Concept Of Facilities Planning And Vegetable Layout Computer Science Essay

Background of the problem

Today s developing industry is facing problems that have been growing in proportions and complexity during the last several years. Because of this, there is an immediate need for types of procedures or techniques in solving various problems experienced in today s developing arena without lengthened shutdown s or expensive improvements ( Clark, 1996). Materials controlling equipment and the facilities it performs can donate to approximately 70 percent of the full total cost of the made product (Tompkins et al, 1996).

Facilities structure design is part of facilities planning (Tompkins et al, 1996). It's the arrangement of work space which, on the whole terms smoothes the best way to access facilities which may have strong interactions. The main nervous about the plant service structure planning is to reduce the cost of materials managing as poor materials managing can create business problems. To remain competitive in today's market a business must reduce costs by planning for the future

Material handling cost is a indirect costs and every company would like to lessen this indirect cost and it constitutes a major part of indirect costs in a center Therefore even small improvements in material handling costs makes a big decrease in total indirect costs. The cost of material flow is a function of the length the material is migrated between divisions called departments in a manufacturing unit. To reduce materials handling costs, it is essential to have an optimal set up of departments to reduce the total distance traveled

Tompkins (1982) predicted that between 20% and 50% of operating bills in manufacturing can be attributed to center planning and material handling. Thus any cost cutting down in this area can donate to the overall efficiency of the creation system. Due to its wide selection of applicability, the service layout problem will still be the main topic of research for quite some time to come. Graph theory and computerized software of center layout is a powerful tool which allows experimentation with various developing techniques and layout without actual implementation.

Based on the aforementioned facts, it is obvious that layout search engine optimization and improvement are two responsibilities that are crucial to any facility planning and structure study.

1. 2 Statement of problem

JPM Automobiles ltd is an automobile component manufacturing company found in Gurgaon Haryana. The problem area for the reason that company is the departments are not located to corresponding to making process; processes that have high interdependency are not located near to one another. This cause distance travelled by the materials is high from one department to another department which effect high material handling cost. Which have an effect on the overall efficiency of the business.

In response to these problems, the necessity for facilities layout optimization is needed. This dissertation proposes to utilize Systematic Structure Planning (SLP) as to improve the center layout of the business by graph theory and BLOCKPLAN software to increase the company performance. The company performance advancements are in conditions of output increase, decrease in visiting cost and reduction in travelling distance.

1. 3 Objectives

The problem area for the reason that company is of higher materials handling, in-process inventory, poor interdependency of section and inflexibility etc. due to its improper layout. Predicated on the above simple fact the aims of the study are

To conduct an in depth literature overview of the facility structure problems.

To analyze the prevailing layout of the business and do cost analysis of the existing layout.

To propose improvements in the existing design by graph theory and BLOCKPLAN software.

To conduct cost analysis of the prevailing and proposed layouts.

Compare cost analysis of the prevailing and proposed structure by graph theory and BLOCKPLAN software

1. 3 Idea of Facilities Planning and Herb Layout

A facility planning is a complex and broad subject matter that protects several disciplines. It requires civ