The Impact Of Globalization On Occupation Commerce Essay

Globalization has in no doubt affected just how people work. It has resulted into radical and swift changes that call for adjustments in work procedures of different company. This report reveals a report on the effect of globalization on career policies. The National Loan provider of Abu Dhabi is likely to be used as our circumstance where its career policies will be outlined with special considerations about how this have an effect on it industrial relationships. The report starts by describing what is meant by globalization accompanied by a brief examination of the Country wide Loan provider of Abu Dhabi, its staff profile and its own achievements. The statement will the showcase the impact of globalization on occupation strategies accompanied by a close examination of what results dual labor has already established on the banks industrial relations. Grievance techniques of the company and how it relates to the UAE regulation is certainly going o be captured too with special thought on how the lender makes its employees alert to these procedures. The conclusion will contain three personal recommendations on what should be achieved to put the bank at par with other financial institutions in your community and the earth.

The idea of Globalization

With the globe becoming a global village based on modern developments in technology, operate politics, socio-cultural norms and world economies, the pushes of change are so strong to an extent that all aspects of life call for adjustments. This trend is known as globalization (Bentolila & Gilles, 2003, p. 56). It entails a process that brings about transformation of local and regional cultures into international or global ones thus unifying a modern culture and making it work together as you. This has culminated into establishment of international economies through trade, circulation of capital, investment, migration, and technology stream and its effects. Traditional barriers retained by governments are the main victims of the style as people are compelled to depart the constraints and actively engage in several affairs at an international stage. Means of doing business havent been spared by globalization either. The pressure has called for adjustments in various business field s especially in real human resource. Employment procedures have been tweaked to fit today's world requirements of the labor market in order to realize any targets of a business.

Organizational patterns places labor as you of the most crucial factor that determines performance (Holley et al. 2008, p. 11). This paper seeks to emphasize the impact of globalization on career strategies with further emphasis moving to mitigatory system that are employed to handle off challenges that might come with this. The National Standard bank of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates will form an analysis platform for this research and therefore we will be able to set up and understand the grievance method in place in the business and its impact on industrial relations. Grievance procedures are simply just the protocols that worker and employer follow in order to address staff problems amicably and satisfactorily.

Company information

Based in the Arab world, the Country wide Bank or investment company of Abu Dhabi is among one of the very most competitive financial institutions that has dedicated much of its initiatives to competitively serve both local and international customers. Under its leader Mr. Michael H. Tomalin and mother board chairman H. E. Nasser Ahmed Khalifa Alsowaidi, the lender has managed to scoop several top awards because of its services, the most known one being 2011 prize distributed by Thompson Reuters and complinet spotting the lender as 'the best international compliance officer' as shown by john garret, the organizations' general director and chief compliance officer (The Country wide Loan provider of Abu Dhabi, 2011). The bank also boasts of being who owns the best investment product. It was the best arranger and best financial information provider via the internet.

These awards together with many others are associated to the banking institutions employee determination to its eye-sight that fosters on the 'future acknowledgement of the lender as the world's best Arab bank or investment company'. These successes are also indicated in the lenders objective 'to provide its customers with exceptional services that induce products and providing services of enduring value' which, will help its customers expand. The lender has a set of values that are in no doubt behind its efficiency in providing quality services to its customers. A few of these values are the need to comprehend customer needs, teamwork, being accessible night and day, withholding the worthiness of stakeholders, recognizing people as its greatest asset and thus safeguarding their pursuits and acknowledging the necessity to be dedicated to its traditions and maintaining a confident global perspective (The National Loan provider of Abu Dhabi, 2011). The lender in addition has made a few pledges to its customers which include knowing them, understanding their needs, hearing them, dedicating its energies to portion its customers and eventually increase with them.

By analyzing these pledges, there's a clear indicator that good and well determined employees are key to achieving them. It really is worthy to recognize that unless the lender has an complex grievance addressing process, most of its quest and vision can't be realized. The lender has among the better employee targeted attention which is greatly backed by good employment policies. The bank employment plan first identifies its employees as the utmost valuable property and goes forward to supply the most satisfying working environment and compensation packages which allows them enhance their careers. It has made the bank the biggest company among other commercial lenders with its employees coming from all over the world.

