Features and Functions of Information Systems

In this project I will express the features and functions of the information system and illustrate my knowledge in information systems and capacity to use the skills essential to produce management information (information to assist in decision making) I am necessary to know the features and functions of information systems also to be able to use IT tools to produce management information. With this task I am to work with my own customer.

I am required to write a report for my consumer that uses some theoretical knowledge and spreadsheets from my consumer. In the task I must describe the features and functions of information system and describe the one I am using in my spreadsheet and just why am I utilizing it. I am to create information from my client's system access and manipulate the info to provide it in suitable formats to support organisational decision making.

Describe the features and functions of information systems (P4)

Features and functions of information systems (IS)

There are various features of an information system and all of them has a particular function.

Data is the most essential element within an information system. Organic details and results of the business is recognized as data which is prepared to make information. All of the data have to be stored in the info system and refined in an exact way. Data without having to be prepared is of no goal and use. Once it is processed it is called information which can then be used for required purposes in the system for gaining commercial advantage. The data which is obtained must be reliable as the complete system are certain to get corrupted if it comes from an unknown and devious source. The info should be up to date and timely as there are posts and modernisation which happens frequently. For example, Data can be about various things such as figures of this categories, addresses and gender of clients.

In an IS to obtain and take data, it should be collected from people. People can manipulate as well as help in making information for the system. For example if data should be collected about the amount of cars people bought in per month it needs to be accumulated from people. They are simply the primary interpretation of information and decided to go with what data to be got into into the system. Say for example a person from the banking department can pick what all information to show in there IS. The same manner there are different organisation which presents information depending about how it will advantage their company. A person can even be part of the info system if they're trained well to use the system accurately. People even play as your client and all data is collected from them for the stream of information. This data captured is then used for control information which would help the company to learn about the sales and funding of the business and analyse to improvise its systems.

In an information system hardware is the personal computers used to store and accumulate information. Hardware is another essential feature of an information system because of its working. The hardware should have large storage space to store the vast amount of data type into the system. For small companies PC'S can be enough but for larger companies they have to accumulate information from other resources so need to have internet access. So machines are connected to the system such that it provides internet for showing information online via email. For security purposes so that only the employees of the company can get access to the information machines such as intranet can also be used. Therefore the hardware which would be used should be compatible to hook up to the internet and transformation of data into information. The hardware used should even be easily accessible and up at this point for functioning with no disruption to the IS.

To build an information system a software need to be used. Along with the hardware the software is also essential as the key control of data into information occurs in the program. Depending on the quires of the users the information needs to be processed. The software used must have common features for building the machine with causing bare minimum errors in the system. The software has to be compatible of digesting huge amount of data. For example any Microsoft program may be used to build a software, ideally Microsoft excel is employed for financial stats and statistics.

In information system telecommunications play a essential role for the transfer of data and information using internet/intranet. It functions as the syndication of data from visitors to different organisations for the mandatory queries. Mostly organisations choose using intranet for further safeness so that only the employees of the company can have admission of the info being refined. As the information is on the internet it has to be shared on a trusted source.

Apart from all the features of an information system it even has large amounts of functions. One function of the information system is the suggestions. It is divided into two sub-parts. The function of the first part would be that the input of in depth data is stored, prepared and creates the base from the information system. The next sub- area of the input is the fact the user must also tell what kind of analyses they need from the IS. The insight allows users to designate what they want from the end result and analyse what can be done to make any changes. Sometimes this second sub function is concealed from the users and not always available.

The second function is recognized as Storage grips all the info that is inputted in to the information system. Everything stored is always in the best detailed level so that it is exact and easy to get at. There must be regular backups done so that in case of any problem/virus, all the data stored is not lost. They should always be stored in various locations to avoid getting broken by natural calamities. This storage space has an influence on the initial data storage as well as the back up data safe-keeping.

The third function is handling which changes data into information. A simple process would be adding up all the merchandise sold by a company with a variable including the location, time and night out of the store.

Select information to support a business decision-making process (P6)

In this area of the assignment I created insurance quotes for a car insurance provider called P. B Services Ltd. I created them by joining random people's brands, addresses, gender, cars bought, and age groups, the type of insurance they bought, if there is another driver who would use the vehicle and if they would receive any no promises discount or not. After I entered data I filed a quote for every person. Then your software which I used created quotes because of their overall auto insurance. I did so the same for about fifteen people. The costs differed for each person because the info joined was different.

This information that i chosen and created can be used for gaining commercial benefits as well as decision making. If this information accumulated is analysed the company would know how much insurance is paid by each individual and how they could improve their service with the addition of any extra service and increasing the cost. This information would even be beneficial to know the statistics and numbers of the business.

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