Business Game As A Training Method

The use of lecture, handout, circumstance studies, coaching, and other methods are incredibly common for the training purposes. Each of the method has its specific usage yet it also consists of its limitation. Business games are different from the original training method and it has now shown to be a valuable and enjoyable teaching tool. They permit the participant to be engaged directly instead of just experiencing or reading how to do something (Gilgeous, D'cruz, 1996).

According to Fortmüller 2009, business game is one of the main methods to acquire technical and problem-related knowledge. With all the adequate setup, business games in a position to be a functional teaching-learning set up that combine both the natural predisposition of the players with planned and directed knowledge acquirement. Under a suitable learning condition together with an appropriate framework and energetic of games, the ball player would be able to acquire new skills and knowledge. However, it isn't possible to add all knowledge and skills into one game. Therefore, it might be the best to perform several games rather than one.

There are few business video games that are famous among UPM students such as L'Oréal Brandstorm and OSK Investment task. These games provided the students a good opportunity to take on the role as a marketing brand manager or find out about the administrative centre market to place their knowledge to check.

Although using video games as a tool for training purpose may appear attractive, but there's also few negatives implications from it. Therefore, it should always be understand that there is no single tool is ideal and extremely effective.

2. 0 Benefits of business game:

With globalization growing speedily and progress of solutions, more organizations are employing computer centered simulations instead of the traditional table game titles used for business training. Although times have altered, business games are still a preferred tool in training employees. The various advantages of business games capability to simulate the whole organization provide a better point of view than other training methods.

2. 1 Real life experience

The advantage of business games is the fact it offers hands-on experience in business related practices and problem resolving from the real world. It is made to let members experience real job requirements to be able to prepare them for future years. Participants are given real business cases and will make an effort to solve the many problems using the data that they possess and the new training input. As players reach face challenges from the business enterprise world, they will be in a position to acquire better understanding about the real world job requirements. Corresponding to Fortmuller, (2007), repetitive actions through the certain activity will lead to the gain of skills known as procedural knowledge. By revealing real situations to employees, they will be able to improve themselves.

2. 2 Improve control and management skills

Participants in business games will be able to hone their skills to a higher degree after regularly playing the game (Gonen, Brill, & Frank, 2009). Because business game consists of constant interacting with group associates and solving problems using suited strategies, an employee's leadership and management skills will improve. Participants will go through the real world feelings through the business game when interacting and coordinating among fellow group users. Building bonds and expending sites with people can be a good side-effect from business game titles as it will be useful in the future. Employees will get the opportunity to lead groups and manage tasks through the simulation of real life business which in the end improves their performances.

2. 3 Faster learning time

The good thing about business game is the fact it provides multiple training in a short time period for the participant. By compressing time, the participants of business video games will learn at a faster rate in comparison to normal training methods. By taking part running a business games, participants can learn, apply and adjust at the same time, thus shortening enough time of learning. The compressed subject areas designed for learning will be consumed easily by the members as they can actually and psychologically experience it.

2. 4 Pleasant way of learning

Another good thing about business game is the fact that it encourages productive learning one of the participants. With the high participation rate in the business game, it promotes learning in comparison to passive engagement. As business game creates a great and laidback atmosphere, members will embrace the training program willingly and so increases the success of the training (Gilgeous & D'Cruz, 1996). Business game helps to lower the recognized threat degree of a participant which later creates a clearer picture of the expected outcome. Members will also more creative as the casual environment helps it be okay to make mistakes.

Improve ram retention

Business games also have the advantage of keeping information and storage area learnt by members. The info of working out are easily utilized and remembered by participants, this is because real business situation are shown in an exhilarating way. When members are given the possibility to practice analytical techniques in an appropriate and helping environment, they will improve storage detainment by 70%. Through constant responses from decisions made, members can improve learning as they study from their faults. Using business game as a training tool will boost the memory of participants as reviews through successful or non-successful decisions made.

3. 0 Negatives of business game:

Since business game provides company so many advantages, it could appear like the obvious way Reason to choose this training method set alongside the snooze. However, no training method is ideal and business video games also have some setbacks.