Other employment procedures of the bank focus on Emiratization which simply means attracting the most competent nationals of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by providing an effective and a well rewarding banking career. Pre-employment training is also embraced by the lender employment insurance policies which also create room for employees to seek further training while still working. This come in form of your energy allowances for various new training programs (The National Lender of Abu Dhabi, 2011). Training of potential employees is one of the banks employment regulations which seeks to soak up freshly graduated students from different academics fields thus creating a home window of diversifying strategies which do not have to come from business scholars only. Globalization has a lot of effect on employment prospects of the lender. Despite the fact that the federal government is motivating Emiritization (employing more UAE individuals), the bank has 61 percent of its employees from exterior UAE with only 39 percent being UAE citizens by 2010. Out of the quantity, 60 percent are female.

Impact of globalization on career strategies

Globalization and Job security

Globalization has brought about a very fierce competition in occupation. This is because through globalization, you can find significant migration of experienced professionals who are seeking lucrative professions (Bentolila & Gilles, 2003, p. 59). National Lender of Abu Dhabi is among top in the list of the most secure banks on earth. It has additionally attracted many specialists from various areas of the globe. It has come along with a lot of job insecurity as any employer is likely to choose the most trained. Security of tenure has declined and jobs have grown to be less permanent. The web effect of this is the emergence of non-standard form of job such as short-term and part-time employments. It has lead to alterations in banks job policy which is currently shaped to support all types of employment forms.

Employee turnover seen as a workers mobility in addition has increased resulting in notable changes in worker- employer interactions within the banking institutions workforce. Employees have in many events indicated their reservations to dispensable employment agreements with the majority of them employed in fear of burning off their jobs uncertainly. This greatly influences employees who've not yet had an chance to up grade their educational backgrounds thus lowering their employability. However, the bank has made a provision in its occupation policies grievance procedure to provide training opportunities for it employees which is supposed to help them advance their career.

Globalization has feature a lot of scientific changes and exactly like any other bank, the National Standard bank of Abu Dhabi must employ people with the most recent skills in technology. Although bank has not were required to send people packaging predicated on modern skills acquisitions and technology recognition, most job quits have been voluntary where employees get back to training institutions for further training (The Country wide Bank or investment company of Abu Dhabi, 2011). Globalization also includes a great deal of competition from other competitors thus effecting job security of employees. Companies have in many situations laid off a few of its personnel to lessen costs of doing business and in order to face competitors with a least expensive and efficient workforce. The bank has at point succumbed to makes of globalization such as those to call for outsourcing of labor. This calls for employing workers from different parts of the world without always allowing them enjoy normal employee benefits such as security of tenure. This has further made careers more insecure as outsourced labor might be just as effective as original. This has also resulted in a big change in the lenders employment policies which have also shifted to outsourcing and training it employees on probation before full proposal.

Effects of Low skilled personnel on career policies

The level of education possessed by employees has in a huge way inspired their employability at the National Loan company of Abu Dhabi. It is noticeable beyond any affordable hesitation that only the best trained staff are securing lucrative careers with the most reputable companies. The bank stresses on its search to tap the best & most skilled specialists from across the world, a fact that is boosted by the globalization period. Although the bank sector hasn't experienced much layoff credited to under skilled staff, the situation has it that most original or traditional employees are being outdone by recently graduated people thus adding their employability at risk of being lost. Technology plays a major role in evaluating skills as it is one of the very most powerful forces globalization reckon with. Occupation plans have therefore been tweaked to enable your bank acquire the most qualified individuals or still by supplying a training bundle before being employed. Education does not only have an impact on employability but also gaining.

Being a leading financial institution, the National Loan company of Abu Dhabi employs the best candidates for different jobs from the management to subordinate (The Country wide Lender of Abu Dhabi, 2011). This implies that the institution is only ready to pay highly to the best employees and therefore forcing off least trained individuals. Studies also show that lowly ranked jobs that want low academic requirements are going to less competitive surroundings with more competitive environments dealing with the best. Career strategies of the bank have never depicted any form of bias on locals and foreigners. The only real disparity comes from the government's coverage to have the variety of UAE nationals employed in local institutions increased. The bank has taken care of immediately this favorably by increasing UAE nationals working in it from 36 percent in 2009 2009 to 39 percent in 2010 2010 (The Country wide Bank of Abu Dhabi, 2011). This move has however not brought on a great deal of changes in its career policies because the external world supplies the best set alongside the local labor market.

