The Skills ASSOCIATED WITH AN Executive Assistant

Many years over, professional assistants' roles, duties and skills may have varied with changing time and the speedy upgrades of technology. Corresponding to Smart geek, defines professional assistants as "professional's who functions as aides to corporate executives while the duties associated with work as an assistant of the type will vary depending on the commercial culture that prevails within a given company. " Exec assistants work with a company official and possess the expert to make crucial decisions affecting such organizations, and are therefore a reference in decision making and plan setting. The professional assistant performs the usual roles of managing correspondence, planning research, and communication while also behaving as the "gate keeper", understanding in varying degrees, certain requirements of the executive and with an ability to choose upon the most important scheduled meetings and events. They could also represent exec at meetings. Exec assistants can motivate and effect people and mange projects. IAM analysis guide 2011 by Kathleen Stalker

"In some cases, the executive assistant delegates work to the administrative associate based on competence, experience, and understanding of the framework, confidentiality, priority, urgency and availableness" corresponding to www. trisatatedomestic. net.

There may also be drawbacks or problems that will connect themselves with executive assistances.

Examples because of this evaluation will be drawn from the Ministry of Finance of Trinidad and Tobago. It is a business that prepares total annual budgets and carries out the government's financial trades. I have been used under this Ministry for days gone by two years.

The skills associated with an Executive Helper:

Executive assistants in today's' world requirements are huge. They must possess spectacular skills that each executive would like for the success of their business. As an professional helper at the Ministry of Finance, the skills that we present make me unique. These skills are: planning, directing, coordinating, arranging, budgeting, having a wide range of technological, analytical and assertiveness skills, discord management skills, command skills, being an outstanding problem solver, useful and effective decision maker, excellent communication skills, interpersonal and negotiation skills whilst at exactly the same time knowing the culture of the business and the business enterprise strategy.

At the Ministry of Fund, I use all these skills on a daily basis when bombarded with the difficulties faced. For example, having the ability to analyze a given situation and make the right decision that will make sure it is contributing to the entire success of the Ministry. With this kind of situation your communication skills are in use in transmitting information to stakeholders, leadership skills are pivotal so the staff will not see fear, this way you can encourage them to move forward. Problem handling skills are important for situations that create serious threat to the organization.

I also own skills such as being able to mentor e. g. training, allowing for development of personnel, and having a skill to discipline when necessary. One major skill that I've is the ability handle different personalities in the work place. This is shown through the handling of three executives work amongst other employees at exactly the same time. This in turn helped bring with it different varieties of management that we had to look at myself to.

Another skill that stood out for me as an professional helper is my potential to undergo ongoing professional development. This in turn assists me in controlling the challenges confronted.

As an executive assistant there a wide range of obligations that are associated using its portfolio. Included in these are:

Roles and Responsibilities of Exec Assistant

There are extensive roles and obligations that are associated with the executive assistant. At the Ministry of Money, as the Executive Assistant, I must have the ability to assist the Chief Executive Officer successfully and effectively. The major responsibilities that make an application for most executive assistants and myself are, scheduling, which is fully, reviewed later down in diary management, travel plans, an integral responsibility that professional assistant must keep up currently with. In the Funding Ministry, our Chief Executive Officer always on board meetings in and around the Caribbean, therefore, his travel programs is always modified.

Administration, that is, keeping a fantastic track record of all documents at the ministry, liaisoning and conversing with other professionals in the building. There are also the need for taking dictation and taking care of his daily correspondence. I also make Management Information Systems- answering mails both electronically and via postal, prepare, edit and distribute itineraries, characters, memos and meeting minutes and keep an eye on for occurrences and meetings ensuring things aren't forgotten. (See Appendix for full job explanation of Professional Assistants- including roles and responsibilities)

Executive Helper in Aiding Systems and Processes

A system is "several related functions, elements and technique which work together to ensure that tasks are accomplished and goals met". Techniques are "techniques that convert resources into results that have a valuable for the organization, customer and stakeholders" IAM research guide 2011

There are numerous skills that are engineered for me, the executive helper in promoting systems and functions, these include; having the ability to adjust to changing technology example, computer literate, Information Communication Technology, excellent communication skills, having the ability to lead and motivate staff, handling large sums of documents at an individual time using its processes, good filing techniques, control, planning, arranging, coordinating, motivating etc.

