Critical Analysis On ASP Net Computer Research Essay

ASP. net is a fresh technology and powerful web development words to build a web application considerably faster. Currently, we can always listen to the news of ASP. online especially on the net designer sites. ASP. net isn't only is the transformation from ASP, ASP. net can be said that is new period in the net development field. In such a seminar, I am going to explain what's about for ASP. net.

First of most, I will quickly clarify what ASP. NET is and what are the main variations between ASP. net and ASP classic version. Describe how efficiency of ASP. net that can perform in comparison to ASP antique and what exactly are the features that ASP classic cannot archive in the ASP. net

Secondly, I am going to compared the different version of ASP. NET such as ASP. NET 1. x, ASP. NET 2. 0 and ASP. NET 3. 5. Among the several version of the ASP. NET, what and exactly how much the improvement that latest version of ASP. net has bought it to us to develop a web program. I am also list out the advantages and drawbacks for different version of ASP. net.

On the other side, I am also cover this issue for ASP. online AJAX which is produced by Microsoft. ASP. online AJAX is a extensions to ASP. world wide web to implement the AJAX efficiency. That means AJAX functionality added to ASP. net web program without writing the Javascript. Therefore, I will explain how ASP. online AJAX helps in the net development.

Introduction of ASP. NET

ASP. net is the new web encoding tools from Microsoft. Why ASP. net is necessary when the ASP classic version is working fine. ASP. net isn't just is the next- time of ASP but this is a technology that improves a lot more than the ASP classic version and can improve the productivity.

ASP. net is look similar to the ASP basic version if we not start to see the functions that ASP. world wide web provided. Some of the features and items look very similar in the ASP antique. ASP. net allows us to use 2 type of the program writing language which is C# or VB. net to write the web application in the simple way. Additionally it is provide a huge range to let different qualifications of the developers can use ASP. net to create their web applications. ASP. online theory like Web Services, Server settings and web forms is a electric power features to build a real web program.

What is ASP?

ASP is known as Active Server Internet pages which is produced by Microsoft Team in the early of year 1990. Microsoft Dynamic Server Internet pages (ASP) is allowed us to make vibrant and interactive web applications. ASP old classic is easily to let web program link to database inside the net application. The net application created by ASP will not affect by using different type of the web browser. The file extension for ASP is. asp. Example: http://www. asp. com/test. asp.

The default programming language to construct ASP internet site is using VBscript to buid, but it is support other encoding dialects like JSscript (JavaScript from Microsoft). But ASP. net allows web builder use either aesthetic basic (VB) or ASP. world wide web language to build the net applications.

Compilation Process

There are 2 kind of compilation that available which is pre-compiled code and interpreted code.

Pre-compiled code

Pre-compiled code is imply when the net developers are end writing the code. Before commence to use the code, the code is totally compiled. So, pre-compiled code is only need to put together once. It will make the performance is a lot faster. Pre-compiled is Machine dependence.

Interpreted Code

Interpreted Code compilation process is completely different from Pre-compiled code. That's because interpreted code is only going to compiled the coding when there have end user to request the web web pages and it put together as the execution time is. Interpreted code compilation will only put together the code when there is any question from the user. So, the performance will slower than Pre-compiled code. Interpreted code is machine freedom.

. Net solves the situation by by using a two-step process for compilation

The 2 step of the compilation is common intermediate dialect (CIL) and common language runtime (CLR). . Net is compiled all the code to CIL. Then change it out to be machine independent vocabulary (CLR).

The CLR is to execute the web request code. When the web designers write a web application with the program writing language such as VB. NET or C#, the net application source code won't compiled into machine code straight. Instead, the VB or C# compiler will convert the web program source code into another terminology called as MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Terms) or CIL (Common Intermediate Dialect).

CIL is quite much like object-oriented assembly terms. CIL is a platform-independent dialect. This is because when execute or running a web application, CIL code is only going to compiled the source code into machine code.

The entire web software is not put together from CIL into machine code. Instead, the techniques is only going to be called or executed as the code is compiling. Actually the. NET Platform will only knows one dialect which is MSIL or CIL. However, the web programmers can write a web application by using Visible Studio which provides the languages such as. NET and C#. Because Aesthetic Studio. NET Platform consist the compilers for these dialects that enable web developers to compile their code into CIL. The web programmers can write code for the. NET Framework using anybody of a large number of different languages, including Caml, COBOL, JavaScript, PHP, Small Talk, PERL, Oberon, Ada, Apl, Eiffeel plus more.