Effects of Globalization on Sweatshop Exploitation & Toxic Imports

Globalization has by a good way encouraged the transfer of cheap labor especially form countries suffering from unemployment but with good educational back grounds. Which means that the employees of the characteristics are highly certified but willing to take on low paying careers and at the same time work for long hours (Bentolila & Gilles, 2003, p. 63). This phenomenon is generally associated with developed countries or those recognized to be rich. UAE is no exception as it includes among the better institutions recognized internationally like the National Loan provider of Abu Dhabi. This loan company has also fallen prey to the problem as the majority of its labor force (61 %) result from outdoor UAE. Although this cannot be immediately associated with foreigners being inexpensive to hire, it holds true that interacting with local or indigenous employees is more technological compared to foreigners. Regulations has deposit very sturdy and complicated guidelines that target at safeguarding its citizens from exploitation. This might in a single way or the other impact the banks job policy position of absorbing more foreigners to work there.

The bank is also at risk of importing dangerous labor as incompetent employees could be brought in. This sort of workers are believed to be interested small amount of time benefits and are therefore more likely to devote extra efforts to accomplish their short term objectives and therefore becoming harmful not only to future company potential customers but also to the labor market. This is one of the major reasons the government of UAE has said necessary for employers to acquire at least 40 percent of their employees to be UAE nationals. This move is aimed at embracing the future efforts of the national economy and the country's future in general. Although sweetshops may have an optimistic effect on a firm's profits, critics argue that there surely is a far more negative effect in the foreseeable future prospects of an company since its general population image could be tempered with thus demeaning its performance. Locals are also likely to give a cold reception to the bank and withdraw their trust from it thus jeopardizing its operations in your community.

Sweetshop and harmful workers also create as a risk to original employees by reducing their job security because they're cheaper to hire. His is another concern the National Standard bank of Abu Dhabi is facing therefore of it having a huge number of foreigners who are acknowledged almost equally by UAE labor laws.

Globalization and technology

Among the achievements attained by the National Loan provider of Abu Dhabi has been in the forefront in applying highly technology based mostly services. This is in line with what globalization comes with especially in information technology. The bank acquired the best mobile exchange and the best prepaid credit card categories from the smart card awards in the centre East region. This means that that the lender has a better chance of surviving in the world of technology thus attracting more customers (The Country wide Standard bank of Abu Dhabi, 2011). However, the bank is equally confronted with challenges that come with this. Technology applications require a reduction of the work force as it permits performance of different tasks without relating any people. Technological globalization also demands job slices across all industries especially in low profiled careers such as auditing and networking. This occurrence has forced the bank to change its employment insurance policies to match the existing conditions by reducing the number of folks it employs every year. The usage of technology has naturally affected what sort of bank utilizes people be it from the UAE or the Diaspora.

Dual Labor Market and its impact on professional relationships issues in the bank

The United Arab Emirates has experienced a great deal of changes in trade recently. It has become a major commercial center with the market becoming more diverse and strong, serving as a major re-exporting center in the Middle East and other parts of the world like Africa. The emirate has seduced a great deal of attention from investors simply because they have very few logistical costs which make business operations easier. This has lead to a rise in financial activities anticipated to improvements of business in a variety of companies such as tourism, carry and banking among numerous others. Such changes in virtually any overall economy will in without doubt attract a great deal of people who'll be ready to work there. This idea is further assured by the international chain of incidents and changes in the manner people do business.

Globalization has come with a dual labor market effects which include effecting changes in commercial relations issues of several organizations. This trend is thought to split the labor market into two specifically primary and secondary sectors. These industries are either discovered with high or low value added staff or along formal and informal sectors. A difference between local people and foreigners is out there in the National Loan provider of Abu Dhabi around job levels are concerned (The National Bank or investment company of Abu Dhabi, 2011). This is evident from the way the bank has kept short term job to foreigners as these comes with no or little promotions to raised positions. The extra sector of the dual market best points out this. Wages offered are deterred by the market forces and for that reason at the mercy of change whenever economical drivers change. This kind of jobs is also seen as a low level skilled workers, low income, impermanence, easy entrance and low results basing on ones experience. The National Lender of Abu Dhabi has in many events advertised such jobs beyond your country and especially on the internet. Therefore that the most preferable way to obtain these staff is the Diaspora.

