Computer Science Essays

Informatics - Theory of Information Processes - Theory...

Informatics - theory of information processes processes are sequences of operations over time in the design, production, in the economy - business.


Server Virtualization - Innovative Technologies in Commerce and Business

2.4.1. server virtualization virtualization helps to increase the efficiency of using server processing power. from the analysis of statistical data it.


An example of a simple application - Object-oriented programming

Example of a simple application consider an example of a simple console application that calculates the area of ​​a circle for a user-defined radius.


Microsoft PowerPoint: main functionals, Basic tools for creating...

Microsoft powerpoint: core functionality the main window in the microsoft powerpoint presentation program microsoft (office version microsoft office.


Simulation modeling - Computing systems, networks...

Simulation modeling despite the great achievements of mathematical modeling, many real situations can not be adequately represented using appropriate.


Connections between elements of data models - Databases: design

Relationships between elements of data models establishing relationships between database model elements is one of the most important tasks in database.


Dialectics of Part and Whole - System Theory and Systems Analysis

Dialectics of part and whole study of patterns of integrity and hierarchical ordering. in ch. 1, the regularities characterizing the complex interaction.


Information search on the Internet, Searches - Informatics...

Information search on the internet information search is a sequence of operations aimed at providing information to interested parties. the search is.


Handshake procedure, About the technologies of the...

Handshake procedure in order to authenticate users, the handshake procedure (handshaking, acknowledgment), built on the question-answer principle, is.



Expert systems and support systems for decision-making business decision support systems in the 1980s. american and japanese companies began to develop.


Coding of states of a control automaton, Construction...

Coding the states of the control automaton to fix the states of the control automaton we will use triggers. to each state a of the control automaton we.


Symmetric encryption algorithms - Informatics

Symmetric encryption algorithms consider the classical model (k. shannon) of a symmetric cryptosystem (figure 12.3), in which three participants solve.


Information systems of the Constitutional Court of the US Federation...

Information systems of the constitutional court of the united states the introduction of modern information technology in the activities of the.


Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol...

11.8.1. point-to-point tunneling protocol this tunnel protocol is a point-to-point type. allows the computer to establish a secure connection to the.


Evolutionary models., Elements of the theory of modeling. - Modeling of systems

Evolutionary models. the impossibility of confining itself to only one universal model is due to the fact that, on the one hand, different goals are set.


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