3. 1 Oversimplifications of reality

A drawback of business game is that the game circumstance is just revised from the model of reality. The training result is hard to assess from the contribution of business game training method because simulation only cannot accurately stand for real life which has more difficulties and changes. The business enterprise game lacks verisimilitude for the player to learn true experience.

3. 2 Restriction of learning effectiveness

Meanwhile, another disadvantage for business game titles would be oversimplification of the business enterprise world compared to the real life; which is more technical to model accurately which may limit potential learning. Business game is undoubtedly an educational medium but it has limitations in learning effectiveness, (Stainton, Johnson, & Borodzicz, 2010). This is because the game only selects some aspect and phenomena from certainty which is often limiting the players' area to discover the knowledge and skills under consideration in the game scenario.

3. 3 Player's decision insufficient responsibility

Moreover, the players might lack responsibility because of their decisions which are created in the simulation game because the game's benefits do not have an impact on the real situation of a new player or other people. For instance, a player's finances in the game do not influence the players' financial in real life. So, the players might not take it significantly on your choice making available game.

3. 4 Costly

Designing a valid and reliable business game is costly. The expenses include designing a high quality style of business game, materials, finding certification designers and facilitators. The simulation execution must be designed as well and suggest several factors, (Stainton et al. , 2010). At the same time, designing a high quality model and utilizing the business game with validity and consistency is problematic, which might cost the business millions in expenditures. There are several considering essential conditions such as complexity and realism of representation, depth of content, and approach to implementation, (Stainton et al. , 2010). Alternatively, finding the qualification facilitators also is an effort because the companies need to pay extra to trainer work with qualification facilitators so that they can give the right directions and instructions to control the problem with strategically and effectively toward achievement of your desired goal (Kato, 2010).

3. 5 Dier signicantly of members' manners and poses in real life

Participants may act not the same as their behaviours in true to life. Additional, they might not try training games totally and lacking attention in the game will lead to breaking rules which might cost the aim of job.

3. 6 Game is consider as an entertainment than as education

Most the participants of the business enterprise game are adult people and it is hard to regulate their notion of the business enterprise game as mere fun and fad than learning; this can be compromise the result of educational validity. Sometimes business game has been used to complete time and don't bring out any value final results. So, this factor can lead to wasteful of money and time for the firms who have to spend pointless cost.

4. 0 Condition

Running a company game requires no specific condition. It can be a simple game or a professionally built simulation game. Although business game can be one of the easiest to use and affordable, the effect from the sort of business game varies. Thus, to determine which conditions used we ought to refer to the next procedure.

First, determine the situation that an firm face and identify the aims that wish to be accomplished. A great way to look for the goals of the training can be done through the Training Need Analysis. It can help to learn who need which type of training and under what condition.

Next is choosing the most suitable business game predicated on the objectives to maximize the learning results among employees. The business game chosen may be simple as long as it can support the designed training objectives. By selecting a suited game that can meet up with the goal and consider the possible constrain such as budget, place environment, and method, it will let the organization coach employees in the desired areas.

After choosing what kind of business game, the organization has to apply it. The correct execution will also have an impact on the outcome of the training program. However the right approach to training is chosen, poor business and poor enforcement may understand the result of the business enterprise game. Monitoring the overall game process and ensuring it achieves the objective requires good implementation.

The final step in conducting a business game is analysis. Analysis is important since it determines whether the business game succeeds in reaching the objectives. The training of employees will be evaluated to measure the effectiveness of the business game conducted. The usage of Donald Kirkpatrick's evaluation model is utilized to evaluate the results of the overall game. If the results is not prefer then it has to change certain condition of the game.

5. 0 Conclusion

In conclusion, it isn't easy to carry out an effective business game as it needs a lot of effort from the business to create a highly effective game. The very best games to users must be those in a position to maintain interest, effective, coach an idea and gratifying (Gilgeous et al. , 1996). Beside that it should also be develop predicated on the company's business environment and strategy.

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