It is my duty to ensure that everything is secure due to huge valuable information that is widespread. At the Ministry of Funding, as an professional associate, I still use the paper bottom or hard copy filing system. Processing in every firm is important and it functions as a track record for the business. At the Fund Ministry, the processing system is useful and simple to use. The documents are simple and quick to retrieve. It is done in an alphabetical order and professional assistants has a more productive and effective use of the system. However, there's a variable drawback to the Ministry in relation to its security. It's safe but if a natural disaster to acquire attack, for example, a flame, then the problem may occur of lack of all hard copy information. There is also room for improvements in your system, including the release of technology-computerized systems. In this manner paper would be saved. The professional assistants have many roles and obligations. When supporting an activity, my job is dependent upon the framework of the business. If the organization has a particular department for example Human Resources, then the exec assistant job would be limited.

However, immediately where the business needs to make use of Managers, Chief Executive Officers for the proper level, then it will be assisted by the executive associate for the exec manager. In this case I am recruiting and advertising of the vacant post, brief listing and acknowledging of the decided on candidates of the date and time of their interviews and keeping of the staff details of the staff.

Executive Assistants and any office Environment

The environment is the physical layout associated with an office or its space, building structure and its details within its structure. There are plenty of skills that are needed for the executive associate such as; should be aware of medical and Protection Legislation, be able to budget and priced at, there Human Reference and there comfort, risk assessment, confirming etc.

I have a responsibility on advising my lines managers on how appropriately they must develop an office environment to ensure that personnel is satisfied and comfortable for work. Before any advice can be produced, I must be able to distinguish the kind of building that is present and then evaluate my work power. Employees want a safe and healthy work place, therefore i need to take those factors into consideration when choosing an work place. Normally, at a new age building, I would suggest with the new technology metallic columns and trusses and reinforced concrete casings have liberated space which can be, if necessary be partitioned but provide themselves to available plan office designs.

However, at my office at the Ministry of Funding, our team is one of any open plan, where everyone work in one huge available space irrespective of position and grouped alongside one another in reasonable work organizations. At the Ministry of Finance, being an open up plan, it brings everyone together, communication and decision making is improved upon. Clubs absorbs knowledge across the area, music is played making work comfortable and gratifying. It is very affordable for the Ministry and everything noisy equipment are put at one spot of the department, example photocopiers, faxes etc.

However, the down sides to this kind of work environment is the traffic stream, people like their own space to personalize, there is the very thought of no privacy and the lamps or heating up they haven't any control over. An executive assistant needs to look at this to ensure that they create the right environment because of their employees.

Executive Associate Managing Conferences and Events

An executive associate has one of their many obligations, the role of managing meetings of most kinds for his or her executive manager(s). A meeting is "an event involving an organization of individuals getting together to go over and or decide, " a meeting "is a planned happening occurring in a certain place, at a certain time and day" IAM review guide 2011. The meeting will vary in proportions, but for its success or not, it'll depend upon the efficiency and effectiveness of the professional assistant. A significant amount of skills I would need when comes to managing conferences and occasions are my strong planning, applying, monitoring, assessing with authority skills.

There are extensive different meetings that may appear within the business. It is the executive associate role to recognize which is most significant based on the situation accessible, For instance, there are plank meetings, annual general meeting, inaugural meetings etc. The professional associate at the Ministry of Financing ensures that the next qualities or capabilities are present whatsoever events or conferences.

A budget

Who will be attending the event\meeting

An agenda

What documents will be needed

The venue

How many attendees

What equipment will be needed

This type is done internally and externally within the organization. In this manner the executive helper job role has been broadened, departing no room for mistakes.

Executive Assistant Project Management

In order for me personally to aid my collection manger in the look and conduction of tasks independently, they need to first know very well what a project is? "It really is a temporary starting to make a unique product, service or result" IAM research guide 201l.

