The Pros And Cons Of Bureaucratic Organizations Business Essay

The Hewlett Packard or (HP) is a standard multi national organization, that has been and offers its consumers with its constant matrix of products and services in the segments of pcs, business solutions, technology and other related services across the globe. In the stage of large level mergers inhabiting around, the Hewlett Packard (HP) entitled to dominate Compaq Personal computers in the entire year 2002 that was recorded among the largest mergers in the current business period of the world It widened with a standard transition with a net work force increase to over 120, 000 lined at several branches across the globe. This changeover was incepted to cater to the increasing demand compositions of the market. This has considered a light in increasing the sales by seventy million us dollars.

The journey established on when two Americans William Hewlett and David Packard joined up with hands to create the company Hewlett Packard, in their father's Storage earlier in america. And now it offers ranged to become one of the famous large of world computer market. The production of personnel pcs for home and Business use was where the company began its cellar in 1980 to press up to the international market. This process endeavored the Horsepower Company in gaining annual earnings of 2 million U. S dollars. Inside the 1960's the company produced sound oscillators before introducing personal computers the majority of companies and consumers use Horsepower pcs printers and printer ink cartridges.

The Pros and Cons of bureaucratic organizations

The primary power of any firm stands when the most notable level management has the total control on the business and its processes, The HP happened to post the same enigma, as the full total control of a corporation had been witnessed as the primary power of this bureaucratic organization. The most significant prospect had been statured to have a skilled set of employees for managing the organization.

As the data and growth of the skilled employees who posses a good knowledge helps the business grow substantially. The most notable level management when has a complete hand over the under level staffs, the management would have large scales of experience and knowledge to rise. the dismissal of random choices can be secured by bureaucratic organization to help showcase and protect job security.

As this team helps in assisting the Mother board of Directors in providing additional in context to the current growth and status of the organization, which helps in vital decision making in the organization subject to stakeholders election. But this is not so good for the staffs. There because of it helps in obtaining the goals and objectives of the business enabling it to reach your goals.

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The road of most advantages also offers a numerous cons too, The bureaucratic group, are sometimes considered as problems. with a few notary Cons. The system sight only on the earnings making credits and services of the business and not any personnel related advantages are observed. This problem might as well lift the inefficiency requirements of the business.

The main cause of this is the system only centers resource allocation and not some other aspect. There by this rationale least helps in earnings making to the business, which really is a negative constraint. The effect on the modern culture in the cause of undetermined welfare of the general public can be one of the negative prospect of this bureaucratic system.

For occasion Carter (http://www. helium. com) state governments that organizations have a tendency to are unsuccessful in many prospects due to this system a it ends up with the wastage of useful resources in framework to duty for revenue etc. This may create a partial impact on the staff of the organization as well as the higher authorities hold the control over the complete organization. And there by reduces the efficiency of the work power by the have an effect on of cultural and moral prices in the organization.

(Carter, http://www. helium. com).

Challenges on Desk-HP Business

The expansion and progress will be the two constituents of development of any business during development in the process all employees of the organization are confined to see numerous amount of troubles. These problems occur during mergers of the company. This focus decides the point out of development of an organization To be able to expand the need and change of the business; the organizational development component can be used. to help improve the knowledge transfer to be able to recreate a new change process successfully. The core go up to all or any these targets is to improve the employee's knowledge on the modified process other sensible it will lead to inefficiency. There by the following a systematic way of implementing the change with in the business helps in the smooth jogging in the task force and escalates the efficiency levels as well.

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In the process of values stimulation of the stakeholder's international business on a large scale is necessary, this can help in bettering the competence levels. The procedure reopens the coordination of secular group of blind businesses. The HP had a great task in executing this while merging with the computer company Compaq Personal computers. The advantages of low cost deal on all the technology products helped HP and small create a huge advantage in the market. The integration of functions helped to build a competitive edge, and impacted customer and brought up to improve the customer satisfaction levels as well.

A proper execution manual helped the company in building its business process and a brandname image. Since that time the organization proved to be successful in increasing its complete position and further helped itself explore new heights. The aim of transforming the organization into a Muti countrywide was achieved successfully. The employee's matter raised in various parts of the entire world and with the help of additional varied experts around the world, the company redefined its terminal goals and is position large in the global market today.

This management system improvement integrated HP and the Compaq to a merged success in reaching its goals and objectives, and moving towards a combined confront all the management efficiencies of the employees of the organization. its management system was of central value For Hewlett Packard for five decades, the management system and its own core beliefs have been an important aspect for the company customers, the employees, the shareholders content.