Below the diagram is to clarify the way the CIL and CLR work in the. World wide web framework.

First of all, the web coders using different type of programming languages to create their web request. After that, the code is put together using their own compiler to convert into Common Words Infrastructure. . Net appropriate terminology compile to another platform-neutral terminology called Common Immediate Language (CIL). After the Common Words Runtime compiles the CIL to machine readable code that may be executed on the existing platform.

What is Web server?

Web servers will be the tool that can take care of web application that built by the web builders and make all the web application available to the client browser. It can success linked through an area network or higher the Internet (two different machines or same machine). While there are extensive Web servers available which one of the normal ones is Apache, Internet Information Services (IIS), and iplanet Organization Server. (DotNetNuke, 2009)

To test or run ASP. NET Web applications, you desire a Web server

Internet Information Services (IIS)

IIS Web server comes bundled with Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Server 2003.

UltiDev Cassini Web Server

ASP. NET Development Server

How does ASP work?

An ASP page is stored at server-side. So, client cannot simply view an ASP page on the internet browser. They need to ask for the ASP site through the net server which is aids for ASP. Whenever a client submission an ASP webpage through the web browser, the net server will locates the ASP data file on the hard drive and interpret it. After that, it'll remove all the ASP Script and replace them with HTML Text message. Below is the diagram

(picture 1)

This is the ASP script for a full page called 'HelloWord. asp'

Web server locates the ASP file and replace with HTML text and send back to the web web browser.

Problem with ASP Classic

ASP is using html settings to interact with the user. Although ASP is having few good functions to make web software, it still not perfect yet to fulfill web developer in some of the areas. For instance, ASP must code all the things within a web page including the functions and interface. It is not very convenience when need to modify or update a few of the data on the internet page.

Besides that, another disadvantages using ASP antique to build website is insufficient the performance and scalability, which means the web web page that built by ASP classic won't auto fix the web pages with the net browser. The structure of the web page will out of the margin and the content cannot show as what web developer have created for.

How does indeed ASP. world wide web work?

Think of ASP. NET web pages as normal HTML web pages that have parts designated up for special concern. When. NET is installed, IIS Web server on the neighborhood machine will automatically to check on for data with the expansion. aspx and it'll use the ASP. NET module which may have a a data file called aspnet_isapi. dll to take care of them.

First of all, the client requests the web site from the web server. Then the web server started to locates the instructions file. Meanwhile, the ASP. online code is sent to the Common Vocabulary Runtime for compilation. After that, the HTML stream came back to the net browser. After the web browser find the HTML code. It will processes the HTML code and display the content of the page to your client.

ASP. NET compared with ASP Classic

Now, I am going to differentiate the asp version between ASP. net and ASP classic. What exactly are the changes in ASP. world wide web rather than the ASP vintage and what is the improvement from ASP common. Besides, I am also give attention to what exactly are the new features in ASP. net.

First of most, the mainly ASP. net difference from ASP antique is ASP. net is ASP. net is support more vocabulary for scripting. For example, Asp. net supports visual basic vocabulary, C#, C++, Jscript and ADO. online as well. Support multiple dialects will getting more web programmer choose ASP. net as their first choice to develop a web page and web applications and let different record programmer can work together by utilizing a same application.

Besides, there are few factors to compare between ASP. net and ASP antique. One of the aspects is compilation. ASP basic is built up by Jscript and it only interpreted the Script line by lines when the site is requested. Additionally, ASP. world wide web compilation is completely different with ASP classic. ASP. net is automatically compiling all the code as the code is first time performed. The compiled code will store inside. NET classes within set up. . NET classes are including the server-side coding and Html page. So, when ASP. NET site is carried out for first time, the compiled code will store inside the. NET classes. The next time will provide the ASP. online page by implement the compiled code that has generated. The performance for ASP. net will be increased because there are no more like the ASP basic has the difference between your put together code and the coding within the server-side dialects within asp website.

ASP. net performance is faster because of the compiled code but ASP antique is using the scripting languages like VBScript. VBScript is representing to machine code and didn't require any additional parsing. That is why web developer is recommended to work with ASP. net instead of using ASP classic.

