Composition of the data collection terminal, Operating modes...

7.3. The composition of the data collection terminal

The data collection terminal has a processor, memory, keyboard, screen, bar code scanner. Memory, as a rule, is nonvolatile, which allows you to save data even in case of power failures. A mobile TSD is a mini-computer running an operating system. As the OS is usually used Windows Mobile, less common are

Palm OS, Linux, etc. The frequency of the installed processor is 200-400 MHz, the amount of RAM is 64-128 MB, the memory capacity of the device is 64 MB. The duration of the terminal without recharging is 9-15 hours, its weight is up to 300 grams.

From barcode scanners with built-in data memory and processor data collection terminals, the presence of wireless communication technology Wi-Fi, GPRS/EDGE for communication with the central server of the enterprise, as well as a 3- or 5-inch display, allows you to display complex graphic schemes. Some models are equipped with a GPS satellite module, they have Bluetooth wireless communication, they can read RFID tags, transmit TSD information at a distance of several meters, read flat and two-dimensional barcodes (scanners can be LED and laser).

The terminal is connected to the PC using a communication stand, also used to recharge the batteries. To connect to a PC, the stand has an RS-232 or USB interface. Also can be used communication stands with a modem that allows the PC to communicate with the terminal remotely.

In the case of using radio terminals, data is transferred to the computer as soon as it is received. Radio communication is established using an access point that connects directly to the PC or to the local information network. When the TSD is in the room, the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interfaces are used, in the case of using the radio terminal outside its communication, it is conducted via the GSM/GPRS interface.

The DENSO terminal BNT-400 is equipped with Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth and IrDA infrared. It is a universal device that provides mobile data collection both in retail (merchandise accounting in stores and supermarkets), and in the warehousing and industry.

Motorola Symbol MC9000-G Data Collection Terminal RFID is a mobile computer with built-in RFID tags (radio frequency) and barcodes of 1D/2D formats. It provides mobile solutions for several markets throughout the retail supply chain.

7.4. Operating modes of the data acquisition terminal

Information exchange between the terminal and the PC can be carried out both in real-time (PR-terminals) and in batch (packet or data collection terminals). In batch mode with offline work, the task and the database are downloaded to the terminal before it starts. And at the end of the work, the collected data is uploaded to the computer.

The work of the TSD is possible in three modes:

- in the TSD the pre-prepared order and invoices are loaded, and the goods are recorded according to the loaded document;

- the data on the goods are entered directly into the accounting system of the enterprise using the TSD, which is an intermediate link between the goods and the enterprise management system;

- orders and invoices are downloaded to the TSD, which are periodically (every 2-3 hours) sent to the accounting system via wireless communication. This is the most common mode of operation.

7.5. Software for data collection terminals

The data collection terminals can be integrated with the corporate enterprise information system, the workflow system, the information system of the trading enterprise. Using TSD provides for the accumulation and transfer of data to the database of the central server of the enterprise. In this case, before sending data to the central server, the TSD can check, for example, the presence or the correct quantity of goods in the warehouse before selling it to the customer.

The main software products used to run the TSD include the following:

• Pocket data collection terminal "1C-Rarus", intended for integration of TSD with the program "1C: Enterprise". Based on 1C-Rarus developed the program "Astor: Trading House", used to automate medium and large stores, supermarkets, groups of companies and holdings that lead wholesale and retail trade.

• The M-Trade program designed to automate the wholesale trade with cars, which includes means of accounting for the movement of goods outside the office, creating and printing the necessary documents, synchronizing input and output data with the enterprise information system.

• Stock Control program, designed for inventory inventory using Psion's TSD, which has a barcode search system.

• Software package Inventory & quot ;, which performs the same functions as Stock Control, but allows inventorying not only in the warehouse or in the store, but also in the central office. The maximum volume of the database is 60,000 titles.

• ON OmniLink firm "Pilot", which showed itself well in the branches of trading companies.

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