Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multimedia system Elements Computer Research Essay

Text is one of the media elements found in the web site. Normally we can found it from Internet. People are using content material to communicate with other folks. From Internet we can use E-mail to send text message to other people, we also can use share status or share whatever you want to talk about to give your friend or family know what is on your mind. We can also discuss or give information in forum.

There are a few examples of Text elements.

Source: http://www. friendster. com (share status)

Source: http://www. hotmail. com (E-mail)

Source: http://forum. lowyat. net (Forum)


Audio is one of the multi-media elements. Music is sound within the acoustic range open to humans. Commonly we can notice many audio from Internet, Radio, MP3, Computer and so more. Now, we can listen music or download music from website, a lot of people were make melody and upload to Internet share to everyone, we also can embed favorite music to blog or website. Some of users use words call to communicate with friend or family.

There are some examples of Sound elements.

Source: http://www. deezer. com/en (listen closely and download music)

Source: https://www. blogger. com (embed to blog)

Source: http://www. skype. com (words call website)


Video is one of the multi-media elements. Video tutorial is the technology of electronically taking, recording, producing, storing and transmitting of images that show displays in motion. We are able to find many training video from Internet. Some individuals make a display video tutorial and upload to website to talk about with others. We can also use video seminar to talk to good friend or family. We can watch movie from online or download the movie.

There are some examples of Video recording elements.

Source: http://www. youtube. com (watch video)

Source: http://www. moviesdatacenter. com (watch movie)

Source: Windows MESSENGER (video discussion)


Graphic is one of the media elements. Graphic is a visual representation such as a photography, illustration, 3D or diagram. Inside the computer, a graphic is a record such as JPEG or GIF, you can find graphic formats. Graphic is an image image in the computer. We are able to use computer visual to design an image, flash or game. We can make more effect in the picture, make a flash video recording or make a game by using visual software. In the Facebook, we also can see the graphic elements when we play the game titles.

There are a few examples of Graphic elements.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Expanded (make result in the picture)

Macromedia Display MX (make adobe flash video)

Example of game has 3D visual elements.


Animation is one of the media elements. Animation is a aesthetic technique that delivers the illusion of motion by showing a assortment of images in speedy collection. Each image includes a little change. If the images are looked at rapidly, your eyesight fills in the facts and the illusion of movements is complete. We are able to make images become Animation by using software. The goal of Computer animation is make entertainment to everyone.

There are some examples of Animation elements.

Example of pictures has Animation elements.


Advantage and Disadvantage of Text

Text is silent communications. Among example inside our true to life is text messaging, it can send communication to one another without other people having the ability to hear what is being said. It is privacy to switch messages with one another without fear of other people knowing what you are talking about.

The good thing about Text is text messaging is the capability to have the ability to send a note to you to definitely ask them to call you later regarding something important. At the same time, it generally does not interrupt them with a telephone call. It allows these to respond back to you when it's most convenient to them.

The disadvantage of Text may also be you don't acquire all incoming announcements from people. Ordinarily a persons texting box will get so full with incoming and sent text messages. In case the inbox gets too full then the person cant receive anymore emails unless he or she deletes a few of them.

Advantage and Drawback of Audio

Audio is sound within the acoustic range open to human. Among example inside our real life is Audio Meeting. It can get in touch with other people. We can use mobile phone or use Internet to work with the audio meeting.

The advantage of Audio is can incorporate with other press for example training video, computer, MP3. Whenever we are using audio convention, it cans potential for large numbers of lines on call.

The drawback is noise can distract individuals as well as minimize out speaker. Music is merely the sound, it also limited visual stimulation.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Video

Video is the technology of electronically recording, recording, processing, storing, transmitting, and reconstructing a collection of still images representing views in motion. Among example in our true to life is Video Convention. You can view the folks face by video conference.

The advantage of Video is when working with video meeting, it can easily see anyone you want to see, regardless of what time of day it could be for anyone engaged. Time dissimilarities between claims and countries can be overlooked without anyone touring long ranges for the discussion.

The disadvantages are technical issues resulting from a number of of the next: software, hardware and network failing. Although advance assessment could often identify complex trouble, the sudden, spontaneous problem sometimes still arose minutes before or even throughout a videoconference.

Advantage and Drawback of Graphic

Graphic is a visual representation such as a image, illustration or diagram. A graphic may contain wording, but text alone is not considered a graphic unless it is performed in a stylized fashion. Among example inside our true to life is Advertisement. Since when you want to do advertise, we are in need of do more creative in the poster. It runs on the lot of visual.

The advantage of Graphic is quick method for the audience to visualize what you say, some of folks more fascination with the graphic than conversation.

The disadvantage of Graphic is it takes a lot of your energy to make. The cost also expensive, with regards to the medium used.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Animation

Animation is a visible technique that provides the illusion of action by exhibiting a collection of images in immediate sequence. One of example inside our real life is Flash Training video. It runs on the lot of animation to produce a flash video. Mostly computer animation is use for entertain people.

The good thing about Animation could it be more creative and largely used the images like cartoon; it can make people get it.

The disadvantage of Animation is when makes a adobe flash training video and upload to Internet or blogger, when other people want to see this flash video, it take a lot of energy to weight or buffer.

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