Management of Professionals in the organizational transformation process-HP Norway

The role of Horsepower Norway professionals in the confront of change was humongous in the change process as they obtained an important palm to the expansion of the business. The primary motive of Horsepower was to explore new levels as a famous high-end technical operator across the globe. The employee behavior analysis was flawlessly done by the Horsepower Norway to enhance efficiencies of the HP employees, as it was essential to understand their transition focus to some other corporation in the improvement of utilizing change. From the virtue of Necessary changes that were planned.

The HP Norway team notified the issues related to integration during merger. In addition they enjoyed an important role is stabilizing the complete process during the transformation state not just with employee conflicts but also the rest of the ones. Most importantly this managing the business procedures change was a concern to the business, which explains why they had considered the support of Accenture.

Accenture is a higher profile organization. Which includes consistently proven its impact with huge giants in the organizational transformation process across the globe, to help them regulate their business to even running of the organization with an improved total process out put

(http://www. accenture. com).

HP Norway in association with Accenture

The target of the Horsepower was to balance the external sources to provide the stakeholders. Another important indicate capture for HP was to truly have a competitive price for all their products. Instead of standing tall in market as well. The team mapping idea of the Accenture got it right. Each team had various duties, in their contribution towards developing a better business, and management.

(http://www. accenture. com).


Substantial amount of information was collected through feed back again evaluation from the employees to the prospective of current persisting organizational culture.

This was one of the principal considerations taken to put on a web-based review by the Accenture team. This brought in an obvious picture of the employees way of thinking and potential in context with their genuine responses on the mature employees. The review also shared all the key chronicles of the business. This pertained to be one of the very most eminent survey based on which the organizational transformation commenced at the Horsepower and a competent team of Accenture helped Horsepower develop its Business.

Key Focus Areas

The survey empowered the business to pertain great feed again of the business that aided in acclimating the change resistivity of the employees. The critical success factors in a number of areas through strategically designed activities were discussed by a team with the help of the feed again analysis during integration process.

Module for Site Integration

The web-based integration was released by HP Norway officials. This is a gateway for integration and development. It quickly made the info available for the transition and also other information was ascertained. The information about the relocation and the integration process and the other interesting information taking place at the company on the internet based integration website was posted. This process was found to be quite a natural way and good sensible way to talk about the info and encourage the personnel. The team leaders to make it more efficient messaged the key aspects such as information about the work agenda and location to the employees. Hence this integration website attracted the employees and created positive responses.

Transfer of the Office buildings:

The newly arrived employees of HP and Compaq moved employees where repositioned in various locations. This is lead by the tech support team team with a moderate tenability of the employees and theirdepartment's. The technological team helped in clearing all the questions of the employees. This helped in creating an agreeable and warm atmosphere with in the organization. The base channels were established to entitle the employees of the horsepower and small with the surge in proper planning.


Organizational Change Models:

John P Kotter- The Eight Step Models

An extreme range of various selection of organizations create to deal the reallocation process of the company's employees. The many problems in an organization occur mostly anticipated to organizational changes or shifts in the procedures or further the mergers.

The Below listed will be the eight steps of John P Kotter's eight models

To use the recruiting efficiently, the individuals should be aliened in an productive manner i. e. the right people should be placed at the right time with the right objective.

The Human learning resource is quite part of any corporation, there by motivating them and creating positive mind will help boost the efficiency levels.

Every employee's work should be loved by the higher level management in order to improve his efficiencies.

The communication system should be reasonable as the everything provided to the employees should reach them on time and really should be appropriate.

There should be remains support of the team market leaders to the worker, especially at the time of odd situations to not hamper the efficiency of the workers.

The team leader should responsible enough to ensure that the old jobs are accomplished before a newbie of any new jobs.

Motivation plays an integral role could it be is one of the extremely important aspect of increasing the output.

The team innovator is to promote unity with in the worker groups this begins from the bigger level and grows to the low.

Masteso's Style of Organizational Change

The organizational change is primarily very important for any company to redefine their aim and keep improving their operations. This becomes a very important tool in regulating the main prospects of every organization. A proceeds shift the technique and techniques helps to materialize on the prevailing expertise and further improves the efficiency levels in order to put the business on a growth trajectory. There fore it is an important contribution to the business.

It is vital to design a proper change process and additional implement it properly. An organization involves several employees'stakeholders etc The followed change process should not have an impact on the constituents. The poor execution might lead to numerous disadvantages and may as well end up in disturbing the organizational moral. Hence it has to be carried out properly.

