As a result of mastering the materials of this chapter, students must:


- the requirements of standards for the design of documents:

- classification of text preparation systems:

- means for processing multi-page documents;

- the advantages of the Office Fluent user interface and the purpose of the Backstage function;

be able to

- use normative legal documents in their activities;

- work with the computer as a means of information management;

- create new documents;

- edit the text;

- work with multi-page documents;

- work with graphic objects;

- use the technology of creating tables and calculations in them using formulas;

- make out the documents with the help of the column text;

- create and use templates and document styles;

- collectively edit documents;

- create mail for distribution;


- information technology work in the Word 2010 word processor environment.

Standards requirements for document processing

A document in a general sense represents a material object that contains information in a fixed form and is specially designed for its transmission in time and space.

Each document has a certain form and requisites, and for many documents the number of details is strictly limited. It is very important to properly draw up a document, since the absence or incorrect specification of the requisites makes the document invalid.

Given the importance of the document, over the centuries-old history of working with documents, certain standards for the form of documents for various purposes have developed. Knowledge of the standards is mandatory for professional work with documents. Therefore, before you start creating a document, you need to familiarize yourself with the relevant standards. The standards set the most common rules for the compilation of documents, as well as typewriting of individual details.

Requirements specific to certain types of text documents are given in the relevant standards. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify some general requirements, for example: Work must be done in print using a computer and printer on one side of a sheet of white A4 paper in one and a half intervals. The font color should be black, the height of letters, numbers and other signs - not less than 1.8 mm (size not less than 12). Field sizes should be set: right - at least 10 mm, upper and lower - not less than 20 mm, left - at least 30 mm. It is allowed to use computer capabilities to focus attention on certain terms, formulas, theorems, applying fonts of different headsets .

In addition, when creating a document in a word processor, the following rules should be taken into account:

• Multiple-page documents must have automatic page numbering (the Insert/Group Header and Footer tab, Page Number );

• Any embedded objects must have automatically generated names ( References tab, Names , Insert title )

• If necessary, the text of the links to embedded objects should be organized as cross-tabs ( Insert /group References / Cross-reference );

• the numbering and labeling of lists is automatic ( Home /group Paragraph );

• footnotes are automatically generated (the References /group Footnotes tab);

• If there are calculations in the tables, they are executed using formulas (the cursor is placed inside the table, the tab Layout /group Data /the Formula );

• If the document provides a table of contents, it is automatically compiled by pre-created headers (the References tab, Table of Contents ).

When creating headlines, one should adhere to the following recommendations:

• Design headers with specially designed styles for this purpose;

• Define the style of the headings different from the main text;

• highlight headings with increased inter-abbreviated intervals;

• headings are placed on one page with the beginning of the text to which they refer;

• Do not put a period at the end of the headings;

• Do not use hyphenation in headers.

Most specialists in the financial and banking spheres, whether manager, financial analyst, economist, auditor, bank employee, etc., have to work with documents. Typically, this is working with the text, to which objects and fragments are added, different in their structure and format. The work of a specialist in the financial and banking spheres with documents is aimed not so much at direct typing as on the ability to give it the required form by applying formatting capabilities.

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