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Free image editors

For image processing and correction, the Adobe image editor , , which is currently the most powerful by its capabilities. But he, like a professional package, has a high price. There are free graphics programs for a number of functions comparable to Photoshop, which have basic tools and options for image processing. Consider some common graphical editors that can be a free replacement for Photoshop.

Graphical Gimp Editor

Originally Gimp was developed under Linux. Subsequently, it was compiled under Windows

Positive aspects Gimp:

• The program successfully implemented advanced settings for standard filters;

• It has some options that make it easier to work;

• The standard options are similar to those used in Photoshop;

• Supports psd format ( Photoshop ) , but with some limitations;

• has a multilingual interface.

Negative aspects Gimp:

• There is no possibility of applying correction layers for image processing. Compared to Photoshop , this is a drawback;

• The interface Gimp is not quite convenient. The location of the dialog boxes is not standard. With a small screen resolution, the menu closes the entire image;

Gimp works a little slower than Photoshop.

Serif Photoplus Graphical Editor

Serif Photoplus is a free program, but requires registration on the Serif site. Photoplus . If there is no registration, the program does not work.

Serif Photoplus is perceived as minimized Photoshop. The menu, effects, settings all resemble < strong> Photoshop. A custom file format is used to work. Extension of spp files. To save to other formats, the Export option is applied. The program supports a large number of formats.

Positive aspects Serif Photoplus :

• The classic interface;

• Full-featured work with layers;

• a minimal set of filters that can be expanded;

• the ability to correct red eyes;

• Image optimization when exporting to jpeg;

• Normal speed of operation.

Negatives Serif Photoplus :

• There are no corrective layers.

Serif Editor Photoplus is a tool with moderate capabilities. Has an advantage over simple programs, but does not reach the level of large graphics editors.

Image Analyzer Image Editor

Image Analyzer is an image analyzer. In addition to analyzing images, the program is used to create and edit them. The list of effects is fairly standard.

Positive aspects Image Analyzer .

Jpeg filter , is intended to combat artifacts when compressed in jpg format;


• The Adaptive noise reduction option is used to suppress noise;

• The AutoColor option works in three modes. Photoshop has a similar function that is called Auto-Level;

• the option of removing red eyes;

• the program has the ability to substitute a color profile;

• when editing curved lines, a histogram of levels is displayed;

Image Analyzer implements Characterize. The image is transformed into a combination of specially selected characters.

Negative sides Image Analyzer .

• The program is perceived as an abbreviated version of Photoshop;

• The options for Color are too small.

The Image editor The Analyzer is suitable for easy image processing and provides the ability to conduct experiments.

Photofiltre Photo Editor

The Photofiltre editor is designed to perform simple image corrections for novice users.

The positive side Photofiltre:

Image explorer , Photofiltre which is used to select images from specified folders, and also supports the work with several images simultaneously;

• In Photofiltre , you can convert a color image to black and white. There are no settings for this function, but the autoprocess yields an acceptable result;

• the main effects are available from the toolbar;

• In Photofiltre , setting filters is easier than in Photoshop;

• There are a variety of frames and textures that overlay images. They are small and suitable only for the Internet. Also, to create frames, there is a special filter;

• When saving an image in jpeg format, you can preview the result and the size of the future file. This option is designed to prepare publications on the Internet;

• The main advantage is ease of use.

Negative sides Photofiltre:

• sensitivity of brightness, contrast, saturation and other similar parameters is too high;

• There are only two tools for retouching - Dust The reduction and Stamp;

• There is no way to visually control the size of the brush.

Let's summarize the above description of free image editors. The main alternative to Photoshop is Gimp. Serif Photoplus - minimized Photoshop. Image Analyzer also resembles abbreviated Photoshop and is suitable for experiments. Photofiltre is for beginners. There is no full replacement for Photoshop among the free image editors, but in most cases, you can find an alternative to free software to perform specific graphics jobs.


When working with visual information, you need knowledge about graphics programs, which create, edit, view and catalog images. It is important to have an idea of ​​the capabilities of various graphic editors, to know for what purposes they are used to select the optimal solution for practical use.

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