Analyzing of Economic Data Using Big Data

  • N. Rajanikumar, Dr. A. Suresh babu, Mr. G. Murali

Abstract: Big data can help at the e commerce data. The big-picture problems, the economical indicator many shareholders, business fortunate and judges are rely on are just too out-of-date by enough time they're out. People "pitch to the number, " but the world has often relocated since it was considered and they won't know it until the next survey comes away. Take, for example, the case of increasing food prices in India and China that are pouring up price increases for a significant percentage of the world's residents. But rule claims to have been finding the motion shaping up for weeks. Premise is able to capture financial data in close to real-time in some cases or at least much nearer to it in others thanks to the technology trifecta of e-commerce, cloud processing and Smartphone's. However, while e-commerce data is supportive for gauging the costs of certain goods using economies, it doesn't really touch appearing economies where the vast popular of trades remain local and cash-based. If groceries prices are increasing across Asia, for example, that likely income, along with other things, inferior health insurance and less money to invest on non-essential person goods. That's where mobile devices come into play in the form of Premise's Android variety. The business has more than 700 contributors in 25 places, largely in Asia and Latin America, who go into stores and markets and shoot data about exact items which Premise desires data. "We utilize them as type of detection real estate agents. The contributors take a picture of the item either on the shelf or in a market stall; it syncs with Premise's servers in the blur; and Premise's system is then in a position to draw out information from the images. It can verify information such as price, brand and quality of the items, and even ecological information such as how clean the store is and exactly how stocked the cabinets are. Interestingly, however, not unexpectedly, the software that contributors use is merely for Android cell phones.

Keywords: Apache Hadoop API Using HDFS, Mapreduce, Pig, Hive, Linux-Unix, windows, Eclips.


This newspaper mainly focuses how to manage huge amount of data and the way to analyse the info. The technology used for this is hadoop technology. In this particular project the info taken is Monetary data from various E-commerce websites. Then your data is stored into HDFS( hadoop sent out document system) format in the form of clusters. Following the storage is done, then the control of data can be done based on the user requirements. The control of data can be done using many modes. Hadoop basically has many ecosystems which provide various ways of producing or analyzing the data in different conditions. There are two basic ways of Hadoop are HDFS and MapReduce. HDFS is used to stock up the data and MapReduce is used to progression the info. In MapReduce we write codes in java to investigate the data in any manner we want to. The ecosystems in Hadoop are also for finalizing and analyzing the data. The different ecosystems of hadoop are pig, hive, chukwa, HBase, ZooKeeper, sqoop etc. Here pig, hive and sqoop have been executed. Therefore the first ecosystem implemented is pig. Pig is scripting language. It could process both organised and unstructured data. In this particular pig scripts are written on the data to get results. Then hive is a query vocabulary, it are designed for only organized data. In such a inquiries are written on to the data to analyze it. Then finally sqoop, it is actually a support for hadoop somewhat than an ecosystem. It can be used to transfer data from one data bottom to other. And after the handling of data the email address details are displayed.

2. WHAT'S Big Data?

Big Data refers to the data models whose size makes it difficult for frequently used data taking software tools to interpret, manage, and process them within a reasonable time frame. Big data sizes are a constantly moving target, as of 2012 which range from a few dozen TERABYTES to numerous PETABYTES of data in a single data place. With this difficulty, new platforms of "big data" tools are being developed to handle various aspects of big quantities of data.

BIG DATA principle means a datasets which is growing a great deal it difficult to manage it using existing databases management strategy and tools. The issue can be related to retrieve the capturing of data, storage, looking and virtualization, etc.

The problems associated with Big Data will be the "4 V's"

Volume, velocity, Variety, and value.

The Volume challenges exist because most businesses generate a lot more then what their system were made to handle.

The velocity problem is available if company's data examination or data safe-keeping operates slower than its data era.

The variety obstacle exists due to need to process difference types of data to create the desired insights.

The value task pertains to deriving valuable insights from data, which is the main of all V's in my own view.

Fig1. 4V's of Big Data

3. What's E-Commerce?

A type of trade model, or part of a more substantial business model, that allows a company or individual to perform business over an electronic network, typically the internet. Electronic commerce operates in every four of the major market sections: business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer and consumer to business. It can be thought of as a far more advanced form of mail-order purchasing through a catalogue. Almost any product or service can be offered via ecommerce, from literature and music to financial services and plane tickets. Investopedia explains 'Electronic Business: e-commerce'

E-commerce has approved businesses to set up a market lifetime, or to improve an active market spot, by giving a cheaper and more capable distribution string for their products.

4. Why Big Data is crucial in ecommerce

The buzz near by Big Data is far away from being needless. Not merely does it allow merchants to gain deeper insights into customer habit and industry developments, but it addittionally lets them make more exact decisions to improve just about every feature of the business, from selling and promotion, to merchandising, functions, and even customer maintenance.

Below are a few more points that deeper explain the impacts of Big data in the Ecommerce empire. From increasing customer familiarity to growing better products or marketing campaigns, it's no question that Big Data is another big thing for internet sites.

5. Characteristics of Big Data

A Big data proposal can provide a remedy which is prepared specifically with the needs of the business.

The following will be the basic character types of the Big data
  • Comprehensive - It should offer a broad program, and address all three dimensions velocity, amount and variety.
  • Enterprise Ready - It should include the performance, dependability, performance and security features.
  • Integrated - It should enable integration with information supply chain including databases, data warehouses and business cleverness applications.
  • Open Source Established -- It should be open up source technology with business class operation.
  • Low latency.
  • Robust and trustworthiness.
  • Scalability.
  • Extensibility.
  • Allows adhoc concerns.
  • Minimal Maintenance.


There are extensive sellers offering BIG DATA Analytics are IBM, KOGNITO, etc. Here in this paper I've reviewed about the IBM System.

Fig -2: IBM Platform of BIG DATA

7. Big Data Challenges

There are focal obstacles of BIG DATA are data variety, speed, size and analytical workload intricacy

More volume of organizations is belligerent to streamlined with many problems with the massive amount data. To be able to solve this issue, the organizations need to ease the amount of data being stored and develop new storage area techniques which can improve storage area use.

8. Uses of Big Data for Online Retailers

Most minute vendors' feel that Big Data evaluation is perfect for well-built companies. Actually, it is vital for minute businesses, too, as they try to partake with the larger ones. This becomes even more important as trusted online retailers proceed together with their customers in real time. Take note of, however, that management large collections of data can increase a site's insert time. A slow-moving site troubles every aspect of the shopping technique.

Here are six uses of Big Data for online retailers.

Personalization, Dynamic costing, Customer service, Controlling fraud, Supply string awareness, Predictive analytics.

'Big Data' and e-commerce

Tuesday 25 September 2012

9. Conclusion

The enlargement of information especially of unstructured dataposes a special challengeas the volumeand diversity ofdata. Probably one of the most promise solutions is the Apache Hadoop and Map Reduce composition for coping with this big data problem.

Big Data is a favorite trend in business and in marketing. The idea can indicate different things to different businesses. For ecommerce, vendors should seek to use Big Data to collect big information, if you will, which may be used to make smarter marketing decisions, .


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