Advantages And Restrictions Of Different OS'S Computer Knowledge Essay

1. Nearly all Linux variants are for sale to free or at a lower price than Microsoft Home windows.

2. Linux is and is definitely an extremely secure Operating System. Though it still can be attacked when compared to Windows, it a lot more secure.

3. The majority of Linux variants and variants are notoriously reliable and could run for weeks and years without having to be rebooted.


1. Although the majority Linux variants have improved drastically in ease of use, Windows continues to be much better to use for new computer users.

2. Linux has a sizable variety of available software packages, utilities, and games. However, Glass windows has a much bigger selection of available software.

3. Linux companies and hardware manufacturers have made great developments in hardware support for Linux now Linux will support most hardware devices. However, many companies still do not offer drivers or support for their hardware in Linux.

ADVANTAGE OF House windows :

1. Microsoft has made several breakthroughs and changes that have made it a much simpler to use Operating System, and although arguably it might not be easy and simple Operating System, it continues to be Easier than Linux.

2. Due to the large amount of Microsoft House windows users, there is a much larger collection of available software packages, utilities, and video games for Glass windows.

3. Microsoft Windows includes its help section, has huge amount of available online records and help, as well as literature on each one of the versions of Home windows.


1. Microsoft Home windows can run between $50. 00 - $150. 00 US dollars per each certificate copy.

2. Although Microsoft Glass windows has made great advancements in reliability over the last few variations of Windows, it still cannot match the stability of Linux.

3. Although Windows does have software programs, utilities, and video games for free, a lot of the programs will definitely cost anywhere between $20. 00 - $200. 00+ US us dollars per backup.

4. Although Microsoft has made great advancements over time with security on their OPERATING-SYSTEM, their OPERATING-SYSTEM is still the most vulnerable to viruses and other episodes.

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The Unix operating system

Advantage: Virtual Memory

The Unix operating system offers an reliable level of online memory. What this means for the user is which you can use lots of programs at exactly the same time only using a modest degree of physical memory. The machine are designed for several programs at once without severely tugging on the system's resources.

Advantage: Toolbox

This operating-system offers a wealthy assortment of small resources and commands that can perform specific tasks well rather than being cluttered up with a variety of special but insignificant options. Unix works as a well-stocked toolbox rather than attempting to do everything simultaneously.

Advantage: Customization

Unix has the capacity to string different resources and commands mutually in an unrestricted variety of configurations to be able to accomplish a variety of complicated jobs. This operating system is not limited by any pre-configured menus or combinations because so many ordinary personal computer systems normally are.

Advantage: Portability

Unix is available for use on a number of different kinds of machines, so that it is one of the most portable os's in existence. Unix can be operate on both Computer and Macintosh personal computers and many other processing machines as well.

Disadvantage: Interface

The traditional user interface for the Unix operating system is command collection based, which command lines shell interface may be hostile to the casual user. Unix originated for use by developers and serious computer users alternatively than casual users. A visual user interface (GUI) is also available, but the traditional Unix interface is command collection only.

Disadvantage: Special Commands

Commands required by the order line interface often employ cryptic naming strategies, and don't give much information to notify a user of what they are doing. Many directions in the Unix software require the utilization of special people. Small, normally insignificant typos can have much greater effects and unforeseen results on Unix machines.

Disadvantage: Frustrating to Novices

While the richness of resources proposed by Unix is a benefit or advantage to many, this may be frustrating to a amateur individual. The Unix operating-system is not simple at all, and may be challenging and overwhelming for some users.

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mac os


Easy to use

Virus free

With boot camp you can run XP or Vista on your machine, and with Parallels you can run home windows programs in OS X


Small software bottom in comparison to Windows(devoid of useing bootcamp/parallels)

Not nearly as customizable

Missing some features that are quite basic with Windows( my biggest hate is not a webpage up/down key, no real backspace key, and you have to work with the control key to right click)

Any more I would say that about any operating-system you pick will work, I still prefer Windows Xp over everything, but Linux, OS X, and House windows are great options.

Mac os

http://www. answerbag. com/q_view/685061


More Stable

More Dependable

More aesthetically appealing

More user-friendly & "just works"

Simplifies a great deal of things

Less susceptible to disease, trojans, etc

Less susceptible to hardware issues


More pricey

Less control over your computer

Less software options

Less hardware options

Harder to personalize

Hardware issues are A lot more severe when happens

More expensive software

My own words about mac


Almost 0% Virus

Un-often Crash

High Definition

Better And Useful Apps For Coders, Musicians, Photographer, Director, etc ( Like Adobe CS5 )


Less Chemicals

More Power Life

Compatible With Many USB Individuals, Music Interface, etc.

Has Better Free Applications ( Like Imovie, Iphoto, Garageband, IDVD, Iweb )

Unexpensive MAC Operating-system X Software

More Advance Technology

Neat / Awesome Looking

Best Quality For Mac pc 27" ( Maybe the best resolution because it has Full HD or better. )



Less Game titles, Applications

1 Huge Crash May Destroy Your Mac / Cause It To Freeze!

Difficult To Update ( I think it deletes your document if you don't make a backup when you update, so its like you will be needing to buy a fresh mac. )

Annoying Rotating Drive Ball ( When Refreshing or when your computer is active. )

In my openion The very best one is mac pc os

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