There a wide range of skills that are associated with executive assistant that will be necessary to perform their jobs. These skills include; clear targets, able to deal with risk, excellent planning, good training and an amazing team, clear opportunity and objectives, good communication skills, and good control of time and budgeting.

All jobs have four phases for its lifespan such as; starting the project, organizing and setting up, carrying out the work and shutting the project. Tasks have four handles that I understand when designing, putting into action and coordinating tasks. Included in these are, time, cost, range and equipment. The time is when the task will deliver, the opportunity is exactly what the project is expected to deliver with a explanation, and the price is the amount of money needed to complete the project.

For example at the Ministry of Financing, I have tasks such as coordinating sports days and nights, conventions, creating makes up about the every year fiscal budgets with clubs, and doing small exterior jobs such as repairing the pavements in front of and around the building. It's my duty to build up and allocate its time; cost and what will be delivered in its respected amounts.

Few projects may have failed due to the insufficient clear objectives, having less risk management and senior management, no team building, understated scope, unrealistic resources, no change control, poor planning, no training and almost all of the days because of poor communication. That is common within organizations and most times with the executive assistants. The executive assistant must keep those aforementioned risks in awareness always for the prevention of project failing.

Executive Assistants Managing Diaries and Events

According to Sue France 2009 "Executive assistants support their professional administrator by not only controlling and arranging their own time but that of their bosses". Maintaining diaries is very useful for an executive manager which is essential that the executive assistant does this.

Diaries can be hard duplicate or the standard traditional style or even more modern day style of electronic diaries. Electronic diaries have many advantages that are associated with it that will allow executive professionals and there assistants work more efficient and effective. I could access electric diaries with Microsoft View which makes the handling of multiple entries easier and distributed to executive professionals and other personnel.

Advantages associated with digital diaries include; the accessibility from any computer or mobile device, delivers reminders of meetings, be easily edited, once involved with any project can observe the project status, entries can be shared, information can be integrated with other data percentage.

However, at the office which i am presently applied, the Ministry of Fund, I currently use the hard copy diaries that are on the desks. It is my responsibility to ensure that my range manager show up at all his meetings promptly as slated. Throughout projects, for example, scheduling dates for manager to attend costs planning, to ensure that the exec gets there with all the necessary paper work up thus far and on the particular particular date and time.

Executive Assistants and Communication

Although there are all the aforementioned jobs, tasks one of the major skills associated with an executive helper is their capability to communicate effectively.

I communicate via telephone, internet or even in person. Relating to Sue France, she says an "essential criterion of professional assistant in relation to communication is their capability to network. " She identifies networking as "about being attentive and strong knowledge and aiding one another achieve their particular goals". Exec assistants should be able to evaluate the most appropriate communication channel or tool to ensure the effective passing on of information.

At the Ministry of Fund I am able to connect effectively and effectively in order to get the job done. If communication is not done properly, then the work will never be up to standard for the success of the organizational goals. In order for this to happen, I am able to identify characteristics such as, body gestures, how people interpret information, writing correct style of emails, use of Information Communication Technology and adapting to different cultures.

Skills will also be needed from the professional assistant for the use of mobile phone etiquette, having the ability to listen, and having the ability to communicate throughout the organization form tactical level through to the functional level both horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Poor communication can shatter or lower a business to a reduction, for example, with the situation from the IAM research guide entitled "Communicating with stakeholders" Bernard Mathews didn't speak up to defend his turkey producing industry from the parrot flu disease. Thus, ensuing him and his company to reduce sales by 35% and travelled into a damage position. Since then in 2008 the company went into a turnaround communication point of view that gives the consumer more attention.


In conclusion, Exec Assistants assignments and tasks go quite a distance in nurturing the success of the business enterprise. It is not only helping systems and operations, maintaining an appropriate office environment, organizing meeting and situations, job planning or handling diaries and communication. It really is all the above and so many more associated with this profile of the executive helper that the chosen incumbent must own.

Now that the role, duties and skills of the executive helper have been reviewed, it shows what characteristics are necessary for a competent and effective executive assistant. For the given individual to be able to cope with all challenges faced within the business he or she must adjust to change and allow room for continuous professional development. In this way the executive associate would learn new and improve ways to manage situations.


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