The Present Business Strategy Of Mcdonalds Commerce Essay

Macro environment includes sociable and demographic, legal and politics process, technical, and environmental factors (Kotler, 2003). The forces in Macro environment have a significant impact at the amount of industry. Macro environment refers to some exterior factors which can be uncontrollable and effects in decision making of any company. Sometimes business has to change their business strategy in the change of macro environment. This change is clear for large company when they are widening their business nationally and internationally in the line of new operations. In business term it is named PESTEL evaluation. In 1890 and early on 1990 PEST causes was trusted to identify the near future business fads. (John Kew, and John Stredwick, p1). Gerry Johnson etl (p54) also emphasizes that the PEST tools can be used to identify the near future movements of business and the effect on organization.

As we know that business is constantly reacting to changes in the environments in which they operate. This is because a PEST analysis of Political, Economical, Public, and Technological factors will expose lots of the external influences over a business performance Therefore, a Infestations analysis is recognized as a good tool for analysing an enterprise and specifically understanding market progress or decline. (Robert J. And Chapman, p-118).

PESTEL Factors


Local, Country wide, Global policies

Administrative burden

Tax, tax, Tax

Political effect, pressure


Inflation, unemployment, trade

GDP, intake, investment, growth


Monetary insurance plan, fiscal policy



Demographic (national and local)- time, gender, race.

Households, education, health

Income syndication, expenditure

Life style and work, leisure balance

Social responsibility and business ethics


Information technology, digital electronics

New organized materials

New energy sources

Micro technologies


Cost/benefits, implementation


Employment regulation: health, data protection, race, sex, disability, employment rights, employment relations.

Customer law: description of goods, sale of goods, safety of goods

Corporate legislations: company laws, fair trading, competition law, surveillance.


Global warming


unsustainable development

methodologies and process- farming, nuclear power

stake holder vitality, influence

The Impact of Economic and Sociable environment on McDonalds Corporation:

Economic factors

All companies are affected by countrywide and global economical factors. National and global interest and fiscal policy will be arranged around financial conditions. The weather of the overall economy dictates how consumers, suppliers and other organisational stakeholders such as suppliers and collectors behave within world.

Economic factors have an effect on both business organization and its own consumers and customer irrespectively. Increase of interest rate affects a businesses cost of capital; exchange rate affects the expense of exporting goods and offer and price of brought in goods in an overall economy. Inflation may provoke higher wage needs from employees and cost. Business will need to understand how to cope with the changes of cost-effective factors.

McDonalds collaborates with suppliers to obtain fresh, high quality element for their products and at the same time reducing the price of food. So coping with the international suppliers the McDonalds face a whole lot of economic factors such as currency exchange. An economy having recession will have high unemployment, low spending electric power and low stakeholder self-confidence. Conversely a "booming" or growing current economic climate will have low unemployment, high spending power and high stakeholder self confidence.

In recent years junk food industry has experienced a fatal impact due to the credit crunch, and we can see the reflection on changing of the menu price. Also the bare minimum salary of hourly paid worker has been increased which increase the company cost. Regarding McDonald's company changing the cost-effective factors cannot affect the company strategy. The company that is more downturn resistant. They offered a supplementary two million customers per month in 2008 weighed against last year. In addition they offer 4000 new job in these tougher trading time.

The UK inflation Rate

Annual inflation rates - 12 month percentage change

The amount above shows the in UK the inflation rate in June, at 1. 8 % in 2009 2009. We are able to see that there is also a large downward pressure from restaurants and hotels where prices increased by less than this past year.

In 2008 the global similar sales increase 6. 9%, revenues increased to a record $23. 5 billion, and income per share rose 17 and 15 percent respectively. In 2009 2009 global similar sales development t 3. 8%, gaining per share rose by 9% respectively. This circumstance proves that the business has achieved a reasonable level success because of better selections, extending the beginning time, renovate restaurants and technology.

The economical progress indicates that the recession does not influence the sales progress of McDonald because of their product pricing strategy and the concentrate on customer needs.

Social factors

The changes of social factors demand to change the management strategy of the company. Population changes will be the one of the essential factors that includes a direct impact on organizations. Changes in the structure of a populace will have an impact on the supply and demand of goods and services in a economy. Falling beginning rates will result in decreased demand and increased competition as the number of consumers fall season. Conversely a rise in the global human population and world food shortage predictions are leading to calls for greater investment in food creation.

Therefore, organisations must be able to offer products and services that aim to complement and profit people's lifestyle and behavior. If organisations do not respond to changes in society they will lose market talk about and demand for his or her product or service.

Social culture like values, attitudes, and believes differ from country to country even within the same geographical area can be mixed. Social forces affect our attitudes, hobbies and views. Within the UK people's behaviour are changing towards their diet and health. As a result the UK is seeing an increase in the number of people subscribing to fitness night clubs and an enormous growth for the demand of organic food. This past year McDonalds was alleged by socially. McDonalds is food is critically commenting because of over weight among the list of young and children. Along with other diseases like cardiovascular and cholesterol. The fatness of teenagers has become a social problem. They add some new food in their menu like, salad, high grade salad, fruits beg, and carrot sticks.