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Conceptual Organizational Change Model:

This is one of the ideal frame works that may be chosen. The alpha, Beta, Gama is the three scales which the evaluation is structured. The ultimate out put purpose is to keep a proper system of performing the change process. The change is very important in the organizational context but the switch in device creates barriers where the employees would find it difficult to change with the new mechanism's. There by the change process should be initiated in the guidance of experts so the change directed is achieved devoid of disputing the system and the objectives of the business. Hence this is a very important tool for the organizations to reach your goals.

Process Model for organizational change

This is an activity change applied by the organizations to handle tasks or operations in a step-by-step basis. The ideology behind executing these jobs in a step-by-step. Organized manner is to bring about a successful change in the organization. Structuring an array of tasks which are varied in framework to several factors largely rely upon the degree of change of the procedure model it can be an utmost necessity that various change model theories are presumed before initiating this change model in the business.

The structure also involves paperwork of all the tasks and operations, which is usually to be done by the management executives. Feather, they aught to ensure that the guidelines and the change guidelines are strictly followed by the work make hence this procedures would achieve success and also help in nurturing efficiencies and capabilities of the organization if it generates an optimistic impact.

Kaizen Strategy Model for the Organizational Change

The team leader's the rightfulperson, whose responsibility is to screen the whole process, they are also accountable for the technological change, theis helps increasing the performance outcome and producing greater results. By maintaining the business's functions steady in the progress, the company should be organized to make best results. These improvements should be down in the managerial functions. An organization when gets stabilized and has a well defined group of roles and tasks helps improves the managerial body work of the business that in turn creates critical success opportunities. Whenever a task is identified it is taken into a leveraged standard after which the upcoming jobs should be increased and improvised. The reason of this model can be done in a variety of categories such as Kaizan model and progress. Innovation is the key advancement deal that needs to be achieved by enhancing today's process.

Models for change process appropriate to HP

Kottrs eight sigma model merged HP with CC by examining and distinguishing the transition process. Both Accenture and Horsepower performed as a team to be able to develop unique strategies to become the biggest technological company on the planet. These models were launched by kotter to make better decisions and create an improved scope of development for the employer which help in the expansion of productivity, Top quality information should be given to the employees about changes that are taking place in Horsepower and about its important team building exercises should be studied place within the employees to improve the end result of work, even skill development ought to be considered. Accenture constructed a specialist team to be able to take care of the transition of the change process of HP. They made sure that all their workers were aware of the change in the business and implementing operations. This was one of the primary considerations taken to place on a web-based review by the Accenture team. This earned a picture of the employees attitude and prospective in context to their genuine responses on the mature employees. The survey also shared all the top chronicles of the business. This pertained to be one of the very most eminent survey based on that your organizational transformation began at the HP and an efficient team of Accenture helped HP grow its Business. If the bigger authorities of both companies came mutually and worked for one common goal then your strategies would achieve success to enable the employees to work even better. The higher specialist members should ensure that there is enough flow of communication; they have to see that many people are involved in the communication change.

The main good thing about Kotters model is the fact by taking give food to back ideas from the employees and also improve the quality of work and the task environment by reducing the barriers of the change process, which also provides brief classification about the mentality of the staff to boost the output of the employees they must continuously be motivated. As HP and Compaq have merged just lately the company should ensure that the employees are prompted, to allow them to achieve their unique goals as the business has been through change process. The employees also needs to get used to the change in the environment and the change in strategies.

The team head are responsible for all the duties which are allocated to the employees, the team market leaders are supposed to make certain that the work should be completed promptly, they also needs to ensure that the process seeks are managed and sorted out systematically before starting of a new job, the employees should be inspired and appreciated when they complete several tasks.

During the merger of Horsepower and Compaq Computers, Kaizen's organizational change model helped in improvement and retaining the procedures of change. It's the team leader sensible at Horsepower, Compaq and Accenture to keep the typical of technology that is being found in the organizational change and to keep up with the standard of businesses. When there is any updation to be achieved, required advancements and improvements are processed predicated on the current standards, when there's a well identified and successful performing of work, then the real managerial functions could be advanced. Kaizans model exclamates about the efforts devote by the employees of Horsepower Compaq during the change process, it can be categorised as the progress that deals with the innovation and which briefly focuses on the execution and improvement of present change functions. Since Kaisen is smartly designed and planed it can simply, deal with increasing the change process, which is often implemented easily, that's the reason HP applied them. Hence it has benn proved as an efficient model to choose during the stage of organizational transformation.

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