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Basics of Secure Networking

Network Threats

Computer security when working on the Internet is the main condition for successful and productive activity, as compliance with its main rules will protect the user from possible risks of loss or damage to important information, misuse of his personal data, financial losses in electronic payments and banking operations, psychological trauma from contact with malicious and offensive information, etc.

The issues of information protection of both the network infrastructure and Internet users have become very acute since the very beginning of computerization of society and the massive spread of network technologies. In particular, security issues had to be addressed immediately when distributing computer software through the Network, using e-mail services and other programs to support Internet communication. Relatively mass distribution and continuous production and reproduction of malicious computer programs (computer viruses), hacker attacks on the servers operating in the network and other actions have caused the emergence of a whole specialized area of ​​computer programming, the main task of which was the production of anti-virus software. Therefore, recently the number of professional programmers, whose task is the development of technologies and software products aimed at preventing the penetration of virus programs onto users' computers, is constantly growing all over the world.

Internet theft of personal data, the spread of harmful and dangerous information, risks associated with virtual dating, required a special study of the forms and methods of social networking. Recently, studies of the impact of virtual communication on the human psyche have intensified, and other potentially dangerous psychological consequences of the penetration of computers into the everyday life of people are being studied everywhere. Although these studies are still far from complete, nevertheless, it is already possible to formulate some basic rules and recommendations for the maximum possible safe operation in a networked computer environment. In addition, it is important to understand that almost all of the above risks increase many times when working with new interactive Internet services that require more and more involvement of the user in active information exchange and belong to the field of Web 2.0 technologies (social networks, blogosphere, Internet commerce, cloud technologies and so on).

In addition to virus programs that can disrupt the operation of various network devices, and the theft of personal data and other personal information, contact with certain types of network information (for example, with aggressive, extremist, sectarian type information, etc.) may be dangerous. ). This information can also harm the psyche and health of users, while children, adolescents and people with unstable minds need special protection from the possible harmful effects of such network information. The basic rules of safe work in the Network were formulated primarily for such groups of the population most exposed to external influence. These rules remain relevant for all other population groups that are Internet users.

The basic rules and recommendations are as follows:

1) Before connecting to the Internet, you should check whether anti-virus protection is enabled on the user's computer and update (if necessary) the version of the security software;

2) it is not recommended to activate hyperlinks, which can lead to downloading of any files to the user's computer;

3) ns it is recommended to install software from unknown websites on the user's computer;

4) It is not recommended to activate banners (advertising or entertaining nature) that are placed on unfamiliar websites,

5) it is forbidden to open files attached to e-mails whose address is unknown to the user;

6) it is not recommended to put any personal information on the Internet;

7) it is forbidden to conduct any financial transactions through unverified websites (websites that can not produce certified certificates of security ensuring transactions).

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