Although the bank is positioned as among the finest employers basing on what it offers to its employees as incomes, workers who fall under extra sector of dual labor market receive the least repayments. This effect is therefore of the dynamism experience by the planet labor markets therefore of globalization. Dual labor market ideas assert that immigration of workers is therefore of monetary globalization and effective penetration across boundaries by potential employees (Holley et al. 2008, p. 52). Therefore, this is a significant effect of globalization of occupation policies o the Country wide Loan company of Abu Dhabi as it utilizes 61 percent of its employees from beyond your country. International fads of migrations by staff are manipulated by labor demands from modern civilization.

Industrial relationships of the bank have therefore been affected by these changes prompting the lender to seek cheap labor from around the world. Dual labor conditions in the centre East are still so much prevalent therefore of low numbers of local professionals which encourages foreigners come looking for careers in the emirate. The net effect is the fact foreigners have the largest employee stakes in most UAE based organizations.

The grievance technique in place in the business and its impact on industrial relations

A grievance is defined as any form of discontent impacting on an organizations performance and thus can be referred to as either being reputable, unvoiced, dental, written or even ridiculous. If this example is not correctly addressed, it may lead to an extremely poor relationship between the employees and the management. Such issues are very harmful to any organizations performance and therefore very injurious to customers who depend on such institutions. An arranged form of settling these issues of employee dissatisfaction is referred to as grievance technique. Whether unionized or not, all companies are required by the UAE legislation to have a well established grievance treatment. The National Bank of Abu Dhabi is not any exception as it has generated good communication mechanisms thanks to its human source of information department.

The loan provider allows it employees to join labor unions in the united states (The National Loan provider of Abu Dhabi, 2011). By so doing, the bank expects to get all grieving concerns concerning its staff who happen to be from UAE and the Diaspora. Staff awareness is respectable as the bank organizes several conferences among its employees with special factor of both local and imported labor force. These conferences hire a few modifications in addressing staff grievances because of other organizational constructions of the lender since the needs of different personnel are varied or sent out along the overall spectrum of staff grievances. For example, other staff might be complaining of salaries while other could comfortable with what they earn but not with the working environments they are put through. Different companies have different grievance techniques which involve a series of successive steps. The National Loan company of Abu Dhabi has managed to get clear to its staff of the four steps it needs it follow which can be;

Holding conversation conferences among its aggrieved personnel in presence of an supervisor and if possible a representative from the employees union.

Hosting of constructive meetings between your middle management and their counterparts in the staff member union.

Top management then meets to handle the grievances alongside the top union market leaders with both parties being officially informed by their juniors of the prior meetings

The fourth and the last step involve an arbitration process which involves close scrutiny of the issues. It is out of this dialogue that workers are expected to have their grievances addressed.

Since employees could be having different demands especially in salaries and other remunerations for local and overseas employees, the lender has different sections that care for each part separately (The Country wide Bank of Abu Dhabi, 2011).

Grievance techniques are evenly upheld by the labor regulations of the United Arab Emirates. According to College or university of Pennsylvania; Midsection East Research Institute (1985, p. 67), regulations has undergone some transformations since effects of globalization started taking place. The federal laws #9 9 of 1980 is the most commonly used piece of legislation as it pertains to labor issues. This legislation defines who an employee is with the main point because of this research being that it does not discriminate employees by their places of origins. Therefore, we can say that the laws and regulations go with what the Country wide Standard bank f Abu Dhabi occupation plans that allow it utilize a lot of its employees from outside the country (The Country wide Bank or investment company of Abu Dhabi, 2011).

