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Administration of the machine.

The relational model is largely an ideal, since almost all modern DBMSs work in models that are reducible to relational models. Therefore, purely mathematical modeling and testing of PM schemes, as a rule, does not apply in practice. At the same time, the implementation of an extended relational approach and the design or definition of a machine under the full technological scheme creates the necessary prerequisites for building systems for analyzing and testing database projects.

Traditional administration databases includes a lot of operations to maintain the database and described in the literature [16, 52]. The tasks to be performed in the administration of a DB are usually:

- ensuring the physical integrity of the database (development and implementation of a plan for archiving physical files, providing logging changes, forming rollback points);

- ensuring data security, including access authorization procedures and other means of protection;

- ensuring integrity, reliability and many other administrative functions.

The PM should be administered through the organization of an appropriate service, which should include specialists in the field of system modeling 5, data management specialists, system programmers and operators. The status of the PM administrator should correspond to the level of authority of the project manager for modeling a complex object, ie system 5, for the possibility of making legitimate decisions.

The presentation of databases on the full technological scheme of the extended relational approach gives rise to a different view on the functions and composition of the PM administration services. In particular, among the tasks of DB administration are:

- the administration of fundamental semantics, it is natural that such a service should be organized for a number of families of fundamentally homogeneous PMs, the administrator of fundamental semantics should head the scientific and methodical service for maintaining and updating the fundamental semantics;

- the administration of conceptual semantics for a family of conceptually homogeneous PMs, the administrator of the conceptual semantics must professionally master the classification scheme of the formalization of the domain representation, the semantic content of data on classified objects and processes;

- administration of information representations of PM; the corresponding administrator should have the knowledge of an application professional and support the PM as a shared information resource of computerized systems; also the administrator of this level needs to know the mechanisms of representations of logical data structures, know the basics of the applied data models;

- administration of the computer implementation of the machine, this level of administration requires knowledge of the system programmer and knowledge of the methods and tools of the DBMS;

- administration of physical integrity and protection of PM; the set of tasks at this level of administration is traditional.

The considered levels of database administration, designed or presented according to the complete technological scheme, form the prototype of the administration service integrated of the PM. In the distributed information environment, the MBM administration service will also be distributed in accordance with the considered scheme of levels and tasks of database administration.

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