On the other hand, the difference between ASP. world wide web and ASP common is the scalability factor. For ASP old classic, the components inside the web pages aren't easy to revise, replace and maintain it. If want to revise particular part, IIS is required to shut down then only can successfully replace or update the aspect. After done all the adjustment, IIS need to restart once. ( Neel Sus. 2009).

For ASP. net, it was different with ASP vintage which it is scalable and easy to do adjustment on the internet pages. The word of 'Xcopy' control is used to make an efficiency ASP. world wide web web application webpage. The 'Xcopy' term is to duplicate a file to some other location. It really is allow to do the changes without need of restart of web server. The web creator can do the changes on the net application and no web server restart must take effect. It will direct take effect after the web software is requested. (Bean Software. 2002).

Advantages of using ASP. NET

After compared the version between ASP. online and ASP basic, here is some of the features of using ASP. net. ASP. net has reduced the necessity of code to build a web software; it required lesser code to make a big web software. This will help web designer save time, and even more efficiency to construct a huge web program.

Another new feature from ASP. net which does not include in ASP old classic is the authentication function. Authentication is the procedures to obtain and validate the information that provide by individual are valid or not. If it is valid, the user are certain to get the authorization and the authorization process will check an individual whether have agreement to access the particular resources on the net pages. It'll improve the security of the web software and make sure all the user information is secured and not get by someone. (MSDN. 2010).

Besides that, ASP. online file extension is '. aspx' and it has a code behind webpage which is '. aspx. cs'. The difference between. aspx and. aspx. cs is. aspx is the interface for the web request. It stored all the html coding and some of the C# vocabulary label for some of the particular components. In the meantime, 'aspx. cs' is a location to let web creator to code all the operation for the button, and the business logic on that web page.

Moreover, ASP. net is server-side technology. This means all ASP. online coding is performed and compiled on the server part before it send it back to the web browser. Below is the example of code behind on 'aspx. cs'

The ASP basic need to code a web application coding inside a same page including the HTML and the function code. It will become messy if web develop wished to do the modification on the net web pages. It need take some time to investigate the code first before doing any modification. (Steve Kozyk. 2008).

The cons of using ASP. NET

One of the key drawbacks of using ASP. world wide web application is it only support on House windows platform. Which means other based OPERATING-SYSTEM is prohibited to make use of ASP. net to develop their web software. The restriction of the ASP. net can make some of the net developer abandon to use ASP. net to build up their web application and choose other more appropriate application to build up their web request such as PHP support in any platforms.

ASP. net 1. x compared with ASP. net 2. 0

We proceed to the next subject matter which is the comparison between ASP. net 1. x and ASP. net 2. 0. ASP. net 1. x release on yr 2002-2003 and ASP. world wide web 2. 0 is released on calendar year 2005.

Firstly, we likened the compilation models because of this 2 version. ASP. net 1. x will only automatically put together few files such as asp page (. aspx), consumer control, http handler, web services and Global. asax course files. Others record that not automatically compile, web developer need to put together the rest of the documents before publish the net application to the net server.

ASP. net 2. 0 has improve the efficiency in the compilation process. ASP. world wide web 2. 0 will automatically compile the record types which include asp page file (. aspx), asp and asp web page behind code (. cs). So, the net developer just need to create the web application and submit it. ASP. net 2. 0 have a folder called App_Code which will keep the helper classes, business object inside but cannot place the asp webpages (. aspx), Global. asax and other non-code data. ASP. world wide web 2. 0 will put together elements inside the App_Code folder and name as code. dll.

In ASP. net 1. x, when the net developer need to do the modification on the internet application, they need to open the whole project file do alter and revise it. After done the changes, they need to compile the whole project and submit it to web server again. But ASP. world wide web 2. 0 allows web creator just open the particular file that desires to change. After done the changes, web developer simply need to publish the data file code to the web server and no need to recompile.

In ASP. net 1. x, the code behind page of web program are require an IIS online directory to perform and the IIS is require to store inside the local computer that used to develop the net application. ASP. net 2. 0 code behind page can access the local host IIS directly and the IIS has store inside the net server.

In ASP. net 1. x, the procedure to process the net application webpage is send the client request to the net server. First, the Init event is named. After that, called the strain event by the PreRender event is called net. Finally, the Unload event is named and the generate end result will sent it back again to the client.