Termination of work as a solution to a worker-employees crisis is also embraced by the UAE labor laws and regulations. This law targets the need to have an employee go a test in whatever job they apply for. The law allows a six month probation period under which an employer is allowed to dismiss a potential employee if he or she fails to gratify all certain requirements. Looking at this with the National Loan company of Abu Dhabi work policy, this laws appears to go hand in hand with the presence of temporal and non-standard job position such as deals and internships (The National Standard bank of Abu Dhabi, 2011). This opportunity is mainly beneficial to an employer as this allow her or him to terminate employment without supplying terminal work benefits. These grievances laws and regulations do not addresses the biases in nationality of employees. It identifies anybody legally allowed to work there as any other worker.

The only disparity found in labor laws and regulations of UAE based on nationalities is the clause that discover the utilization of Arabic as the official language of writing and keeping information. The law however allows the use of other languages on paper but still preserves that Arabic prevails in any situation therefore phoning for documentation in different languages as long as Arabic remains formal.

The legislations also requires a worker to engage constructively with his or her employer for negotiations before any final decision is made. The employer must present his / her grievance to the workplace in writing (failing to which no steps can be studied) and accompanied by meetings to go over the promises (University of Pennsylvania; Midsection East Research Institute, 1985, p. 69). The law also allows employees to document appeals against employer decisions which can not be actually correct. Regulations is not seen to favor the UAE nationals per se but it sometimes appears to encourage corporations to hire the locals. The government has embarked on an extremely serious marketing campaign to boost the volume of UAE nationals in what it calling Emiritazation the only real differentiation seen between foreign and local employees.

Procedural addressing of staff grievances by the National Lender of Abu Dhabi by participating them in discussions matches regulations provision for casual settlement of the conflicts. Regulations allows employer and employee to resolve their issues independently without necessary going right through the law. Basing on such types of procedures used by the lender in dealing with its staff grievances, it is accurate to say that the bank concurs with the labor laws and regulations of UAE. These laws have had a good impact on both employer and employees as they allow them solve their differences on a natural platform. The UAE has generally adapted the international criteria of grievance techniques. This decision has resulted in employees of the bank settle for it. The types of procedures seem to be all inclusive as the offer with all types of grievances which may arise, grounds that may be behind the approval of the task by most if not absolutely all employees.


Globalization has come along with many changes especially in the labor marketplaces. Companies have been pressured to change their employment insurance policies to complement with the present day global demands. The National Standard bank of Abu Dhabi is one of such institutions that are faced by challenges that include globalization. The overall effects as discovered include changes in labor markets which enable export of labor abroad. This is demonstrated by the fact that 61 percent of the banking institutions employees come from outside UAE. This pressure has brought on an alteration in employment regulations especially in seeking the most competent individuals. High influx of employees in to the country has made the bank embark on a thorough training curriculum before formal employment. It has helped in sieving out under competent employees. The UAE regulations on labor are also conversant with the new trends of labor as dictated by globalization. It identifies foreigners exactly like it can to locals although it advocating for higher numbers of UAE nationals working in local firms.

The National Loan provider of Abu Dhabi has a more developed grievance procedure. It caters for some of the most notorious hitches of its employees by phoning for dialogue using its employees. This provides an possibility to informally solve any problem and thus avoid impacting its performance and public image. Although industrial relations of the bank have been afflicted by the changes in the labor market, the organization maintains its goal of the best employees by tapping the best abilities through its comprehensive training programs. This has empowered it maintain a sound relationship with its employees thus retaining its leading position in your community and the globe as the best financial institution.

Basing on what has took place and what is likely to come, I would recommend the following activities to the establishment in order to keep up and improve its local and international image.

Avoid any plan adjustments that are likely to develop a bias between local people and overseas employees. This is because the term is changing at an extremely rapid and constant rate implying that the future demand more integration. Any attempts to accept such moves will make the bank more local and therefore repel international attention.

Focus on staff affairs interested programs such as training. This will be done by discovering training packages such as refresher programs. This can in no doubt boost the company's grievance treatment.

The government should also come up with labor regulations that are ideal and matches today's trends of doing business. Just as much as the government would wish to advocate for better work position of its citizens, it will bear in mind that the world is changing signifying the firms even in the UAE will be successful when putting on a global face. It should encourage a competitive process like calling for acquisition of better academics skills which will obviously address the issue without being detrimental to any sector of its current economic climate.

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