Examples of the use of marketing information systems in various...

Examples of the use of marketing information systems in various industries

Marketing information systems in tourism

The main task of the tour operator is the formation of a tourist product. Tourproduct is formed by sampling data from various directories and classifiers. The information in the directories is formed according to the terms of the contracts with the host party or hotels. As new information becomes available (new hotels, special offers, stopping sales), these guides are being replenished.

Based on the completed directories, packages are formed. At the same time, the manager responsible for the formation of the package must possess a tool that allows using different pricing schemes for different objects (for example, having different prices for different groups of hotels, flights, setting different margins and discounts for different partners). With all the variety of possible options, this tool should provide complete transparency of information for professionals involved in finance. For each application and for any of their aggregate it becomes clear: what is the income of the tour operator, how much should it be to each provider individually, what percentage will the travel agency receive. The work of such a volume requires considerable resources, and it is unrealistic to solve it without using modern computer technologies of the company sending at least 10,000 tourists per season.

After the packages are formed and ready for sale, they come for sale. Here it should be noted that if for a small travel agency the rate of entry of an application is not critical, then for a tour operator this is its real advantage.

Increasing the speed of registration of applications is provided in the following ways.

Firstly, it is the functionality of the software: duplication of the same type of applications (only need to correct the names), the use of ready-made packages (as in the case of a travel agency), a convenient and intuitive interface.

Secondly, it is the ability to transfer applications issued by the travel agency directly to the intra-office system of the tour operator.

There are three options for solving this problem.

First - creating an offline system. In this case, the travel agency fills in the application form located on the website of the tour operator. This application falls into the mail system of the tour operator, from where it is broadcast directly to its database.

The second - the creation of a full-fledged electronic store. In this case, the agency is only available to the currently existing proposals of the tour operator. In addition, in such a system, the search for proposals of the tour operator on all the necessary criteria should be realized. An application made in such a system, falls directly into the database of the tour operator.

The third way takes into account the interests of both the tour operator and the agency. The tour operator on its website offers the agency an additional service - the ability to select and download price data (including special offers). In addition, the tour operator can send their special offers to an Internet resource that combines data from many tour operators. The selected travel agency can download the selected data into its agent software. An application issued and stored by the agency in its software is stored in the database of the tour operator. In cases where the online booking system is used, after sending the application, the travel agency can view the status of its applications (confirmed, paid, canceled) on the website of the tour operator. Thus, in order to obtain information on the status of an application, the agency can once again not bother managers with questions over the phone.

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