In ASP. net 2. 0 has added few new capabilities. The attributes can help web developers to have a control for the new construction features which is theming and personalization. Besides, ASP. online 2. 0 Page course has provided new method, event, and properties. The 3 important script for the properties is ClientScript, Header. IPageHeader and Grasp. You can find 3 new important methods such as GetValidators, setFocus, and RegisterRequiresControlState.

In ASP. online 2. 0, there are few new happenings implements. First, PreInit is called before initial the web site. Then, InitComplete will be occur when the site is completely original. Next, the PreLoad event is called immediately after the InitComplete event and before the web page get started to download. The LoadComplete event will happen after the site is load complete by the end. Last, PreRenderComplete event is occur which event will store personalize data and web page HTML is rendered. Web designers can use each one of these events to develop their web application in a powerful way.


After compared the version between ASP. net 1. x and ASP. online 2. 0. ASP. net 1. x is unable to open a particular site not inside the task but ASP. world wide web 2. 0 can adjust particular site without open the whole project. We can know that the code behind webpages is a efficiency way to write all the functions, logic to make the web development process are more efficiency and success. As the final outcome, ASP. net 2. 0 has added more features to improve the performance and the secure of data. (Benoy Baskaran. 2006).

ASP. world wide web 3. 0 weighed against ASP. NET 3. 5

The ASP. online 3. 0 is utilizing a base of the ASP. online 2. 0 but there are added many of the new features onto it such as Home windows Presentation Groundwork (WPF), Glass windows Communication Base (WCF), Windows Workflow Base (WF) and Windows CardSpace (WCS).

First of all, The Windows Demonstration Groundwork is one of the user interface sub-system using at windows. Windows Presentation Groundwork has using the House windows function like create, view and manage of the files, media and interface (UI). Since it will make the web builders can create the more appealing, better impression on the user interface and the different use experience on it. Windows Presentation Base (WPF) is made with 2 important parts which is display engine and the platform. The mainly function is to create the 3D visual and use the Immediate3D technology.

Next, Glass windows Communication Base (WCF) or name as Indigo. It really is a service-oriented communication system. They have all the existing. Online features like. Net remoting, ASMX, WSE and MSMQ. The WCF is built on the version of the. online Construction 2. 0 and above. In addition, it is a core of the Windows Vista. Windows XP and House windows Server 2003 operating system also support once install the WinFX Runtime Components.

Besides, Glass windows Workflow Groundwork is the next features on the ASP. net 3. 0. It really is a fresh workflow development on the. online Framework. Home windows Workflow Foundation are the namespace, workflow engine for Visual Studio room 2005. It support in Windows XP, vista and Glass windows server 2003 as well.

Lastly, Home windows CardSpace (WCS) is an application that stored an individual information in a far more secure way and in digital form. It offers give a unify interface to select which identification need to make use of for transaction. For example, use an identity to login to a specify website. As the final outcome of ASP. world wide web 3. 0 is a blend of ASP. net 2. 0 and Home windows Presentation Groundwork (WPF), Glass windows Communication Basis (WCF), Glass windows Workflow Base (WF) and Glass windows CardSpace (WCS). (Mnaveenrao. 2009).

What is new in ASP. world wide web 3. 5

After we view the new features of ASP. net 3. 0, why don't we see how many other new features that will be added in ASP. world wide web 3. 5. ASP. world wide web 3. 5 is implementing inside the Aesthetic Studio room 2008 and it released on yr 2007. The ASP. world wide web 3. 5 is using the same engine in the ASP. online 3. 0 and they have added new features in it. So, let check out what are the new features in ASP. online 3. 5.

First of all, one of the new features that added inside the ASP. net 3. 5 is the ASP. world wide web AJAX. Although ASP. net 2. 0 may use the features of the ASP. world wide web AJAX, it still must install the expansion to ASP. world wide web 2. 0 and ASP. world wide web 3. 0 only can effectively use the features. It is totally different which ASP. world wide web AJAX is integrated in ASP. world wide web 3. 5. So, it is help web developers to build an improved quality user interface easily. (Suprotim Agarwal. 2009)

Next features that added in the ASP. online 3. 5 is LINQ. LINQ (Language-Integrated Query) is to display the query that capability to the program writing language such as C# and VB. net. The format of query in LINQ is something similar to the format of SQL. It really is consists of Select, From and Where keywords which have the same functions in the SQL. Here is the exemplory case of LINQ.

