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Additional text translation settings

Word Backup - create an elephant list (names, titles) that the program should leave without translation, especially those words that match significant words. For example, the name Maroon will not be translated as "brown", and the name of the Windows system is "windows". With words from the reserved list, the translation of the remaining members of the sentence is correctly coordinated.

As a rule, the proper name (name of a person, geographical name, product brand), as well as a list of literature in a foreign language is reserved, not translated. Such words are selected and on the Translation Settings tab give the command Reserved word. In the list Semantic class indicate the choice that the reserved word is a male or female name, name, geographic name or organization name.

The parameter Transliterate (spell, lat. litera - letter) can be set for the reserved word, so that you do not translate the word, but overwrite it with similar letters of the destination language. Reserved with transliteration, the English word will be written by the United Statess, the United States word in the English translation will be rewritten in English letters (Table 14.1). The dashboard displays a list of such words on the Reserved words tab.

Table 14.1

The effect of word reservation on United States translation

Source text

Standard translation







In the poem "Eugene Onegin" AS Pushkin some of the reserved words was transliterated, and some did not dare.

Edit translation. The button is used not only to search for words, but also special search in the text for unfamiliar words, words with translation options, choosing the best option.

Similar to the English split,

In short: United States spleen ...

Friends and friends are bored

Then, which was not always the case

Beef-steaks and Strasbourg pie

Spill the champagne with a bottle ...

It is called vulgar. (Can not

I like very much this word,

But I can not translate ...

And it is unlikely to be in his honor.)

Preprocessors are preconditions that allow you to cancel the translation of special constructions, for example, e-mail addresses, file names, and select the date and time representation form in the translation text.

It is not necessary to perform the same configuration in each document. Reserved words can be saved not only in the current Promt document, but also with the File, Save, Reserved words - command in a separate file or in a subject. To translate the next document of the same subject, with the same expected set of words, you can connect a previously prepared list of words for the translation. Right-click the information panel of the new document ( cellar windows) and select the Load List. command. Specify from which file the previously prepared reserved words are taken. Clicking on the reserved list with the right mouse button allows you to delete words and allow them to translate.

Translation with translation memory - learning a program based on memorizing the translation of repetitive sections of text. The translated text is compared by fragments from the databases of the associated memory, with a match the translation is substituted from the database.

To improve the quality of translation, the translation program is used several times. First, unfamiliar words and words of unsuccessful translation are identified, paragraphs and words are identified, which it is advisable to leave without translation or with transliteration. After completing the dictionary and marking the text with words and paragraphs without translation and with transliteration, perform a second translation and subsequent clarifications.

Translation from United States. When preparing a text for machine translation from United States into a foreign language, one should write simplified, clear and short phrases (minimum punctuation), use words in the order that is natural for the language destination. If the words have several meanings, you need to be sure that the necessary options are present in the dictionary. Some words, proper names and abbreviations can be written immediately in the target language. The translated text should refer to a narrow subject matter, under which a specialized dictionary is debugged. Translation from United States can be combined with a reverse control translation: save the transferred file, open the translated text and translate it into United States again. Unsuccessful proposals should be changed to achieve a better translation. You can translate several times. The first time - to identify unfamiliar words and words of an unsuccessful translation. The second time is to determine the difficult places for the translation of the original United States text for subsequent simplification or refinement. Third time - to receive the final translation.

Subject of the document

Subject templates - saved PROMT translation program configuration kits made for translating documents from different subject areas. The topic allows you to create complex linguistic settings once, and then operate with them as a single unit for translating different documents.

Choosing a theme template eliminates the procedure for setting up translation of the same type of documents. The template connects specialized and custom dictionaries corresponding to the subject area of ​​translated texts, uses a ready list of reserved words, processing of special sequences of characters (for example, e-mail addresses and URLs).

The basic theme template consists only of the general dictionary. This template can not be deleted and renamed, but can be modified and saved. If you need to keep the previous template and save the modified template separately, you must save the new template under a different name.

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