Formatting the page and its components, Paragraph alignment...

Formatting the page and its components

Paragraph Alignment

By default, when typing, the text in the paragraph shifts to the left and is aligned to the left margin; In addition, you can specify options to center the text, you -

align it to the right edge or align the text but the width between the left and right zeros. The selected alignment affects the entire selected paragraph. Paragraph alignment is performed through the Paragraph group, the Home tab, the Alignment list box, or by selecting the alignment option directly on the command bar by clicking on the corresponding button.

Aligning a paragraph The width is usually done if the paragraph consists of several lines. When centering a paragraph, it is better to set the zero indents and the absence of a red line, since the centering is carried out within the space bounded by indentations.

You can also vertically align the paragraph on the page. To do this, in the Page Layout tab, the Page Setup group, click the Page Setup button (group button). In the dialog box that opens, on the Paper Source tab, in the Vertical alignment category, select the desired option.

You can adjust the position of the paragraph on the page in the Paragraph menu, the Position tab on the page. The paragraph parameters that determine its location on the page can also affect the division of the text into pages.

Tabulation Coordinates

In order to build text or numbers in several columns, you can use such a tool for organizing the arrangement of text on the page, as tabulators. This is the most correct way of this kind of alignment, since if the text on the screen is aligned by pressing the Space key, this alignment may be violated during printing.

Tabs are set in the Tabs dialog, which is called when you select Tab ( Tabs ) when clicking on the Paragraph group button. The tabs will be installed in the current paragraph or in pre-selected paragraphs. The tab stop is set in the Tab stops (English Tab Stop Position) field, and then the Set button is pressed Set space to the tab stop (English Leader ) . You can remove the tab stop by clicking the Delete button, or all installed tab stops by clicking the Delete all button.

You can add or remove a tabulator using a horizontal ruler. Before installing them, you must select the alignment type of the tab stop position by clicking the mouse on the tab type button, and then on the tab position coordinate on the measuring ruler. To delete a tabulator, you need to move the mouse over its marker beyond the measuring ruler.

At any point in the text formatting, you can get information about the coordinates of the tab stop position. To do this, press the Alt key and, while holding it, move the pointer to the tab marker on the ruler and press the left mouse button. Before you add, delete, or change the tab, you must select all the paragraphs in which you want to use the new settings. After that, you can customize the tab stop.

Borders and Fills

Effective reception of registration of the document is framing and shading of the paragraph. Paragraph shading is done by clicking the Fill button, Paragraph group, Home category. To select a fill pattern, you must call the Borders and Fills dialog box from the same group.

The paragraph is framed by clicking the Borders and Fills button, the Paragraph group, the Home category. In the Borders and Fills dialog box, select the border option (No, Frame or Shadow, etc.) and define the type of the border line. When performing the operation of framing several paragraphs, it must be remembered that they should all have the same indentation. You can achieve a good result when framing a paragraph by the side-by-side or just below the & quot ;. To do this, click the mouse pointer over the part of the paragraph frame model that should be framed (see the Sample field).

To create a border around the entire page, open the Page tab from the Borders and Fills menu.

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