APPLIED SOFTWARE, TEXT PROCESSORS, Types and capabilities...



After studying Chapter 5, the student must:


• types, features, interface of text editing programs;

• Parameters of the font, paragraph, page;

• the main information objects of the text document (word, paragraph, table, inscription, page);

• basic tricks of text and document design;

be able to

• choose the display mode of the document in the program window;

• apply text formatting styles;

• create standard text documents;

• Use tools to automate the creation and meta descriptions of documents;


• skills in typing, searching and replacing text;

• The skills of formatting the font, paragraphs, tables;

• the skills of inserting graphic objects, links and hyperlinks into the document;

• the skills of creating documents with complex structure, footnotes and table of contents;

• The skills of editing and working with the document.

Types and Features of Text Editors

Text - a sequence of graphic or audio language marks that are limited to a single destination. Written, including typewritten, the text is fixed in paper or electronic form.

Text Processing is the process of entering, recognizing, storing, editing, formatting and printing text using a computer and programs.

Text editor - the type of programs for inputting (typing), changing, formatting text and text data: documents, articles, books, etc.

The Windows operating system includes two text editors: Notepad and WordPad. These simple programs run quickly and open files, are convenient for working with small documents, specify page parameters: fields, document sheet orientation (portrait or landscape).

Notepad is used to view and edit files text only with the extension .txt and allows you to perform the simplest text formatting - set the font for the entire document, but not for a single word. The font settings are not saved with the file and depend on the setting of the program on the computer where the view is performed.

WordPad prepares more complex texts, can change the font of individual words, align the paragraph on the right or left edge (Figure 5.1). Formatting is saved in the document, so the next time it is opened, it is displayed as it was saved.

WordPad documents that use formatting and multiple languages ​​in the text should be saved in RTF file format so that they can be opened in both the WordPad editor and the Word editor of different versions. Rich Text Format (Rich Text Format)

WordPad Editor Window

Fig. 5.1. WordPad Editor Window

text format) is used to exchange documents between text editors of different versions. In a sense, there is parallel to the rest. Can transfer typical elements of formatting: the size and parameters of the font and paragraphs. Well-specified, documented, fairly simple, organized and well-recognized by almost all office applications. Documents prepared in WordPad take up little space, are quickly opened and saved.

Documents and letters can be prepared in other text editors. The AkelPad editor (a more powerful analogue of Notepad) recognizes the encoding of Windows, DOS and KOI-8 text and mutually converts them.

There are many other text editing programs. However, the possibilities of simple editors are rather limited. You can not insert pictures into Notepad, you can insert pictures into the WordPad document, but you can not process them, it's difficult to create a table.

Text editors that offer a very wide range of text operations are called word processors, these include Microsoft Office Word, Star Office, Corel Word Perfect. Text processors allow you to set different font and paragraph parameters in different places in the document, insert footnotes, bookmarks, tables, illustrations, diagrams, create footers, and prepare documents for mass mailings. Nevertheless, word processors, given the wide possibilities, still have some limitations in the preparation of high-quality publications and in layout. For the preparation of the layouts of publications, the application programs of desktop publishing systems are used. These include the programs Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Corel Ventura

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