Int Rentals = from house in Rent

where rental > 100

select house;

ASP. net AJAX have added several new controls that may easily to call a control that can link to the datasource. The first new control is called ListView. ListView control is consist of a few of the features like can show the result of the datasource in several view such as Datagrid, Gridview, repeater and the settings that available in ASP. net 3. 0. It allows web designers have the ability to add data, edit data, delete data, sorting the data. These handles are adaptable because the web coders can design how the data present the effect.

After view the features of ASP. net AJAX, ASP. online 3. 5 is added few new assemblies like System. Center. dll, System. Data. Linq. dll and System. xml. Linq. dll is an assembly to implementation for LINQ. System. Web. Extensions. dll is the execution for ASP. world wide web AJAX. ASP. world wide web 3. 5 allow different version of ASP. net store on a single computer.

Security in ASP. net

Securing an ASP. NET request requires a clear understanding of all the security options provided in ASP. NET, and show how the security subsystems interact each other.

Since ASP. NET is built on the Microsoft. NET Construction, the web request developers will gets the full access to the full set of the built-in security features inside the Aesthetic Studio. NET. For instance, the code access security and role-based user-access security. It is important to learn how the several security subsystems communicate each other and how it will be able to make the net application better.

Before web developers configure the security for the net application, they have to configure the net application to apply the two security function that referred to in the following table.

Security function



It is an activity of getting id qualifications from a user such as name and security password, and validate those qualifications against some expert.


It is a process to control the access to the resources regarding on the authenticated recognition credentials ( such as role ).

ASP. NET achieves the authentication security function by using the authentication providers, the security modules are made up the code that in a position to authenticate the user credentials. To permit authentication security function in ASP. NET web program, the web programmers need to set-up an authentication section access first in the application form root configuration file. The authentication period syntax are showing below

Using ASP. NET Construction Files

ASP. NET settings data file is written in a hierarchical structure format. Web. config is a record to store all the configuration data for the ASP. world wide web web application. It also contain another record called Machine. config which is store construction information as well. Web. config file and other web program files is situated under same directory. But Machine. config document is found in the install main directory. All the sub-directory will inherit all the configurations in the index unless they have overridden by the net. config record which located in the sub-directory. In Web. config data file, it includes all the ASP. world wide web features in the section. THE NET. config file is written as below

In the web. config configuration data file, it is consists of 3 sub-sections which are authentication, authorization, and personality. The beliefs that placed for these 3 section configuration file is to overriding the configuration file in the application form main. All sub-directory will inherit those adjustments automatically. However, sub-directory can have their own web. config record that override the index web. config adjustments. Besides, the net developers might use the syntax to specify a particular record or directory website.

Critical Evaluation on ASP. net

After the evaluation of the ASP. net, we can know that we now have a great deal of changes and improvement that involve in the latest ASP. world wide web version. But there are still got competitor in the web development field. There are still got another words and system to let web developers to choose a common web development tools to build their web software. Among the competition for ASP. net is PHP.

Introduction of PHP

PHP is means Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is wide open source language and it is a cross-platform since it compatibility with different operating-system such as Glass windows, Unix system. PHP is a scripting vocabulary to build vibrant web site and it is run at the server-side. The PHP syntax is comparable with the language of C, Java and Perl. So, it can help web developers build their web software efficiency and quickly. PHP allows web designer write the simple PHP syntax in HTML data files straight, it can done this through the elimination of the need of cgi programs. Moreover, PHP make web developers easy to supervise to the top web application by put all the components inside one html data file.

For example, when creating the catalogue for online trading internet site, the web builders must have to create all the design templates for all your catalogues web pages. In the early day, the web webpage design is written in the html format and shows all the data by using different kind of design web templates. In PHP, is only need one request to build all the net application internet pages that link to the database in the correct pages, correct location and related content. That is to avoid any redundancy webpages is created and easy to keep up and manage the net application.

As we realize, PHP is a cross-platform scripting language. So, we not only may use the PHP code to create web request, but it can use all the PHP libraries and everything the code written in PHP. Among the big features in PHP could it be supports for numerous databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, MS Gain access to as well as others. Besides, it is support networking, zip and consist a couple of built-in functions. It really is absolve to download from the PHP website by everyone. PHP is a words easy to learn because most of syntax is similar to language C.

In my opinion, I feel that ASP. world wide web performance is higher than PHP. That is why I choose ASP. online as the web development tool in my own project.

ASP. net program is developed using Visible Studio which produced by Microsoft. It is not hard to build the net application interface and aspect easily added in the web application. It creates the coding part for the net application is much simpler and development more output.

