Computerised Hotel Maintenance Systems

I plan to develop a computerised Hotel maintenance system for Global Grange Hotel. The suggested system would help organise & control the Maintenance department in an useful manner to be able to minimize the drawbacks of the existing system.

The main entities that I've considered are the buying current stock, up to date problem solves, Record of problems and suppliers. The brand new system will improve the Hotel potential to provide better services for his or her day to day work.

This consumes a huge timeframe and still there's a question of accuracy and reliability. Suppliers who send the parts and maintenance components aren't computerized it is therefore very difficult to order and problems record or to update a certain record. Back up data involves a massive amount of newspaper work, which ends in inefficiency.

I have chosen a well-known hotel as our Global Grange Hotel. I visited the Grange hotel many times in order to gain a through understanding on how it managed and exactly how work has been carried out within the current maintenance system. A large amount work is done manually.

In this hotel have a problem with storage space according to maintenance office has to confirm a special area to keep their backup and other data. Including more newspaper works and documents such as agreements, purchase requests etc. That is very inconvenient for the management of the hotel maintenance division.

In the machine i developed you will see no manual transactions. Every single fine detail is computerized. Therefore it would be a highly efficient, well looked after and the operations would be fast and reliable. It would minimize all the drawbacks of the existing semi computerized system.

There are many details that people should be concerned with when we develop a computerized system, such as the amount of pcs and peripheral equipment needed for the new system, the employees who have to be trained to work in just a computerized environment and all other traits needed to manipulate an organization to provide out it is best.


The investigation period is also known as the fact-finding level or the examination of the existing system. That is a detailed research conducted with the purpose of wanting to fully understand the existing system and also to identify the basic information requirements.

In my investigation, analyse of the existing system, fully understand the existing manual system and basic information requirements. Investigate the current system I'll visit to the grange hotel and Speak to brain of maintenance, maintenance staff, people who order extra parts and have what they required.


For the maintenance management system, following key elements must be included. In Stock management maintenance personnel must know current stock, suppliers details, add suppliers, update schedules and problem history.

In this situation, proposing a hotel management system include more option namely, stock management, suppliers, update etc.

Figure1: Sample interface (http://www. top4download. com/service-master/screenshot-mkbeikbu. html)

A thorough inspection was done in every effected aspect when deciding whether the purposed system is feasible enough to be implemented. I came across main problems in the global grange hotel and I describe in below.

Problem Status

Currently hotel maintenance staffs are doing in by hand. Normally they put a docket with the description of the challenge and maintenance division must check every time what are the problem need to be attended and fixed. After the maintenance personal completed a relevant job, he'll be up to date to the office which raised the situation.

Stock Management

In the maintenance section have to check their stock weekly and order them home. Some times they fail to find the part or the dealer who sell the merchandise.

Update schedule

Update routine is the other problem for maintenance. They need to archive some tasks. Some are on a monthly basis plus some are yearly. More often than not they forget to do those goals.

Problem history

Mostly in brain of maintenance wants to know the problem background. Eg: Room 111 had an Air condition problem. They need to verify the history of each device was. Then maintenance can do the proper solution to the.

The Global Grange hotel maintenance system happens to be controlling their daily functions manually. There's a high rate of bureaucracy within the business. The hotel is currently controlling the maintenance records manually which means problems currently faced by the hotel are as follows -

The amount of paperback included is high.

The turnaround time for obtaining information to make decisions is highly time consuming.

Shortage of efficiency.

Error rate is high in a manually working organization.

The tendency to reduce important documents is high.

No back-up data in a manual system, even if the business helps to keep backup data details there will be a problem of space and data redundancy.


In my research i came across background of hotel maintenance systems which using for keeping their current systems. Including important elements and principles functions.

What is the CMMS?

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) are software packages made to help you take care of the maintenance of your facilities, buildings, and assets, which include equipment. With this software, you acquire information including workforce, jobs, time, and costs in a central repository, and use that data to boost your daily and long-term maintenance businesses.

Facilities using CMMS system include:

manufacturing plants


schools and universities

federal, status and local governments


real property organizations

retirement communities

How Is Functionality Provided?

Software was created to be flexible. You need to be in a position to use a CMMS with the right features to meet your specific needs. With its basic features, options, and customizations, gives you the functionality that makes the most sense for your company.

The Basics

Maintenance Management software includes basic operation such as

automating work orders

scheduling precautionary maintenance

controlling parts inventories

creating purchase orders

easily accessing needed reports

Contract management, simplified work requests, and easy admin options for web requests and handhelds are also included. Many customers also use specific features for placing automatic alerts, and viewing maintenance histories. It is also easy to memorize and recall standard duties, and manage warranties, suppliers, and vendors. (http://blog. mintek. com/Enterprise_Asset_Management/?Tag, www. insight-jo. com/index_files/Page1255. htm )

1. 1. 1. 5 Technology

Normally for Hotel Maintenance system they use web applications and workplace top applications. Growing these kind of systems leading ends generally they use webpages from html, xml and then for the table top software using visual essentials, visual basics. net etc. For the trunk ends them using sql, my sql, oracle and gain access to database.

Technology for the maintenance management system, we have to use small network with the server and two three work channels. Install to the main server and workstations for the users. System databases dealing with the server and its own update each and every time.

Using Aesthetic basic. net for the inventory system, we can apply for system user interfaces. Also can create login, administrator and for the users. From this software can form forms according to our system and its own user friendly for the users. For the machine again ends normally they use sql, my sql and ms access. If we use these software to returning end, need to set-up our database according to requirements.

"Visual Basic (VB) is a programming environment from Microsoft when a programmer uses a graphical interface (GUI) to choose and alter preselected sections of code written in the BASIC program writing language" (http://searchwindevelopment. techtarget. com/definition/Visual-Basic)

"Microsoft Gain access to is the database software from the Microsoft Office Suite of applications. It really is a powerful personal database and data manipulation tool that is also trusted in many smaller businesses"

( http://www. xcent. com/Glossary/Microsoft_Access)


Upon expanding the proposed totally computerised maintenance system for Global Grange Hotel allows its maintenance personals to obtained the daily work scheduled which includes the fault and routine tasks, Maintenance supervisors and all relevant departments who log faults to track the status of faults and provide feedback or even to escalate. Also Hotel management to keep an eye on the ongoing maintenance issues and essentially the finance office can easily see the purchase requested and areas of relevant obligations to different suppliers. This provides effective, reliable, efficient maintenance system which resolved current inadequate, inefficient, highly time consuming, and complex types of procedures. Also implementing this technique will dramatically reduce the utilization of the newspaper work will give an chance to a step forward, towards Global Grange Hotel's eco-friendly pledge.

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