Explain the Role of Computer Systems in Different Environments

In todays time, computer has become one of the essential needs for human beings. Computer which we used like every day was developed for only one purpose i. e. for calculating numerical problems and numerical calculations. The word computer is derived from Latin world called 'computare' which means to calculate. With all the advancement of solutions, computer has become one of the powerful machines ever created. There will vary environments or environment where computers are employed. For instance, people can converse from one spot to another place or in one country to another. Likewise, people can withdraw their money from the lender even moving into a different country.

Some of the areas or environment in which computers are used are as follows

Science and solutions:

Computer is becoming one of major role in the in the knowledge and scientific area. Scientists can perform haphazard experiments like nuclear trials, radioactive tests, space programmes etc. In the same way, they will keep their records of their experiments, journals etc that may be retrieve whenever they desired. Also they can get information on various topics like weather forecasting, earthquake, volcanic eruption etc.

Medicine :

A computer system has performed a significant role in field of drugs. Now doctors can perform critical businesses like heart surgery as well as others due to advancement of medical instruments. In the same way, in pharmaceuticals, people working in these areas will keep the files in computer like production date, date of resources, and expiry particular date of medications.





Task 2: clarify the, hardware, software and peripheral components of a pc system.

As stated earlier, a computer is an electronic device. Which means a computer consists of a cables, components that helps to run a computer. In essence, there are two parts or components that help operate a computer. These are



Parts of computer





A physical element that really helps to run a computer is named hardware. Simply declaring, any elements of your personal computer which we can see, feel and touch is named hardware. The types of hardware are as follows
It is also one of the source devices. It can be used for joining textual data that consist of alphabets, statistics, special character types etc. Listed below are the several types of keyboard

105 keys: desktop keyboard

85 keys: laptop keyboard

Virtual keyboard

Wi-Fi keyboard

It is a pointing device used to position cursor on display. It includes 3 buttons. They are simply

Left button

Right button

Scroll button

There are mainly two types of mouse. These are as follows
Scroll mouse

It has ball at its foundation that is use to rotate over mouse pad.

Optical mouse

It has LED bottom which produces light. This light is employed to put cursor deflection. It generally does not require mouse pad.


It is the primary component of CPU cupboard that houses the whole electronic component in the computer.

hard disk

A hard disk is a physical part that is employed for storing data. A difficult drive can store an incredible number of data forever i. e. the data will be stored even if the power is off.


RAM is recognized as Random Access Storage area. Additionally it is called volatile storage because it will save the data temporarily when the computer is on. When the computer is switched off, all the data that is stored or kept by Memory will be removed.


Software is a couple of instructions that helps to run the computer. Or a set of programs used as info systems is called software. Essentially there are two types of computer. They are
System software

System software handles the inner functions of a computer. It lots when a computer starts off and is utilized for discussion with the hardware. Example: operating-system, device drivers etc.

Operating system

Operating system includes programs that control all businesses of computer.

The main duties performed by operating systems are as follows
Booting is the process of starting the computer and loading operating-system with system files. The system data are follows

Command. Com

Config. sys

Autoexec. bat

After looking at the configurations of the systems and found fine operating system tons/ prepares desktop/laptop for individual.


A computer requires security data stored in within it. To provide belongings to appropriate user authentication process (username, security password) is adopted. If incorrect security password is found, consumer is denied resources. Files are secured by taking password for each document.


The computer files, programs, I/O devices etc. Could be distributed by networking. Networking allows several than two computer systems to be connected to one another. Networking also allows showing of interest interconnection for browsing web-pages.


Operating system executes different responsibilities. Each process means process. So, multiple operations are executed and each process request resources.

Application software

The software used for rewarding the necessity of an individual is called request software. It is utilized by computer consumer after computer surface finishes starting (booting). Example: MS-Office, tally, games etc. Program software are created to fulfil the necessity of a computer individual needs.

Peripheral components:

The parts of the computer that helps in running a computer is named peripheral component. These kinds of element generally found inside or beyond casing cabinet of the computer. We are able to also say that the components or devices offering type to the computer or receive productivity are called peripheral components. Some of the examples are as follows



Touch screen


Video camera

Task 3: compare different types of computer systems. Consider the today's little world uses different types of computer for different purposes, your first task is to identify and list different kinds of computer system predicated on working concepts, size and brand. Then make clear their available features, program areas and finally suggest which types of computer system would be ideal for above conditions.

As stated before, your computer is a robust machine ever before created by humans. Your personal computer can complete its activity within small fraction of seconds. The bigger the power, the time considered is less. Your computer is generally divided into four types on its basis

On the basis of functions or work.

On the foundation of size.

On the foundation brand.

On the basis of function.

On the basis of businesses or work:

On the foundation on carrying out an procedure or doing a work, computer has been categorised into three types. These are as follows
Analog personal computers

These types of pcs works in carrying on ranges of prices. The results distributed by these personal computers are approximate given that they work continously in their related areas. It generally handles the physical amounts like acceleration, pressure etc. The examples of analog computer are speedometer, sthethescope, barometer etc.

Digital computers

These type computer systems are usec in binary digits i. e. 0 and 1. It is genrally used as on / off operators. The results given by the digital computer systems are appropriate and are definitely more reliable than analog computers. They are used in performing sophisticated mathematical probles and executive.

Hybrid pcs

Hybrid computers are mixed form of both analog and digital pcs, hybrid computers

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