Advantages And Down sides Of Different OS Computer Knowledge Essay

An operating-system is an application or you can say its software that manage and manages all the software and hardware sources of any computer. It handles our computer system. Operating system is the first software that loaded in some type of computer memory. Lacking any operating system consumer can't open the computer system which means he can't start his system.

Actually an operating-system is a program which design for only to run the other programs on a system. Operating-system is the most important program for any computer system. The adjustments and memory of your computer depends upon the operating system.

"LINUX" is also an operating system like Windows, Apple pc etc. , which allows applications and users to access the device. It had been created by the learner at school of Helsinki, Finland. It's developed after UNIX. Linux is actually a developed form of UNIX operating-system which behaves like UNIX. Linux premiered around 1991. It is available in source code as well as in binary form. Linux have lots of standard UNIX features like networking, multitasking and multiuser. It became well-known for mainly server. You can say it mainly use on server because of its high security. LINUX is in fact officially advanced than other operating-system. If we consider about its user interface you'll be able to say it's something problematic for the new users in comparison of windows and other operating system. Security is the one of the most best and important features of LINUX. For this reason reason it is generally use on server.

Advantages of LINUX

There are so many benefits of LINUX operating system. I am going to summarize some important advantages or features: -

Cost: - The main one of the most crucial benefit of LINUX is its cost. End user can buy this without paying any payment. While Microsoft products are highly regarded. Microsoft licences are usually allowed for an individual computer while LINUX can be installed in so many computer systems without paying any amount. So certainly you can say LINUX is cost free.

Security: - This is actually the greatest feature of this operating system. LINUX became most well-known due to its high security. Because of this reason it mainly utilized on server. The main one more thing is you don't need to spend a lot money on antivirus for trojan safeguard. LINUX is very secure compared of windows. They have so many features that protect our bodies to unauthorized users. Which means you can't do anything without permission. No viruses make a difference the LINUX. And that means you can say its pathogen free operating system.

Hardware: - LINUX operating system is very helpful for many who have old computers. It can be installed in low settings system and it will work really fine.

Software: - Some software like phrase, power point, excel Disc burner etc. are inbuilt in LINUX operating system.

So you can say there are so many important features in LINUX operating-system.

Disadvantages of LINUX

Understanding: - The user user interface of LINUX is difficult for the new users. Which means you can say it is not familiar operating system like home windows. If anybody want to work with LINUX operating system then to begin with ha has to find out about LINUX. While in windows you don't need to do that. So that it will take some time to learn.

Compatibility: - The main one of the main problem of LINUX is that is not compatible with all hardware. LINUX fails very well with the new and latest hardware. And that means you can't check it out with the latest hardware.

Where is LINUX?

Today LINUX be utilized in varieties of technical and electric equipment.

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and 12 Garmin Nuvi 860, 880, and 5000 Google Android Dev Telephone 1

HP Mini 1000 Lenovo IdeaPad S9 Motorola MotoRokr EM35 Phone

One Laptop Per Child XO2 Sony Bravia Television Sony Reader

TiVo Digital Training video Recorder Yamaha Motif Keyboard

These are the a few examples where LINUX be using. Which means you can say LINUX be using worldwide. After that LINUX be used in defence division of US. Even Google search also run on LINUX.

LINUX VS Windows

LINUX and Glass windows both are the successful operating-system in worldwide. There are so many advantages and disadvantages in both operating systems. If we consider about cost then absolutely LINUX is very free of cost for user however, not windows. Windows operating systems are highly regarded.

Microsoft Glass windows are most popular than LINUX because its interface is so friendly for customer. If any new user wants to operate LINUX then first he will have to find out about it. LINUX don't need high construction of computer. It will work very well with the old computer systems. The most important and a very important thing about LINUX is security. Its security is so high. No trojans can affect the LINUX. That is why it mainly used on server. LINUX has always been an extremely secure operating-system. So if you are using LINUX then you don't have to spend so much money on anti-virus. You may say LINUX is pathogen free operating system. Glass windows is very friendly in compare of LINUX. In the whole world most of consumer use windows. LINUX has some useful inbuilt software like excel, power-point, word; CD/DVD burner etc. without authorization unauthorized customer can't use the LINUX operating system. So finally you can say LINUX and Microsoft House windows both have some own features and as well as drawbacks.

LINUX & Gaming

LINUX Video games means the games which develop for LINUX operating system. There are several games available for sale for LINUX operating-system. This is reality Windows have a very huge collection of games in comparison of LINUX operating-system. Here I will illustrate some LINUX games: -

Neverball: - Actually "Neverball" is a puzzle game with lots of fun. You must use mouse or keyboard to move the ball and you have to collect coins. In the event that you will not accumulate the coins you'll be able to never go in the next level.

So the main goal of the game is to gathers the coins. The graphics quality of the game is so nice; especially the level of the overall game seems very very. There are total 75 levels in the overall game. It's very challenging to win in a single sitting down. This game is also available for windows.

Frets on Fire: - It is just like a Electric guitar Hero game. You may say it simply a remake of the game. The very best features of the overall game are that you can change your own tune and play the overall game.

This game is completely based on the music circulation and user can also download so many tunes because of this game. The overall game already includes some preloaded firmness. This is mainly single player game which is developed by Unreal Voodoo around August 2006. The overall game is developed on Python programing. It is also available for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating-system. A Fret on Fire X is one of the famous editions of the game. If user needs to improve his trail then he is able to. The best part of the game is audio tracks because its after you. There are lots of modes of this game that you can download from net. You can transform your gameplay and also overall looking of the overall game.

FlightGear: - That is one of the most popular video games of LINUX operating-system. FlightGear is a trip based game developed by the FlightGear task during 1997. The overall game is mainly written in c++ terms. This game is available for House windows, LINUX and Apple pc. There are so many version of the game is available for user. The newest version is 2. 0. 0 that emerged this year 2010.

The game has a large collection of aeroplanes and locations. The images of the game is not well, but overall it appears good. Surface of the hillsides, clouds, runway, streams, and highway are pretty much. The game is focused on flying. You can even add landscapes in game from the web. Adding landscape and aircraft is simple. The gameplay of the game is very realistic and interesting. The overall game provides so many choices to an individual, even you can also generate a model and you may use that in the game.

America's Military: - That is a multiplayer first person taking game released by Ubisoft in 2002. The overall game is also available for Windows and Mac operating system. As the name, game is very based on US armed forces.

America's Army 3 is the latest version of the overall game. The overall game used Unreal Engine unit 3. The overall game appears very fantastic and reasonable. All the personas, weaponry, locations etc. seems excellent. The graphics and the sound quality of the game is really brilliant. The sound effects of the weaponry are very very well done. The game starts from work out which requires a long time. After than you have to complete the objective one by one. You may say this game is the mixture of teamwork, strategy and persistence. The online play is more interesting and popular because it is so well done. The overall game has tons of challenging situations and you will enjoy.

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