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As an IT administrator for ACS (Awesome Clothing Store), you are accountable for the business's infrastructure including its online presence. The company has commissioned a new website to be able to boost their revenue and reach an increased segment of customers. The developers have delivered the code and database for the website and you are now in charge of bringing it online as well as perform maintenance and adding any extra features that could be required in the foreseeable future. The website has been developed in PHP and MySQL and also other technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Please make reference to Appendix A for a conclusion of the files you will be given.

You are required to prepare a preliminary report which includes your opinion, and diagrams with appropriate reasons. Following are the questions that you'll require to answer to achieve the standards set.

Task 1 - Deploying a credit card applicatoin under a PHP Environment (P1. 1, P1. 2, M1, D1)

The application must be deployed on the web. Explain what's required in conditions of hosting services for your application to work correctly. Support your answer by mentioning lots of hosting services that you can choose, select the best one and justify your answer. Illustrate the difference between client-side scripting and server-side scripting supporting your answers with practical examples used in the application.

P1. 1

Explain the techniques and techniques necessary to host a site. Within your answer reference registering a domain name and the need to host the website's files online.

Registering a domain in a jurisdiction is the first step popular domain want the. com are. tv (Tuvalu). me Montenegro one of the very most or the most popular domain registering broker is GoDaddy it's essential to choose the right domain so you'll ensure that site reaches more hits.

1. Planning and evaluating the perfect route. The site will contain series of files, so we will need the capacity for files. We are able to either host them on a local web server or a cloud web server such as AWS.

2. We have to evaluate all the avail webhosting services and produce the moist suitable

3Various companies such as godaddy offer domain checker, they can provide an alternative domain after successfully finishing the registration procedure including WHOIS database assign, where in fact the webmaster information us made public or occur private mode.

4. Once We have registered we may use the correct tools to upload the content.

P1. 2

Evaluate the several types of hosting offered by web host providers. Elaborate in detail on at least 2 hosting services and present types of actual hosting companies offering these packages.

For testing and development purposes, deploy the given application and database to a local server such as XAMPP.

Currently on the marketplace various webhosting solutions are available

there is
  • Complimentary Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting

Complimentary Hosting

Complimentary web hosting is perfect for small pages with low traffic, and not for corporate or business use. Such service include various adds and pop-ups and with limited or no support.

The Good points in free hosting sen/ices are
  • Free
  • Ideal for personal websites
  • Ideal to learn on them
The Bad points in free hosting services are

-Usually you can choose your own domain

-Few, limited or no software options

-Limited security options

-Limited or no database support

-Limited technical support

-Lack of professionalism


As we can see, there are a lot of cons in going to free hosting, however one has to see his need.

Shared hosting is very affordable. With shared enviroment, your site gets its own domain name, and is also hosted on a robust server and also other web sites. Shared solutions often offer multiple software solutions like e-mail, database, and various editing options. Normal tech support team is commonly good. That is recommended for the small businesses.

The Good points in virtual hosting services are
  • Low Cost. The cost is usually distributed to others.
  • Ideal for small business
  • Multiple Software options
  • You can have your own domain
  • Normal support is quite good.
Negative points with virtual hosting services are
  • Limited security due to shared resources
  • Limited traffic volume
  • Limited support

Dedicated hosting

On dedicated hosting, website is hosted on It's suitable for popular traffic and sites. You need to expect dedicated hosting to be high avail bile and more secure, with various platform solutions.


Explain how effective judgments have been made by suggesting which hosting package is most ideal for this scenario and elaborate at length why a particular hosting package was chosen over another.

Due to the limitation of of the solution For our online clothing website, We are able to opt to host our very own resources, a remedy that with we need to procure for resources, where will come bring about isses from from ISP or owned hardware.

We can also opt shared enviroment. Where it is more feasible option since it offers load balancer, uptime guarantee redundancy site, SLA and higher avability. Because of this option, we can partner with amazon AWS

AWS offers a perfect solution for our goal because most of the backend administration is done automatically various geolocation data centres which translates in faster browsing speed, they offer some tools to create and store our website plus they guarantee 99. 9% uptime. 99. 9% uptime means that people can afford 1 min 15secs downtime daily or 7 hours 33min 66 seconds yearly. Although that seems a lot, hen breakdown the trouble, It's more than acceptable for a web based fashion store. Of course, the nature of the business enterprise is online and enough time it makes offline means lack of money, however, taking everything under consideration, we can say this package is the greatest we can use.

Other packages such as GoDaddy or hosting our very own server are very costly for our purpose. GoDaddy, for instance, offers a 24x7 support to its dedicated hosting. In addition they 99. 9% network uptime, the purchase price will skyrocket to 88 a month weighed against the AWS which is just 47 per month.

Show that conclusions have been arrived at through synthesis of ideas and also have been justified by analysing

1. How the hosting services can make your PHP application work appropriately on the web.

2. Evaluate in detail the difference between client-side scripting and server-side scripting giving practical examples from the application form.

XAMPP is the tool that is going to be utilized for our site. After we build the site design and make it available online we must generate a hosting account, where we decided to make it with on AWS. Then with filezilla (ftp) we need to upload the content to our website. Web Tools such as Dreamweaver have a build in FTP, and one can upload the changes immediately.

When upload is completed, one must preview the project for a UAT (user acceptance test). AWS has this functionality and one will discover it by clicking web hosting, next to the hosting account that people want to use

Server side Scenario

The server-side scenario uses a scripting tool on a web server. A user's request is triggred on an internet server to generate dynamic HTML files. These files are sent to the client browser. It really is usually supplies interactive sites that integrates with databases or other data API.

Client's scenario

Client usually triggers scripts via browsers. This will be processes on the client's side. The source code is downloaded from the net server to the client's computer through the net browser

Scripting language tools should be enabled to perform this operation. This may also make a security threat loophole, with various warning messages being displayed on client's browser.

P1. 3

Explain the legal requirements of hosting an internet website.

Once successfully uploaded there is a whole legal framework to be followed.

1. Company Information

2. Web Accessibility and the Disability Discrimination Act

3. THE INFO Protection Act

4. Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations

5. Electronic Commerce Regulations (EC Directive)


7. The EU Anti-Spam Laws

8. The EU Cookie Directive

9. Legal information such as trading licence vat, numbers etc.

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