Development of Interactive Science Learning Material

  • Firoz Hasan

Project Objective

Tab-Based Interactive Technology Lab for school's Students.

The objective of the project is to use create an interactive research laboratory on the tabs for the students in class 3, 4, and 5 of the primary stage. The proposed application is meant to help the students in such levels to execute and interact with the scientific experiments mentioned in their research books using augmented fact and graphics in a risk-free environment

Problems Definition

Being residents of under-developed countries, It has been heard since start of life that getting high marks in university will ensure future & help in getting admission in faculties of universities that are of high demand. Moreover, it has been guaranteed with jobs after graduation. No range for ingenuity, zero invention & invention. Most people only concentrated on official jobs but they don't believe about development and interact much with mother nature. It is stated as proverb that learning in child years is comparable to stone inscription that's hard to be erased. 60 that folks are determined wrongly since childhood & being unsure of the main shoot for knowledge. This is the key problem of under-developed countries that leads to the opposite direction of development. The problems remain as they were. The main aim for education and knowledge and learning is by using them properly to solve daily life problems, to acquire a much better life by doing researches and make progress in natural research. In one term, to make it through and live in this world it is obligatory to know about its nature and exploitation from it for presence. If children are motivated by this reason then there will be no excuses for aggravation. In addition, interaction with aspect is a superb factor that can make big variations. As this request will be related to exclusive lab connection that satisfies the needs of the pupil of major stage, so it is necessary to go over about the importance of laboratory and lack of labs' impact in Egypt. It's proven scientifically that picture is the best way to memorize things. So laboratory is definitely the most suitable destination to learn the most because everything here's real or can be seen. Moreover, as it's been mentioned before that anything learned in the beginning of years as a child will be always appreciated. For instance, it's seen that herb is led by fences to increase it in a single way. So they grow up as strong rooted tree. Similar to grow, pupils of major level must be directed in this way. They must be given chances to wait lab to be able to understand the natural knowledge easily and in it's way pretty much by connections. So they'll grow up as a proper educated person. However, as Egypt is a under-developed country, labs can not be provided generally in most colleges because of insufficient funding, intent etc. Because of this I am going to create virtual lab interaction request to help our major stage's pupils. So it is time to figure out the reason why of superiority of Traditional western education.

Motivation of European Knowledge Related Education & It's superiority

Western education is seen as a the right desire for children with right course and direct conversation with nature. It is said that necessity is the mom of invention. This proverb is well discussed by American education practically. For example, a person does indeed something certain when he needs to undertake it or forced. If problems are on his way, then he believes more creatively until he grows to to his destination. We as human beings work or solve our problems for only one purpose which is our existence. Western education successfully penetrates through the reasoning of children with idea that you must or have to study or have enough education in natural research because of your success. In addition, with additional weapons such as lab for conversation with nature and creative stuffs that successfully promotes those to learn natural sciences. So Western (European) education leads its nation towards the path of ongoing development.

Previous Work

Virtual lab relationship application is not a new idea to do tasks on. There are lots of past projects that are presently in use by many research centers and colleges. Followings are examples of assignments that are extensively employed by many institutions.

The Virtual Laboratory Series

The Virtual Stickleback Advancement Lab has gained several honors, including top honors in the Pirelli International Prize competition, which recognizes it as the best multimedia system products designed to make an online search to educate about research and technology. BioInteractive's series of exclusive labs provides students with the possibility to practice the skills and techniques of clinical research in a completely interactive, electronic environment.

Virtual laboratory online

Moreover, Virtual laboratory online applications is designed by Indian public universities under the governance of Ministry of Man Resource Development to aid students and to ease the responsibility of problems.


