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Features of the optical mouse

The first models of the optical mouse were similar opto-mechanical. They were installed on a tablet covered with a fine grid of perpendicular blue and black lines. Microsoft has created a new mouse type that uses an improved Charge Coupled Device (CCD) instead of a relatively simple optical sensor. The principle of operation is that the light emitting diode illuminates the surface on which the mouse is located, and the scanner registers this movement. Due to the high accuracy of positioning and reliability in operation (due to the absence of mechanical rotating parts), the optical mouse practically supplanted the traditional optical-mechanical one.

Wireless Mouse

In recent years, many wireless data input devices have appeared: mice, keyboards, game controllers. Such devices use infrared or short-wave radio frequency transceivers.

In the wireless mouse, there is a transmitter emitting infrared signals or radio waves that are perceived by the receiver connected to the standard serial port or PS/2 port of the system unit. Mice are equipped with a battery used as a power source. Wireless mice create favorable conditions for work in a confined space and allow the user to move around while working. There are two types of wireless mice:

• The infrared mouse - similar to the remote control of the TV. The receiver of infrared signals is connected to the system unit of the computer using a cable. Located in the mouse body, the transmitter emits signals that are sent to the receiver. For reliable reception of the infrared signal, the transmitter and receiver must be within line of sight. The presence of foreign objects in the path of the infrared signal (beam) leads to its weakening and even disruption of communication. This is a significant drawback of the infrared mouse, although its worth is low cost;

• radio frequency mouse - transmits data using radio waves to a receiver that is 1.5 to 2 m away from the transmitter (mouse). It lacks the infrared mouse lack, since radio waves have the ability to bend objects (diffraction property).

Mouse drivers

For the normal functioning of the mouse, you must use a driver that, after turning on the computer, must be resident (for the duration of the computer's operation) is loaded into the RAM. The driver is a mouse control program that provides a link to the operating system of the computer. To run the mouse in the MS-DOS operating system (DOS-applications), the mouse driver should have been registered in one of the startup files AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS, for example, DEVICE = C: WINDOWS MOUSE.SYS. In the Windows operating system, this is not required.

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