Although PHP is an wide open source scripting terminology for all your web developers, it generally does not have own web development tool to make their web software. They need to use third party software to implement their PHP idea and coding inside. A number of the third party software like Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the program that can write PHP scripting words. Although there are free to charge in use of PHP scripting dialect, but some of the third party software might need to buy license to continue use for web development. So, it must also cause the price tag on web development increased.

Besides, Visual Studio room. NET is provides a huge of features to help make the web development easier. Web developers also provide students to down load a free scaled down Visual Studio version which provides better features.

The features that come with the PHP is smaller and it was very simple features that use to create web application. It'll make web developers have the limitation to develop their web software. However, there are a lot of add-ons which on the internet for web developers to download. While using PHP add-ons, it'll make the PHP has some same function inside the Aesthetic Studio. It's very difficult to ask PHP web developers down load the add-ons one at a time and execute to PHP. It'll waste a whole lot of attempts and the perfect time to download and mount the add-ons. . For instance, AJAX is not built-in in PHP, web designers need to download themselves. So, ASP. net is better than PHP that your Visual Studio should come with a complete group of the features that need to use in web development. It'll make the web development process running well and more output.

On the other palm, Jasir Javaz (2010) noted that PHP obtaining a huge support from the web developers. This is because the PHP is an open source and it is absolve to everyone. Besides, PHP version 5 has provide many subject oriented development concepts to the web developers to build their web request in an improved way. It will make the composition of the net application and the coding is not hard to implement each other's.

In ASP. net, it differs with PHP which is has better languages support. ASP. online in a position to let different terms background web developers use Visual Studio room. Net to create their own web program. The supported languages for ASP. net received VB. net, C#, J#, C++, COBAL.

PHP is run on Apache server and Apache also is an open up source. ASP. net is operate on IIS which is Internet Information Services. The benefits associated with using ASP. net will be the interface design and software coding part is separated to 2 parts. So, it is simple to let web designers to focus on design the overall web application interface. Besides, the code-behind webpages also easy to manage and upgrade if there have any changes or any new reasoning need to use in it. So, ASP. net is more user friendly in use to create a web application design. This is one the reason I choose ASP. net in my own project. It isn't only provide more features and it is simple to let me design the web application interface and easy to control and revise.

As the conclusion, there are a great number of factors and reasons to produce a web developer choose their own web development tool. An online developer chooses the suitable web application tools can make their more understanding on the application and use concentrate programming language.


PHP is an open source and absolve to everyone. PHP also work on Linux OS which is available source as well. Using Linux OS, the performance will be higher, better than using Home windows. It is low priced for whole web development. PHP is not hard to learn specifically for the beginners because the scripting words is comparable to language C.

ASP. net is an powerful which full group of the features that easy to develop an efficiency and effectiveness web program. ASP. net is using the pre-compiled notion that i have mentioned previously. Better programming language support and easy design for interface and code-behind.


As the conclusion, I found out that ASP. net is among the finest web development systems to create a web program. ASP. net has provide different kind of the features to make ASP. net pages become more flexible, easy to keep up and easy to revise. ASP. net gives you to code your web program in two different places which is interface layer and the net application layer. The web developer can done the net application software at an individual interface level and code it in web software layer (code-behind pages). The framework of the ASP. net can make the web application become adaptable, scalable and easy to keep up.

Moreover, ASP. net is also offers different type of the programming dialects can be used to build the net application. A lot more languages that support for the ASP. net, there are let different background of the web builders can working jointly without needing different version of the Operating Systems. It also facilitates Object-oriented structure programming. ASP. online is

ASP. NET Server Controls

The server control provided by ASP. net has the similar functions to Home windows controls. There are allows to build new server control, custom-made the server control straight in the net application. Besides, House windows server also provides a more secure for the net application. In addition, it allows to use other features available in the ASP. world wide web like authentication or authorization to help make the web software security become more robust. Using the ASP. net server handles, it can build more user friendly web application.

On the other palm, ADO. net is included inside the Asp. net which to allows the web application access to the database. Aesthetic Studio. Net also supplies the repository design tools to let web designers use the appropriate view for the repository. Visual Studio. Net not only support for ASP. net, HTML coding, but is also fully support the XML (Extensible Markup Language) coding and the CSS (Cascading Style Bed linens).

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