Considering the future of the business the business and the convenience of customers McDonalds Company has taken some initiatives for adding nutritional information for those menu items on the opposite of their tray liners and stamping healthy labelling on the product packaging of its food items. The McDonalds Happy meals contain less than 35 percent of calories from fat and 600 calorie consumption.


To illustrate the question the Part-B we need to understand and emphasis on several thing which help to produce a strong business strategy like general market trends. Market research can offer authentic the information which will be present durability for the organization and help avoid future environmental danger.

In the competitive business marketplaces McDonald's encounters competition from other businesses. Additionally, economical, legal and scientific changes, interpersonal factors, the retail environment and a great many other elements have an effect on McDonald's success on the market.

To identify the business enterprise position and its own strengths and weaknesses should do market research. Market research identifies these factors and anticipates how they will affect people's determination to buy. Market research considers exactly what impacts buying decisions. It could be the mental factors or product itself. As the economy and social attitudes changes customer's buying habits. McDonald's corporation needs to identify whether the amounts of targeted customers are growing or shrinking and whether their buying practices will be modified in the foreseeable future. In some instances psychological factors are important, e. g. what image will the product give or how the consumer feels when purchasing it.

These additional mental health factors are significantly important to the client. They can be even more important than the products' physical benefits. Through marketing, McDonald's establishes a prominent position in the heads of customers.

The impact of Macro environment especially on global business group is significant to improve its business strategy and the change of its procedures. Macro environment also contain the control of future business decision making. The affects of monetary and social environment will be the major factor for a business organisation to improve its business infrastructure. In recent years the fast food industry has encountered a fatal an economical recession but still it comes with an impact on some business company. The overall sales falls worldwide, some group could not create new job opportunity at all. If we go through the background of McDonald's Corporation's we will find that that in 2008 the global equivalent sales increase 6. 9%, income increased to a record $23. 5 billion, and profits per share rose 17 and 15 percent respectively. During the time of recession the business was operating their business efficiently. Also they created 4000 new job opportunity where as other company has to cut down their employee to lessen their cost. For instance, McDonald's maintained a 33% stake in the Pret A Manger.

Economy is the vital factor for technical advancement of the country. If the united states is economically stable than they invent new technology an create it to facilitate the business enterprise activities internally and externally. McDonald's organization is economically table and doing their business in developed countries and the choice of the client of those countries, style and life style, behaviour has been considered consciously to reach the success of the business. The organization has recently used technology on till procedure and production. In UK restaurant portable communication devices already are being used to consider requests and minimise the queuing times in 500 of McDonald's UK restaurants.

They have an idea to use in a few 561 drive-thru restaurants BT Start area Wi-Fi hotspots to attract travelling business people. In america, cellular communication system in 400 restaurants in four places attracted new, mainly older users. Touch screen Television sets will be piloted in 10 restaurants through the first quarter in 2008. Internet terminals and PlayStations will tend to be introduced this season.

McDonald's corporation add the present day technology to build more customers and uphold their branding image even in the fatal downturn time. To make a more secure position in business market In January 2008, McDonald's started out verifying its prices in the united states depending on local economical conditions. In this particular the company increased some food prices to be able to compensate for higher general food costs.

McDonalds Company is also socially matter. As their business operation is linked one another they can give attention to local customer choice. To appeal to the customer and make McDonalds more desirable they are simply refurbishing and decorating its restaurants. Taking into consideration the local tastes they have got redesigned 2000 restaurant with informal dining and restaurant. New staff outfits are being unveiled in 2008, designed by Bruce Oldfield. The refurbishment and creating new image of McDonalds has been possible because of good turnover of business.

McDonalds is most popular recognised brand in junk food world. If they intrude in a fresh business market in new country they need to comply with the federal government policy, keep rate with the political unrest and other political barriers.

As McDonald's business strategy is to concentrate on customer needs and gratify their needs, they try to provide their best service in line with the taste, selection of the people of the country. They also consider the religious value norms and customer attitudes of the customer. For example, in a few Muslim country they serve Halal food to the customer.

McDonald's void the plastic material condiments beg and focused on use environmentally friendly product packaging and recycle it is good decision to protect the balance of environment. In 2008, McDonalds announced that of its Sheffield restaurants have been using a biomass trial that got cut its waste and carbon footprint by 50 % in the area. Furthermore, in Europe, McDonalds has been recycling veg grease by changing it fuel for his or her diesel trucks.


The affect of Macro Environment in a specific business company is a continuing matter and so it is clear that McDonald's restaurant is within its effect in marketing decision making. Not surprisingly hard environment, McDonald's delivered another exceptional of progress, submitting strong sales and increased market show surrounding the world. In '09 2009, global similar sales increased 3. 8 percent. Earnings per talk about for the year increased 9 percent to $41. 11, while consolidated operating income increased 6 percent. According

The CEO of McDonald's corporation gladly said you can find nothing serious about our plan to gain. It essentially identifies the five primary divers of our own industry-leading owner/ operators, world-class suppliers and talented, experienced employees around initiatives that drive results.

Following the marketing strategy of McDonald's it is highly visible that economical and social factors played out significant role on the list of other Macro environmental components. McDonald's has effectively overcome the financial recession and interpersonal responsibility and gained scientific advancement.

Though recently federal has become tight to provide agreement the marketing of fast food restaurant as a result of health related issues but McDonalds Firm has defeat those issues and enhance their business in the competitive business market.

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