Analysing Technical specs for a fresh System

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First step in analysing the requirements for the new system is data collection. Data collection is the process of gathering and absorption of information on targeted aspect in an established organized fashion, which then allows one to answer related questions and evaluate final results. The 3 best ways are through interviews, on-site observation, and research. Through these forms of data gathering certain information can be acquired for example what areas of the previous system should be taken to the new system, any new ideas to better the new system and thoughts on the proposed ideas contributed by the analyst.

The first and most effective way of collecting data is through 1 on 1 interviews. An interview is where a data collector or in cases like this the machine analyst asks either a worker or client in what they wish to see in the new system. Possible questions include the ones mentioned above as well as questions like "will there be any ideas that you have got that you would like to show?". Information such as this will be of major value for the machine analyst as it offers a face to the name as in the simple truth is real people and not simply emails which would make communication much easier and efficient. In regards to who should be interviewed it would be best to interview at least 2 stakeholders from each division in the task so in other words two different people from the management/supervision section, two accounting staff, two medical personnel. The reason two people from each section should be interviewed is to provide at least two different perspectives which would make the system the middle earth and subsequently make it generally welcoming to many users. Another question that should be asked especially to the medical personnel is whether they think that the current equipment is in sufficient condition or in need of replacement.

On site observation is when the analyst would go to the office buildings or "field" and observes the staff working and gathers home elevators what the machine needs. This form of data gathering is very frustrating but is fulfilling as much as it gives the system analyst the capability to see the system in use at work which is what would greatly improve the performance of something as it is designed to what sort of staff practice it. On site observation provides the response to one of the most crucial question which is" will be the current personnel experienced and deemed with the capacity of learning and employing new alternatives?". By answering this question, the fragile links can be discovered and terminated which would increase efficiency and standard of performance as well as the machine being used to its full probable.

A study is when the analyst creates a page or website of questions (usually multiple choice) to gather the thoughts and thoughts of men and women about his proposed ideas on what could be executed in the new system. The very best feature of using research is the fact it could even be delivered to external companies such as Medicare and equipment suppliers. The key reason why preserving communication with the exterior agencies is because when the companies and the hospital agree they can synchronize and increase efficiency in supply delivery or funding. This might make it easier to allocate the proposed budget and check whether its suitable or not.

The information should be collected from the key stakeholders like the management/supervision, accounting staff and the medical staff. Sources of information for example current procedures, equipment, paperwork like medical data, username and passwords and equipment guides, as well as exterior firms like Medicare and the equipment suppliers. The main points that needs to be focused on will be the weaknesses of the old system and what is necessary for the new one. In cases like this one of the biggest flaws of the existing system is which it cannot adequately control current billing and money models. That is needed to keep up with the funding to a healthcare facility in order to get their equipment and pay their employees. The existing software also was unable to increase further for the quickly growing home treatment service which is assured to pose problems in future so the new system must be created with enough flexibility to permit further development and additional upgrades. The fact that the house care department is at a separate building gives a chance and a reason for creating their own different system with the own secretary, postal address, and billing information. This might reduce the traffic on the machine and increase efficiency.

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