's growth in revenue and profits generated over the time 2005 - 2009.

Over days gone by year, Ryanair's development shipped more and even better paying jobs for their people, as well as a great number of marketing promotions. Whilst their employees' pay is between the best in Europe, they manage their rosters to increase productivity and making the most of employees' time off. Along with the implementation of the option, Ryanair will continue to provide thousands of new jobs and many promotional opportunities for their people as their size doubles over time to come.

With an average fare, which is 50% cheaper than other major European airline, it is no real surprise that Ryanair continues to grow strongly. In recent International Air Transfer Association (IATA) air travel rankings affirmed that Ryanair has become the world's most significant carrier of international travellers, making them the world's most liked flight.

Air travel in general and low fare airlines specifically continue to be the target of inaccurate episodes from small section environmentalists that air travel is responsible for 2% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Several recent studies into environmental performance of Western airlines have ranked Ryanair as the greenest cleanest flight in Europe. At Ryanair, every possible step to reduce the impact of traveler flights on the surroundings is taken. This is done by

- Traveling Brand new more efficient aircrafts

- Increasing the amount of passenger flights

- Ensuring that all airplane systems comes after all fuel and noises minimisation methods

Both management and employees are focused on causeing this to be strategy successful. Management's target is the fact employees understand the strategy and are focused on Ryanair.

The determination and determination of Ryanair's employees is paramount to their performance.

Management recognises the importance of effective communication using its people. Ryanair integrated a newsletter "The Limited Release" to all or any staff making certain employees are held up to-date on the plans, issues and problems facing the industry, and daily media bulletins are also given. All staff advantages from considerable travel concessions in Ryanair and reduced travel with other service providers.

Due to these incentives and excellent working environment at Ryanair, employees exert a greater effort in making Ryanair successful.

Ryanair's steady progress is being achieved in the most environmentally ecological way through investing in the latest airplane and engine systems and implementing the most efficient functional and commercial steps that help to minimise the airline's effect on the environment. Ryanair is currently the industry innovator in terms of environmental efficiency and is constantly working towards further bettering its performance.

Implementation Issues

In the execution of the option chosen, the following implementation issues need to be considered and monitored

- Financial- Ryanair appears to be in a financially stable position to effectively put into action this option

- Individuals Resources- Ryanair must be sure that their employees are properly been trained in order to show and portray the business's image

- Legal Issues- Ryanair must consider the legislation and legal constraints and issues of the various countries in which they operate

- Management of change- it must also be ensured that Ryanair's professionals possess the management skills to be able to successfully control change. Change is unavoidable.

Based on the evaluation of the suitability, acceptability and feasibility of your options chosen for expansion and expansion of Ryanair, it could be seen that the execution of option 2 is most feasible and would generate the most returns in the foreseeable future.

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