Data entry in the table, Data corrections in the cell...

Entering data into a table

To enter data into the table, select the cell and enter text, numbers, calculation formulas or other data. In the active cell, when you enter new data, the old data is deleted.

You can end the data set in several ways.

Press Enter, the data is written to the cell, and the table cursor moves to the next cell.

Press one of the arrow keys (← ↑ ↓ →): the data is entered into the cell, and the table cursor moves to the next cell in the direction of the pressed arrow. For example, write the data in cell C4, by pressing →. In the cell C4 , the data will be entered, and the cursor will go to the cell C5.

Click any adjacent cell or edit button 0 in the formula bar.

Discard data entry with the Esc key or the x button in the formula bar.

Long text can be written to the cell, while a part of the text that is overlapped with the contents of the adjacent cell on the right is visible on the screen.

To enter numeric data in a cell, you must type numbers and a decimal point with no space. The decimal separator in numbers with a fractional part in the United States version of Excel is a comma (3,14), in the English-American version of Excel - the dot (3.14). By default, numbers are aligned to the right edge of the cell, and this is a sure sign that the number input is correct. If, however, when entering the number of errors: decimal fractions instead of commas are set American point, in addition to numbers, letters (200.00 rubles) are also received, the data is perceived as text and by default aligned to the left, and calculations with them become impossible.

Very large (multi-digit) and very small (much less than one) numbers are entered by the significant part of the number with multiplication by the power of ten. After the significant part (usually the whole part occupies only one digit) two asterisks are introduced, then the degree sign and the degree itself. The data entry of 2.32 ** 7 is equivalent to 2.32 -107 and will give after entering into the cell the number of 23,200,000, or 2,32Е + 07. The designation 2.32E + 07 just means multiplying the significant part of the number by 10 to the seventh power, i.e. 2.32 -107. The designation 1,2 ** - 4 will give 1,2-10-4 (negative degree), i.e. 0.00012.

Entering formulas into a cell starts with the equal sign = and contains further constants (numbers), operators, functions and references - cell addresses, for example, = C3 * B3. Rules for writing formulas coincide with the rules of ordinary arithmetic. After entering the formula, the cell displays the value - the result of the calculations.

Data corrections in the cell when entering

An important feature of the cell entry: if you press the arrow key in the cell during the data set - for example, to return the cursor by the symbols back and correct the error - then in fact the data will be entered and the table cursor will go to the next cell in the direction arrow. If you make a mistake when typing a line and try to return with the arrow key for corrections, in fact, you will enter data and go to the left cell. When entering data into a cell, you can move the text cursor backward only by pressing Backspace, , deleting the characters from right to left, or returning to the beginning of the entry with the Note, key or placing the cursor between any characters of the mouse. You can edit the contents of a cell by selecting it, and then move the cursor to the formula bar where you want to make corrections.

Another option to fix the contents when typing is to press the F key 2 for editing, after which the text cursor can be moved around the characters and corrected them.

To correct the data entered in the cell, go to edit mode in one of the following ways:

• put the cursor on the cell, press F2;

• double-click the cell twice;

• Place the cursor in the formula bar of the program window with the mouse pointer.

The edit mode allows free movement of the cursor on the cell symbols to the left and right. Characters can be deleted and pasted.

To delete data from a cell or an input line, select the cell and press Delete, while only the data is deleted, the formatting and note remain.

Clear the contents of a cell or a selected range with the right-click Clear. You can completely or partially clear cells from data and other layers information, specifying what needs to be cleared in cells: All, only Values, Formats, Formulas, Notes. Clearing formats and notes removes fill, borders, font formatting, notes, and data and formulas are not deleted.

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