Automated mobile system "Agent +", "KIT - Mobile commerce"...

6.8. Automated mobile system Agent +

Software Automated Mobile System Agent + (AMC "Agent +") is designed to automate mobile commerce using mobile devices (PDAs, communicators, TSD) []. The product has been certified for status Compatible! Software system "1C: Enterprise .

Implementing AMC Agent + at the enterprise or in the organization is to integrate the data exchange module into the enterprise accounting system ( 1C: Enterprise 8 and others) and install the AMC Agent + to mobile devices of sales agents. AMC Agent + is available in three configurations:

• AMC Agent + Light & quot ;. Realizes the basic needs of mobile employees (sales representatives, agents, merchandisers) outside the office with support for mobile data exchange. Ready-to-install integration module allows you to get started right away, without involving implementation specialists;

• AMC Agent + Standard & quot ;. Provides an expanded set of functions for mobile employees (sales representatives, agents, merchandisers) outside the office, which includes a number of additional features;

• AMC Agent + - Invent & quot ;. Provides the maximum set of functions for mobile employees (sales representatives, agents, merchandisers), allowing to use all the capabilities of mobile devices (PDAs, communicators, TSD).

6.9. KIT - Mobile Commerce

The software package KIT for mobile trading allows you to speed up and automate the collection of preliminary orders of customers and organize an instant data exchange between the sales representative and the central office. As a result, applications from customers enter the enterprise accounting system for further processing within a few seconds after they are processed. In addition, there is the possibility of instant transfer to the sales representative of any data from the company's accounting system, so that the sales representative always has the most up-to-date information about the availability of goods in the warehouse and selling prices, and can also receive online reports (for example, "Reconciliation report" or " ; Debts ).

6.10. System of exit trade "ST - Mobile Trade"

Mobile Information System "ST - Mobile Trade", developed in 2004 by the company "Galaxy IT", combines data of accounting, operational and warehouse accounts with information on handheld computers of sales agents. It is intended for enterprises engaged in the production, distribution and direct delivery of goods of daily demand. The decision strictly corresponds to all business processes of the outbound trade enterprise.

The modular structure of the program allows you to flexibly use exactly the modules that are required for real business processes in the company:

• Trading from the wheels (Van Selling) - solution for dealership and distribution companies engaged in direct delivery of everyday goods;

• Pre Selling - a solution for FMCG companies (manufacturers and wholesalers of everyday goods) that collect pre-orders with the help of sales agents;

• Information gathering (Merchandising) - a solution for companies that collect marketing information about the market.

The software package installed on handheld computers allows you to ship goods using flexible terms of sale, meaning the formation of "complex" price lists with a variety of discounts for each outlet.

6.11. AkiTorg - mobile trading on the basis of the Android operating system

The AkiTorg program is designed to automate and manage the trade. With its help you can effectively solve various tasks of mobile employees.

1. Collection of orders (the system contains price lists, stock balances, availability of assortment, routes, customer information, trade points debts, etc.).

2. Merchandising (for processing documents stop-check ).

3. Input of incoming cash orders (accounting for cash transactions is made with reference to shipping documents).

4. Controlling the movement of sales representatives. When you enter each document, the coordinates and time are recorded, which you can then view on the map.

5. Possibility to plan a visit route for retail outlets.

6. Two-way data exchange.

The program is designed to work on devices running the operating system Google Android. This allows you to use inexpensive tablet computers or smartphones from any manufacturer. The product is fully compatible with all versions of "1C". AkiTorg does not require expensive implementation, separate server, constant Internet access and static IP address. This significantly reduces the cost of implementation. To use it, you only need to have a device with the Google Android operating system.

6.12. Direct sales

A small accounting system ("Direct Sales") provides automation of the freight forwarder's work in the wholesale trade and the seller - in the retail. With her help, the goods are kept in the car, the necessary documents are issued, the documents are printed on the printer. It allows you to change the appearance and set of printed forms yourself. At the end of the work of the seller or forwarder, the data is transferred to the office accounting system.

Based on the information received, the relevant accounting documents for the shipment of goods to customers, receipt of payments, etc. are formed in the company's accounting system. The seller or the freight forwarder is given the opportunity to create a document for loading the machine for the next working cycle. This document can be transmitted, for example, by means of wireless communication long before the return to the office, which will significantly accelerate the process of forming the load of his car and will better take into account the wishes of customers.

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