Commodity Studies Essays

Water and control tanks, Classification of water storage tanks...

Water and control tanks classification of water storage tanks water and control tanks used in water supply systems are classified according to the.


Indicators of reliability of the restored element...

Reliability indicators of the restored system element most complex technical systems with long service lives are recoverable , i.e. the failures of the.


Architectural heritage of the ancient Incas - Fundamentals...

Architectural legacy of the ancient incas peru - centuries-old homeland of highly developed civilizations of the andes. here the inca kings, who.


Technical regulations, Objectives of adoption of technical regulations...

Technical regulations technical regulations is a document that establishes mandatory for applying and executing requirements to technical regulation.



Drawings in the system of rectangular projects rectangular projection in ch. 1 it was indicated that when the projecting rays make a right angle with the.


Choosing the type of axonometric projection, Ways...

Choosing the type of axonometric projection the choice of frontal dimetric, isometric or dimetric projection, based on which the technical drawing will.


Deviations and tolerances of the arrangement of surfaces...

5.8.2. deviations and tolerances of the arrangement of surfaces the deviation of a location is the deviation of the real location of the element in.


Means of measurement, Classification of measuring...

8. means of measurement the means of measurement is understood as a technical means (or a complex thereof) intended for measurements having normalized.


Drawing of cylindrical gears - Technical drawing

Drawing of cylindrical gears cogwheels are drawn on drawings conditionally (figure 8.6, c) according to gost 2.402-68. the toothed crown is represented.


Adsorption at the solid-solution interface, Molecular adsorption...

Adsorption at the solid-solution interface molecular adsorption from solutions isotherms of adsorption of dissolved substances from solution are similar.


Pressure welding, Friction welding, Ultrasonic welding...

Pressure welding contact welding is an electromechanical process of forming an integral joint, formed under certain conditions of heating and compressing.


Technological processes of soldering, Typical constructions...

Soldering processes soldering is the technological process of obtaining all-in-one joints from metals and alloys as a result of melting of low-melting.


HYDROSTATICS, Forces acting in liquids - Hydraulics

Hydrostatics after studying chapter 3, the bachelor must: know • forces acting in a fluid; • determination of hydrostatic pressure; • differential.


COLLOID SYSTEMS, Basic concepts - Physical and colloid chemistry

Colloid systems as a result of studying the material in chapter 18, the student must: know the theoretical foundations of colloid chemistry: surface.


Non-domain production of steel, Methods of improving the quality...

Non-domain steel production it includes two principal processes: the production of metal pellets from the ore, bypassing the blast furnace, and steel.


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