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Application programs

Overview of Application Programs

This class of software products is the most representative, which is due to the widespread use of computer technology in all areas of human activity. Below is a brief description of the main types of application software packages (PPP).

General Purpose RFP , which include:

• word processors (editors), intended for the preparation of text documents. Allow to include in the test graphics, tables and other components;

• table processors (editors or spreadsheets) designed to calculate the data stored in the table, create business graphics;

• Desktop database management systems (DBMS) that provide organization and storage of local databases on stand-alone computers or centralized storage of local data on the file server and network access to them. DBMS allows you to organize queries to search for data on any basis, execute reports, perform calculations;

• Presentation graphics that allow you to create and display images on the monitor screen (for example, charts and graphs), prepare and edit slide movies, cartoons, videos;

• Integral packages, which are a set of several software products that functionally complement each other, supporting unified information technologies implemented on a common computing and operational basis.

Problem-oriented RFP , which include automated accounting packages: financial activities of the enterprise; personnel management or personnel records; production management; as well as banking information systems, etc.

Method-oriented RFP. Programs of this type are oriented to mathematical, statistical and other methods of solving problems, regardless of the subject area and functions of information systems.

Computer-aided design software. Programs of this type serve to support the work of designers and technologists related to the development of drawings, diagrams, graphic modeling and design, the creation of libraries of standard elements drawings and their repeated use, the creation of demonstration illustrations and cartoons. A distinctive feature of programs of this type are high requirements to the technical part of the data processing system, the presence of libraries of built-in functions, objects, interfaces with graphic systems and databases.

Office RFPs , which include:

• Organizers (schedulers), with which the planning of working hours is provided, protocols of meetings, working hours schedule are drawn up, a notebook and phone books are maintained. The organizer includes: calculator, notebook, clock, calendar, etc .;

• Translation programs, spelling and text recognition tools, including spelling and synonyms, programs for recognizing information read by scanners and presenting it in text and graphics;

• Communication RFPs designed to organize user interaction with remote subscribers or information resources of the network.

Desktop publishing , unlike word processors, have more text design features that only polygraphs could provide. The multimedia software allows you to create, edit and use (output to the speaker and monitor) audio and video information.

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