Now it is obligatory to discuss about the suggested solution of problem. Before moving to the other items of research, it's had a need to conclude the point of problems or complains that because of poor education system that unsuccessfully gives the aim or reason for education, many students are obligated to study content that aren't in very need. Now, as it's been written previously that one of the key distinctions between two education systems is lab or relationship with the curriculum. The simple solution of the problem is building labs in academic institutions. However, as this task is been done specifically about Egypt, this is nearly impossible to be implanted. A couple of multiple reasons behind impossibility such as insufficient funding in education field, insufficient honest intentions etc. The main reason is the lack of honest intentions of authorities or quite simply though it could have honest motives, failure is definitely on the way because of execution approach and future planning. In addition, this is quite a while process that can do nothing at all instantly for our problem. So it is time to think for other alternatives. As with this part of task, the proposed solution is to generate an Android software of virtual laboratory interaction. Virtual lab interaction application is where students of principal level can do experiments on their Android tablets. Nowadays, tablets are in very affordable price and are very popular with middle income households. In very near future, tablets will be all over and atlanta divorce attorneys one's hand. Moreover, the majority of tablets are run by Android OS. So digital lab connection will be very useful to your students of primary stage. This program has many good features such as it's environment is completely safe and doesn't contain any harmful or dangerous materials in comparison to real labs. In addition, it's user-friendly connections and easy movements of scientific materials eases the process of learning and helps you to save time greatly set alongside the real one. It's must to be talked about that I will add other features such as videos of experiments, puzzles and small quizzes. Moreover, whole the curriculum will be explained in very simple and sorted out way with animations and pictures and followed by small quizzes.

Interactive Science Laboratory Description & Properties

This application is comparable to portable lab. It's the virtual lab for tablets to take care of experiments, simulate & assess with different kind of lab tools.

Virtual Reality

In this request, it is possible to conduct real life tests & it permits the parallax effect from different perspectives so users are certain to get experience such as a real laboratory.

Risk Free Do dangerous experiments without fretting about anything like breaking beakers or getting trim by broken wine glass.

Deeper Learning Usage different label helps to get the precise mass, temperature, thickness and volume of each chemical in holders.

Required Equipment

Language : java

Operating System : Android

IDE : Eclipse, Android Studio

Application Construction : libGDX

Timetable indicating the actions and their goal dates




1 Month


1 Month


2 Month


2 Week

Documentation & Presentation

3-4 weeks

Activities Focus on Result

Analysis Phase

The Analysis Phase is where defines complete Strategical direction all over the tab-based interactive technology laboratory task lifecycle & break down high level project needs to more detailed requirements. It's required to gather requirements in this period which simply asks at what is necessary for this task. So analysis phase will identify spaces between reality and goals.

Design Phase

This design phase will identify architecture, blueprints & the way the application appears like. The design phase shows how those functions will actually be put in place in the machine. This stage will utilize collected information of research phase. This is the phase where identify what the application needs, how to utilize it, how much current notion of application must change predicated on requirements. On this tab-based interactive science laboratory project design phase is going to have scenario & drawing of each experiments. It will explains each and every details of each experiments, what will happen when users press button, how to connect to application etc. So it's needed to be careful in design period, as any flaw or problem can lead a failure application.

Implementation Phase

After completing design phase it's time to get started on implementation. So main emphasis of growing or actual coding begins in this phase. It will require the longest time in whole project. Essentially for this tab-based interactive research laboratory application the core program writing language will be java & special development program platform called libGDX. libGDX uses some third-party libraries to provide its features, these include Lightweight Java Game Library, OpenGL, FreeType, mpg123, Vorbis, SoundTouch Sound Processing Library, Box2D, OpenAL, and Kiss FFT etc.

Testing Phase

This period provides information about quality of the application, ideally tests will exercise the machine in all possible ways. It uncovers bugs, detect imperfections in application, identify logical problem etc. The main goal is to evaluate the system as a whole, not its parts.

Documentation & Presentation Phase

It is the final phase which will take around 3-4 weeks. It's needed to make demonstration & write dissertation 70 - 80 webpages that ought to contain abstract, methodology, results, conclusion, referrals.

Benefits & Advantages

  1. No more laboratory required, just need a tablet.
  2. Risk free so learning process is fast & fearless.
  3. Hands on experience so student learn by doing experiments.
  4. Every experiments add some new features with very interesting and user friendly interface & a whole lot of multimedia.
  5. No complex setup or installation required.
  6. Every experiments is similar to scenario of a story so the college student will never feel bored & easy to comprehend. So this program show them, help them in doing experiments, & test their functions of doing medical experiments.
  7. Generally student has
  • School Reserve - where they can only see experiments picture and imagine.
  • External Publication - some extra exercise nothing at all more.
  • School Laboratory - limited time gain access to & not without risk environment.

This request will implement the experiments more than once in a risk free environment, students are required to utilize them interactively & learn the tests by themselves, this application will test students capabilities through some exercises and quiz's & by this way you'll be able to get all profit without any negatives. At last it can be hoped & expected that tab-based interactive technology laboratory job can serve principal level students well & students are certain to get benefitted out of this application.

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